The Flash 3x17 Supergirl Musical Crossover Sneak Peek "Duet" Season 3 Episode 17 Preview

  • Опубликовано: 14 мар 2017
  • The Flash 3x17 Supergirl Musical Crossover Sneak Peek "Duet" Season 3 Episode 17 Preview
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  • TheDCTVshow
    TheDCTVshow  Год назад +102

    THIS IS AMAZING!!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK ;) #Glee + Here's my trailer breakdown for the episode:видео.html

    • Monkey Mutant Boss
      Monkey Mutant Boss Год назад

      Fuck Glee

    • Akash Shanmugam
      Akash Shanmugam Год назад +4

      TheDCTVshow there are specifically 4 trolls in almost all the comments pretend to be Marvel fanboys and whining about this episode to spark Comic book hatred

    • Vinícius Miranda Dias
      Vinícius Miranda Dias Год назад


    • Anabear
      Anabear Год назад

      TheDCTVshow I know a lot of people feel like the episode lineup is outta place but come on. Its The music meister and they sing. sing!

    • fswwindjammer7
      fswwindjammer7 Год назад


  • Jasmin Kruczkiewicz
    Jasmin Kruczkiewicz 2 месяца назад

    Oh god I love Glee so much and I love this Crossover and this Musical! *Fangirl dead*

  • TvdLover
    TvdLover 7 месяцев назад

    Glee reunion💖

  • SarahSmiles912
    SarahSmiles912 Год назад


  • Andrea Rapa
    Andrea Rapa Год назад


  • Hydra Records
    Hydra Records Год назад

    And Robert Kanigher?

  • Xelaris96
    Xelaris96 Год назад

    Its like a mini Glee reunion!

  • Monkey Mutant Boss
    Monkey Mutant Boss Год назад

    Sorry excuse for a Glee Reunion. I could have died and not regretted seeing this shit.

  • Shawn4815162342
    Shawn4815162342 Год назад

    it really makes you wonder with these cast hirings if they had been planning this from the start

  • Iya Ching
    Iya Ching Год назад

    I'm so happy for this

  • mendes harmony
    mendes harmony Год назад

    My gleekful heart is crying

  • Ash The Octopus
    Ash The Octopus Год назад

    who do you guys this the NEW MAJOR VILLIAN IS FOR SG?! i stg if its lena imma cry because I'm a die hard supercorp fan

  • Ramon Smith
    Ramon Smith Год назад

    FUCKING MUSICAL GARBAGE!!! Get your heads out of your dumb asses, unless of course you just plan to LOSE all your loyal fans. WTF!!!!! Keep that musical shit out of Sci-Fi action shows!! FUCK!!!!

    MADDOZ Год назад


  • spike9985
    spike9985 Год назад


  • mr. Wldasoldmysoul4pussyasateen
    mr. Wldasoldmysoul4pussyasateen Год назад +1

    this episode was jus okay to me.

  • literal trash
    literal trash Год назад


  • georgia emmett
    georgia emmett Год назад +2


  • Zoë McGonnell
    Zoë McGonnell Год назад


  • Mari lénaaa
    Mari lénaaa Год назад +3


  • Bilaal Karolia
    Bilaal Karolia Год назад

    I think it's a good episode cus the flash family is having fun altogether

  • Malik Roman
    Malik Roman Год назад

    huh so music Meister belongs to the flashes villain list

  • Lia Loe
    Lia Loe Год назад


  • Rozzy V.
    Rozzy V. Год назад +8

    I love how Darren and Grant get to swap roles. Now Grant plays the good guy (Barry/Flash) and Darren is the bad guy (Music Meister). Cause on Glee, Darren (Blaine) was the sweetie and Grant (Sebastian) was the jerk

    • irondragonmaiden
      irondragonmaiden 6 месяцев назад +1

      I just plain love that Darren gets to play the one who entices Grant through song. I love swaps like these!

  • Pratyusha Koratala
    Pratyusha Koratala Год назад

    oh my god oh my god this is so exciting I love this

  • Jack Wagner
    Jack Wagner Год назад


  • Daniyah Rand
    Daniyah Rand Год назад

    cisco can sing bro

  • Daniyah Rand
    Daniyah Rand Год назад

    i like barry in the flash why isnt his hair the same way

  • Daniyah Rand
    Daniyah Rand Год назад


  • Angela
    Angela Год назад

    I'm going to love this episode so f*cking much!!!!!!

  • Katie Matter
    Katie Matter Год назад +6

    Everyone talking about glee and I'm over here like A VERY POTTER MUSICAL!

  • emma caulfield
    emma caulfield Год назад +1

    ok but where's jeremy jordan?

  • hirman 11
    hirman 11 Год назад +3

    I miss Glee people ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • twilightsagasuperfan
    twilightsagasuperfan Год назад +1

    I forgot the 3 of them were on Glee!

  • Princess Manasse
    Princess Manasse Год назад +7

    it's a glee reunion!!!😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Taylor Dinkins
    Taylor Dinkins Год назад +1

    I forgot that Grant and Melissa were on Glee.

  • Purple Raider
    Purple Raider Год назад

    Have they fired Tiffany?

  • Takeoverlion 833
    Takeoverlion 833 Год назад +7

    Carlos and Darren were both in starkid! CARLOS WROTE SONGS

  • Sujaughta Walters
    Sujaughta Walters Год назад +2

    I cant wait for this...

  • ejemima
    ejemima Год назад

    LOL gonna be fun to watch Grant Gustin and Darren Criss in the same show, singing and dancing again... ah, that takes me back... :P

  • biclexual
    biclexual Год назад +1

    Why is Demi Lovato interviewing them though

  • Nebul
    Nebul Год назад

    I ship them.

  • Jade Santiago
    Jade Santiago Год назад +2

    I still hate Blaine.

  • QueenDre_ Joy
    QueenDre_ Joy Год назад +1

    Hmmmmmm... A new villain!
    I wonder WHO or WHAT she is!?!? Supergirl and Mon El... Get ready for some troubleeeeeee!!!

  • egandu john
    egandu john Год назад

    we aint idiots. Its obviously because of glee. we dont want this trash on flash.This has no relevance whats so ever on whats going on in flas

  • Hajirac Hajirac
    Hajirac Hajirac Год назад +1

    GO BLUE!!

  • TheCjma88
    TheCjma88 Год назад

    I was a lot more excited for this episode before I found out Iris was part of it.

  • Bruce Deliso
    Bruce Deliso Год назад +1

    My boi Carlos. This man is just the best

  • Manuela Lacera
    Manuela Lacera Год назад

    I cant waaaaaiiiiiitttttt

  • kavtoM
    kavtoM Год назад +1

    Carlos is the cutest ❤❤❤

  • kitty
    kitty Год назад

    This season has sucked, this is the only episode ive been exited for in SO LONG lol. I keep thinking these episodes are gonna be good but Barry is such a whiny douche this season lol

  • SarahSmiles912
    SarahSmiles912 Год назад

    GO BLUE!!!! Hail to the Victors!

  • Fatima Ali
    Fatima Ali Год назад

    Am I the only one who thought back to that old Batman: The Brave and The Bold episode?

  • SkateboardxP Lol
    SkateboardxP Lol Год назад


  • Cami H
    Cami H Год назад +5

    WHERE IS WINN/ JEREMY JORDAN! HE WAS ON BROADWAY. If he isn't in the episode I'm going to flip a table or something

  • SRAX Mahfud
    SRAX Mahfud Год назад +2


  • Jenny Cull
    Jenny Cull Год назад

    Oh gods, i can't wait. And Grant's like an excited puppy. so adorable

  • YourFriend Wez
    YourFriend Wez Год назад

    -.- sounds gay i think ill miss this episode not into glee.

    • TheQuirksOfBeingMe
      TheQuirksOfBeingMe Год назад

      Killerbeast Gameplay I said you sound like one because of what you wrote. Honestly, read you comment, then read mine. it'll make sense. It's supposed to be funny.
      Also, check your spelling. Auto-correct only does so much.

    • YourFriend Wez
      YourFriend Wez Год назад

      no one said i was 'homophobe' wrong selling it is homophobic this just your option and no one will miss me? sure i do not think that is true but i think your talking about your self to use that one someone else to try and hurt there feelings. so hay your insult is weak and i do not care what your right next .

    • TheQuirksOfBeingMe
      TheQuirksOfBeingMe Год назад

      And since you sound like a homophobe, no one will miss you.

  • Black and White Knight
    Black and White Knight Год назад +1

    I can't believe Barry,Supergirl,and Blaine is in a crossover and they were from glee.

    • CJMusicNZ
      CJMusicNZ Год назад

      This has nothing to do with Blaine, hes not in a crossover. Darren Criss on the other hand is this weeks villain.

  • firza G
    firza G Год назад

    I dont follow any superhero series. I just want to watch thia bcs i'm a GLEEK!!

  • Ana Mack
    Ana Mack Год назад +2


  • Marissa Moore
    Marissa Moore Год назад +1

    "DC ALL ACCESS!" OH!! YESS!!! I don't know who YOU are(interviewee) but your harmony with Carlos WAS ON POINT! i'm geeking out more about that!!

  • I Am Prometheus
    I Am Prometheus Год назад

    So arrow has an amazing episode this week again. And we get a musical from flash. Not saying it will be bad but I hope it is good.

  • Nia R
    Nia R Год назад

    This sounds like such a bad idea but I'm watching it cause, you know, Jeremy Jordan sings like an angel.

  • Matthew Cloyd
    Matthew Cloyd Год назад +2

    The only thing that I hate about this is the fact that it isn't Tuesday yet.

  • Mia Zillwood-Hunt
    Mia Zillwood-Hunt Год назад

    Omg earth 100 has come true!!!!!

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Год назад

    I am going to pretend this episode didn't happen.

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Год назад

    I am going to pretend this episode didn't happen.

  • Pure Fun and Stopmotions
    Pure Fun and Stopmotions Год назад +1

    Blake Neely is the TV show equivalent to Hans Zimmer

  • lanihawj
    lanihawj Год назад

    Melissa is so beautiful.

  • brandon brandon
    brandon brandon Год назад

    SCREW blue!!

  • saharaxxxx
    saharaxxxx Год назад +4

    im so sad Chris Wood isn't singing

  • Mr- Snugglez
    Mr- Snugglez Год назад +2

    Savitar? Where's savitar?!?!

    • GGNH1234
      GGNH1234 Год назад +3

      He's hanging out at the Villain Pub together with Ultron and Megatron

    • Zombiesize
      Zombiesize Год назад +8

      Mr- Snugglez he's singing too

  • Kartikey Gupta
    Kartikey Gupta Год назад +1

    Remember that scene in Justice League: The animated Series, when WW was transformed into a pig by Cerce, and Batman had to sing to break the incantation or some shit, that was nice. THIS, ON THE OTHER HAND, IS CRINGEY.

  • Kathryn VanWyhe
    Kathryn VanWyhe Год назад +3

    STAR-KID!!!!!! WOO-HOO!

  • DeBunked Alice
    DeBunked Alice Год назад +2

    They went to U of M!!! omg!

  • Bonnie
    Bonnie Год назад +1

    "she's pretty scary" I hope lena doesn't go evil

  • Fireluv
    Fireluv Год назад +1

    this is or will be a or the worst stupid show of the year for DC TV... no wonder marvel is ahead of them!

  • Cassie Winchester
    Cassie Winchester Год назад +2

    the actor who plays Winn shouldve sang cause he does Broadway

  • Point Dexter
    Point Dexter Год назад +15

    As much as I love Iris, Grant and Melissa have tremendous chemistry

    • August Leaves
      August Leaves Год назад +1

      Grant AND Melissa have chemistry with everyone, seriously, it's hard not to ship them

    • dont know
      dont know Год назад +6

      Point Dexter Grant has chemestriy with everybody so I don't blame you... but I ship them more like a friendship...guess that's because I ship westallen

  • Panda Girl
    Panda Girl Год назад +152

    Am i the only one gleeking* out

    *gleek- a huge fan of glee.

    • Alison Biersack
      Alison Biersack Год назад +2


    • SilverSteel
      SilverSteel Год назад +1

      I didn't know you were a big fan of cory in the house. XD

    • X R
      X R Год назад +9

      I was a really big fan until cory died i couldnt watch it any more :'(

    • Akash Shanmugam
      Akash Shanmugam Год назад

      +Mental Psychotic lee

    • Mental Psychotic
      Mental Psychotic Год назад

      Akash Shanmugam g

  • LBow
    LBow Год назад +1


  • Zoe Man
    Zoe Man Год назад +90

    When Darren said him and Carlos went to college together and Carlos went 'UoM alums- GO BLUE', my heart just exploded. #StarkidFanOverHere

    • Zoe Man
      Zoe Man Год назад

      He was playing base in AVPM, if you squint, you can see him in the background in some scenes!

    • Natalie Gerdano
      Natalie Gerdano Год назад

      Tiffi Guevara your not alone!!

    • Tiffi Guevara
      Tiffi Guevara Год назад +1

      Zoe Man why I can't remember Carlos in any starkids plays??

    • Tiffi Guevara
      Tiffi Guevara Год назад

      Zoe Man why I can't remember Carlos in any starkids plays??

    • Anna Rogers
      Anna Rogers Год назад

      Angelica Schuyler haha it shocked me as well! Had to keep repeating it to believe it! :D Proper 'oh my wizard god' moment ;)

    METHOS THE CLOWN Год назад +1

    how did it go from ep 16 to this useless filler? !!! bullshit!!!

    • WhatsTheGoodStuff [WTGS]
      WhatsTheGoodStuff [WTGS] Год назад

      METHOS 3155 well iris didn't have the ring on her when savitar (or whatever his name is)killed her but now after getting together and barry proposing again and iris agreeing it changes everything

      METHOS THE CLOWN Год назад

      I don't know...

    • the weird life
      the weird life Год назад +2

      METHOS 3155 it won't be filler it'll have some impact on the plot.

  • majecy tocktock
    majecy tocktock Год назад +1

    iris look beautiful as bad ass

    DIBYA RAJ DAS Год назад

    m waiting egarly for this episode😍😍love you Super Girl😘😘😘

  • Megan Obrien
    Megan Obrien Год назад +1

    Literally just watched the Conan interview with him saying they should do a musical crossover since they both did Glee. This is CRAZYYYY!

  • angel hombrebueno
    angel hombrebueno Год назад +1

    i wanna see the cast of Supergirl singing

  • Michael Street
    Michael Street Год назад

    my favorite character is Flash and Cisco

  • Gabrielle H
    Gabrielle H Год назад +1

    am I the only one stoked to hear the insanely talented Jeremy Jordan?!?!

  • Vortex_ vigilante
    Vortex_ vigilante Год назад +2

    I'd be weak if I saw arrow just pop out ta know where and dance XD

  • sanchez obed
    sanchez obed Год назад

    la la land for superheroes

  • Assassin_Kally
    Assassin_Kally Год назад +1

    SUPER EXCITED for this episode! Arghhhh

  • Meredith Pierce
    Meredith Pierce Год назад +15

    I wanna Melissa and Grant to marry💍

    • Meghan Gracie
      Meghan Gracie 9 месяцев назад

      Cassie Winchester she was married to Ryder on glee.

    • Cassie Winchester
      Cassie Winchester Год назад

      Angelica Schuyler well need to be rude about it.

    • Leila Hansen
      Leila Hansen Год назад

      Cassie Winchester Uh no, he played Cat Grant's son, Adam, who liked her and she kinda liked back. And that was in 2015. They divorced at the end of 2016.

    • The Slasher41
      The Slasher41 Год назад

      Why isn't it cute?

  • Guila
    Guila Год назад +1


  • johanzo88
    johanzo88 Год назад +1

    and this is why Marvel shits on DC in Movies and Television -_-

    • Akash Shanmugam
      Akash Shanmugam Год назад +5

      chris C finally, someone I can logical I can relate to.

    • chris C
      chris C Год назад +12

      johanzo88 I'm a big marvel fan and I haven't watched the flash after season 1 but I'm definitely watching this episode. With the cast having a musical theater background it's a no brainer.

    • Leonard Fabian
      Leonard Fabian Год назад

      high five.

  • Kenneth G
    Kenneth G Год назад +9

    This is a dumb move. This is why Marvel trumps DC 10 times over. You will never see this type of bullshit on Luke Cage or Daredevil. I'm glad they did not drag Arrow into this nonsense. Fucking musical. Christ.

    • irondragonmaiden
      irondragonmaiden 6 месяцев назад

      Ok, as a Marvel fan, I'm calling bullshit. If you don't happen to like musical episodes, fine. But the musical episode has been a thing for both Marvel and DC in different iterations if there's a rogue or villain with reality bending powers that allows for this.
      Hell, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Xena: Warrior Princess HAD musical episodes (thanks to said antagonists with reality warping powers) and they were both great too, not just for the music but because of the important plot-points it allowed and were great eps in their own rights.
      Hell, Thor: Ragnarok was one of the highest grossing movie of this year (for now) and it's tone was mostly on the comedy spectrum (while having a great plot), so it's not all grim-dark like you think.
      The edge-lord act? Not convincing anyone you're cool.

    • Kenneth G
      Kenneth G Год назад

      Mr Jason we have a difference of opinion and lets leave it at that. Go with God Bro.

    • Kenneth G
      Kenneth G Год назад

      Check this out Mr Lawson. I expressed an opinion about a show or preview. I did not attack you or anyone on this site personally. Dont be an internet tough guy or make this personal. That is a bitch move. Express your opinion and I will express mine. We can do that without disrespecting one another. Peace.

    • Mike Putis
      Mike Putis Год назад +3

      Kenneth G I don't understand why DC and Marvel have to be compared and a huge competition. I mean it's 2 franchises of superheroes which are way different from each other. We don't see people argue this much over McDonald's vs. Burger King

    • Kenneth G
      Kenneth G Год назад

      You have a good point.

  • Braxton Bobo
    Braxton Bobo Год назад


  • Lauren Taylor
    Lauren Taylor Год назад +3

    The fact that I am currently watching this at the University of Michigan just makes me feel incredible...

  • Kenneth Monfil
    Kenneth Monfil Год назад

    "Fake Jessy Quick-Wells" lied in the previous episode where she said that she has fought a lot of monsters.