American Health Care Act: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

The Republican health care bill could leave many Americans without affordable coverage. Last Week Tonight's catheter cowboy returns to morning cable news to explain that to Donald Trump.

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Длительность: 18:31
Комментарии: 12156

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Автор kickingmonster ( назад)
Does anyone know why his newer videos don't work?

Автор Jack Mac ( назад)
Fuck you guys I live in Canada

Автор Lenny Smith ( назад)

Автор TSal Mei ( назад)
Trump: "Nobody knew health care could be so complicated"
Czech Finance minister: "Nobody knew there could be so many kind of business."
Me: "Nobody knew politicians could be so stupid."

Автор FMAfanclub ( назад)
I'm having a great time watching America sink deep into the shit they actually voted for.
Trump's acting the exact way everyone knew he was going to, and no one tried to prevent it. Marvelous.

Автор BrendanJ Rice ( назад)
Don't you think the ones who work hard to make their money year after year saving for retirement and for their children's education shouldn't have to pull half their paycheck out their ass to give to the lazy people

Автор BrendanJ Rice ( назад)
What great things have companies done for us hmmmm computers, telephones, cars, planes, electricity, weapons for the military, war support, built cities. Seriously I could go on a tax break on the rich helps all of us. It allows more jobs to be opened to more people. That's how you end poverty. Get a job. We don't need to be more socialist like Venezuela and Brazil

Автор Laurinda Pierre ( назад)
u get that right?U get that?

Автор Cesar Cruz ( назад)
One think i can say.... Love Fox because even though it is considered a "right wing channel", they are a free media enough to criticize plans made by anyone including a right wing politician. FOX, U HAVE MY RESPECT !!!!! #LetsEndFakeNews #FuckCNN #FuckGlobalism #FuckSuckingUpTheLeftists

Автор zioncanyon100 ( назад)
that guy was right. maybe not spend money on an iphone and maybe some healthcare you cunts.

Автор Wyatt Starratt ( назад)
"Come to Canada, we have weed and healthcare"

Автор Timothy J. Holloway ( назад)
The "poodle pubes" guy you insulted has a good point: Consumeristic indulgence in iPhones, iPads, and their Android counterparts while ignoring far more important stuff that _doesn't_ distract from reality _is_ wasteful. They spend money on shit when their health is clearly at stake. All the time. John Oliver, your calling him out makes you look less, shall we say, substantial as a human being.

Автор Timothy J. Holloway ( назад)
You know, as informative and entertaining as I have often found these videos, the slant is such that the bias seems the message. Why not be a little more objective in your thinking, John Oliver/LWT, and then get excited when you're right, not as an attack on conservatives just because they're conservatives.

I used to love this show, but either I got smarter or you got a lot dumber, and my chess skills are such that I have to assume you just got a lot dumber.

Keep your integrity or go back to The Daily Show, John Oliver. Maybe you really belong there.

Автор Hi There ( назад)
john is brain dead.

Автор C Murphy ( назад)
fuck Paul Ryan and the new Healthcare Act

Автор Emily Su ( назад)
Catheter Cowboy is a legend 😂

Автор Femboy 87 ( назад)
taking from the Poor and feeding the Rich? what is this? Fucking Real Life Robin Hood starring Bernie Sanders as Robinhood? aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Автор Alex Dead Cool ( назад)
More like reverse Robin Hood

Автор heliosphaere Lindner ( назад)
so funny and so sad. 💕

Автор Johnny Jihad ( назад)
Well, I will now go to my doctor and check my feelings for free. (laughs in german)

Автор beach side ( назад)
Maybe we just need to lower the cost of our cell phones by buying them across state lines. You get that right????

Автор iw32 ( назад)
Someone deport this loud ,ugly Limey and ban him from ever entering the US.

Автор HooksHats&Hunger ( назад)
Looks like they couldn't keep "staying alive"...

Автор frances -duty ( назад)
we are "of the people, by the people, for the people, those in goverment work for we the people, if they loose track of their place they are a detrement to a better more civilized america.

Автор Parker Pratt ( назад)
im happy im canadian?

Автор Tomas Senn ( назад)
happy Easter +1 hr 18 min

Автор Brent Holman ( назад)
Paul Ryan Is A Sociopathic Punk: The Guy Should Be Psyche-Evaluated

Автор conroyale1 ( назад)
Republicans making laws to fuck over poor people over are more common than zubats in caves and tentacools in water

Автор Caitlin Brewer ( назад)
Part of me gets some sort of grim satisfaction in the people who voted for Trump being the ones who are hurt the worse by it, but I also know that I am also on that sinking ship.

Автор Nathan Forrest ( назад)
English pussy

Автор Amin Mian ( назад)
I googled The Bee Gees and only Barry is alive right now

Автор Nezahualcóyotl IV ( назад)
This is completely biased! You are fake news! SAD!

Автор Gab * ( назад)
Maurice and Robin are dead

Автор Amel ( назад)
Has anyone seen the ad lmaoooooo??

Автор Ryan Williams ( назад)
Oh shit, when did king tut die?

Автор Sophia Lee-Dadswell ( назад)
I wish we could go back to only wanting to punch the person who upped the EpiPen prices.

Автор andreas johansson ( назад)
that beegees joke was too far man

Автор Penitent Hollow ( назад)
Socialized health care! It works in Canada, it works in the U.K. Please get into this century U.S.!

Автор Kash Hatami ( назад)
oh hey, What Chafez said is exactly what Obama said a few years back

Автор Callum B ( назад)
Wow. American health care is really fucking confusing

Автор ali osman ( назад)
Fuck! Fat old guy in a thong🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 no way to unsee that.

Автор ali osman ( назад)
Ouch! Shitty Obamacare!

Автор ali osman ( назад)
Fuck it! Let's hand over the restructuring of our healthcare system over to the Canadians. They know what they're doing. WE DON'T.

Автор Kyle Stubbs ( назад)
In case anyone's curious: Barry's alive. The other two are dead.

Автор no_ thanks ( назад)
for the small amount of people that were actually curious, but not curious enough to actually search it up.. Robin and Maurice are dead. Barry's still good though. eh sorta

Автор Agathanotchristie E ( назад)
This budget cut on healthcare is incredibly drastic. From a European perspective it is insane to refuse basic financial aid for healthcare...I understand that America has another vision of government and all but still...

Автор Todd F ( назад)
This is amazing!!
Trickle-Down Health Care is an ACA replacement plan that could actually work: https://medium.com/p/7614f84d0e61/ Tell Congress!

Автор Quettesh ( назад)
Have you seen the scene in The Dictator where he explains why is a dictatorship better then democracy? Not it doesn't look that funny... oh wait, It does, but I'm from Europe :D

Автор Billy Whyte ( назад)
Damn...King Tut is dead

Автор Adam Dasovich ( назад)
I really liked john for his investigating reporting with smarts and due diligence. However, this man, from England thinks he can give his opinion on Canadian and US politics. Be happy John, you were beyond awesome prior to you getting into the politics. Stick to the UK and stop you stupidity when it comes from two coutries that you have only gained from. Shame on you. I thought you were a smart man..not so much...Lets go work in an underground gold mine. you don't have the balls. a past fan...shame on you john. you are a from the UK and have been given an opportunity. You fucked it up...John Steward would never do that. Time to do what you used to be good at. You have lost it!

you are not funny anymore, we counted on you for your independence, you have been bought!

Автор t de ( назад)
Just because comapanirs are against it doesn't mean it's bad . Basically if they lose money it's bad, for them .

Автор brandon luciano ( назад)
Why do the videos on this chanel keep getting taken down ?!

Автор Kevin Connolly ( назад)
Healthcare should be between me and my doctor. Literally nobody else should even be involved. Leave my money alone. At the very least, let us opt out.

Автор The Owl Gamer ( назад)
So the people who have money will be given more money and the people who dont have money will get less. Lucky i live in europe

Автор mariettula ( назад)
Googled it: Robin and Maurice Gibb are actually dead..

Автор Butt Soup ( назад)
If that guy's only been cowboy-ing for 25 years what the hell was he doing before that?

Автор Butt Soup ( назад)
Dan Guerwitch, was that shower-sex line a reference to that collegehumor video you did?

Автор marrier9999 ( назад)
Fortunately it was shot down faster than it could take flight, crashed into the ground, exploded into flames, and burned to ashes.

Автор starwars1744 ( назад)

Автор Curry Chicken ( назад)
your tax return is reduced(penalized) because you dont have health care. good job America.... another way to screw your people

Автор Molly F ( назад)
Let them eat cake.

Автор J G ( назад)
Literally crazy shit republicans think that wanting affordable healthcare makes us a bunch of entitled assholes

Автор Kim Tatarka ( назад)
2:16 Not technically true. I did get an iPad for Easter once.

Автор Robert Tseng ( назад)
Indeed, it is welfare for the uber rich

Автор Kuroda Cursus ( назад)
America, if you were on fire before, you've literally decided to walk on the Sun now. G'luck

Автор murderoustendencies ( назад)
Paul Ryan looks like Ramsay Bolton, only more psychopathic.

Автор Patricia Egan ( назад)
Hi, I'm American born and have no tolarence for you or the political spin, health care doesn't exist here for many people. America has fallen and many people will die because of lack of an American advocate focused leadership. Shame on you. Because of that, shame has been placed upon America.

Автор ColeYote ( назад)
On the one hand I'm glad the "freedom" caucus killed that bill, but on the other, how the fuck can you be so high on ideology that kicking 24 million people off of health insurance is generous?!

Автор moose tom ( назад)
so happy i am Canadian.

Автор MattCraftDotDerp ( назад)
Didn't all 3 of the Bee Gees die on set of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?

Автор Miguel Sandoval ( назад)
Hello Paul Ryan, you stink! and the people that work with you too!

Автор Darth Vader ( назад)
Well I didn't google it

Автор swag master9000 ( назад)
Republicans are templars. wheres the assassins?

Автор Eddy ( назад)
I love this show

Автор Lidija Nedeljkovic ( назад)
He was right, only Barry of the BeeGees is alive, that is a... tragedy

Автор jim ( назад)
America is a cesspool and has been for years, they are just too stupid to admit it.

Автор Martin Li ( назад)
why can't you use this Chanel in canada

Автор Phoenix Halling ( назад)
Now that the senate went nuclear, they can pass whatever they want

Автор CowKiller2003 ( назад)
Time to move to Canada cya ya!

Автор Sean Devine ( назад)
Ahhh, love living in Canada and our healthcare. ;)

Автор vicky meyer ( назад)
Steep teenager among identical monument designer

Автор Mr Kayhan ( назад)
barry is the only living bee gee

Автор Lachlan Macpherson ( назад)
lol Free health care Canada rules

Автор Hertha Schmidt ( назад)
Shower sex is pretty amazing tho.

Автор Kent McGee ( назад)
Just Google'd it:

Barry Gibb is the only living Bee Gee left.

Автор Kevin De Souza ( назад)
Fucking liberal cucks are complaining here on how the plan is just cutting off their healthcare. Just buy more money and pay for it yourselves

Автор Sideswipe27 ( назад)
the sentence below is true

The sentence above is false

Автор Bryant ( назад)
Why is it that Republicans cannot win? They have enough power to alter the constitution, and they still can't get anything done.

Автор ryan gray ( назад)
What's happening in the US is reminding me about a few things that were written in Britain in the 1800's, a statistician wrote about how the poor population should be kept in warehouses and breeding should be controlled to cut down on the population because of the current food shortage. There was also a satire wrote around that time about how families that were on hard times could sell some of their children for the rich to eat, because the meat was considered as good if not better than veal. I'm paraphrasing but that's idea of the two different writings. The nobility may be gone but the class system is not; I'd freeze my ass off in Scandinavia for their amazing country over living in the US.

Автор Circumscizmo ( назад)
I would love to see John go on Tucker Carlson Tonight and just get eviscerated by Tucker.

Автор naveen kala ( назад)
Trump's intentions are clear, if u guys are still not dumb, impeach him before he sets out a nuclear war.

Автор Justin Deleau ( назад)
How much are americans going to bend over and take from this seriously fucked up government? Can anyone name a SINGLE good thing that has come from Trump being president? It's like Obama handed the keys of a car over to Trump, and he immediately puts it in reverse and plowed through the garage, and is telling the owner of the garage to pay for the repairs.

Автор Ray Jaworski ( назад)
Such dishonest writing.

Автор cody collins ( назад)
I have never been so happy to be canadain

Автор Slobodan Dzikoski ( назад)
Melania Trump is 46? Rly? Ahhahah lol she looks 65

Автор Nik Murphy ( назад)
You mean billionaire Donald Trump is actually supporting the rich instead of championing for the middle class like he said he would?


Автор Aaron Z ( назад)
Of all the things they could have done this is the shit they come up with? I'm not angry because I'm Canadian and it doesn't affect me, but just disappointed in the "Free World's" government.

Автор jakenator13 ( назад)
the maple syrup smells real great up here, eh

Автор Tom Wallen ( назад)
Paul Ryan at 8:23 ... Well that's about all you need to know.

Автор Pikamon wow ( назад)
Only Robin Gibb is dead

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