1v1 vs Butt Hurt Streamer who trash talked me ON STREAM | Fortnite

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • In this Fortnite video, my friend e11 SammyG from the Gamer Couple and I react to me clapping a Fortnite Streamer who trash talked me on his live stream. Very funny, plz watch xD
    Dolphin's Twitch: www.twitch.tv/dlphin
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    SammyG: ruclip.com/channel/UCOKBpvmvWfoG9l7MsybOPBA
    Social Media
    IG: bootyclapkc
    Twitter: bootyclapkcmo
    Discord: discord.gg/J8DX2N8
    Patreon: www.patreon.com/bootyclapkc
    Thumbnails & Artwork by Tatten: Tattenart@gmail.com
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  • What’s Up
    What’s Up 5 months ago +1064

    Dolphin: KC UR TRASH
    *changes accunts*
    Also Dolphin: This kids fucking insane

    • ProVohkes
      ProVohkes Month ago

      What’s Up boom 1k 8)

      PHANTOM TO4AST Month ago

      Pls like ur own comment for 1k like

    • RandomRyan09
      RandomRyan09 Month ago

      New account because My recommendations are broken I was the 70th like lol

    • What’s Up
      What’s Up 2 months ago

      I realized that everyone saying I said “accunts” I just can’t edit or the pin will go away

    • Dietrich427
      Dietrich427 2 months ago


  • ItsKrissyシ
    ItsKrissyシ Day ago

    bruh that kid is toxic, wtf thats messed up he talks shit to his friends

  • Bob Lol
    Bob Lol Day ago

    Once the fat ass started talkin so much shit, I couldn’t wait for him to get his cheeks clapped

  • Stephen Pollina
    Stephen Pollina 4 days ago

    Yo you’re adults trashing on a teenager he may be toxic but it’s pointless to expose someone

  • UltimateBrando
    UltimateBrando 12 days ago

    Said like Dellor

  • Conall
    Conall 12 days ago

    Does KC do his own art?

  • Glow
    Glow 13 days ago

    LMAO “scrodum butter is Insane you 1v1” I’m dying

  • Jacob Toriello
    Jacob Toriello 13 days ago

    I personally like your thumbnail art

  • StahliBoi
    StahliBoi 17 days ago

    Oh god he's still playing fortnite. There are better games out there

  • Blue Phantom
    Blue Phantom 18 days ago

    B.B.C KC booty clap

  • Blue Phantom
    Blue Phantom 18 days ago


  • flying dragon
    flying dragon 18 days ago

    What clan would booty clap be in if he had to join one? 🤨

  • Bane Wolf
    Bane Wolf 21 day ago

    Probably caught him on a bad day uhhhh he says suck my dick to his viewers the whole reason why you did this was to get revenge for him being to toxic he is like that everyday

  • Ollie LM
    Ollie LM 23 days ago

    Sammy went in on this kid

  • Natalie Montoya
    Natalie Montoya 23 days ago

    Dolphin: get monitiezd

  • XD nolixツ
    XD nolixツ 25 days ago

    Bruh this kid eats too much noodlesツ

  • XD nolixツ
    XD nolixツ 25 days ago


  • Lil_ Unspoken
    Lil_ Unspoken 25 days ago

    Bruh I have almost 800 wins lolllll

  • Rosa Ninjan
    Rosa Ninjan 25 days ago

    F O R T N I T E B A D M I N E C R A F T G O O D

  • NRG Productions
    NRG Productions 25 days ago

    This kid is the next dellor

  • Slappy Tappy
    Slappy Tappy 26 days ago

    Your vids are god tier

    HELLO I LIKE MEMES 28 days ago

    That kid probably disint have a dick

  • big dilf Lentz
    big dilf Lentz 29 days ago

    can somebudy suscribe to my channel pls

  • Treexly
    Treexly 29 days ago

    my grandma has more solo wins than him.

  • Blake Funk
    Blake Funk 29 days ago

    ok hold on you said you talked to him and that hes a super cool dude but before in the vid you said he is a shit talker to all his friends basically saying hes an asshole

  • Manny Vazquez
    Manny Vazquez Month ago

    kc might be dog shit but at least kc can actually reach to the ground to pick up dog shit lmao

  • Ginga the gacha gangster

    This dude is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo toxic

  • Gravv
    Gravv Month ago +1

    Idk how he is saying that ur thumbnails out shit because ur style of ur videos out so cool and unique

  • Ethan Stagner
    Ethan Stagner Month ago

    I didn’t really like ur vid and I clicked the like button haha

  • l σ l ι
    l σ l ι Month ago +2

    2:18 *_Me, a pubgm player._*
    -weakling smh-

    QUENTON RACHEL Month ago

    Is it sad that I’m on mobile and could easily beat him?

  • Alec Palomares
    Alec Palomares Month ago

    That’s my step brother right there he is always like that

  • Katsuo YT
    Katsuo YT Month ago

    Like it how he is telling everyone to suck him even though he probably has seen his man hood in years 😂

  • The healthy Narwhal

    Anybody realize he lost a subscriber

  • Athexla
    Athexla Month ago

    Imma use ur code all the time 😂😂💀

  • The ghost pack
    The ghost pack Month ago

    im no xbox and ill eat this kid 4 warm up like tf

  • Delta_Raidzz YT
    Delta_Raidzz YT Month ago

    I remember when you were at like 2.K subs

  • johnny cool
    johnny cool Month ago


  • Michael Stephens
    Michael Stephens Month ago

    When you beat ghost aydan but they still call you trash

  • Vapor Wavergirl21
    Vapor Wavergirl21 Month ago

    When I first heard your voice. I thought you was a black man. But then I saw your Instagram and holyshit

  • Gabriel Fowowe
    Gabriel Fowowe Month ago


  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Bro literally the perfect example of what the toxic kids with raspy voices look like in the thumbnail

  • toy yoda
    toy yoda Month ago

    Remember that one time you killed your channel because you promoted gambling to kids while drinking beer! That shit was pretty funny!

  • rn
    rn Month ago

    This kid can’t even build well or edit

  • Regen Retr0
    Regen Retr0 Month ago

    He fits with the kid in the thumbnail

    ZONKED RELIC Month ago

    Booty claps voice is so relaxing for me

  • malumi 81
    malumi 81 Month ago

    Let's be honest his mom is too scared to yell at her son for being a bitch online like the fatass he is.

  • Tanner Severin
    Tanner Severin Month ago

    Best part is “I want you to 1v1 scrotumbutter, he’s fucking insane” hahahahahahaha

  • MH02
    MH02 Month ago

    This vid is 4 months old and i only realised now that the cartoons blink, that is detail at its finest

  • GamingWithAlex
    GamingWithAlex Month ago +1


  • Exotic Boi
    Exotic Boi Month ago +1

    You definitely deserve way more subs your videos are honestly pretty great and humorous tbh

  • Deavin Warren
    Deavin Warren Month ago

    Streamer name

  • Lotus blakk
    Lotus blakk Month ago

    that dude pissed me off

  • Jelow
    Jelow Month ago

    If a shit streamer with a jawline weaker than leafyishere and is trash can get 88 subs on twitch. Dude I'll be a real good streamer is never be this toxic

  • FlickzySZN
    FlickzySZN Month ago

    900k views..not bad

  • LosT_Shadow
    LosT_Shadow Month ago

    a 100 ping is not even that bad , i play on it all the time and i don't complain

  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul Month ago

    This is my first time on this channel I LOVE how you do them it makes it ten times more funny

  • Goomba X
    Goomba X Month ago

    Pub stomping with nine wins 😂

  • RandomRyan09
    RandomRyan09 Month ago


  • JLxBEAST -
    JLxBEAST - Month ago

    If he`s being souch a d#ck to HIS friends why dosean`t HIS friends cutt of dolphin/their d#ck??