1v1 vs Butt Hurt Streamer who trash talked me ON STREAM | Fortnite

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • In this Fortnite video, my friend e11 SammyG from the Gamer Couple and I react to me clapping a Fortnite Streamer who trash talked me on his live stream. Very funny, plz watch xD
    Dolphin's Twitch: www.twitch.tv/dlphin
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    SammyG: ruclip.com/channel/UCOKBpvmvWfoG9l7MsybOPBA
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    IG: instagram.com/bootyclapkc/
    Twitter: twitter.com/bootyclapkcmo
    Discord: discord.gg/J8DX2N8
    Patreon: www.patreon.com/bootyclapkc
    Thumbnails & Artwork by Tatten: [email protected]
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  • What’s Up
    What’s Up 3 months ago +920

    Dolphin: KC UR TRASH
    *changes accunts*
    Also Dolphin: This kids fucking insane

    • What’s Up
      What’s Up Month ago

      I realized that everyone saying I said “accunts” I just can’t edit or the pin will go away

    • Dietrich427
      Dietrich427 Month ago


    • Dae Dae
      Dae Dae Month ago


    • ben10041
      ben10041 Month ago

      Kc is not trash hes a goat if i could play with him i would

    • Ya Boi Craig
      Ya Boi Craig Month ago

      @LTL Glitched no u

  • Mike the Moocher
    Mike the Moocher 11 hours ago

    Trash talks you for using cartoon piks while playing a cartoon game 😂😂😂

  • allen noble
    allen noble Day ago

    everyone so toxic

  • Fend Spend
    Fend Spend Day ago

    I have more solo wins than him AND I HAVE 30FPS

  • xD
    xD Day ago +1

    9 wins 1000 matches

  • BabyGangster Vlogs

    my 90's are better then him XD 😂😂😂😂

  • Marie Harborth
    Marie Harborth 2 days ago

    Just a little toxic s*** that sits in his basement every day and gets fatter and fatter

  • andy Gonzalez
    andy Gonzalez 2 days ago

    The kid is rounder than round

  • ToXxicZombie06
    ToXxicZombie06 2 days ago

    Use code booty

  • HobbitGobbit gaming
    HobbitGobbit gaming 3 days ago

    This kid be looking like that one motherfucker from minions

  • SmugPug YT
    SmugPug YT 3 days ago

    Dan Schneider jr looking ass

  • Beat
    Beat 3 days ago


  • Supreme_BEiNg AlMiGhTy

    This man, BOOTIFUL

  • Mr dikliser
    Mr dikliser 3 days ago

    KC 1v1 no balls

  • Gacha lizzy
    Gacha lizzy 3 days ago

    (Me watches video) me: click bait
    (Me watches the rest of the video) is that still click bait

  • Epsilon Delta
    Epsilon Delta 4 days ago

    He says his friends sucks dick but what does he swallow at night

  • concon
    concon 4 days ago

    And I thought I was toxic

  • muffin time
    muffin time 4 days ago


  • The most Random channel

    Should have made it bck

  • justkissmenigga plz
    justkissmenigga plz 5 days ago

    Nigga probably tried to eat his keyboard after the 1v1

  • Lordzombienick Ps4
    Lordzombienick Ps4 5 days ago +1

    The fatass is a dumb fuck he sucks balls and dick he should get a diet and needs a delete Fortnite

  • Karlos Sosa
    Karlos Sosa 5 days ago

    That dude talks shit on the game, but he probably got his ass beat by one of his friends for being a dick.

  • CC BenxJ
    CC BenxJ 5 days ago

    i have more solo wins then him 😂 i have 17 and he has 9 lol

  • Dusty Grove
    Dusty Grove 6 days ago

    I love ur vids

  • Midfires
    Midfires 6 days ago

    i gotta sub after this😂

  • Heres Scully
    Heres Scully 6 days ago

    Dude I saw you vids months ago but I didn't know who you were I just subed though

  • Kronic RavenN
    Kronic RavenN 6 days ago

    I’m Xbox and I can build 90s better and faster 🤣

  • Jose Paguada
    Jose Paguada 7 days ago

    isnt good at 1v1s aint good at public games

  • john thao
    john thao 7 days ago

    Kc couldn't you say he was nice and toxic too

  • tipsy umbel
    tipsy umbel 7 days ago

    Obese Kid throws his mouse around his table

  • Xx-L1L_GUMB0-xX
    Xx-L1L_GUMB0-xX 8 days ago

    ha he sucks at editing

  • Ali Shirzad
    Ali Shirzad 8 days ago

    Who else what he'd him for the first time and loved his vids

  • Tiggas gaming Hd
    Tiggas gaming Hd 9 days ago

    I didn’t like the video but I’ll like it to confuse you

  • Tf2 player
    Tf2 player 9 days ago

    4:30 you can hear a phone ding

  • mustfear
    mustfear 9 days ago +1

    Hey i aint leaveing a like on this video ima sub first then leave a like your like my new favorite fortnite youtuber

  • Barrett Gilbreath
    Barrett Gilbreath 10 days ago +2

    “He broke me down so many times”
    He was literally on high ground the whole time😂😂😂

  • N1tro
    N1tro 10 days ago

    The streamer’s so toxic and his 90’s are bad

  • Rider flows
    Rider flows 10 days ago

    so,this was a reaction video

  • Fortnite
    Fortnite 10 days ago

    Must be satisfying to get your revenge

  • Unusual Gamer
    Unusual Gamer 10 days ago

    First video I watched 5 minutes into I love it bro your on your way to greatness keep it up my guy

    PlatNUMB CARNAGE 10 days ago

    Use code booty in the item shop

  • Byron Cotto
    Byron Cotto 11 days ago

    That was actually a good video I’m going to subscribe

  • ReZ Blast3r
    ReZ Blast3r 11 days ago

    Yo kc dont shoot down when they mid build trying to take high ground i know over building is a thing but i still like ur tactics tho

  • Ikonik Skin
    Ikonik Skin 11 days ago +1

    If this is blue you love Booty Clap KC❤️
    👇(I'm gifting my next 10 loyal subscribers🤩)

  • Lintulainen
    Lintulainen 11 days ago

    Anyone notice the naruto music _

  • AJ ROzier
    AJ ROzier 11 days ago

    1:45 u woke my cat up idiot

  • I’mAPotato
    I’mAPotato 12 days ago

    Typical “dorito eating and mtn dew sipping wannabe streamer”

  • A-Nonce-amous
    A-Nonce-amous 13 days ago


  • Maria Gomez
    Maria Gomez 13 days ago

    3:35 mans tryna pull an alinity

  • Timothy Don
    Timothy Don 14 days ago

    I like your thumb nails

  • mr.skyrim hunter
    mr.skyrim hunter 14 days ago

    Yo theres a kid at my school who streams fortnite and wants to go pro but hates all of me and my friends and loves to rub in how his life is better then ours...also he gets butt hurt really easy

  • Marie Rancap
    Marie Rancap 14 days ago

    You LAF Twins are good

  • Bloopous IIV
    Bloopous IIV 15 days ago +1

    Kc your good 1v1 me.... is that enough trash talk for me to be in a vid

  • Nero Nero
    Nero Nero 15 days ago

    “He gets shit on occasionally, he is dogshit” occasionally is good bot

  • CLE9927
    CLE9927 15 days ago

    Code booty for life

  • The Winters
    The Winters 15 days ago

    He’s the definition of the fat kid that talks shit in BO2 lobbies 😂

  • Kamakouw
    Kamakouw 15 days ago

    180s gets you to your enemy faster in 1v1's

  • iRllyTry ___
    iRllyTry ___ 15 days ago

    KC could’ve had code:clap

    KOSPED 16 days ago

    I'd love to roll him down a hill

  • RealActionJaxon
    RealActionJaxon 17 days ago

    Yo idk why all these people are saying your thumbnails are bad in my opinion there the best

  • satou sama
    satou sama 17 days ago

    Mom ask: what ur creator
    U: BOOTY._.

  • f .d
    f .d 17 days ago +1

    I thought this was a decent video but i had to dislike cause fortnite is fucking trash

  • AlxNe Senpai
    AlxNe Senpai 17 days ago


  • xMoon
    xMoon 17 days ago +3

    Give me a lil attention here.. this kid says that KC can't do 90's.. but his building skill is still lower than my IQ.

    • Live THICC
      Live THICC 9 days ago +1

      xMoon wow Your iq must be very low

  • josh bjerksett
    josh bjerksett 18 days ago

    Just let this fag grow up lmao he's in for a ride

  • BMXkidz
    BMXkidz 18 days ago

    *KIDS TRYS TO GET IN PARALLEL* *kc gets in parallel* *kid* fucckk meee he sooo bad

  • weird Klepsy
    weird Klepsy 18 days ago

    Dolphin:ur trash bro (has 9 solo wins)
    Me:You cant even do fast 90's (has 19 solo wins)

  • Unknown _
    Unknown _ 19 days ago

    Not gonna lie maybe one of my new fav RUclips!

  • Pain Killer
    Pain Killer 19 days ago

    Your voice is so deep

  • cold
    cold 19 days ago

    His name was scrotum. The skin at the testicals LOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Fried Hamster
    Fried Hamster 19 days ago

    how old is booty clap KC

  • ValerianFN
    ValerianFN 19 days ago

    Damn i thought i raged bad.

  • MontyXWolfZ
    MontyXWolfZ 20 days ago

    Like the animation, top tier podcast room 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Im Joshh
    Im Joshh 22 days ago


  • Type7_Supreme
    Type7_Supreme 22 days ago

    I’m on ps4 and I could easily clap this kid