1v1 vs Butt Hurt Streamer who trash talked me ON STREAM | Fortnite

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • In this Fortnite video, my friend e11 SammyG from the Gamer Couple and I react to me clapping a Fortnite Streamer who trash talked me on his live stream. Very funny, plz watch xD
    Dolphin's Twitch: www.twitch.tv/dlphin
    (Please be respectful)
    SammyG: ruclip.com/channel/UCOKBpvmvWfoG9l7MsybOPBA
    Social Media
    IG: instagram.com/bootyclapkc/
    Twitter: twitter.com/bootyclapkcmo
    Discord: discord.gg/J8DX2N8
    Patreon: www.patreon.com/bootyclapkc
    Thumbnails & Artwork by Tatten: [email protected]
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  • What’s Up
    What’s Up 29 days ago +532

    Dolphin: KC UR TRASH
    *changes accunts*
    Also Dolphin: This kids fucking insane

    • Just a Gaming channel
      Just a Gaming channel 11 days ago

      A cunts?

    • Directorx Junior
      Directorx Junior 22 days ago

      make more videos like these 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Lexify Nate
      Lexify Nate 22 days ago

      RiiddleGX did you know this kid dolphin got clout by doing fake account giveaways on twitter

    • TheWoWGamer101
      TheWoWGamer101 24 days ago

      can someone help me with save the world the van or astrovan mission?

  • No Homo
    No Homo 3 days ago

    Your like a Fortnite hitman

  • XxBUCKYxX123
    XxBUCKYxX123 3 days ago

    KC ur voice is deep as, I love it

  • Volt_.Edits
    Volt_.Edits 4 days ago

    He’s a pc player he’s pretty famous and I have more wins then him on MOBILE

  • fracho buglis
    fracho buglis 4 days ago

    Bro this kid has 9 solos and hes better than me but I have 60

    • Paft Dunk
      Paft Dunk Day ago +1

      fracho buglis hes a creative warrior u probably have good in game iq

  • bat man
    bat man 4 days ago

    my epic is dapunisherkid22

  • bat man
    bat man 4 days ago

    kc im better than that streamer want to 1v1

  • Rice Pudding
    Rice Pudding 5 days ago

    The cunt is a fucken bot

  • Azxte
    Azxte 5 days ago

    Why did he have balloons?

  • Supertinymangle Mangle
    Supertinymangle Mangle 6 days ago +1

    KC is not a sweat he is just skill

  • The Shadow Clips
    The Shadow Clips 6 days ago +1

    i love how you put no input into that like literally just occasionally laughed
    man i remember when you were a good youtuber

  • silentvirus6 :3
    silentvirus6 :3 7 days ago

    Guys the kid in the thumbnail is Ravi from Jessie feel old yet?

  • Alex Henry
    Alex Henry 7 days ago

    I like how his console friend with the potato mic was talking shit

  • Edgar Ramirez
    Edgar Ramirez 7 days ago

    Bro this is good quality content was not expecting this at all glad RUclip recommended it

  • Galaxy wolf 123
    Galaxy wolf 123 7 days ago

    Yo Why do you have CK of back of your name Just wondering

  • Doomed42
    Doomed42 7 days ago

    A fucking beached whale playing Fortnite

  • Anonymous_Playz
    Anonymous_Playz 8 days ago

    Love the code been using it sense it ever came out

  • derek flores
    derek flores 8 days ago

    When u going to do a face cam game play??

  • Ssaiite
    Ssaiite 8 days ago

    How does he even have friends

  • Zhien Huang
    Zhien Huang 8 days ago

    I like the vid only cuz of the code

  • Waddles The penguin
    Waddles The penguin 8 days ago

    He's fat

  • Nigger Killer
    Nigger Killer 8 days ago +1

    This fatass is dogshit lmfao

  • Ben Hunt
    Ben Hunt 8 days ago

    What’s his twitch

  • Goblinsxs
    Goblinsxs 8 days ago

    I am on consoles and I have more win bro

  • Im Ink
    Im Ink 8 days ago

    he cant even do 90s

  • Jacob Colangelo
    Jacob Colangelo 9 days ago

    I have more wins than him and I’m combat pro

  • Kevin Snm
    Kevin Snm 9 days ago

    You only 1v1 trash ppl 🤖😂

  • LostinThought
    LostinThought 9 days ago +1

    Holy shit it’s dolphin I️ know this guy

    • LostinThought
      LostinThought 7 days ago

      Sadiq Mohamed very, he might be the most toxic person in this community. 👍🏻

    • Sadiq Mohamed
      Sadiq Mohamed 7 days ago

      How toxic is he?

  • Austin kelstrup
    Austin kelstrup 11 days ago

    Stretched it for that add rev

  • nabil ahmed
    nabil ahmed 11 days ago

    John Tron Son is but hurt.

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard 12 days ago

    Sense when do you have to link someone's channel for it to be fair use

  • pqv
    pqv 13 days ago

    You made an almost perfect replica in the thumbnail

  • Succi Boi69
    Succi Boi69 13 days ago

    From all that trash talk and sweating I’m surprised he’s not skinny

  • John Osucha
    John Osucha 14 days ago

    what is parallel RC?

  • pp BigChungus
    pp BigChungus 14 days ago

    Streamer: says people are dog shit
    Also streamer: sucks at pubs and has 9 solo wins

  • Brandon Duong
    Brandon Duong 14 days ago

    I meant

  • Brandon Duong
    Brandon Duong 14 days ago

    Slow 90s

  • Brandon Duong
    Brandon Duong 14 days ago

    He has so 90s

  • jenji?
    jenji? 14 days ago

    Im 1 second into the video and my man got a bowl cut in 2019

  • Skizy 101
    Skizy 101 15 days ago

    Kcmo your insane

  • Daniel Casey
    Daniel Casey 15 days ago

    Dolphin more like whale

  • Skyifyy
    Skyifyy 15 days ago


  • p6rez
    p6rez 15 days ago +1

    KC fr the only youtuber that makes me genuinely laugh like ode🤣

    WETARD_ED 15 days ago

    Yo KC 1v1 me dog Ima see who is the updog!!

  • Metal Butter
    Metal Butter 16 days ago


  • HappyButtSlappy
    HappyButtSlappy 16 days ago

    Yoo', the kid's 90's are slow as hell! Speed it up, buddy! A 180 would be faster than his slow-ass 90's!

  • Angel Rex 123
    Angel Rex 123 16 days ago

    Guess what if booty clap does see this i like the video right away ha ha ha

  • Chrome Skkrt
    Chrome Skkrt 16 days ago

    Smiled at thumbnail

  • MPS
    MPS 17 days ago

    When that kid said suck my duck I sure he probably doesn’t have one

  • john Mr.Preston
    john Mr.Preston 17 days ago

    Y u gotta make fun of him for being big?

  • KZ Chong
    KZ Chong 18 days ago +1

    Oh wow when u have 200+fps and ur worse than laptop players lol

  • Kenny :/
    Kenny :/ 18 days ago

    Your so annoying

    Could clap me tho👏

  • Himt Rai
    Himt Rai 18 days ago

    Super creative way to show the video and not get copy righted @ 1:30

  • Drew Ellis
    Drew Ellis 18 days ago

    New sub you channel looks amazin! Cant wait to watch more!

  • Carlos vlogs
    Carlos vlogs 18 days ago

    If can I please 1v1 you

  • RadicalGamers PC
    RadicalGamers PC 18 days ago

    Yet more shit posting videos from the best shit poster dick clap KC

  • DuckThePope
    DuckThePope 18 days ago

    I love the way he draws and how he drew a podcast room kc has talent

  • aMaZe Alogent
    aMaZe Alogent 19 days ago

    fatass dosent know how to do spider 90's

  • Huncho Dot Xav
    Huncho Dot Xav 19 days ago

    He has worse stats than me and I’m a controller play

  • The sweaty Flamingo gamer

    Shut up zimpki

  • pigeon
    pigeon 19 days ago

    3:48 he probally gets bullied at school thats why he's so toxic

  • AdrianlolXD 326
    AdrianlolXD 326 19 days ago

    That kid looks like an dolphin and his bad at the game

  • Tahir Rashid
    Tahir Rashid 21 day ago

    Its Dellor's successor

  • Izzy got ICE
    Izzy got ICE 21 day ago

    This is the the only RUclipr that really lives in Kansas City like me

  • Cody
    Cody 21 day ago

    Great content btw, 1v1 against subpar players, easy wins thou. Good video still

  • Triggeredsin
    Triggeredsin 21 day ago

    New sub boi

  • Light- Saltine
    Light- Saltine 21 day ago +1

    This dude does 90s without floors 🤦‍♂️

  • T H I C C_ B O I
    T H I C C_ B O I 22 days ago

    i like his neck

  • Markus Khan
    Markus Khan 22 days ago +1

    He’s the definition of a trash streamer 😂

  • Dusk Delusional-_
    Dusk Delusional-_ 22 days ago

    Every shitty toxic ass nigga u go against seems like there always having a bad day

  • Matt Eggleston
    Matt Eggleston 22 days ago

    568 people have a teeny peenie

  • Tyler Lowe
    Tyler Lowe 22 days ago

    He reminds me of Eric cartman

  • SpookyMenHere 8881
    SpookyMenHere 8881 22 days ago +1

    Dude no this video had me laugh my ass off
    you baited him and then
    you had him show his wins and he had 9!!! Then you play memes behind it

  • Moretreats
    Moretreats 22 days ago +4

    You're actually one of the only RUcliprs that I've seen destroy someone that talks mad shit and always says something good about the person at the end of the video. Respect for that! You're a super underrated Creator and deserve more! Keep up the amazing content!

  • fratking 24
    fratking 24 22 days ago

    He looks like his name would be Melvin

  • TNS-Jagyrs
    TNS-Jagyrs 22 days ago

    He looks like the kid that was talking shit on Xbox under the name of pussyslayer6969

  • itsAO
    itsAO 22 days ago


  • AMR Official's Mauga
    AMR Official's Mauga 23 days ago

    Kc hella humble

  • Lost
    Lost 23 days ago


  • UnknownSpam
    UnknownSpam 23 days ago +1

    May I get a 1v1? UnknownSpam -TTV

  • UnknownSpam
    UnknownSpam 23 days ago

    Toxic, trash, can’t build, whines at the game, makes excuses.

  • UnknownSpam
    UnknownSpam 23 days ago

    That kid is trash 😂😂😂

  • Zaxn YT
    Zaxn YT 23 days ago

    I'm on console and can clap this kid

  • s i l l a g e
    s i l l a g e 23 days ago

    What do you mean he’s a nice kid you showed him being a dick to his friends at the start...

  • AllNightGamer
    AllNightGamer 23 days ago

    Kc makes me laugh first 5 seconds

    GABRIEL JACKSON 23 days ago

    Nice thumb nail 😂

  • Nick Gurz
    Nick Gurz 23 days ago +1

    It pisses me off cuz these little fat ass nerds talk shit in game then get their ass beat in real life

  • Edward Tapia
    Edward Tapia 23 days ago

    You vids are lit but your thumbnails are shit

  • Scotty Davlin
    Scotty Davlin 23 days ago

    The cartoons are lit. He is a hater.

  • Icewallow_come_
    Icewallow_come_ 23 days ago +1

    i play on ps4 and im better than him 😂

  • Jellybear Gaming
    Jellybear Gaming 23 days ago

    Do you draw your thumbnails?

  • Derek Clucas
    Derek Clucas 23 days ago

    Dog ur shit 1v1 me dog

  • EdTheTed
    EdTheTed 23 days ago

    During the beginning of the vid when he was trash talking you I don't think he realized what he was getting into

  • ruben bjerkestrand
    ruben bjerkestrand 23 days ago

    Shut the h up, kc is not gonna 1v1 anyone from the comments.

  • Alex Take
    Alex Take 23 days ago +1


  • QmemeQ
    QmemeQ 23 days ago +1

    Dolphins: I don’t 1v1 often
    Also Dolphins: Asks his viewers to 1v1 him

  • Great Big pasta lord
    Great Big pasta lord 23 days ago

    Lollllll he has 9 wins

  • Big Feller
    Big Feller 23 days ago +1

    I play mobile and have more solo wins😂

  • no ho
    no ho 23 days ago

    So this is who I used to get into build battles with ? Jesus christ..

  • Clown
    Clown 23 days ago

    I like the art style