Love Hotels are big business in Japan. Let's go and check them out.
►►The Hotelion, Sendai: http://hana-gp.jp/raku/index.php (Love Hotel)
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Автор Reupload Master ( назад)
What an interesting country 😂

Автор Tavin Wong ( назад)
But do they have Wifi in it

Автор dosthefake ( назад)
tomorrow I will be going to japan for work purpose and after that I will try all these womens in magazines goodluck to me :D

Автор Shining Armor ( назад)
I've found similar establishments in the upper districts of Canterlot, they're really quite nice

Автор matt k ( назад)
Iv felt felt liked I wanted to so healthy then I do now. I needs lots and many types of health.

Автор Scrotie McBoogerball ( назад)
8:20 A place to hide the dead hooker.

Автор Sasuke Kun ( назад)
time to go japan everyone

Автор Noah Martella ( назад)
a escort girl magazine? dang havent heard of that, but it is $150 so of coarse its really steep.

Автор MIchael Gonzalez ( назад)
bucket list update:
Stay at Love Hotel, the most odd and exciting 3way of my life

Автор 나서린이 ( назад)
I would go there just alone lol that's like a girls paradise. The crazy bath and big bed and the "gift" who needs a man with you lol. The food too, like hell yes sign me up

Автор Reza Akmal ( назад)
amateur wife....

Автор Thomas Briscoe ( назад)
The owner is awesome i wish i could be as awesome as him.

Автор christopher lewis ( назад)
AmaZING <3 <3 <3

Автор Niriel Nabokov ( назад)
My girlfriend and I went to a love hotel in Paris, just like that on a whim before dinner. It was surprisingly cool, clean and not creepy! Plus we got the "Hell" room, matching our general gothiness. That was a fun hour.

Автор Roy Sama ( назад)
it's in sendai,, that's mean Miyagi!! haikyuu knowledge!!
and, one of many reasons I want to go Japan!! Love Hotels banzai!!

Автор F 2 ( назад)
full of germ and std . nom nom nom delicious

Автор Kenxxking ( назад)
The heck is wrong with Japan

Автор M Wang ( назад)
I love how the owner's so chill in the end

Автор Sabrina Beaudoin ( назад)
That hotel is amazing! 😍❤️

Автор Guillermo Perez ( назад)
i seriously cried tears... this documentary was hilarious.

Автор Sara Ruskiewicz ( назад)
so now I need a boyfriend and go to Japan 😂
but really, japanese love hotels looks so awesome, I've never been in such a modern and elegant hotel in my whole life, pls look at 6:48, I wanna go there

Автор DANIEL saunders ( назад)
how much did it cost

Автор arge12 ( назад)
Wish i had one of those here in houston!!

Автор nofcks givin ( назад)
going to Japan

Автор Ms Thraxan ( назад)
How do they clean all the toys?

Автор Gabriel Vazquez ( назад)
Next episode, review escorts

Автор Alessandro G ( назад)
If I've ever stayed in one of these hotels I wouldn't even think of having sex. I would just play with the geese.

Автор ImALampPost TryMeB ( назад)
I would just go there with a good guy friend and spend the time like a sleepover...

Автор Asvea ( назад)
8:51 lol the manage or owner has a good sense of humor XD

Автор Asvea ( назад)
Why am I watching this o.o?
lol I was super curious. That stuffed animal room is beyond creepy...who the hell would want to crawl in there and have sex around stuffed animals.... I would be scared for life...

Автор Min-Jun ( назад)
I had a school project about Living life to the fullest. I included a love hotel

Автор BLUΞGRΔY ( назад)
im just curious, but how do they clean up these rooms, esp. b/c of their elaborate design and for sure, most ppl would come into the hotel room for sex - so :O how do they clean it?

Автор Mauricio Perezchica ( назад)
haven't watched the video the whole way thru yet, but I love your extra long cargo shorts..

Автор Flo ( назад)
Everything looked pretty cool, except the stuffed animal room seemed creepy lol

Автор Sleeper San ( назад)

Автор fnytifx 짱 ( назад)
i'm going there for the food only, i swear

Автор Oh My! ( назад)
You make me wanna go to Japan! :c

Автор winson xie ( назад)
I wonder what the checkout assistant thought when they saw cameras and 2 males

Автор vizion 12 ( назад)
and of course, the owners name consistes of the word "dong"

Автор Chris G ( назад)
I bet I'd still end up wanking there

Автор SONETHING BOBES ( назад)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA😂 these videos make me laugh for some reason

Автор The First Dovahkiin ( назад)
*picks up moose teddy, calls it a duck*

Автор Sadboiz95 ( назад)
Ugh, it sucks so bad that most love hotels turn away gay couples. I'm visiting this winter with my partner and we were amazed at the design and complexity of the rooms. I'm sure their other regular hotels that are just as interesting, though so we'll still survive.

Автор Xxen ( назад)
8:56 "I'm having a bit of an existential, f*cking, crazy moment."... Translates into "I have the weirdest boner right now."...

Автор Dahlia Legacy ( назад)
I can't help but thinking, if I was on psychedelics those rooms would be awesome. I wouldn't do anything sexual, but it might help me get some writing ideas. XD

Автор CutieKitty Lena ( назад)
i would prefer to go there just to sleep and not having sex xD

Автор The Mushroom of Death ( назад)
_silently sees if he gets a boner_

Автор jakehands ( назад)
But did you shag the small japanese man?

Автор MadCat 741 ( назад)
Nice clamdiggers Chris

Автор 2702 ( назад)
I love myself so much I would go to this place alone

Автор Bartek ( назад)
that teddy bear cave room was like for something to do with midgets..

Автор Radwimps 困 ( назад)
I believe you should gave dressed more formally D:

Автор leesway ( назад)
awesome hotel. id love to go there but its so far away. put one just like it in shinjuku and im in

Автор BTS's Jams ( назад)
I would literally live there

Автор PapiDarko ( назад)

Автор MUSHY PANCKE ( назад)
I'd wanna go there just cuz it looks sky cool

Автор 12799MaDeuce ( назад)
I freaking lost it at the owner sitting in the tub, sticking his tongue out

Автор Daniel Lee ( назад)
Hey YouTube why didn't you recommend this video to me when I was single?!

Автор ivan date ( назад)
you don't need any decorating room if you use an eye mask ....

Автор Joel Santiago ( назад)
I'm in tears. That owner has such a sense of humor. That face in the tub he made had me dying.

Автор Kitty Train3321 ( назад)
I would just wanna go for fun and rest looks great

Автор phungdanh lan ( назад)
3:13 tia bejean. Thanks me later.

Автор The Mannequin ( назад)
nice intro. xD "let's play sex"

Автор Jonathan Munoz ( назад)
No wonder Japan has the worlds most populated city and has a heavier mass density of a Megalopolis...

Автор King Slayer ( назад)
I guess unscented body soap was to keep the natural body odour.. Incase you like the smell of sweat 😉

Автор lightning ( назад)
Did you just show a prostitution ordering service on video? Is it not heavily enforced or something? Not that this is a topic related to my summer visit at all

Автор Luna 697 ( назад)

Автор Roven Laco ( назад)

Автор mannikens ( назад)
how is japanese high school like? always heard about serious

Автор Pkmumbreon ( назад)
So much to take in at once. I'd heard it can be cheaper and the service is better at a love hotel rather than a regular hotel.

Автор DGKSK8LIFE ( назад)

Автор Lit Lit ( назад)
I'm going to come to one of these soon. Rent a luxury one for the night and try fuck as many escorts in a night. I love Japan.

Автор Neil Z ( назад)
i would just go there for the cheap food and drinks and also nice beds

Автор peanut girl lol ( назад)
Is it okay if I go there by myself..cuz shitt that place looks freakin gorgeous..

Автор TubbsTheCat ( назад)
They should make hotels with the same care as love hotels but with less "love". Except keep the free vibrators, I don't wanna admit it but I need me some of that!!!!

Автор TubbsTheCat ( назад)
c r i n g e

Автор Sara Ghandour ( назад)
Did you get to spend the night there? or Just tour the place?

Автор Nerfed Bee -TNB ( назад)
you went to a love hotel with a man.. WITH A MAN.. WITH A MAN!!!

Автор jinx paws ( назад)
Is it sad that I'd go to the love hotel just got the cheap food and lack of interaction with people?

Автор Henry Marks ( назад)
That's some big-ass honey

Автор Earl of Doom ( назад)
i would go there for the food.

Автор Ains Grown ( назад)
And these are sex dungeons

Автор Ains Grown ( назад)
150 bucks for a blowjob.......

Автор SuperBizalz ( назад)
That's a great price. Wish they had that bang-for-your-buck kind of deal in Vegas.

Автор achanwahn ( назад)
note to self, stay in love hotel for an evening just to eat & watch tv in the light up jacuzzi tub.

yup, sold

Автор Yuiiski Yuii ( назад)
Those poor cleaners, cleaning up jizz for a living.

Автор gggg918 ( назад)
I don't know how i got to your videos, but i'm loving it!

Автор Daniel Prymaka ( назад)
I just want to go there and fuck and eat some sushi

Автор Tchendje Neves ( назад)
great video...

Автор Oliver Hilton ( назад)
This whole video can just be described with ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Noel Clements ( назад)
Sign me up,


Автор SisterBrine ( назад)

Автор Kade Aan ( назад)
"The difference between life and divorce" LMAO

Автор Darc Gibson ( назад)
I can't help but feel like very few of those stuffed ducks have been cleaned... There's just too many for some poor cleaner to have to go through every single one.

Автор ThatPoorKenyan ( назад)
only just realised in the peeping room those two mirrors next to it are so you can reflect off one another to see into the bath

Автор Mongy ( назад)
got halfway through and thought i had a dead pixel on my screen, thank fuck it was just your camera

Автор MesserAaron13 ( назад)
Were you expecting a flood in this hotel or?

Автор FulfMubLana ( назад)
First hotel i've seen with a pervert hole

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