Toyota Land Cruiser - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • Special thanks to Greg Miller and everyone at the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum for making this episode possible. Check it out:
    Sent from Japan to conquer terrain all over the world, the Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the greatest off-road vehicles of all time. From the Jeep BJ to the FJ40, FJ60, FJ80, 200 series and everything in between; Join James Pumphrey he gives you the low down on Toyota’s legendary Land Cruiser.
    Up to Speed is a weekly automotive history show about the best cars, brands, designers, drivers and influencers ever. Host James Pumphrey covers everything from the Toyota Supra to the Chevy El Camino, The VW GTI to the Subaru WRX. The origins of every car will be uncovered to get you Up to Speed..
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Comments • 5 812

  • Akash Suresh
    Akash Suresh 12 hours ago

    Land Cruiser Middle East, then you know the real market for these......

  • Will Mac
    Will Mac Day ago

    Saudis use land cruiser's like city bikes. Just leave em around with the keys, f it. Oil money.

  • marylane bergrok
    marylane bergrok 2 days ago

    My dad has a land cruiser

  • jeron chua
    jeron chua 4 days ago

    here's an lc80 wading deep flood waters in the Philippines - like a boss !

  • Dennis Roberts
    Dennis Roberts 4 days ago

    What happen to Toyota truck thru 70s to 95!!

  • tag vlogs
    tag vlogs 8 days ago

    My favorite video was the Chevy blazer! It’s my favorite vehicle of all time

  • Aleckzan
    Aleckzan 8 days ago

    There is a version for latin america that still fpr sale in 2019 but looks like 1986

  • captiankota
    captiankota 8 days ago

    What the 79 series it’s as Aussie as veggiefuckingmite

  • Bernhard Strasser
    Bernhard Strasser 9 days ago

    Bro, is your blood pressure ok?

  • ThvtSyDneYlyf3th0
    ThvtSyDneYlyf3th0 9 days ago

    the BJ model, hehehehe 😁

  • booboop46
    booboop46 11 days ago

    My brother watches you and you suck

  • Jicon Recker
    Jicon Recker 14 days ago

    I have a 105. The engine compression is weak now but it still wouldnt die. Nicknamed "nightmare" i still bring it off roading despite the low power

  • soro iri
    soro iri 15 days ago

    Love Land Cruiser and FJ but their price are sky high.

  • antiquelude
    antiquelude 15 days ago

    No BJ jokes? Really??

  • Marcus James
    Marcus James 16 days ago are really funny yet informative...thanks😆😅...this is a channel of automotive that I laugh...😅

  • Jack Dunlop
    Jack Dunlop 19 days ago

    shouldve talked about the toyota blizzard which was in the video at 50 seconds in. it was basically a baby landcruiser, but just as capable.

  • Ben Pratt
    Ben Pratt 20 days ago

    Get m to 18psi

  • tew6
    tew6 20 days ago

    Do one about the nissan patrol

  • Canab Cabdilaahi
    Canab Cabdilaahi 20 days ago

    woow I wanted Land cruiser 2019

  • Stoopid assasin
    Stoopid assasin 21 day ago

    I’m loving all the Toyota vids

  • West_Portal_Railfan
    West_Portal_Railfan 23 days ago

    If the Willy's Jeep didn't exist neither would Landcruisers. Great cars but very expensive, and the fact Toyota no longer makes them in a square body design kinda killed there market. People like the utilitarian design of the older ones, and it was a bestseller, yet they stopped cause...

  • Michael Sedgewick
    Michael Sedgewick 24 days ago

    I just watch the first clip on repeat

  • longkeith diablo
    longkeith diablo Month ago

    You get 12 in lwb land rover 110 🙂

  • Doc Black
    Doc Black Month ago

    One of the greatest episode... Ever....

  • tele goose
    tele goose Month ago

    Dude you're funny. I don't even care about a stupid land cruiser. But that idiotic commentary is awesome!

  • Yahya Al_Harthi
    Yahya Al_Harthi Month ago

    Nissan patrol???

  • Taylor Livingston
    Taylor Livingston Month ago

    Landcruisers are built for constant abuse on harsh terrain. They are very very strong. Theres a reason they are the only vehicle trusted to transverse the harshest terrain on the planet. Nothing else holds up.

  • SubAtomic
    SubAtomic Month ago

    so Toyota gave america a "BJ"?

  • Henry Perry-Friedman

    Toyota is not still cranking out the Land Cruiser 105 series. I have no idea where you came up with that

  • pp crudd
    pp crudd Month ago

    Did he just call my home(Australia) a rugged environment?

  • Jac Custer
    Jac Custer Month ago

    I took my 2018 front wheel drive Mazda cx-5 off-roading in a large field of grass. so like, who needs a land cruiser?

  • Nephtaly Adrian
    Nephtaly Adrian Month ago

    Can y’all review the highlander

  • Pieter Coetzee
    Pieter Coetzee Month ago

    One of my favourite videos ever

  • Arifa Khatoon
    Arifa Khatoon Month ago

    DJ is the best

  • Dahabo Deeqa
    Dahabo Deeqa Month ago

    I'm in Africa and land cruisers are like everywhere

  • Kevine Etaba
    Kevine Etaba Month ago


  • Ravi Das
    Ravi Das Month ago

    Land cruiser : hellooooo India
    India : hey fuck you say hello to Mahindra Thar and Suzuki Gypsy (jimny)

  • Des Jensen
    Des Jensen Month ago

    What about the 75 and 79 series?

  • Myrtle McNappy
    Myrtle McNappy Month ago

    1989 fj62 ... wtf

  • Itz_gray_ 2019
    Itz_gray_ 2019 Month ago

    Who doesn’t love a BJ?😂😂

  • Arsalan Ghaffari
    Arsalan Ghaffari Month ago

    Nissan patrol

  • Aurelio IV Mones
    Aurelio IV Mones Month ago


  • camp&4wd irzte
    camp&4wd irzte Month ago

    It ’s an exciting attack! it's the best! I would like to customize my Prado and Jimny and try them in the same way!

  • Lorenzo Elmo Adam
    Lorenzo Elmo Adam Month ago

    My first Land Cruiser was a 1976 FJ40 with the 2F engine. My last was a 1999 FJ80 with the mighty 1FZ engine. The best car I've ever owned. In the meantime, I had a 1982 FJ47, a 1987 FJ60 (3F engine) and a 2002 FJ65 So many aventures with them. No other Off Road compares to Land Cruiser...

  • Sam Evans
    Sam Evans Month ago

    You missed the 62

  • hlpvinod
    hlpvinod Month ago

    Nice video brother 👊

  • Nicolas Paglione
    Nicolas Paglione Month ago

    "If you want to go 1 million miles and back take a land cruiser diesel"

  • taxibrony30
    taxibrony30 Month ago

    I swear there was a version of the Land Cruiser that had a Chevy 350 and was in the First Power Rangers Movie 1995!!!! I cannot find it for the life of me, it was known as The Chevota.

  • urgyen dondrup
    urgyen dondrup 2 months ago

    Those landcruisers of sixties and seventies are still doing duty as public carrierin gilgit baltistan in Pakistan. Now custome made with some truck engine and gearbox. Same customisation is done on jeep wrangler also.

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 2 months ago

    They still sell the 70 series in Australia . Very popular if you have the money .

  • Eduardo S.
    Eduardo S. 2 months ago

    Let's be honest, we expected nothing less of a tough-ass masterpiece from Toyota...

  • Abc 123
    Abc 123 2 months ago

    I ve a Prado 2003 GX with 5L diesel engine, no turbo, some noisy but i love it, its strong reliable car, it never fails.

  • Ashmoe Games
    Ashmoe Games 2 months ago

    When you don’t see a 79 series 😔

  • Vova Sava
    Vova Sava 2 months ago

    Nice video!
    But you forgot to mention a bunch of Land Cruiser models like 90, 120, 150 (despite you have 150 on 10:23) which became a new branch later called Land Cruiser Prado.
    This whole branch happened because of seperation luxury models like 80, 100, 200 and cheaper smaller 90, 120, 150. But because being smaller and lighter modern 150 series Land Cruiser Prado can do offroad sometimes even butter then sometimes too big and heavy 200 series and still costs a 20 grands less.
    This cars are extremely popular on the east, you might not know about it because you have Toyota Surf (4Ranner) in US, which quite similar.
    But if you want the difference Prado would have better drivetrain (Full-time 4wd with lockers vs Part-time in 4Runner) but 4runner would have better engine (Prado 2.7 petrol is quite week). This makes them extremely popular in places where you want Full time 4wd and in my country it costs like Kia Sorento :)

  • Joshua Makonnen
    Joshua Makonnen 2 months ago +1

    Best video on the Land Cruiser! Loved every second...!!! Awesome

  • Eric Albert
    Eric Albert 2 months ago

    Merci beaucoup pour cette super vidéo !

  • Eng Heng Chock
    Eng Heng Chock 2 months ago

    cant find any prove the toyota land cruiser won any Dakar rally, can someone share a link?

  • The Verminator
    The Verminator 2 months ago

    You need to do up to speed on the nissan patrol

  • Alan S
    Alan S 2 months ago

    Was James in the army?

  • Nathaniel Donald
    Nathaniel Donald 2 months ago

    Do the hilux