We Mixed Every Cookie Mix Together

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Nine cookie mixes...one MONSTER cookie
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Comments • 2 272

  • Jaclyn Fealy
    Jaclyn Fealy 23 hours ago

    I had to stop watching this video because I was too hungry

  • rin 凛 sama
    rin 凛 sama Day ago

    9:56 if you dont know who that is search up "matilda" its a family movie i guess, quite entertaining actually.
    also made me start reading more of roald dahl's work, but i guess that irrelevant .-.

  • rin 凛 sama
    rin 凛 sama Day ago

    that isn't even a joke, 95 (35 celcuis) is a normal day here in south east asia! here there are 4 seasons: hot, very hot, fuckin hot, and even hotter :D
    what is this "winter" you speak of, never heard of it!
    and we actually do wear sweaters in that weather cus we dont get a chance to wear it since its always hot anyway and we do wanna wear something other than summer clothes all year round :D

  • Cristobal Quijada

    5:34 oven plate missplaced 😂

  • IamTonySy
    IamTonySy Day ago

    Who tf is Safiya?!?!

  • IamTonySy
    IamTonySy Day ago

    Impressed with the one handed catches with arms full. Better hands than some pros

  • Tm7Jr Z
    Tm7Jr Z 2 days ago +1

    mix every ice cream

  • henners artty-smarties

    I can’t remember wether it’s inka or inga but I love her either way 😘

  • Pia Chadha
    Pia Chadha 7 days ago +1

    The government: How tall do you want the wall to be?
    Donald Trump: YES!!

    AISHA MIYANJI 7 days ago

    "What kind of cookie do you want"

  • poppy mary ham gloria

    her voice is annoying lmao

  • Mirco
    Mirco 10 days ago

    u srsly don't know what to do don't u??

  • Payton Joyce
    Payton Joyce 10 days ago

    TBH u should make a mixing every cheese video. Idk but I just thought about it

  • Lisa Leung
    Lisa Leung 11 days ago

    6:39 - The memesss

  • Ed Deli
    Ed Deli 11 days ago

    Safiya has entered the chat

  • Samantha Ortega
    Samantha Ortega 12 days ago

    Inga's voice is like an adorable version of Diane from Bojack Horseman

  • Mushroom Ink
    Mushroom Ink 12 days ago

    Where’s the white macadamia cookies

  • Right in Beauty
    Right in Beauty 13 days ago


  • Cole Planamento
    Cole Planamento 13 days ago

    Do cake mixes!

  • Fisby Bear
    Fisby Bear 14 days ago

    Whattt. No white chocolate macadamia nut??

  • Ohmi Dios
    Ohmi Dios 16 days ago

    This girl needs a real job

  • Zenex [GD]
    Zenex [GD] 17 days ago

    U forgot macadamia nut cookies

  • Hockeygirl 05
    Hockeygirl 05 18 days ago

    why didn't she just add each of them together in one bowl??

  • Hockeygirl 05
    Hockeygirl 05 18 days ago +1

    wait... ARE U A LEFTY???!! i love u even more now

    MAGICAL_ RED_ 20 days ago

    It would be fun if you went to the Dö cookie dough shop in NYC. .3. For the dough of.

  • valeria ortiz padilla
    valeria ortiz padilla 22 days ago

    a frankensausageeeee

  • Lizzy Sweetheart
    Lizzy Sweetheart 23 days ago

    They are stealing safias ideas!!!

  • Fikri Nurhusaini
    Fikri Nurhusaini 25 days ago

    the opening is sooo cute for me

  • Ella Severson
    Ella Severson 25 days ago

    shouldn't this be on tasty

  • Luisa
    Luisa 25 days ago

    I just watched an 8 minute long commercial, lol time well spend

  • Sive Makapela
    Sive Makapela 26 days ago

    you shouldve mixed all the powders first then add the other ingredients😆

  • Little miss coconutᴖ ᴥ ᴖ

    Y THO ?

  • Penelope Figueroa
    Penelope Figueroa 26 days ago

    it’s March

  • broadwayjunkie12
    broadwayjunkie12 27 days ago

    I thought she’s going to mix all the dry ingredients first and then add it to the wet ingredients.

  • Kawaii kitties
    Kawaii kitties 27 days ago

    No red velvet?

  • nick voltaire
    nick voltaire 27 days ago

    Mix cakes

  • Kara Fedrigon
    Kara Fedrigon 27 days ago


  • Kate Lee
    Kate Lee 27 days ago


  • BelgiumShady
    BelgiumShady 27 days ago

    "the taste of yes" lmaooo

  • egnog 04
    egnog 04 28 days ago

    you kinda sound like Sadie from SU!

  • realist
    realist 28 days ago

    Ade is my all day everyday mood

  • Karan.K K.H
    Karan.K K.H 28 days ago

    My friend has a habit of saying ‘yes’ to questions like ‘what flavour’ ‘how much’ etc I shall ask them what cookie flavour they want and make them this. I have them in the palm of my hand. They will not see this coming. Imagine the look on their face as I reveal the power of the yes cookie

  • Carrie Mcgregor
    Carrie Mcgregor 28 days ago +1

    What's cookie flavour do you want

  • Naturally Young
    Naturally Young 28 days ago

    Mix every cake flavour into a frankencake please!!

  • feather chaeyeon!
    feather chaeyeon! 28 days ago +3

    I have an idea! mix every ice cream flavor together
    like so theyll notice :)
    have a great day :)

  • SunAnimations
    SunAnimations 29 days ago

    Is buzzfeed copying Safiya Nygaard now??!

  • Maria Ramos
    Maria Ramos 29 days ago

    I’m sad their wasn’t a white chocolate macadamia one

  • Supercatgaming
    Supercatgaming 29 days ago

    It’s the everything cookie!

  • jo nathan
    jo nathan Month ago

    Love your voice. Love your giggle. Love you Inga.

  • Vivien J
    Vivien J Month ago +1


  • Kuein
    Kuein Month ago

    I just got this recommended exactly 3 months later, instead of 6 years wtf

  • Amelia Guerrero
    Amelia Guerrero Month ago

    What about white chocolate macadamias??? 😭😭😭

  • Tuyet Nguyen
    Tuyet Nguyen Month ago

    Omg she is so adorbs

  • Alexis Balanik-Slater

    make a life size of ade out of rice crisps.....

  • Paige Elliott
    Paige Elliott Month ago

    Different cakes mixed together

  • Lamp Higa
    Lamp Higa Month ago

    Inga is so cute!

  • Dolores
    Dolores Month ago

    Would like to see her try a Mexican meal* tortillas, enchiladas, or maybe a whole meal? Really enjoy your show..Big shout out from us here in New Mexico USA 🤗

  • Flower on Discord
    Flower on Discord Month ago

    I paused so she can rest.

  • Luciana Kagamine
    Luciana Kagamine Month ago


  • Marta Speggiorin
    Marta Speggiorin Month ago

    Her voice is sooo cute.. SHE is super cute

  • Meanakushi
    Meanakushi Month ago +30

    Couldn’t you just have mixed the mix all together

  • Haley Rupert
    Haley Rupert Month ago

    “Mmmmmm MMM- mm”

  • Ouku Regassa
    Ouku Regassa Month ago

    Why did you not get m&m cookie dough

  • Cartel Samar
    Cartel Samar Month ago

    Let's take a moment to address her awesome catching skills. She could be a pretty good cricket player.

  • Juliette Rosso
    Juliette Rosso Month ago

    Totally trendy did this a few weeks before this one or a few months

  • meeuh
    meeuh Month ago +4

    what cookie flavor do you want?

  • Akira Butler
    Akira Butler Month ago

    combine every chocolate and create a "YES" bar...

  • kpop kpop
    kpop kpop Month ago

    Was I the only one who thought she was going to mix all the powder first and then add the ingredients

  • Minh Đặng Bình
    Minh Đặng Bình Month ago

    Damn thật horror music

  • spaceebubble
    spaceebubble Month ago

    i cant even imagine what that tastes like
    *id probably be sick honestly*

  • Alivia Gacha P
    Alivia Gacha P Month ago +1


  • Felix Filbert
    Felix Filbert Month ago


  • IHyperAceI
    IHyperAceI Month ago

    3:55 *as all things should be*

  • Cameron King
    Cameron King Month ago


  • Chloe Chong
    Chloe Chong Month ago +1

    Ok, no hate to Safiya, but this us BuzzFeed’s Tasty ok. Tasty create entertainment for people with food so ok Safiya doesn’t owns it like hello everyone can do it and their friends and Safiya wouldn’t mine

  • Joy-Shanti Sindayiganza

    Why is no one else triggered by how the tray was tilted in the oven!?!?!

  • itccsshh misshhh
    itccsshh misshhh Month ago

    try mixing cake batters together then baking it
    pllleeaaase!!! i would really like to know what it would look like and taste like... luvyaa Inga!!😘😘😘🤩

  • Abukenyo
    Abukenyo Month ago +1

    INGA IS 😍

  • A M I A Y A
    A M I A Y A Month ago

    why the hell do people not talk about how amazing Inga is?

  • Isha Parihar
    Isha Parihar Month ago

    3:31 *flavader*

  • qtmeimei
    qtmeimei Month ago

    Wow she is so cute and fun to watch!

  • -fancytrashh-
    -fancytrashh- Month ago

    I like the spooky music

  • Olivia Yoon
    Olivia Yoon Month ago

    😣😭 She didn't do white chocolate which is kind of a classic

  • Melody
    Melody Month ago

    Ohh no, she's my bias in BuzzFeed :v

  • Chelle B
    Chelle B Month ago

    Mix different flavours of cheese and make a Franklin cheese lol

  • Charity White
    Charity White Month ago

    Every cake mix you can find to mix and make one cake!

  • Rylie Allison
    Rylie Allison Month ago

    What about white chocolate chip Macadamia nut?

  • huggledemon32
    huggledemon32 Month ago

    As soon as i saw her mix each cookie individually I thought "man it would be soo much easier to just measure out a portion of each powder mix and just do one batch- but then- no Franken cookie I guess!?"

  • Alex Wang
    Alex Wang Month ago +7

    Cookies are unhealthy. An apple Ade keeps the doctor away.

    • Delila Young
      Delila Young 28 days ago +1

      And going to school every day keeps the bad spelling away

  • Unicornicopia 102
    Unicornicopia 102 Month ago +10

    The checkout lady was probably like🤨

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins Month ago +1

    Baking is literally the only reason I started practicing ambidexterity, cause otherwise, one arm is HUGE, and the other is skinny and wee.

  • Lauren Sarofim
    Lauren Sarofim Month ago

    Seriously can’t get enough of Inga

  • asian_white_girl ___
    asian_white_girl ___ Month ago +4

    She is literally my favorite baker on tasty! 😂

  • Dolphin Later
    Dolphin Later Month ago +1

    I know I’m super late but 6:40 r/inclusiveor

  • flyback 2me
    flyback 2me Month ago +1

    This was GENIUS. Although.... You should really get a hand-mixer.

  • Voldy mort
    Voldy mort Month ago

    just give her her own channel her voice is the best part

  • Morgan Stoodley
    Morgan Stoodley Month ago +161

    1% of the comments- "They stole this from Safiya"
    99% of the comments- "Why is everyone commenting about them for stealing it from Safiya?"

  • Alexis Stelmack
    Alexis Stelmack Month ago

    Love the use of "Flight of the Bumblebee".

  • Scarlet Rose
    Scarlet Rose Month ago

    *This is the taste of yes*

  • Marwan Nawabi
    Marwan Nawabi Month ago

    Thank God they didnt have raisin