Scary Road Moments Caught On Camera

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Driving can be a stressful & scary task at times and most of us are in a hurry to get home or to our next destination. This compilation shows the crazy road moments caught on dash careful of flying debris!
    These drivers all had lucky escapes because of their quick reaction times and paying attention. Here are some real life final destination moments caught on camera.
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Comments • 1 629

  • Newsflare
    Newsflare  2 months ago +51

    Diver has incredible face to face encounter with giant anaconda.

  • Ruby Matrix321
    Ruby Matrix321 3 days ago


  • K-Den Palmer
    K-Den Palmer 3 days ago

    Tire: let me just come right through real quick
    Driver: oh yeah sure
    tire: hm....I guess your right.

  • r3na 80
    r3na 80 4 days ago

    What no,no,no

  • freezel cruzado
    freezel cruzado 4 days ago

    Always the cars by hit by tires the car glass or hit by tires and the materials with a strong one

  • GusMangGamers
    GusMangGamers 5 days ago

    Poor kid :(

  • Fiana Farrington
    Fiana Farrington 7 days ago

    Now thems some lucky ducks.

  • kerima ann ednave
    kerima ann ednave 7 days ago

    0:16 is that from Philippines im sure its sm sanlazaro

  • The Crimson Shadow
    The Crimson Shadow 9 days ago

    Are tire bolts made of thin plastic in Europe and Asia or are they being removed or loosened before driving?

  • Polani Levaoalii
    Polani Levaoalii 11 days ago

    Remeber god is aways be with us

  • Dharma Rotary
    Dharma Rotary 13 days ago

    The baby jumping out comes with the car from the dealer. As you can see its same to interior matching colours.
    its top secret prototyp hybrid option in China.
    push the H button and your Hybrid propellant jumps out and pushes the car faster.

  • I amcarbonandotherbits.

    These driver's should be penalised for lack of maintenance to their vehicles.

  • dat 1 guy
    dat 1 guy 13 days ago +1

    The best title would be ''ramdom shit flying at cars''

  • Steven Universe
    Steven Universe 13 days ago

    1:23 WTF

  • Mia_wolf_ gacha101 :D
    Mia_wolf_ gacha101 :D 17 days ago

    at 1:24 I have soo many qustions!!!

  • Crewzer -
    Crewzer - 17 days ago

    2:36 says don’t say that I like u ?
    Thingy flips and hits the front window “ slaps”

  • MINTY vines from the past

    Gta 5 windshields be like

  • Movie Grinches
    Movie Grinches 19 days ago

    0:52 mother fuvking lady

  • - • C R Y B A B Y• - Hernandez

    1:24 UMMM WHAT THE HECK.?!

  • tub hmoob chemne
    tub hmoob chemne 21 day ago


  • The_Info_Broker
    The_Info_Broker 21 day ago

    Can someone tell me the song playing in the car from 0:18 - 0:23

  • Darrius Gaming
    Darrius Gaming 21 day ago

    Where the f did all the random wheels flying in come from?

  • Tommyfin !
    Tommyfin ! 23 days ago +1

    1:01 I didn’t see what happened...

  • Tyler_Games
    Tyler_Games 24 days ago +8

    2:15. "Supporters of Isis who are planning attacks on New Years Eve"-

    *Giant ice chunk crashes into the car*

  • Kemika Miku
    Kemika Miku 24 days ago

    The Real Life Final Destination

  • Jack Shiels
    Jack Shiels 24 days ago

    Should be called 10 minutes of objects flying towards cars

  • Quetzalee Echevarria
    Quetzalee Echevarria 25 days ago

    That was what happened to me

  • Nad Faryd
    Nad Faryd 25 days ago

    Ha ha that was funny when the kid fell out of the car

  • TheCorinnak
    TheCorinnak 26 days ago

    After awhile i was really feeling like i was watching Super Mario Kart, i swear... The tires are the green turtle shells ( sometimes you can avoid them) and the hoods are the red shells ( they pinpoint you and come right at you).

  • cyberdyers
    cyberdyers 26 days ago

    If you notice most vehicle lost wheel came from the left side, going inner lane, and most car manufacturer still cannot solve this problem, the lug nut bolts spins on the direction of the loose or out direction. If you dont tighten those lug nuts, you will loose youre wheel. I suggest they follow the tread pattern of ISUZU, where all of their vehicles lug nut goes against the tire spin direction, that is why you wont find Isuzu vehicles never loose their wheels.

  • MOLE
    MOLE Month ago +2

    After watching this whole video I’m feeling........


  • MOLE
    MOLE Month ago

    Final destination films are real

  • Arhan Khan
    Arhan Khan Month ago

    Wtf running tyres and flying bonnets

  • Karmjit Kaur Dhillon
    Karmjit Kaur Dhillon Month ago +2

    What happend to the kid after falling and walking did the car behind helped ??

  • karthik developer
    karthik developer Month ago

    2:26 ultimate

  • Bella MP
    Bella MP Month ago

    Who the hell opens at trunk and the lid falls put I'm sure the person behind helped😭 luke if you criend or almost cried

  • Jake mega gamer
    Jake mega gamer Month ago

    2:35 timing

  • Draven Simmons
    Draven Simmons Month ago

    ur mom is so fucking gay like what the fucking shit!!!!!!

  • Abrar Ahmed
    Abrar Ahmed Month ago


  • Just Nightmare
    Just Nightmare Month ago


  • Just Nightmare
    Just Nightmare Month ago


  • Apiwit Wanichakunpituk

    Trust me.
    There a lot of danger and scary moment in thai

  • toasterguy EZ
    toasterguy EZ Month ago

    this hole thing is more tires than other things

  • Guy Cajucom
    Guy Cajucom Month ago

    The 2nd happend in philipines

  • Arturo Campos
    Arturo Campos Month ago

    LOL 3:12

  • xFourø YTx !
    xFourø YTx ! Month ago

    lang daom saبr sam ardŧ-
    2 99

  • Fatema akther Lipi
    Fatema akther Lipi Month ago


  • Usernoobf PlayzYT
    Usernoobf PlayzYT Month ago

    me: were did the tires come from?
    edit there was an accident to clean the car or the top of the truck
    it falls:3

  • Barbara F.
    Barbara F. Month ago

    Soooo... 99% of SCARY ROAD MOMENTS is caused by FLYING TIRES!!!

  • David
    David Month ago

    1:23 Parents are retarded. They put the kid in the trunk (mind you the kid is like 3) And expect it to do nothing.

  • Diamondboy
    Diamondboy Month ago


  • Jaylen Allen
    Jaylen Allen Month ago

    6:39 0erfect song

  • epsveiodim
    epsveiodim Month ago


  • Bayu weking
    Bayu weking Month ago

    come here guys my youtube channel

  • Farid Midde
    Farid Midde Month ago

    Baby... i will never leave you
    I will always be with you😂😂😂😂

  • [] TB []SoYeR GAMER


  • Mervicle
    Mervicle Month ago

    0:24 Philliphines hehe Only Filipinos can say "Hala" diba

  • Jim Gillispie
    Jim Gillispie Month ago

    what hapind on the namber 2