Ben 10 | Kevin 11 the Copy Cat | Cartoon Network

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • Kevin 11 keeps copying Ben and the two face off as Four Arms and a new scary wolf alien!
    Episode: Introducing Kevin 11
    ABOUT BEN 10:
    Ben 10 introduces fun-loving, 10-year-old, Ben Tennyson, his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max, as they travel the country during summer vacation in their trusty RV. Once Ben finds the Omnitrix, a mysterious watch-like device that transforms him into 10 different heroic aliens, a world of extraterrestrial superpowers opens up. Ben 10 is produced by Cartoon Network Studios and created and executive produced by Man of Action Entertainmean.
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Comments • 221

  • khaled Khaled
    khaled Khaled Day ago


  • Toony Joe
    Toony Joe Day ago

    *clyde 5*

  • Kam Taehyung
    Kam Taehyung 3 days ago

    so we just going to ignore the fact that kevin 11 has XLR8 Walmart version

  • Grant's Gaming
    Grant's Gaming 4 days ago

    1:48 when you find a default with no weapons in fortnite

  • Song listen
    Song listen 5 days ago +1

    Is it just me or Kevin's XLR8 looks like Crash Hopper?

  • Icers Boy
    Icers Boy 8 days ago +1

    At least kevin dont have the upgrades

  • ROBLOXALIKK SanduBestfamliy

    Call Ben 10

  • Jalisa Ramos
    Jalisa Ramos 12 days ago +6

    I wonder what they will do for Kevin's osmosian powers,will he still have them? Also why does he have an Omnitrix?

  • A L E X
    A L E X 14 days ago

    They ruined everything with this reboot.

  • J. Mortazavi
    J. Mortazavi 14 days ago

    kevin looks stipd in his clothes

  • King Oblivion
    King Oblivion 20 days ago

    Why they destroy Kevin

  • αᏓpHα/ Σχχθτιc

    0:07 when I find my charger after minutes of looking for it...

  • The Packing Pacjack
    The Packing Pacjack 21 day ago

    1:47 that grin on his face was just GREAT. Good on you reboot, you made a funny scene.

  • Danielle Lozano
    Danielle Lozano 21 day ago

    I thought this show couldn't get worse

  • Jourlen Chery
    Jourlen Chery 21 day ago

    I wish Ben could transform into XLR8 so he could chase after Kevin

  • Paddy Smith
    Paddy Smith 22 days ago

    It is pathetic

  • No One
    No One 22 days ago

    That moment when you realize that the 90s ended almost 20 years ago...

  • Benjamin Swain
    Benjamin Swain 23 days ago +1

    At least Tara and Greg are still here.

  • Dragon Master
    Dragon Master 24 days ago +1

    0:40 when you say the reboot is a good show.

  • XM-Maxi
    XM-Maxi 24 days ago

    So much for keeping the secret identity

  • \ .•*_moonbunn_*•. /

    1:29 k-keith..? (vld)

  • SteveCrafts2k
    SteveCrafts2k 25 days ago +2

    That guy deserved getting shocked by shock rock, but to be honest
    He should be glad about his new hairstyle.

  • Dionne Russel
    Dionne Russel 25 days ago +1

    # Not my kevin

  • Mariela Isaza Cuba
    Mariela Isaza Cuba 26 days ago

    cn pongan esto en español

  • Ian Rivera
    Ian Rivera 26 days ago +12

    I cant believe the guy who decided to give kevin an omnitrix out of nowhere.... i mm really sad for this show 2.6/10 in imbd sadddd

  • Santanu Sagar
    Santanu Sagar 28 days ago +2

    Ben10ultimate alian best ben10 rebot fake😤😤😤

  • Shamim iqbal
    Shamim iqbal 28 days ago +17

    We Want Ben 10 Alien force, Ultimate Alien back

    • Luka Žuvela
      Luka Žuvela 20 days ago

      +Dragon Master welp tbh idk why ppl hate on omniverse aswell, original ben10 was my 1# then omniverse 2#

    • Dragon Master
      Dragon Master 24 days ago +2

      Okay there are two problems with that. One UAF's story had ended. Two why would they do that just because a few people are still butthurt over the Omniverse and reboot?

  • Hello Vines
    Hello Vines 28 days ago +1

    We want ben 10 ultimate alien

  • Berries 20
    Berries 20 29 days ago +6

    I remember in the og ep when Ben offered Kevin a place with his family when he defeated Kevin but Kevin use that chance to try to rip out Ben's watch from his arm. I wonder if they'll do it differently this time.

  • Faria Hossen Joty
    Faria Hossen Joty 29 days ago

    Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Pahale Se Shuru kariye

  • Austin Jackson
    Austin Jackson 29 days ago

    Kevin = StinkFly

    OGGY TOO 29 days ago

    Enjoying Ben 10? Watch Oggy too in my channel :)

  • Sabe533 No.2
    Sabe533 No.2 Month ago

    2:58 What's the name of that song?

  • oosp ruby
    oosp ruby Month ago

    Kevin DOD

  • Karen Whymark
    Karen Whymark Month ago

    Umm 😐 didn’t Kevin just steal that sumo card? Anyone notice that KAZ 🌈❤️🖤💖😆🎉🥀🎊🎉🥀🎊🎉🥀🎊🎉🥀🎊🥀

  • Azon Playz
    Azon Playz Month ago

    kevin 11 sounds like beastboy but darker voice

  • Blue yuki
    Blue yuki Month ago

    Ship it xD

    • Blue yuki
      Blue yuki 14 days ago

      +SteveCrafts2k it is not eww it is my opinion. And i know that is cannon but i am a multi shipper

    • SteveCrafts2k
      SteveCrafts2k 20 days ago

      +Blue yuki eww. No. More like
      Kevin x Gwen.
      At least that's canon

    • Kathleen Art
      Kathleen Art 28 days ago

      +Blue yuki Y U R I

    • Blue yuki
      Blue yuki 29 days ago

      +Kathleen Art kevin and ben uwu

    • Kathleen Art
      Kathleen Art 29 days ago

      Ship what??

  • DiscoPrince906
    DiscoPrince906 Month ago

    I'm not trying to diss the "intent" of the show (old Ben10 was better) but some people think that cartoon network is the way it is, like showing ALLOT of TeenTitansGO, is to appeal to really young kids as aposed to a variety or kid ages, cause with kids of all ages having phones at young ages they just arint as interested... and cartoon network doing this to shows like Ben10 or TTGO is the only thing that keeps them to the tv as aposed to their phones...

  • malwer97
    malwer97 Month ago

    de donde saca dinero el abuelo si solo se la pasa durmiendo... ojala también me dieran dinero por dormir

  • proto man
    proto man Month ago +1

    If I where him I would just run and grab it before Ben does 1:03

  • S.A.M Unknown
    S.A.M Unknown Month ago +3

    ....They ..they destroyed my childhood. How could cartoon network do such a thing?

    • S.A.M Unknown
      S.A.M Unknown 10 days ago

      +SteveCrafts2k you sound like a negative nancy whose goes out of their way to be negative

    • SteveCrafts2k
      SteveCrafts2k 10 days ago

      +S.A.M Unknown this is a new generation. Yours is at an end

    • SteveCrafts2k
      SteveCrafts2k 11 days ago

      +S.A.M Unknown then you are basically stuck in the past, and may become a man child

    • S.A.M Unknown
      S.A.M Unknown 20 days ago

      +SteveCrafts2k i will never do such a thing lol

    • SteveCrafts2k
      SteveCrafts2k 20 days ago +2

      Accept that your childhood is over

  • Veloci Wyatt
    Veloci Wyatt Month ago

    The gift shop for zoboomafoo school studios tour is right after you exit the ride vehicle and it is called school studios store with merchandise of zoboomafoo and it will replace the lazy store and the restaurant is wild burger

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis Month ago +6

    i hope this is a reference to keith and I'm not being crazy

  • Antonio Ballesteros

    I love ❤️ shock rock

  • Emily Marley
    Emily Marley Month ago +8

    Kevin 11 looks like Keith from Voltron and I'm wheezing

    • Cookie Ninja
      Cookie Ninja 24 days ago

      Emily Marley, I just started watching Voltron after I saw Kevin, I know how you feel

  • Deathrule 14
    Deathrule 14 Month ago +2

    Remember when Ben 10 was actually good?

  • twizzler lemonpie
    twizzler lemonpie Month ago

    0:06 when she bites the tip

  • Dawson Amos
    Dawson Amos Month ago +1

    What are the odds of getting a Ben 10 ad with a Ben 10 video. Huhfuhdfihdundjshixjsuhirhui

  • SAM RS
    SAM RS Month ago +10

    The original kevin is so much better,

  • Drixenol86
    Drixenol86 Month ago

    Wait, why does Kevin have an Omnitrix?

  • Johanna Paye
    Johanna Paye Month ago


  • Massimo Diaz
    Massimo Diaz Month ago


  • Gummy1 YT
    Gummy1 YT Month ago

    Kevin sounds like beast boy

  • kARl king
    kARl king Month ago +1

    Y does Kevin voice stay the same when he transforms

  • Ash Maan
    Ash Maan Month ago +2

    So secret identity isn't a thing anymore at least before reboot ben did try to keep his identity a secret before some people found out in alien force and also kevin has an omnitrix what

    • Ken Livingston
      Ken Livingston 4 days ago

      In the original episode where Ben unlocked master control as a kid, he wasn't being very secret with it.

  • bailey the slendytubby gamer

    kevin 11s xelar8s name

  • Mihirzo d
    Mihirzo d Month ago +1

    this quite different compared to the Ben 10 I seen as a kid

  • Legendary SSJ Atzuma
    Legendary SSJ Atzuma Month ago +4

    This show is so terrible

  • Ak_Knight
    Ak_Knight Month ago +5

    Man I miss the old Ben ten series

  • l عمر
    l عمر Month ago

    يا عيال في قناه تعرض حلقات بن تن مدبلجه اسمها

  • tank butt
    tank butt Month ago +49

    Did he just casually use his powers in front of someone just for some cards

    • Ken Livingston
      Ken Livingston 4 days ago

      +Sean Albright Original 10 years old Ben used the Omnitrix around people all the time. In fact, in the episode where he unlocked master control, he was switching between all of the aliens for his own pleasure of being able to do so.

    • Sean Albright
      Sean Albright 7 days ago +2

      Welcome to the reboot. Makes you shake your head, huh?

  • Khalid KingDom
    Khalid KingDom Month ago

    This is the Stupid Ben 10 series. when will this end.

  • ADAM 54ACZ32SK8
    ADAM 54ACZ32SK8 Month ago

    Polish: WY kurwy jebane rozjebaliście Ben 10!
    English : Wow this is the best Ben 10 ever!

    MIKAEEL THE GAMER Month ago +4

    *M O N E Y*

  • Arkham Knight
    Arkham Knight Month ago

    Did Kevin have Albedo's Omnitrix

  • Slash
    Slash Month ago +2

    The reboot

  • Fan Milton
    Fan Milton Month ago


  • Cool Man
    Cool Man Month ago +1

    Technically original ben was born in the 90s because he was 10 years old is 2005

    • Cool Man
      Cool Man 29 days ago

      +Kathleen Art if he was 10 in 2005 what year would he be born do math to see

    • Cool Man
      Cool Man 29 days ago

      +Kathleen Art no original ben 10 was a 90s kid

    • Kathleen Art
      Kathleen Art 29 days ago

      He's not, he's born in the 2000s, not the 90s

  • Joes Devora
    Joes Devora Month ago

    Kevin 11 iz such a copy cat!

  • Lucas Klade
    Lucas Klade Month ago

    I hate this stupid show it's a terrible reboot il

    BUGAY DEN Month ago +12

    Remember when Kevin had depth? Ya me too.

  • koozboy
    koozboy Month ago +1

    this has gotta be so awkward for greg and tara.

  • Naterade
    Naterade Month ago +3

    We all just gonna ignore the guy Ferrari look alike is voiced by the same voice actor that voices sonic and deidara.

  • Roblox Sammy Alt
    Roblox Sammy Alt Month ago +6

    1:47 Dat smirk face tho

  • Roblox Sammy Alt
    Roblox Sammy Alt Month ago

    0:09 This back round reminds me of the episode: Freaky gwen ben

  • James Boothroyd/natsu dragneel irl

    Why does xlr8 look like crashopper from omniverse

  • HyperL0c K
    HyperL0c K Month ago

    Why does this exists

  • Kevin Leahy
    Kevin Leahy Month ago +1

    Wait, I thought Ben lost Shock Rock during the "Innervasion" TV Special. Unless... That's what Ben WANTED us to think!

  • Stick nodes Pro
    Stick nodes Pro Month ago

    Shadow: *buys all metro feet* there that’s 3,000 dollars

  • Geronimo Jittney
    Geronimo Jittney Month ago +2

    The character design for this show is surprisingly bad

  • Emma Alozie
    Emma Alozie Month ago +1

    Why did ben not turn into accelerate to catch with keven

    • Luring Tapia
      Luring Tapia Month ago

      he cannot just change into any alien he wants

  • Isaak Barry
    Isaak Barry Month ago


  • nightOWL
    nightOWL Month ago +1

    How will i know who's that alien if ben is not shouting it's name?

    • nightOWL
      nightOWL Month ago

      +devil sora 100 ty

    • devil sora 100
      devil sora 100 Month ago +1

      go on the wiki or watch the other episodes. Shock Rock was a pretty important alien in season 2

  • Kookie BTS
    Kookie BTS Month ago +2

    Strangely kevin 11 sounds like 7 eleven XD

  • Angela Taylor
    Angela Taylor Month ago +1

    Is Ben ok

  • Unknown179836 8
    Unknown179836 8 Month ago


  • Ange Sammy
    Ange Sammy Month ago +5

    What have they done to Kevin!!!!?

  • skiirupipi
    skiirupipi Month ago +4

    it looks like an 80's keith (vld)

  • Süper Raichu
    Süper Raichu Month ago +1

    Shock Rock VS Rush

  • Naz-O-Star 98
    Naz-O-Star 98 Month ago +37

    So Ben can just use the Omnitrix around.....anyone? He doesn't have to keep it a secret?

  • meatyred 13
    meatyred 13 Month ago

    Kevin's alien doesnt have any other actors?

  • Alia Titre
    Alia Titre Month ago

    Take the l from fortnite

  • TheSilentKnight
    TheSilentKnight Month ago +72

    Kevin seems more of a bully than villain in this show. A very interesting change.

  • Khalik Shaikh
    Khalik Shaikh Month ago

    Ben. 10. very.

  • Taydo
    Taydo Month ago

    I'm more of an 80s guy...

  • John Manning
    John Manning Month ago +1

    I’d Still Totally Would’ve Like To See The Equistria Girls Enjoy Guest Starring On Ben 10 (2016) To Keep On Battling A Bunch Of Bad Guys Aliens And Villains With Ben Gwen And Max Tennyson Even If The Equistria Girls Might Have To Keep On Battling Kevin 11 With Ben Tennyson

  • Michael Velasquez
    Michael Velasquez Month ago +13

    I felt so bad for the guy selling metorfeet

  • Roger Seal Master
    Roger Seal Master Month ago +1

    How did be see it if he blind? Is hes role playing?

  • Cool Gaming
    Cool Gaming Month ago +1

    0:30 Im glad that This version of Ben likes the sumo slammer card like the first ben 10

  • Scott Wales
    Scott Wales Month ago +19

    We gonna just ignore Guy Fieri?