BEST VIDEOBOMB NEWS BLOOPERS (Compilation) w Children interrupt BBC News interview - BBC News

Bloopers are funny. Videobombs news bloopers are the funniest. Watch this all time best news blooper videobomb compilation.

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Автор Chima Amanambu ( назад)
You're on private property..........Fuck!

Автор fooly cooly ( назад)
snow throwing girl is my spirit animal

Автор Map Led ( назад)
5:48 what a miserable fucking cunt. Bitch you're a horrible human being. Too bad the reporter didn't stick the mic up your tight ass hole.

Автор mjcapo1 ( назад)
boys will be boys

Автор zeena ( назад)
these reporters have a lottttt of patience.

Автор Tyler CEO NFGxFSUxInc. ( назад)
I know a nanny just got fired

Автор Ralph Putnam ( назад)
Who's the guy that video bombs at 7:05?!

Автор kevin2you00 ( назад)
Haha, I would loose my job as a reporter. after that woman would have hit me with her purse I would make sure that would be absolutely the last thing she ever did.

Автор Dburger62 ( назад)
Some of these reporters..."buffoonery", "hooligans"...buzzkills who can't lighten up.

Автор Lowezar ( назад)
Supermom to the rescue! >_<

Автор boaty mason ( назад)
youre on private property. FUCK

Автор artiew87 ( назад)
5:09 Look at that 3rd reich microphone.

Автор SomebodyzBeast ( назад)
2:06-2:24 That was the best line up of funny reporter bloopers ever. The first reporter is a fucking statue, the woman seeing the naked guy just saying, "Oh my goodness." in the most professional way, and lastly how that white guy just appeared from behind the black guy casually saying,"You're on private property, FUCK." in the most awkward way. I'm 💀

Автор Stern Ritter23 ( назад)
I love these 😂😂

Автор Alexander Strohschein ( назад)

Автор Cheetah ( назад)
2:08 That news reporter has a tiny ass airhead

Автор Andrew Paul ( назад)
holy shit is that Harrison Ford at 2:08?

Автор News Be Funny Videos ( назад)
Watch our new video next! https://youtu.be/irncY0OP2bE

Автор Jackie Jones ( назад)

"The best kind of photobomb..."

Автор grecomic ( назад)
Twenty minutes and you covered most of my favourites (esp. Erykah B!) but where's the one of Brendan Jordan being his fabulous self?

Автор JR Valencia ( назад)
Kara Manelli is cute

Автор Ray Espinoza ( назад)
Great video!

Автор Notification Sqaud ( назад)

Автор wiilover07 ( назад)
People are so shitty but this is comedy gold.

Автор Darth Korn ( назад)
lol Pete Caroll at 2:08

Автор Sara Wilkes ( назад)
09:22 Captain Jack Sparrow is the best one lol

Автор REYNAPAULINA ( назад)

Автор Bey Vargas ( назад)
People BE Weird.

Автор austin1002 ( назад)
I don't see Chrysler Concordes anymore. I wonder why.

Автор AnimalBMX street ( назад)
16:47 burnnnnnnnnnnn, she got her good. savage af

Автор Jsmith12292 ( назад)
You're on private property... FUCK.


Автор John Lee ( назад)
5:35 - Yeah RIchard, this is yer dad.  Just wanted to yell ya, saw ya on the news thing.  All right then, Bub. . . .

5:50 "thank you so much for ruining the fun! Total complete kill joy!"

Автор alonna hunter ( назад)
2:27 when you fail to kick somebody

Автор lbeandestroyer ( назад)
3:27 Tyrone Biggums?

Автор ltmesq ( назад)
This is the best compilation yet. Love the waiter drinking flower water from a vase

Автор steveexplodes ( назад)
5:37 ...any Stern-show fans?

Автор James At ( назад)
19:00 oh, I get it. The newsreader is called Area, and the boy behind him is called Tiger.

Автор prateek tigga ( назад)
Is that Hugh Jackman at 2:31?

Автор WHATISUTUBE ( назад)
I hope the first guy fired his nanny. Your ONE job, and it's NOT that hard.

Автор Chase ( назад)
The Bulls mascot was the best

Автор QueenB Jade ( назад)
You're on private property. FUCK.

Автор piratecheese13 ( назад)
2:06 was that pete carroll?

Автор Mattteus ( назад)
7:00 best one

Автор Regnars Lapsa ( назад)
Thumbs up for the guy who made cat and dog noises on camera XD 👍👍

Автор Leo Leo ( назад)

I love her...

Автор Leo Leo ( назад)
7:34 a fucking MURDERess!

Автор Leo Leo ( назад)
Annie, are you ok?
So, Annie are you ok
Are you ok, Annie...

Автор Creakush Coliko ( назад)
Lots of these aren't funny, but I love the channel though

Автор SentByHim ( назад)
16:39 Most epic troll ever!!

Автор carschmn ( назад)
1:43 Super stealthy cop.
2:32 Celebrity cameo.
2:39 interesting drink choice
8:55 what is going on there?

Автор ka7wyf ( назад)
5:35 is Sal and Richard from the Stern show.

Автор DOKO GAMING ( назад)

Автор DirtyHarry704 ( назад)
0:38 enter of a mother :D

Автор DaSpoody ( назад)
*The buffoonery has returned*

Автор The Random Tube ( назад)
hey guys I just made the THUG LIFE version on my channel. Please check it out

Автор I am Perfection ( назад)
Why do you censor :(

Автор id104335409 ( назад)
That first one Hoollyy Shit.

Автор ethan199303 ( назад)
Haven't seen the one where the guy tries to put the money in the reporter's breasts before. So cringy, so rapey.

Автор kotosqopos ( назад)
12:05 We've all been the girl in the blue hoodie.
I have been her so many times, I feel personally attacked.

Автор Carlos Eduardo ( назад)
okay, the one at 4:08 was disgusting. Some dumb guy trying to humiliate the reporter by sneaking money into her cleavage, it's just messed up.

Автор Frikadellie Mad ( назад)
lol That was awesome!!

Автор apemonkis ( назад)
bucktoothed beardo at 1:33
has seen some shit

Автор Eric Taylor ( назад)
"The bafoonery has returned" Best line ever.

Автор Eric Taylor ( назад)
4:40 That's not a fire fighter.

Автор Eric Taylor ( назад)
I love the look on his wife's face when she runs in to get the kids.

Автор Eric P ( назад)
"You're on private property..fuck"

Hahah 😂😂😂

Автор cdname47 ( назад)
What about the one with the shocking gas prices? that dude crashed his car in the background of live tv because they were so high!

Автор Barnaclebeard ( назад)
Fuggin kids.

Автор Sainterman ( назад)
Sam Smith?

Автор Devil Shoez ( назад)
Best way to start my Sunday by laughing my ass off for 20 mins.
And who was that Andy Murray reporter?
Va va voom!

Автор Karrrissa The Destroya ( назад)
I like the reporters who just shove people

Автор Devil Shoez ( назад)
is that his korean nanny? jesus she nearly tore the kid in yellow in half getting her run over by the creepy wheeled baby

Автор Bloop Doop ( назад)
I love how the women at the start slides in

Автор Sasuke 99 ( назад)
I'm crying😭😂😂😂

Автор Proxima Top ( назад)
That bunny guy though!

Автор Kai Yang ( назад)
Omg i saw the first one live xD

Автор Márton Szigeti ( назад)
14:53 why the fuck did they have to spell their names? :D

Автор Waqar Zahid ( назад)

Oh boy, Logan is here. :D

Автор Rik Rocks ( назад)
The first video lol. The mom manhandled those kids out of there!

Автор RikXtreme4 ( назад)
lol everybodys so fame thirsty

Автор Sasquatch10 ( назад)
0:52 papa bless

Автор Graham Ferguson ( назад)
Yeah, this is all very funny...but imagine how much funnier it would be with pepper spray!

Автор subwaysurfer ( назад)

Автор Rusty845637 ( назад)
Hell yeah quita culpepper is my girl!!!!

Автор subwaysurfer ( назад)
WHAT DOES IT SAY IN FIRST CLIP?? "I think one of your kids just........."???
Just what?? I didnt get that part (IM not native speaker)

Автор H4CK Clan ( назад)
Haha 6:46 hella funny

Автор H4CK Clan ( назад)
Haha that first one was hella funny

Автор Damian Charleston ( назад)
6:34 jesus christ thats jason bourne

Автор disasterpiece16 ( назад)
8:31 More distracted by the enormous head than I am the distraction

Автор masterjayrblaster ( назад)
That last reporter was a good sport, damn hooligans lol

Автор WinterCritter ( назад)
hugh jackman is a child? lol

Автор mareir ( назад)
The Bulls mascot has serious moves, makes me laugh every time.

Автор Soul Silly ( назад)
I would hate to be a reporter

Автор Daftboy89 ( назад)
the first one is ONE damn submissive bitch, HE trained her well!

Автор Dania Dania Dania Dania Dania Dania Dania Dania ( назад)
adam landau was ready to beat that lady up IM WEAK

Автор excrono ( назад)
6:35 That mascot shows all of the other people in this video how bombing a newscast is really done.

Автор sean Le ( назад)
Sam smith! 14:52

Автор Ian Michalski ( назад)
News anchors are tools. The public are fools. Thank god I discovered acting and I quickly got over what a thrill it is to "be on da T VVEEE!!!11". Otherwise I might actually be forced to associate with these half wits as they go around looking for News anchors to annoy.

Автор fflip8 ( назад)
That got me good. "You're on private property" Hmm, is the guy gonna have to leave now? He's probably going to tell him he's gonna call the police if they don't leave. "Fuck!!!" Oh. 2:20

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