Ana Navarro - Trump’s Effect on the GOP & Florida’s Heated Gubernatorial Race | The Daily Show

  • Published on Nov 3, 2018
  • CNN political commentator Ana Navarro explains why she’s still a Republican, gives her take on Florida’s gubernatorial race and lays out Donald Trump’s impact on politics.
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Comments • 1 490

  • Robert Fredericks
    Robert Fredericks 3 days ago

    If fatty wasnt a Trump hater no one would give a shit what this bimbo has to whine about

  • Eric Hernandez
    Eric Hernandez 13 days ago

    Ana is a bitch

  • JD
    JD 17 days ago

    She has to lose 60 lbs before she can even think about being First Lady

  • Jesse Wayman
    Jesse Wayman 21 day ago

    She aint no Republican. Shes a democrat

  • denisejustdenise
    denisejustdenise 25 days ago

    Ana Navarro is has always been lying about being a Republican.

  • Raoul Decin
    Raoul Decin 28 days ago

    Did you see the legs of that chair move when she plopped down?? Wow, almost met its weight limit.

  • Jasminder Singh Jesse
    Jasminder Singh Jesse 29 days ago

    For all the harm and damage Donald Duck (Trump) did , it is not something Americans as one cannot overcome . Actually my opinion is that it will be done easily as long as those in congress etc stop acting like hypocrites and for once honor the oath they respectively took when they were elected , so it is their duty to their constituents because they owe it to them unlike what is happening now when I see some key republicans denying facts that are literally staring them in the face and to do so on national television is so blatantly shameful . I wonder those good folks back home feel when they see the man or woman they elected

  • Deirdre Ward
    Deirdre Ward Month ago

    Anna, callate pendeja! Quieres ser gringa pero no, no eres y nunca seras. Eres prieta, gorda y fea. Eres super mentirosa, y muy puta, hasta que decidiste ser cerda. Y ya nadie quiere concha fea VIEJA y tonta! Descance en paz tu panocha.

  • Wonder Adams
    Wonder Adams Month ago

    Ana is always on point...I love her and her views

  • Billy Badboy
    Billy Badboy Month ago

    Ana Navarro is a vile whore!!!!! Why is she allowed to live and breathe on this planet?????? Find Her!!!!! Drag her out of her home or apartment!!!! Push this worthless sack of monkey spunk into the streets!!!!! Then shove her nose into the pavement and pump three bullets into the back of her head!!!!
    Anyone who likes this puta should be executed!!!!! Damn libturds to hell!!!!

  • Darin Gregory
    Darin Gregory Month ago

    Its a fat Rosie O'Donnell. Whore.

  • Darin Gregory
    Darin Gregory Month ago

    Its dirty mexican Rosie odonnel

  • Pamela
    Pamela Month ago +1

    She is a husband stealing hypocrite! Can't imagine anyone standing in line to marry either of them though ...Yikes!

  • sharonmina sheshe
    sharonmina sheshe Month ago

    She's perfect to be president one day. Just an amazing Human being Ana.

  • justbreath2018
    justbreath2018 Month ago

    Cute accent she has..:-)

  • justbreath2018
    justbreath2018 Month ago

    She's smarter than most Gringos and she's from another country..

    TUFF LOVE NEEDED Month ago

    Ana Navarro is a Angry Woman ........Angry people eat too much!

  • Huib Wetzel
    Huib Wetzel Month ago

    Ana is so great !

  • Enrique Evangelista

    She should leave the Republican Party. She intends to vote for socialist democrats.

  • donjen3
    donjen3 2 months ago

    Obama was the one who created The Trump Presidency with his racial/political/law enforcement division. So bring your complaints to him. This is FACT

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 2 months ago

    This idiot doesn't know from Cuban coffee or nica coffe, by the way you still a cow when trump was Democrat, Independent and a Republican

  • Acacius
    Acacius 2 months ago

    Really? Smh. I love me some Ana but the part about Venezuela was crap. US is to blame for the problem in Venezuela. The US put a white president to overtrow Maduro which is Native and Black. The country was always run by white people and people were dead poor until Chavez took over the country. He lifted millions of people out of poverty and missery with their oil revenues. The US chose a white puppet and wants him to replace Maduro. The white in that country is rich and they want to keep profiting from the middle class and the poor people. Smh. Chavez and Maduro don't want to sellout their country and give up almost all their oil to the US, UK and the west. That is why they are made and are lying about Maduro. It is all about the oil once again.

  • Jose Vargas
    Jose Vargas 2 months ago

    Ana is a republican she sticks more Too politics issues than racist issues

  • G M
    G M 3 months ago

    Navarro is an anti American POS

  • tip pullthemnow
    tip pullthemnow 3 months ago

    Oh ya Florida were whites use to fed black afro American tots to alligators and now they whine about abortion

  • Eduardo Martinez real
    Eduardo Martinez real 3 months ago

    Lmaooo so scripted Ana Navarro a republican ok she is employed by CNN and had no filter every time she spoke about TRUMP any of his GOP supporters she is a disgrace. I'm from Miami nobody likes her down here LMAOO

  • Miles North
    Miles North 3 months ago

    Should we worry that she's getting enough to eat?

  • mbolduc
    mbolduc 3 months ago

    This cunt is evil

  • Billy Badboy
    Billy Badboy 3 months ago

    Ana Navarro is a vile whore!!!! Why is she allowed to live and breathe on this planet????? Why do we allow her to to exist among us??
    She needs to be eradicated like cancer!!! Anyone who likes this piece of feces should be eliminated as well!!!! They all need to be found!! Then drag them out of their homes or apartments. Push them out into the streets!!! Finally, shove their noses into the pavement and pump three bullets into the back of their heads!!!! The world would be a much better place without Ana Navarro or her fans!!!!!

  • kellyswanzy1
    kellyswanzy1 4 months ago

    She's a fat piece of shit. Chunk her taco eating pig ass back across the border

  • New One
    New One 4 months ago

    Fuck that fat diaper wearing hippo looking bitch

  • Deb wright
    Deb wright 4 months ago +1

    The Republican Party ended as we knew it with the start up of the "Tea Party" which led to this new Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell GOP republican. These American GOP republicans are using American government to gain power, wealth, and influence over the American tax payers. The American citizens are being sold out by these politicians bought and paid for by United States enemies and adversaries. This trump administration has turned against the American people.🤕🤕🤕🤕😱😱😱

  • Michael Sanders
    Michael Sanders 4 months ago

  • faster than you Black
    faster than you Black 4 months ago

    This bitch isnt a republican.

  • Alfred Enisz
    Alfred Enisz 4 months ago

    This black news commentator irritates me. He is almost as bad as Don Lemon.

  • Alfred Enisz
    Alfred Enisz 4 months ago

    Ana is not filing her nails. I switched from Republican to independent when I got tons of unwanted calls from Bush soliciters when Bush was running for President. Soon after the Bush election, I changed my affiliation from Republican to Independent.

  • TheWinterShadow
    TheWinterShadow 4 months ago

    Ana Navarro is a piece of piece....oops, she's a fat, ugly, fake party piece of crap.

  • howwrongwewere
    howwrongwewere 4 months ago

    he hasnt redefined the repulican party, hes just fully exposed it.
    if he were redefining it there would be actual pushback.
    instead, the gop enables him. why? because his agenda is their agenda.

  • Amber Milton
    Amber Milton 4 months ago


  • made frischa
    made frischa 4 months ago

    What a strong voice it is!

  • MBest12
    MBest12 4 months ago

    i hope abby decides to stay home after she has her babies either that or they need to fire her. Ana is where it is at and needs to be on that show

  • Roru Loru
    Roru Loru 4 months ago

    We love Anna .!

  • Dawon P Lott
    Dawon P Lott 4 months ago

    All these thumbs down.. No respect for the truth.. Blind eyes.. I appreciate and adore you as a strong, honest , courageous woman Ana who fights for Me and this nation because you know where better than this catastrophic fail

  • moondust
    moondust 5 months ago

    This ugly Puertorican need to get shipped out, from Puerto Rico.

  • JinGai
    JinGai 5 months ago

    Ana is gross🤮 me no speak English damm check for her green card

  • Rake Steele
    Rake Steele 5 months ago

    Ana is a fatty.

  • gaspar ortega
    gaspar ortega 5 months ago


  • Darklady1418 Dark
    Darklady1418 Dark 6 months ago +1

    ana ,you are what's wrong with this country...ur full of hate and say the same thing over & over & ovet..
    nothing new. .. you are so uneducated... please stop..
    get some morals and values...

  • Amber Pierro
    Amber Pierro 6 months ago +2

    Man I love this woman😍😍

  • Vino sitas
    Vino sitas 6 months ago +1

    jesus christ, she is so beautiful. like her actual facial features are GOR-GEOUS... cant take my eyes off of her. republicans should be proud to have her on their side

  • Carlos River
    Carlos River 6 months ago +1


  • RubyRim
    RubyRim 6 months ago +2

    I really like her.

  • Ronald Vaughn
    Ronald Vaughn 6 months ago

    Ana Navarro is a liar and a loser. She hates trump because he is more successful than she is. She is just a sore loser than wines all the time

  • Ronald Vaughn
    Ronald Vaughn 6 months ago

    Ana Navarro is a compulsive liar. She lies about everything just to try to get noticed. She is a insecure fat loser.

  • Ronald Vaughn
    Ronald Vaughn 6 months ago

    Ana Navarro is obsessed with trump. She needs trump to have something to talk about. Her life is really boring.

    MIFNP 6 months ago +1

    What the hell happened to this woman? She used to have some credibility as a political pundit on the Sunday shows until she went off the rails. Now she suffers from a bad case of TDS. Get some HELP Ana.

    • Ronald Vaughn
      Ronald Vaughn 6 months ago

      Your absolutely right. Ana Navarro is obsessed with trump. Without trump she has nothing to talk about.

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind 6 months ago

    The "Brainwashing Machinery" of the Far Left is quite amazing, they even have a Rino as a guess to feel up their million gallon tank of lies......

  • Josephine Lee
    Josephine Lee 6 months ago

    Thanks Ana for saying it as it is and for speaking out for the voiceless.

    • Ronald Vaughn
      Ronald Vaughn 6 months ago

      Ana Navarro is a liar. She is obsessed with trump because she is a loser.

  • Debbie Maysonet
    Debbie Maysonet 6 months ago

    Daniel Letterman, I really don't think so. I have been following her for a long while. 😗😗

  • mysteryof7
    mysteryof7 6 months ago

    Gotta love Ana! She has no qualms about calling loser Trump out on his BS.

    • Ronald Vaughn
      Ronald Vaughn 6 months ago

      Ana Navarro is the real loser. She needs trump to have something to talk about. Only a idiot would take her seriously

  • Eliminator
    Eliminator 6 months ago

    Can't stand this woman.

  • Andrea Malloyd
    Andrea Malloyd 6 months ago

    Ana Navarro is amazing. I love her so much.

  • uomonelnero
    uomonelnero 6 months ago

    what a fat piG !

  • Elizabeth Rico
    Elizabeth Rico 6 months ago

    She is absolutely right

  • Elizabeth Rico
    Elizabeth Rico 6 months ago

    OMG I love ❤️ this two

  • Gina Wills
    Gina Wills 6 months ago

    Ana why don't you run?

    • Ronald Vaughn
      Ronald Vaughn 6 months ago

      She dont run because she knows she would lose. She knows how much of a real loser she is.

  • Momma Coexists
    Momma Coexists 6 months ago

    I loooooooooooove that lady!. God bless her.

  • sitarro55555
    sitarro55555 6 months ago

    You worthless clowns don't call this dimwit out on the bullshit she spews!

  • sitarro55555
    sitarro55555 6 months ago

    What a pathetic joke you whiners are...... Ana Navarro is not a Republican!

  • pavan m
    pavan m 6 months ago

    Trump 2020

    LUCY LOVE 6 months ago

    What a sorry excuse for a woman

  • AveLinda
    AveLinda 6 months ago


  • Brenda
    Brenda 6 months ago

    Yet Desantis won ... florida officially has Mental issues .

  • Dee Rich
    Dee Rich 6 months ago

    I love her!! But she keeps trying to embrace conservatism. It's perplexing. Ma'm you are not in support of white supremacy, and that's what the core of conservatism is and HAS BEEN in Amerikkka. So why not just leave them? Why hold on to white supremacist political parties?

  • Ronnie Lopez
    Ronnie Lopez 6 months ago

    I want Ana badd.

  • studnttch3 bns
    studnttch3 bns 6 months ago

    Neo-Con does not equal -conservative- = 5 & Time Con.

  • mike logan
    mike logan 6 months ago

    She is not a Republican, anymore. No one needs to vote along party lines all the time. However, she seems to disagree with all the Republicans.

  • Jimmy Armijo
    Jimmy Armijo 6 months ago

    All woman ,,that participated in woman,zzzzz March ,wearing vagina,zzzzz on head,,totally vvvullgarr, sicko loser zzzzzzzz,nasty,dirty,,get lost,men. Confused,, thought vaginaszzz b long b tween. Legzzzz?????

  • Jimmy Armijo
    Jimmy Armijo 6 months ago

    Thank God Almighty infinity eternity ancients time space can't contain you yasua yawa Jesus help me us all all all all all all all all all all all all all all all all all most. Latinos hispanics mexecans zut suts cholos mehecanos Chicanos lvlvlvl lvusapotus trump supporter zzzzz can't make some people like me/ u!!!!??? Never 5,10,. # percent of people don't like them self's!!!!!!??

  • GuardianX
    GuardianX 6 months ago

    She is a jackass

  • midnytblossom102
    midnytblossom102 6 months ago

    2 of my fave people! ❤️❤️❤️

  • AbyssGnasher
    AbyssGnasher 6 months ago

    Lol why would you want to be associated with the corrupt party. This "Republican Party" you described is DEAD woman. You sound stupid saying you are still apart of this Trumpian party. Turn BLUE!

  • Rick Wolf
    Rick Wolf 6 months ago

    Navarro- you're nothing but a GD Hood Rat. You act and talk just like a thug out of the projects. It's amazing just how despicable one woman can get

  • Zari A
    Zari A 6 months ago +1

    Hope she runs for office of the President in 2020!

  • Angela Sylva
    Angela Sylva 6 months ago

    I want to go to the carribbean

  • Angela Sylva
    Angela Sylva 6 months ago

    I want to go to the carribbean

  • Jaime Aguilar
    Jaime Aguilar 6 months ago +1

    The Republican party was always what it is under donald, you ignored what was right in your face ana, he only made it obvious for stupid people that can not see what the Republicans stands for.

  • Jack Weger
    Jack Weger 6 months ago

    Ana, you are very motivating and I love your honesty and how much you truly love our country. I respect her very much. She tells it like it is. Something we do not have.

  • Manu Gulati
    Manu Gulati 6 months ago

    I’m pretty sure Trevor has tried Cuban pussy as well lol

  • Jeannie Banks
    Jeannie Banks 6 months ago

    i love that coat Ana! Do anyone know where I can get one?

  • texasiguana
    texasiguana 6 months ago

    I luv me some Ana! I love a latin lady because they don't play nor take any shit!

  • john carioscia
    john carioscia 6 months ago

    Ana is a closet Dem. The fat pig doesn't know Obama put kids in cages in 2016
    And EVERY candidate that didn't accept Trumps help LOST!
    All 6 that took his help WON!

  • Liche Christ
    Liche Christ 6 months ago

    Three cheers for Ms Navarro's honesty and good sense. If only more of us expressed such honorable character ...

  • BeatlesFanSonia
    BeatlesFanSonia 6 months ago

    Florida fell for the fear!

  • Preston Tribble
    Preston Tribble 6 months ago

    Ana Navarro is like a college football mascot. No, that’s not a real living Buckeye, it’s a person wearing a buckeye suit.
    She’s wearing a conservative suit.. doesn’t take much to entertain the left these days.

  • Dalia Alvarado
    Dalia Alvarado 6 months ago

    he looks like obama

  • Jason Laguana
    Jason Laguana 6 months ago

    This is a real interview all questions and no opinions just fact

  • R.B.R
    R.B.R 6 months ago +1

    Noah you are the best!!!! Handsome and super cute accent, and a brilliant coherent mind.

  • Lkjh fgb
    Lkjh fgb 6 months ago

    There is no food in Venezuela because america pays people to burn it

  • Chris Bradley
    Chris Bradley 6 months ago

    Trump is neither Democrac or Republican. He's an opportunist. That's the definition of a traitor.