Accused Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz arraigned

  • Published on Mar 14, 2018
  • Nikolas Cruz was arraigned 34 counts in the February massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. that left 17 people dead. A judge entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. Watch CBSN's live coverage.

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  • Micheal Jackson
    Micheal Jackson 5 months ago

    I think he is mentally ill but I don’t think what he did was right

  • skin09588
    skin09588 5 months ago

    That judge is smoking hot she can judge me anytime

  • Yamisleidy Valles
    Yamisleidy Valles 8 months ago

    No he cant get death penalty cuz he is not noraml he needs mental health

  • Bald ChickenNugget _
    Bald ChickenNugget _ 9 months ago

    Why is the title "accused school shooter" I mean he is the school shooter

  • Fabian Lizarraga
    Fabian Lizarraga 9 months ago

    Theirs a after life for him what he deserved

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy 9 months ago +1

    Yeah Would be great to see him tortured but in reality America isn't a leg for leg eye for eye type of place

  • Jasmine Mikhail
    Jasmine Mikhail 9 months ago

    If Muslim who did that they would call him a terrorist but he's not so he's just a shooter

  • Zann
    Zann 9 months ago +1

    This kid needs his life stripped away from him

  • TexasHangunLawJoke
    TexasHangunLawJoke 9 months ago

    Judge bae

  • Jo smith
    Jo smith 9 months ago


  • Truth Peace
    Truth Peace 10 months ago

    He pretends mental illness. He's not. He Deserves death penalty

  • Bot 13
    Bot 13 10 months ago +3

    You do realize by keeping him Locked up, you're paying for his food.

    • dornravlin
      dornravlin 2 months ago

      some times death is to good for people sometimes its satisfying now wile other young men of his age are our breathing free air living life hes waisting away in prison

  • Oliver Sundström
    Oliver Sundström 11 months ago

    I want to see a prossecutor wanted a death penalty on a own family member.

  • joey bagnato
    joey bagnato Year ago +1

    I agree give him the chair and lets move on

  • Thomas
    Thomas Year ago

    Not down for my tax money to go to people like this.

  • Yamisleidy Valles

    he cant get death penalty he need mentl health how can they ponesh people that need help they cant do it he dirent know what he did his head he dirent think write

  • John Connor
    John Connor Year ago +2

    He looks like a disturbed young man I knew in Florida also arrested for something unspeakable. He was adopted as well.

  • Nikki H
    Nikki H Year ago

    He deserves to die.

  • joey bagnato
    joey bagnato Year ago +1

    I agree give him the chair and call it a night

  • cherry flavored panther

    Free our boy lil shooter

  • Superjaygologa n
    Superjaygologa n Year ago

    Do not

  • Ilovekids Me
    Ilovekids Me Year ago

    Give this fu!cker a death sentence by using electric chair execution

  • Neil'sOkay AtThis

    Why was everyone’s cousin killed in this?

  • Vincent Castaneda
    Vincent Castaneda Year ago +1

    I would’ve done the same thing if I were him

  • Nelson
    Nelson Year ago

    Just like Alton Sterling the sex offender, Dylan Roof and Dimitrios.

  • Drink Me
    Drink Me Year ago +1

    Lethal injection is too humane. Make him suffer. Shoot sulfuric acid into his veins and watch squirm and cry for mommy.

  • asdg asdf
    asdg asdf Year ago +1

    He should have just taken a 5.56 pill and saved us the trouble.

  • R. C.
    R. C. Year ago +1


  • Katie Lickfield
    Katie Lickfield Year ago

    I am not even putting up with this anymore! Yes I agree death penalty is what he deserves!

  • eileen pacheco
    eileen pacheco Year ago

    I can not believe he got 34 counts in prison but that what he gets

  • geezerp1982
    geezerp1982 Year ago

    magistrates court ?

  • Jimmy Gorman
    Jimmy Gorman Year ago

    Death of one thousand cuts, now

  • Accurate Stripe & seal

    God forgive him for what he has done in ur son Christ Jesus name Amen & I’ll pray for him & family & the of the lives he took & lord have mercy on there souls in Christ Jesus name again Amen

  • hawkdaddy64
    hawkdaddy64 Year ago

    America: That boy was bullied by faculty and students alike and they will not say that on air. I don't agree with anything he did but when everyone bullies you in school and gets away with it breeds hate and animosity. Parkland is an example of how not to do it.

  • RL Driver
    RL Driver Year ago

    Take a stick of dynamite and stick it in his mouth and light it 💥 on live TV.

  • Orange Sherbert
    Orange Sherbert Year ago

    So, why is he sitting there all stone-faced with his head bowed? The coward lost his cockiness.

  • Sara Robnett
    Sara Robnett Year ago

    He'll get life in prison. He won't get death penalty

  • Nathan C.
    Nathan C. Year ago

    Wise words: include everyone maybe not in everything but everything you can. Don't leave the loners alone. Get them Freinds and out of their comfort zones. This kid obviously had a rough outer shell and needed attention from someone, attention no-one offered

  • Jeffrey Collins
    Jeffrey Collins Year ago +1

    I would sentence him to getting burned to death with a blow torch! he took 17 innocent lives for NO REASON; it's the type of thing the death penalty was designed for!

  • native one
    native one Year ago

    I hope he likes dark meat because he's going to be eating a lot of it, with that sweet little mouth😊

  • Aviation Technology Space Channel

    I vote electric chair or force feed him bleech.Also torture him before execute Just to make him more miserable

  • Accurate Stripe & seal

    I’m praying for him & his family lord please forgive him for what he’s done & for what he not know surround him with ur grace & poor out ur mercy on his soul in Christ Jesus name Amen & have mercy on the souls of the lives he took bless there families friends enemies & neighbors again in Jesus name Amen

    • Jeff Corey
      Jeff Corey Year ago

      That freak will never be forgiven.

  • Cait S
    Cait S Year ago

    There were 2 or 3 shooters witnesses say it....

  • vento aureo
    vento aureo Year ago +1


    R4G3 RAPTOR Year ago

    mission failed well get em next time

  • Eric Rowland
    Eric Rowland Year ago +1

    This kid is innocent. There has yet to be the slightest shred of liable evidence to suggest he did it. Everything surrounding the whole situation is very skewed.

  • Merlon Amador
    Merlon Amador Year ago

    This is what happens when people bully someone #STOP BULLYING

    • Chris Goodman
      Chris Goodman 6 months ago

      This has nothing to do with bullying. Where have you been

  • fat roach
    fat roach Year ago


    БΞΛТ ТłMΞ Year ago

    Isn't it worse when you have to be in prison for the rest of your entire life, than dying? It might sound crazy I know, but when your life ends, that's it.
    But being in prison all the time, the same thing over and over and over again every day feels more worse.


    "Accused"? ??

  • Joe Reyes
    Joe Reyes Year ago

    It was not was not him

  • Joe Reyes
    Joe Reyes Year ago

  • hahahae
    hahahae Year ago

    No one shall ever touch one of those weapons but an Army Soldier

  • Sedusa Snake Lady
    Sedusa Snake Lady Year ago +2

    Nikolas is cute and a hero!😍😘😍😘

  • moki arto
    moki arto Year ago +1

    It’s the classmates and the school’s fault. The classmates and school knew he had problems. The school just decided to kick him out. They didn’t help him out. His classmates ignored him because he had problems. He was bullied. No one wanted to help him out.

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez Year ago


  • Tony Carranza
    Tony Carranza Year ago

    Nikolas is going to meet the demon bruce lee with hes fist.

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez Year ago

    Free nikolass cruzzzzz

  • Michael Mayer
    Michael Mayer Year ago

    Destiny Graham catch a clue as it goes by .he has to pay for what he did somehow

  • Michael Mayer
    Michael Mayer Year ago

    Give him the death penalty.NOW