A day in the life of our cats

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
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    A day in the life of our cats
    which is technically not a single day because turns out it's difficult to film cats
    and also I wanted to add Haku cam
    which couldn't be filmed at the same time as normal Haku
    or you would see Haku with a gopro hanging from his harness
    but the base of the video is one day
    we just refilmed some parts where the footage sucked
    so when our curtains are opened five billion different ways throughout this video
    that is why
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  • Rachel and Jun
    Rachel and Jun  3 months ago +12242

    Why do we put water in their bowls:
    To force them to drink more since cats (especially cats that eat dry food) tend to be dehydrated a lot and it can cause health issues like urine crystals and kidney stones. Haku has urine crystals once the first year we had him.
    Why don’t we just feed them wet food?
    When we initially got our cats we had a hard time finding food that Haku and Nagi would eat that didn’t also give them diarrhea. Poor Poki also is susceptible to bloody diarrhea and will leave blood spots all over the apartment if we’re not careful with what he eats. Our vet recommended this specific one (Prescription Diet... I believe Digestive Care) and now they all have A+ beautiful poops. We also often boil and finely chop chicken, and sprinkle that on their food. We’re open to possibly trying other types of food for them sometime, but we just want to be careful because their stomachs get upset easily and if Haku doesn’t like it he just won’t eat.
    But dry food is supposed to clean their teeth and now that you put water in it their teeth aren’t going to get clean:
    Dry food doesn’t really clean cat teeth very well, but we do have cat tooth brushes (silicon finger brushes) and cat toothpaste and we actually brush their teeth (although not every day).
    Why don’t you try water fountains for your cats:
    We’ve had them but he cats kept breaking them, and after a while no matter how much we cleaned them they’d start getting slimy and the cats wouldn’t drink from them anymore. I’m definitely willing to try again sometime if I figure out something different I can try to stop it from getting slimy! Also I always forgot to turn it off while filming and we’d have a hundred comments saying “THE WATER NOISE THO D:”
    Why don’t you guys sleep together:
    Wat. We do!! Bed sets are really common here in Japan, where you buy either one big bed frame or two that lock together, and then each partner gets their own mattress so they can have exactly the level of comfort they want. We have two semi-double mattresses because sleep is hella important and I want my damn room to stretch! I have foam pads on my side because Japanese mattresses are as soft as wooden planks, so my side ended up higher than Jun’s.
    yeh 💕 :D

    • Laser Shard
      Laser Shard 2 days ago

      Coment to me

    • Rosen LPFC
      Rosen LPFC 4 days ago

      Rachel and Jun I wish we got more nagi time :(

    • Cherriopia
      Cherriopia 4 days ago +1

      Star010 Life Science Diet is probably your best bet. I’ve had a lot of cats over the years and whenever they have any issue, vets usually refer me to that brand of food. I’m sure they have a sensitive stomach formula. This food is a bit expensive, but worth it. Next best thing is Blue brand cat food.

    • Cherriopia
      Cherriopia 4 days ago

      Have you considered getting dental treats? Life Science Diet has some really good ones

    • Danielle Woods
      Danielle Woods 9 days ago

      I almost mistaked this comment for school

  • Dana Afaneh
    Dana Afaneh 42 minutes ago

    Who loves cats 😻😻😻😻

  • SorenOliver
    SorenOliver 3 hours ago

    pause at exactly 16:32 to see Nagi do a squish

  • Sophia Ye
    Sophia Ye 10 hours ago +1

    I'm pretty sure I watched this video like 20 times at this point. I can't get enough of their cats.

  • 成新作
    成新作 11 hours ago


  • ScorBug92
    ScorBug92 Day ago

    Honestly I would love a 20 minute video of various views from the cameras on all 3 cats. Flashing from Haku-cam to Nagi-vision to Poki-sight and all combinations.
    It wouldn't be exactly exciting, but I think it would be cute to see things from their pov.

  • oliver evans
    oliver evans Day ago

    My cat has a gravity food bowl so she has access to a weeks worth of food at once and taught her to save her food and only eat what she needs. At first she would run out on it and then the rest of the week she only got rationed food amounts (she would be fed when the dogs were fed) and over about 3 weeks she got much better at it. Now she reminds me when its time to fill it or if it gets jammed.

  • Scott Mansi
    Scott Mansi Day ago

    Nagi is underated

  • ꧁Mini ꧂
    ꧁Mini ꧂ Day ago


  • aneta wajda
    aneta wajda Day ago

    Poki: * ultra fotonic scream *

  • 지국
    지국 Day ago +2

    poki, attacking haku against his will: i have no part in this . i Am Innocent .

  • Alex Hashaga
    Alex Hashaga Day ago

    Nagi is my fav

  • Zainab Arif
    Zainab Arif Day ago

    Damn jun with beard is HOT ASTDSWGBGT 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sleep Is for the weak

    My step moms dumb idiot cat locked himself in my step sisters room and was banging on the door at like seven am

  • l. rc
    l. rc 2 days ago

    5:20 *ling ling can do 40*

  • Org Gila
    Org Gila 2 days ago

    Give me one your cat🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Fbi
    Fbi 2 days ago +1

    When Poki said *Meow* I felt that

  • Carl Smith
    Carl Smith 2 days ago

    Nagi looks like a crack head

  • AuroraKat
    AuroraKat 2 days ago


  • rodhigh7
    rodhigh7 2 days ago

    I love your videos ! I am getting tired of youtube channels with cute cats and headless humans. So tired of them that I have stopped watching them ! Rod

  • Deadly Wafflez
    Deadly Wafflez 2 days ago +1

    Poki be like:M E O W F E E D M E. :3

  • Tre _Titan
    Tre _Titan 2 days ago

    Haku is way too smart

  • no
    no 2 days ago

    If you did not know cat mimick the things or people they love or admire if they see you watching tv they come a watch too

  • Hctib yeh
    Hctib yeh 2 days ago +1

    1:14 turn on captions

  • stowi
    stowi 2 days ago

    Yo i spilled my uwus everywhere now i cant pick them up now

  • Mai Izuki
    Mai Izuki 2 days ago

    Ok but why everyone's not talking about the REVENGE TIME? That's just really cute!

  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie 3 days ago

    Should have a camera on poki instead lol. Seriously though. I don’t even see a collar on haku. How is the camera there o.o

  • Jojak1254 V
    Jojak1254 V 3 days ago

    Poki's meow always cracks me up

  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie 3 days ago

    ...,poki the vacuum cleaner for leftover foods lol.

  • Plazma Volt
    Plazma Volt 3 days ago

    Wholesum af

  • Annabel Giddings
    Annabel Giddings 3 days ago

    i thoroughly enjoy that you shake your cats paws

  • Maika Leann
    Maika Leann 3 days ago

    Poki cuddles with Rachel like my cat cuddles with me.

  • autistic polarbear
    autistic polarbear 3 days ago

    1 record the toy drawer opening as audio
    2 set up speaker
    3 play it every time he doesnt look
    4 cat confused because youre not here.jpg

  • Maggie Vandenberg
    Maggie Vandenberg 3 days ago

    How do you keep the cats from eating all your plants? I
    I can’t get plants because my cat will destroy them 😂😭

  • Athena Louise3120
    Athena Louise3120 3 days ago

    *poki tbe dishwasher*

  • LovingCloud*019 :3
    LovingCloud*019 :3 3 days ago

    Im pretty sure sure RUclip knows I love this channel that I almost watch it everyday
    You know why?
    They had this channel popping up in the home UwU

  • Kawaii Fox
    Kawaii Fox 3 days ago

    When the time said 06:48 in the video in my time it was 4:48

  • Natalie J
    Natalie J 3 days ago +1

    My cat just steps on my face when she wants food in the morning

  • Eduarda Silva
    Eduarda Silva 4 days ago

    Eu to apaixonada nesse canal 💗💗💗

  • Saiidah Sapari
    Saiidah Sapari 4 days ago


  • barisah abdikadir
    barisah abdikadir 4 days ago

    I can't see the camera on haku. Where is it?

  • yong yek fong
    yong yek fong 4 days ago

    your cats are gae

  • Tuscani J
    Tuscani J 4 days ago

    Lol I love poki!

  • yong yek fong
    yong yek fong 4 days ago

    poki is your personal alarm

  • k j
    k j 4 days ago

    At least we all know that stray cats are more playful and energized

  • Валерия Лялина

    Какие славные хозяева,а котики ещё лучше,повезло котикам,спасибо

  • Flame Folfe
    Flame Folfe 4 days ago

    I found this channel by chance and I love it especially cause I have 3 rescue cats and my tuxedo cats look just like haku and nahi just black and white so its so fun to watch I wish I could get the cat tree like you guys have am gonna have to try and make it myself ok done yapping but yay love channel

  • Sophie
    Sophie 5 days ago +1

    Nagi is like: "You can have all of my paws, just give me the food!"🤣

  • XxSeBastiAnxX
    XxSeBastiAnxX 5 days ago

    0:13 Haku is not alexa


    ruclip.com/video/9EYZnSXEla0/video.html too much cats..

  • Charlie Han
    Charlie Han 5 days ago

    Rachel is not a morning person 😂 it’s ok I’m not either

  • THE COMIX daddlis
    THE COMIX daddlis 5 days ago

    why is your house so god damn nice?!

  • enzo farias lima
    enzo farias lima 6 days ago

    I Just put my cat to see your vídeos and he loved

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen 6 days ago

    W e#Hdswr

  • Sunflower Plays!
    Sunflower Plays! 6 days ago

    oh! that's what my cat does to drink the water and just lick it with its paw XD I love it is hilarious I love ur house its very pretty

  • Aude
    Aude 6 days ago +1

    How did I not see dis
    OwO I love catto and you guys
    You guys accomplished my dream
    Which is weird
    To become a cat
    But yay for once I'm a cat

  • Fiona Williams
    Fiona Williams 6 days ago +1

    Just a thought .... in my humble opinion I would prefer to hear the cats rather than the background music. I hope you don't mind me saying. I love listening to cats meows, noises of all kinds :-)

  • what happened to my channel

    You can make a cat toy by getting a stick, some string qnd a nerf dart

  • Fiona Williams
    Fiona Williams 6 days ago

    Hi love your videos. I am worried about the ceiling fans so close to the top of the cat tree. What if your cats decide one day to play with them?

    • Fiona Williams
      Fiona Williams 6 days ago

      @Rachel and Jun Your cats are so clever and beautiful!

    • Fiona Williams
      Fiona Williams 6 days ago

      @Rachel and Jun Thank G_D for that!

    • Rachel and Jun
      Rachel and Jun  6 days ago

      Don’t worry! It’s not actually that close. I don’t think the cats could reach it from their tree if they tried. :)

  • Dodo Ahmed
    Dodo Ahmed 6 days ago

    "30 hours a day"