UFC 207: The Thrill and the Agony - Preview

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  • Adam Mungarro
    Adam Mungarro 16 дней назад

    Did this Bitch just pop a Cham bottle of bullying poor little Ronda

  • DW Productions
    DW Productions 26 дней назад

    Oh man, who’s cuttin unions.

  • Mac Benitez
    Mac Benitez Месяц назад

    People seem to forget that this Nunes' first title defense

  • Tommys Dad
    Tommys Dad 2 месяца назад +1

    I wonder if Uriah cried like that for TJ when he beat Garbrandt

  • Mmmm Mmm
    Mmmm Mmm 2 месяца назад

    Amanda is a dude

  • John Ward
    John Ward 2 месяца назад

    Cody you will be back

  • Kevin Aguero Ramirez
    Kevin Aguero Ramirez 3 месяца назад

    Quien es el chico, el hermano de cody?

    Mo ABDIWALAI 5 месяцев назад +1

    faber crying cos the guy he recruited won it before he did loool hes burning inside

  • Thomas Noël
    Thomas Noël 7 месяцев назад

    Amanda Nunes, a champion on a division of women but as the body of a monkey. Fuck u, hoop Schevchenko ko's her the fuck out!

  • Lucas Singlehurst
    Lucas Singlehurst 7 месяцев назад +1

    Amanda Nunes be lit af

  • El Cucuy
    El Cucuy 8 месяцев назад +1

    Why is cruz's family smiling when he lost? Da fuck

  • Hadi Hassan
    Hadi Hassan 8 месяцев назад

    Cheer will you Amanda

  • Alex Ku
    Alex Ku 8 месяцев назад +1

    real bros

  • Hagenbuchle Walther
    Hagenbuchle Walther 9 месяцев назад

    The movement showed in the end "Block the puch coming from Cruz and a right hook" is a amazing. Good work

  • beezbeef
    beezbeef 9 месяцев назад +1

    The movement showed in the end "Block the puch coming from Cruz and a right hook" is a amazing. Good work

  • Angel USA
    Angel USA 9 месяцев назад

    At the end of the Day Amanda Nunez is not the face for UFC women. She is not marketable, her looks are sub par, Hollywood definitely won't hire her, she's not Ronda Rousey and she doesn't make enough noise. Sorry to say all that but it's the truth, Ronda made the UFC millions and millions , she is the total package, Amanda is like watching paint dry she's so boring, seriously.., Amanda will never sell out any arena or break PPV records no one in their right mind gets pumped for a Nunez fight, just uttering that sentence alone makes my mouth dry. Shevchenko will be victorious when they meet and finally some one with looks and market ability will hold the belt again.

  • Harun Malik
    Harun Malik 9 месяцев назад

    team alpha...pack of wolves, true brothers love it

  • mickey boy
    mickey boy 9 месяцев назад +1

    "I let my face do the Talking"- Ronda Rousey

  • Robinx7
    Robinx7 10 месяцев назад

    tears of a champ fell on my head - Mr. orange

  • Reaper_ Death
    Reaper_ Death 10 месяцев назад

    I cant wait for nunes vs shevchenko 2. hope she gets her ass kicked so bad she retires, and I would LOVE it if dana white just gives amandas GF (who at the time was 0-3 UFC, now 1-3) a title shot against joanna the same night...two birds with one swift ass beating.

  • Thaydrian
    Thaydrian 10 месяцев назад

    Amanda is such a great Champion! Please tell the world her story, how she arose out of such poverty and how all her hard work and dedication to the sport, to who she is as a human being, all got her to where she is today, ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!! She is so AMAZING!!

  • Amcool guy
    Amcool guy 10 месяцев назад +1

    Ronda wasn't fighting a girl.. ronda was fighting a man..look at amanda she looks like a man..Amanda should be in men's light heavyweight division

  • Pes tictacs
    Pes tictacs 10 месяцев назад

    Rhonda was defiantly wining before the ref stopped it prematurely that's unlucky definitely a immediate rematch

  • DragonHeart613
    DragonHeart613 11 месяцев назад

    1:05 = The Moment Edmund realized his career as an MMA coach was over & done with!!!
    I bet just as soon as they returned to the locker room, Ronda's mom who had warned Ronda about Edmund's suspect MMA coaching credentials since before the fight with Holly said to her, "I told you so"

  • ApeHead
    ApeHead 11 месяцев назад

    Urijah getting super emotional and then randomly holds up an orange.

  • Hannan Dhan
    Hannan Dhan 11 месяцев назад

    Head movement

  • mike millican
    mike millican 11 месяцев назад

    Where the fuck is the full episode for this shit !!!!!!!!

  • Mario Del Rosso
    Mario Del Rosso Год назад

    bellissimo da vero campione N1

  • Camila Siscaro
    Camila Siscaro Год назад

    Where is the fight motion video?

  • Mike MMA
    Mike MMA Год назад

    LOL at Nunez's celebration when receiving the belt

  • Al Forest
    Al Forest Год назад

    1:37 Herb & Dana acknowledge the weight of what just went down

  • Jack Irving
    Jack Irving Год назад

    where's the 207 fight motion?

  • Joseph Edric
    Joseph Edric Год назад

    Look at 1:01. Rousey's sister, to the right of their mother, seems pissed at Nunes for putting her finger to her lips and doing that shhhh thing. Look at the arena monitor in the top right corner.

  • xbox360player8100
    xbox360player8100 Год назад

    I don't know why Amanda is so happy like come'on Ronda had a year off, I love amanda, but really have a fighter come off of an upset knockout with rouseys emotions then comeback and win

  • juniorninetyy
    juniorninetyy Год назад

    Does Cody's girlfriend have a twin sister? They look the same.

  • sixmam
    sixmam Год назад

    I don't mean to be insensitive here but is there any good reason why Urijah was holding an orange in his hand during that very significant and defining moment? I feel like it's mildly inappropriate. Urijah, if you're reading this, I think Cody is worth putting the orange down for a minute, wouldn't you say? He just defeated the P4P #2 fighter and took his belt, I think the orange can wait, is that unreasonable to say?

  • Ruben Toder
    Ruben Toder Год назад

    Do they ever release the full thrill and agony episodes ?

  • Bryan Roseme
    Bryan Roseme Год назад

    they going crazy in that where Nunes beat ronda

  • dick sherbert
    dick sherbert Год назад +1

    LMAO at "Coach" Edmund's reaction....hahaaaaaa epic

    CHUCK Год назад +1

    i felt like apollo creed was getting killed inside the octagon

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  • Punit Khanolkar
    Punit Khanolkar Год назад +1

    Edmond tarvedyan should compete in the UFC, I think he has the potential to go further than conor or gsp

  • lovro stanic
    lovro stanic Год назад

    I wish Pena or Cyborg knocks the f*** out of Nunes... Didnt have a problem with her but the lack of respect and dignity she started to show after the fight is not normal for a champion..

  • Nick Garza
    Nick Garza Год назад

    I hate Amanda so much lol

  • Wade Hamilton
    Wade Hamilton Год назад +1

    Garbrandt is a true champion.

  • young Old
    young Old Год назад

    now ufc lets get the slow motion punches

  • Grango Klango
    Grango Klango Год назад +1

    dayum even fucked up Ronda looks hot

    BALLER R.R Год назад +1

    1:36 Dana "Fuck, this is not an interim belt" White

    BALLER R.R Год назад

    1:36 Dana "Ronda is the biggest superstar ever" White

  • Democracy Is a lie
    Democracy Is a lie Год назад

    Ronda was Bangkok ready.

  • Ravi Joshi
    Ravi Joshi Год назад

    still waiting for fight motion of ufc 207, iam sure ufc not gonna upload it like Holly ronda fight 😂😂😂

  • Isaac Blazquez
    Isaac Blazquez Год назад

    Fuck Ronda

  • Isaac Blazquez
    Isaac Blazquez Год назад

    Amazing Cody

  • grimez twoeleven
    grimez twoeleven Год назад +1

    tore my heart to see faber be so happy for his boy,
    been a fan of him forever really wished it would've been him holding that belt,

  • Eleomar Cabbat
    Eleomar Cabbat Год назад

    Amanda scissor fucked 30 bitches that night

  • N. Smith
    N. Smith Год назад

    Thrill and agony is the best way to celebrate an amazing event

  • N. Smith
    N. Smith Год назад +1

    Edmond the goat though best reaction

  • Sneaky.amxx
    Sneaky.amxx Год назад

    Cruz's family look disgusting

  • johnjonathan38
    johnjonathan38 Год назад

    Happy for Urijah and Cody. Fuck that snake in the grass TJ

  • VanMedia
    VanMedia Год назад

    damn nunes' sister looks hot

  • Julian Fischer
    Julian Fischer Год назад

    The non verbal communication between Herb Dean and Dana White! Priceless.

  • Renan Prado
    Renan Prado Год назад +1


  • Chris Cash
    Chris Cash Год назад

    This was great

  • Master Of Trigger
    Master Of Trigger Год назад

    Good to see another dirty mexican bite the dust and watching that filthy Armenian get his just desserts was equally as satisfying (although poor Rousey had to suffer from it). But still this PPV was nontheless irrelevant as McGregor wasn't there

  • justin martinez
    justin martinez Год назад

    mama faber i like faber tho but lol he like mom to his fighters

  • Constructive Critique
    Constructive Critique Год назад

    Goddammit, what a great fucking sport. Let's just hope these corporate fucks don't water it down even more to where it becomes unrecognizable.

  • ali jabber
    ali jabber Год назад

    Cody Garbrandt what a nice guy

    BONNEE MCGEE Год назад

    I Guess I Understand Why #Nunes Is Acting/Acted The Way She Was/Is .. She Was The #Champ Making Her #1stTitleDefence Against #Rousey Who Was The #Former Champ .. Who Had Not Fought In Over *400 Days* .. And #Amanda Was Only Getting Like %6 of The #Money That #Ronda Was Getting .. $200,000 For *Nunes* .. $3,000,000 For *Rousey* And Thats Just *Fight Purse* Not #PpvPoints .. Plus The *UFC* Didnt *Promote* Her For Shit .. It Was All About *Ronda* And *Fear The Return* (lol) And *Nunes* WAS %100 Correct About #EdmondTarverdyan ... But Saying ..
    *"Ronda Has Always Been Overrated .. I Dont Know How Most of The Girls Lost to Rousey"*
    Is #Ridiculous ... *Rousey* Is *7 - 0* With *7 Finishes* ... And *Nunes* Is *4 - 3* And Was *Finished* In 2 of Those 3 *Losses* Against #CommonOpponents Between *Both* of Them *Prior* to *UFC 207*

  • 7ExaltingroguE
    7ExaltingroguE Год назад

    Cody gained a fan in me after the fight.

  • Артем Красножон
    Артем Красножон Год назад

    Вступаем в топ группу vk.com/ufc_mma7 подпишись если духом силен!😉

  • Lord Lobov
    Lord Lobov Год назад +1


  • Names Been Used
    Names Been Used Год назад

    Just another judoka with an overhand

  • jeremy g
    jeremy g Год назад +2

    Michael Irvin was the best part of that video

  • Lyndii Mey
    Lyndii Mey Год назад +1

    1:46 The Longest Yard

  • 51dodoc
    51dodoc Год назад

    0:59 to 1:10 one of the funniest thing I have ever seen!

    • CFH
      CFH Год назад

      NNNNOOOOOOO, NNNNOOOOOO!! That's some great advice.

  • hiro takeda
    hiro takeda Год назад

    You can tell that Dana wanted Ronda to win. He definitely doesn't look happy.

  • Xe M
    Xe M Год назад

    Keep pressing 5 repeatedly.

  • Jamrock K
    Jamrock K Год назад

    Illuminati everyting 3

  • Taylor Tetley
    Taylor Tetley Год назад

    Respect cody.

  • Abdullah Ali
    Abdullah Ali Год назад

    I feel bad for Edmond.

    • 51dodoc
      51dodoc Год назад

      Don't feel bad for him he is an asshole and made a shitload of money by ruining fighters career!

  • Head Movement!! No! No!
    Head Movement!! No! No! Год назад

    Faber is probably thinking "I hope Cody doesn't desert us now like tj" lol

  • Head Movement!! No! No!
    Head Movement!! No! No! Год назад +1


    • CFH
      CFH Год назад

      That's the best screen name I've seen in a long time!

  • lifeisfullof meaning
    lifeisfullof meaning Год назад

    Urijah cody is your real boy not that snake TJ

  • itaty valderrama salazar
    itaty valderrama salazar Год назад +1

    I'm sorry but Rounda Rousy is gonna retire and she go DU MUVIES -Amanda Nunes , the best ! xD

  • johnkilo
    johnkilo Год назад

    Edmond realizing his golden goose is done for is amazing.

  • i SkyWalKing
    i SkyWalKing Год назад +1

    Motivated BJ, Sea Level Velasquez and 70% Hendricks have nothing on Head Movement Rousey....

  • puertodelta
    puertodelta Год назад

    Was that bitch next to Lousy's mum cursing Amanda? Ha!

  • The Notorious 1970
    The Notorious 1970 Год назад

    For fuck sake can someone please take that title of nunes... Not because she beat ronda, dont like ronda either, but god nunes is that type of person u just hate... Holly, please prepare and go down there and kick her head off... Jesus christ..

  • Ape Town
    Ape Town Год назад +1

    Too many tears in one video lol, Ps Checkout My Channel 'Click On My Display Picture'

  • Derek Shelby
    Derek Shelby Год назад

    "Porra, forget about Honda Housey, she gonna hetire now like dat guy Joe Hogan" -Renato Nunes

  • Beautiful Boy
    Beautiful Boy Год назад


  • celestialchild810630
    celestialchild810630 Год назад +2

    1:16 Damn that brother in the back must've lost some money on this thing. lol

  • lowlowseesee
    lowlowseesee Год назад +1

    i watched this whole episode, it was seven mintures long....and its crazy that you dont see Ronda once in it. they ignore Amanda through the whole promotion of the event and now that Ronda is jacked up they dont show her at all? they finally want to show amanda now? yet yall had cameras in Aldos locker room when he was weeping after Conor knocked him dead. mark my words people are going to bitch about this just like im bitching now ahhaha. unless the weed is fucking with me...there is more ronda in this preview than in the actual episode

  • Yasho Jallan
    Yasho Jallan Год назад

    i want to see edmond shouting part as the latest viral meme

  • GaeasBlessing
    GaeasBlessing Год назад +1

    It sucks they didn't show Ronda crying and contemplating suicide backstage.

    • CFH
      CFH Год назад +2

      They can't out her like they did to Aldo, fucking UFC and their double standard.

  • Sam Clark
    Sam Clark Год назад +7

    Orange is the real MVP.

  • crazyjoe8621
    crazyjoe8621 Год назад +2

    Hearing Edmond screaming in agony is just beautiful thing

  • peter lloyd
    peter lloyd Год назад

    Nunes carrying like a dickhead not a champion

  • LiftedSeven
    LiftedSeven Год назад

    1:09 - Give this guy a fucking OSCAR

  • kopxpert
    kopxpert Год назад +1

    "SHE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"