Rebuilding a Wrecked 2018 Audi R8 Part 1

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
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Comments • 817

  • demetrious craft

    Funny I saw tha car a few months ago

  • lxndrex xoro
    lxndrex xoro 2 days ago

    Will u leave the rap on there or not just curious because that rap looks awesome

  • meshuggah life
    meshuggah life 8 days ago

    I sware they are purposely setting up cars to where all the airbags deploy no matter what the hit. Pretty ridiculous, and expensive to repair.

    • meshuggah life
      meshuggah life 6 days ago +1

      +bmwpower140 greeting from Washington state USA! I understand why they do it to a point, it's just frustrating. Seems like they total a car out for almost just that now.

    • bmwpower140
      bmwpower140 6 days ago

      i understand your point of view, but what if the car spins at the accident and gets hit by the other side or something in a fraction of a second? may be because of security reasons. greeting from germany

  • Charlie G
    Charlie G 10 days ago

    Drop $78k on a salvage car, but can't afford a phone that isn't broke.

  • Michael- Evergreen Shooter Supply

    Check out the kryptek Yeti wrapped Lamborghinis online.

  • Miguel Harari
    Miguel Harari 11 days ago

    can somebody kindly explain me, what's the point on spending this much on a salvage title? everything is expensive forever, insurances don't like, future owners don't like it either, what's the whole point? please I really want to understand

  • Shawn B. Moore
    Shawn B. Moore 12 days ago

    it looks nice maybe change the color, it looks alot like DDE's wrap a Camo print like you was saying would be slick like a navy style light blue urban camo?

  • Shawn B. Moore
    Shawn B. Moore 12 days ago

    I almost thought this was the DDE R8 cause of the wrap i was like hold up wait but its not it lol

  • Calvin August
    Calvin August 12 days ago

    What do you do with all the cars you fix? If you sell them, who do you sell to?

  • Brian Beard
    Brian Beard 13 days ago

    WWI "Dazzle" style ship camouflage wrap. So you met Buc-Eze!!!

  • mark carter
    mark carter 14 days ago +1

    It's no surprise that who ever had this car wrapped in that appalling camo design managed to wreck the car within months of owning it. Lovely car, but I think you will be surprised at the complexity and cost of replacement parts. I wish you luck and will be watching with interest.

  • TrekZero
    TrekZero 14 days ago

    Every Car that has its Battery in the Trunk or Frunk ( far away from engine Bay) has this little explosive cutout Fuse controlled from the Airbag System. My Golf MK5 R32 has this also. THE RS7 from SAMCRAC and so on...

  • g ray
    g ray 15 days ago

    A dark green color was on a 2017 auto show car and it rocked !

  • Myelene Baldevarona
    Myelene Baldevarona 15 days ago

    Cool i subscribed because of this vid just like what i did to goonzsquad

  • jeremie manninen
    jeremie manninen 16 days ago

    so before parts you've saved about 60,000 dollars on that car as brand new they're about 138k

  • La Pham
    La Pham 17 days ago


  • Bad Batch
    Bad Batch 17 days ago

    They probably stole your stuff out of spite for taking up 5 parking spots next to the building. I f’n hate thieves. Almost as much as I hate idiots that don’t know how to park with a trailer.

    MEMPHIS REIGNS 17 days ago

    I would keep that same wrap it was the wrap that caught my attention on the thumbnail

  • Rusty Nail
    Rusty Nail 17 days ago

    Hey if your pumps are the same as Ontario you just put gasoline in your rental diesel hahaha our handles are yellow for diesel and green/black for gasoline.

    • Justin CotterJustincotter1
      Justin CotterJustincotter1 15 days ago

      Our pumps are black or red for gasoline yellow for e85 also green or yellow for diesel. Just gotta read before you pump here lol

  • BAtadCrazy
    BAtadCrazy 18 days ago

    NO WRAP!!!!!!!

  • raymond1j1carpenter
    raymond1j1carpenter 18 days ago

    What's wrong w ur hands bro. They fly around everywhere whenever u r talking. Annoying af dude

  • Simone Jason Remondini

    So proud of you Alex! I'm a big fan of your work, achieve a goal like that R8 it's really a dream that thanks to your hard work has become reality! Keep up the good work and hit a big high five with me! Greetings from Italy!

  • ANONYMOUS 2931
    ANONYMOUS 2931 19 days ago

    You want an amazing build ? Go check out diy gang he’s rebuilding a burnt hellcat and a McLaren

  • ANONYMOUS 2931
    ANONYMOUS 2931 19 days ago

    Why didn’t u just get a hellcat ? Much cheaper to fix and 80 grand is way too much to buy a project

  • Anthony Shackleton
    Anthony Shackleton 20 days ago +1

    Goonzquad just done a lambo 95% same as this r8 check them out if you get stuck they had the same problem with it starting when they 1st got it

  • Ron Kirkland
    Ron Kirkland 20 days ago

    That is SICK! You might give it a Tylenol?

  • FG_Thomas-sx65
    FG_Thomas-sx65 20 days ago

    Copy by goonzquad

  • Aiden Jones
    Aiden Jones 21 day ago

    omg I was watching this and I noticed that the pilot looked familiar and the bridge and I noticed that that is right by where I live!! That’s crazy!

  • ComboDrift
    ComboDrift 21 day ago

    Мне кажеться что он Gonzquad копирует

  • Maker Garage
    Maker Garage 21 day ago

    Fool... Watched too many Goonzquad vids!


    very Lame

  • Jimmy sa0jim
    Jimmy sa0jim 21 day ago +2

    Wow 75$ for 25gallons 😍, in sweden itś 165$ for the same amount of diesel..... And 120000$ for an imported RAM 1500 limited.. Life goal, mooving to the states! 😊👍

  • Turbo gig Woof
    Turbo gig Woof 22 days ago

    Don’t speak and wave your arms around. Do u all watch the same MUST DO,S video on how to be a you tuber. Do u order food like that?

  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez 22 days ago

    Looks like APR’s tuning car

  • Sincere Moore
    Sincere Moore 23 days ago +1

    oh just 78k nothing but a days pay.. pfft lol..

  • Bushwookie NW
    Bushwookie NW 23 days ago

    Should have looked on uship for a load or two to take out there to offset your costs.

  • BioHazard Shrimp
    BioHazard Shrimp 23 days ago

    The manual e-brake is in the cup holder?

  • dontmatteranyway28
    dontmatteranyway28 24 days ago

    You can bypass to attempt to start

  • Tim G
    Tim G 24 days ago

    Nice job, Alex.

  • SoulReaver
    SoulReaver 24 days ago +1

    75k plus maybe 10k to 20k for repairs and such you can pick a used one for like 90k to 110k 🤔 umm I’ll just buy a good used one lol

    • michiganhotwheel hw
      michiganhotwheel hw 21 day ago

      They cost a little more than u say and Yes he can make it how he wants he can afford it nice ride man

  • Tech49
    Tech49 24 days ago

    i like the wrap

  • Emre Koc
    Emre Koc 24 days ago

    nice man💪

  • Jeffrey Rivers
    Jeffrey Rivers 25 days ago

    What an ugly car. I hope you paint it.

  • Govicarious
    Govicarious 25 days ago

    This is my friends old car. Obviously he wrecked it. Have you been in contact with him? Might be interesting to talk to the original owner. Just stumbled upon your change when I saw the thumbnail.

  • tox1c
    tox1c 25 days ago

    The LED strips (backlights) are typical german, VW constructs it in every new car that they build. And yes VW (Volkswagen) owns Audi

    TENACI0USP 25 days ago

    So let me get this straight; you PAID $78,000 for a wrecked car. You’ll need to drop at least another $20-$30k on getting it up to spec. So you’ll need to sell it for at least $115-$120,000 to make a profit. Is it worth that & would you get that for it?

  • basheer29
    basheer29 25 days ago

    please please please shave your beard bro! i cant even stand looking at you

  • that guy
    that guy 26 days ago

    time to watch "youtuber name" rebuilds something!.. Everyone : nah thats played out, an we can just watch: b is for build, samcrac, an the million other people doing it. OR NOT WATCH ANY

  • lunga baker
    lunga baker 26 days ago

    Remove the wrap

  • Michael Gerhart
    Michael Gerhart 26 days ago

    Hello, it shows you need to be 18. I’d like to know how did it. I’d like to know because I’m planning doing the same.

  • Eric Binney
    Eric Binney 26 days ago

    Ugh so frustrating this isn't live an you cant tell him what's going on lol after watching goonzquad struggle with their lambo and the same issue this r8 is having lol the answer Is right under his nose lmfao who else feels the same frustration with that damn fuse they had to bridge with jumper cables lol

  • Eric Binney
    Eric Binney 26 days ago

    You gotta collaborate with the goonzquad boys I believe they to are in Georgia

  • Eric Binney
    Eric Binney 26 days ago

    Hey that's a buckees gas station

  • Eric Binney
    Eric Binney 26 days ago

    Hey pilot truck stop lol

  • Eric Binney
    Eric Binney 26 days ago

    Holy shit dude you got into that bid lol was that a live bid or was that a recorded voice and the numbers are generated by bid and a system recognizes the numbers and goes up

  • CinniBeard
    CinniBeard 26 days ago

    How the hell do you even start doing these to afford getting these cars? I’ve always wanted to start doing these builds with wrecked cars but I don’t know how to even start

  • Jeffrey Bray
    Jeffrey Bray 26 days ago

    Just found your channel. Absolutely love that wrap on this car. The previous owner matched the interior to it perfectly. 100,000% keep it if you can!

  • Bot Nets
    Bot Nets 26 days ago

    That hairdo and facial hair though 🤣🤣

  • xv70 1
    xv70 1 26 days ago

    There's nothing wrecked in that thing, title should be more like "replacing airbags and bumpers on Audi r8"

  • Marc Pace
    Marc Pace 26 days ago

    Audi r8s and Lamborghini huracan are the same car just different body style that’s really it

  • Wyatt W
    Wyatt W 26 days ago

    Yeah crossing from Tx to La there on 20 at waskom is a bitch

  • Project720
    Project720 26 days ago

    I estimate $20k plus to fix yourself

  • swish
    swish 26 days ago

    When he said it’s 2:37AM it was literally 2:37AM here

  • Thomwashere
    Thomwashere 26 days ago

    The blinkers are called dynamic (at least in my country)

  • Jorge Ledesma
    Jorge Ledesma 26 days ago

    Your channel is awesome. I wish I could do something like this. Keep up the great work much blessings to u bro.

  • The 300lb Gorilla
    The 300lb Gorilla 27 days ago

    That Paint Layout reminds me of the pictures I have seen of World War 1 Ships. I hope you restore the paint the way it is now. It really pops.

  • Symonoxide 7
    Symonoxide 7 27 days ago

    spends $80k on a totaled "dream car" and isn't familiar with basic car terms or functions. Good luck, but I'm thinking having bought a used one with everything intact would have been the smarter choice...

  • Ed Gatti
    Ed Gatti 27 days ago

    You are going from a fully discharged battery to the most minimal amount of power from a battery pack. I would start with checking for a fuse in which i doubt that’s the issue, then new battery.
    You need a decent amount of battery to crank that v10, a pack won’t help much

  • Samuel Rodriguez
    Samuel Rodriguez 27 days ago

    Wait is this in Charlotte/Huntersville cause I swear I just saw this car today

  • Nahiyan Haq
    Nahiyan Haq 27 days ago

    In my opinion, you overplayed by about 20k on this car. I was looking on Manheim and their valuations say that a 2018 R8 coupe with a salvage title with 10k or less is worth $94400 without any damage wholesale or $107300 retail. That means that unless you can pay 14k or less for repairs, you overpaid for it being a salvage auction unit. Manheim’s report says that a 2018 R8 with 8400 km, a clean title, and front centre prior claim on Carfaxfor $64740 sold on the block 2 weeks ago in Toronto for only $126k. This is why I got out of the salvage rebuild business as it ends up being not worthy in the end.

  • TopFox
    TopFox 27 days ago

    I recognize that buckees!
    Wharton, TX.

  • hiiackツ
    hiiackツ 27 days ago

    It is called a frunk

  • Josh Haley
    Josh Haley 27 days ago

    LOL dude i have a video of this car in my phone at a local RaceTrac. Small world.

  • Joe Leal
    Joe Leal 27 days ago

    Is that freshkiicks

  • Austin  Mike
    Austin Mike 27 days ago

    i have pictures of this car at cars and coffee dallas. he took the wing off

    RAMIEN TV 27 days ago

    You killing me, really 78,000 $, unbelievable. That's pretty much money for a crashed car. I believe you will fix the AUDI perfectly. I love your videos, keep on. Greetings from Germany.

  • Ryan the car guy
    Ryan the car guy 27 days ago +1

    That was at Audi Dallas and I saw it in person, the dealer actually wrapped it themselves. Hope you treat her well

  • Chris minter
    Chris minter 27 days ago

    the wrap needs to go.

  • Matt
    Matt 27 days ago

    HAHA oh my it's another world, taking up 6 spaces on a motel car park in England would cause a ruckus, you'd be taking up half the carpark haha. I love your vids!

  • ExTaCiii
    ExTaCiii 27 days ago

    Son, are the scissors in your house broken?

  • Roberto Mora
    Roberto Mora 27 days ago +1

    This is crazy! Audi R8 is a very expensive car. Very interesting...

  • Menghini
    Menghini 27 days ago

    You payed waaaay to mutch for that!

  • marcel sokolovic
    marcel sokolovic 27 days ago

    80k for nothing thats crazy dude.. If you want to sell it, you have to say it had an accident like in Germany?
    then you would lose 100% massive. make it yourself 10 years on the way

  • Travis Kirkland
    Travis Kirkland 27 days ago

    Can't pass up a Buc-ee's. Awesome beef jerky.

  • Dennis McKeown
    Dennis McKeown 27 days ago +1

    The rap is really ugly !

  • Makaeio Prieto
    Makaeio Prieto 27 days ago


  • Makaeio Prieto
    Makaeio Prieto 27 days ago

    The only damage I see is missing parts

  • Getthefuckoffmylawn
    Getthefuckoffmylawn 27 days ago

    Good job on hustling so hard. Respect.

  • Eddie S7
    Eddie S7 27 days ago


  • Roddy Yang
    Roddy Yang 27 days ago

    Rookie, never leave your shit laying around. I hope you lock your trailer. Some asshole will steal that shit too. You are lucky you didn't get that jacked. Next time, get a room in the FRONT with security cams or leave your car in the front.

  • gerald talley
    gerald talley 27 days ago

    ok new got a new sub..

  • D C
    D C 28 days ago

    That paint job is ugly as fuck

  • The Inja
    The Inja 28 days ago

    I subbed por sure

  • edgar rodriguez
    edgar rodriguez 28 days ago

    Yo I saw your truck and Audi when you pass by Atlanta 😂

  • AverageLuke
    AverageLuke 28 days ago +1

    I was just lolling at the auction scene.
    Its hilarious that they actually do that!🤣🤣

  • Radars4sale
    Radars4sale 28 days ago

    overpaid $80k is just way too much

  • Miles O'Roads
    Miles O'Roads 28 days ago +1

    Wow,what's easier. A repair list or a list of what's good. Good luck with build 👍

  • Nick Osten
    Nick Osten 28 days ago +6

    I literally saw this car a couple months ago at cars and coffee Dallas

    • Josh Haley
      Josh Haley 27 days ago

      I have a video of it on my phone in the same area lol

  • Benjamin Kline
    Benjamin Kline 28 days ago

    Re-wrap it to the sane camo style just instead of red do an electric blue

  • Long DaY#%!
    Long DaY#%! 28 days ago

    That Car is never gonna drive the same

  • Raphaël CHPL
    Raphaël CHPL 28 days ago

    Wow, lot of works !