• Published on Mar 25, 2015
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    Shot by: Timothy Shiiba JUDOGREEN
    Edited by: Matt Siriouthay

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  • Alba Zamora
    Alba Zamora 19 hours ago

    Im definitely the hood sneakerhead i cant stand hypebeast

  • Bri 5
    Bri 5 11 days ago

    Sneaker head in the hood ?

  • Owen Cheung
    Owen Cheung 14 days ago

    You missed the Asian

  • adam_ _
    adam_ _ 14 days ago

    Im a hustla😎

  • Jonel Martin Alvarez
    Jonel Martin Alvarez 24 days ago

    The casual GR sneaker head who is always lazy to get heat

  • R M U
    R M U 26 days ago

    0:57 was that a roast or somethin

  • juan johnson
    juan johnson 28 days ago

    I’m the new o.g sneaker head I did not have the money 💰 then to buy but I do now lol 😂

  • Donald Da Don
    Donald Da Don Month ago

    Currently the regretful one 😂 but I’m not letting these bitches go

  • NØ_N4m3
    NØ_N4m3 Month ago +1

    2:09 mi sono emozionato

  • tony flamingo
    tony flamingo Month ago

    Richie at 5:07 : yeezy's *shows air mags* air mags *shows yeezy's

  • Earvin Vargas
    Earvin Vargas Month ago

    The one who thinks he’s flies for rocking some gr or team jordans

  • Killa Los
    Killa Los Month ago

    What happen to these videos now is all broadcast smh

  • Yves Cherestal
    Yves Cherestal Month ago

    I’m a Hood Sneaker Head 💯

    HESUS FRIENDS Month ago

    i wear shoes

    JTHESTAR 25 Month ago +1

    You forgot the sneaker head I am the customizer

  • Henny Hardaway Jr.
    Henny Hardaway Jr. Month ago +2

    This guy just made me feel bad about wanting the cement 3s

  • Tlsymmere1469 2
    Tlsymmere1469 2 Month ago

    I'm the "cheap sneakerhead". I go in to thrift shops find some shoes I like and then clean them up.

    • Tlsymmere1469 2
      Tlsymmere1469 2 Month ago

      @Logan Keele thanks.

    • Logan Keele
      Logan Keele Month ago +1

      Its actually the dopset to revive some old pair of sneakers that somone else lost interest in and give them a new life

  • Mdavies 9
    Mdavies 9 2 months ago

    What’s the song at 0:53

  • Cynthius
    Cynthius 2 months ago

    Guy who buys super obvious fakes (example: supreme yeezys)

  • Zoe Hoffmann
    Zoe Hoffmann 2 months ago

    Hype beast

  • Nonouvot
    Nonouvot 2 months ago

    I act like the bopper but we got different taste

  • Jayden18749orsomthinlikethat

    I’d say I’m the hood sneaker head but not the hood part😂

  • Cazeon
    Cazeon 3 months ago

    im the cach and release, but never really take pictures just take em to school and doesesnt say shit unless someone asks me

  • 360 Kay
    360 Kay 3 months ago

    Life was good when this vid dropped

  • Little Daddy Jason P
    Little Daddy Jason P 3 months ago +1

    why’s richie look more buff than the recent videos

  • BadFlash
    BadFlash 3 months ago

    my brother is like the hood sneakerhead and the smart one but he can afford it but me i cant ;(

  • SHONUFFx808
    SHONUFFx808 3 months ago

    the damnnericka shot at 3:02?!

  • Jadon yeet
    Jadon yeet 3 months ago +1

    The school sneaker head is me I only have 5 pairs🤣

  • poor-unfortunate-soul
    poor-unfortunate-soul 4 months ago

    Just black and white shit Is boring . ..

  • Young E
    Young E 4 months ago


  • Trizie Agar
    Trizie Agar 4 months ago

    5:10 😂

  • lil Sir
    lil Sir 4 months ago

    I’m a novice/ broke sneaker head cause I got into sneakers like a year and a half ago and have some sneakers and I know new realeses. But i got no money to buy shoes

  • Rabithgold 48
    Rabithgold 48 4 months ago

    What’s wrong with American Eagle????

  • Liam Zenie
    Liam Zenie 5 months ago

    Yo why you dissin an my cements 😡😡😡😡😡

  • Yuki Wu
    Yuki Wu 5 months ago +6

    The sneaker head know all the release dates and all the shoes but can’t afford sh**

    NXTHANN1K 5 months ago

    he forgot to mention the 4s in the hood

  • RISE !
    RISE ! 5 months ago

    I’m the broke sneaker head

  • bony wony
    bony wony 5 months ago

    You forgot the "RUclipr sneakerhead"

  • Nick King Televised
    Nick King Televised 5 months ago +1

    You missed the Stare over Wear Sneakerheads. The dudes with 50 pairs of DS shoes, and 3 pairs of shoes they actually Wear

  • ohe best
    ohe best 5 months ago

    5:08 he was making shoes and he said yezy first but the air mags came up first than he said yezy and the air mags came up. I'm disapointed

  • Vencel Zajtai
    Vencel Zajtai 6 months ago +1

    The background ♡ ..OYS (B) XD

  • EaSe XVi
    EaSe XVi 6 months ago

    I miss this kind of videos

  • Yaboi Ew
    Yaboi Ew 6 months ago

    So your a bopper

  • Jared Gijoza
    Jared Gijoza 6 months ago +1

    I’m the sneaker head who knows the prices, and all the release date for shoes but is too broke to get anything

  • Chino2Real
    Chino2Real 6 months ago

    What I do is look through goat on feet styles and see if there’s anything that catches my attention that I like sometimes I like a shoe that cost 60$ and sometimes I like one that cost 2k I like being able to see on feet with no price until I click view sneaker

  • Colossal Cosmos
    Colossal Cosmos 6 months ago

    You sound like Zuko from The Last Airbender

  • Big Beaner
    Big Beaner 6 months ago

    I’m just broke

  • Gerard Low
    Gerard Low 6 months ago

    Sneaker head that save up for shoes instead of enjoying the best food

  • Kalarajoan
    Kalarajoan 7 months ago

    Excuse me, I don’t have a sneaker head boyfriend. 😂 nor a boyfriend.

  • Laminad
    Laminad 7 months ago +2

    4 Years later and the “hipster sneaker head” was madd accurate aff

  • Henry Cable
    Henry Cable 7 months ago

    Not fly sneaker head

  • Green AND Blue
    Green AND Blue 7 months ago

    I am a I buy what sneakes I love regardless of what anyone else thinks sneakerhead, but I also blow all my wages on shoes and leave myself poor until the end of the next month when I get paid!! Sucks so bad. I'm still debating whether I should wear my sneakers or not!!!

  • D.Mathen 44
    D.Mathen 44 7 months ago

    How come he said yeezys ,air mags pop up and he said air mag ,yeezys pop up

  • Vanixxx 912
    Vanixxx 912 8 months ago

    I’m a sneaker head I have 352 pages of sneakers

  • Chris Chan
    Chris Chan 8 months ago

    Is anyone the ‘one sneaker’ sneaker head? Only has one or two pairs at a time, gets new ones when they wear out

  • Chris Chan
    Chris Chan 8 months ago

    Bruh I wear the bred 13s and everyone at school hate em 😂

  • I don’t know my name.

    hot sauce at the background haha

  • Victor Niculescu
    Victor Niculescu 8 months ago

    U forgot about the budget sneakerhead.

  • f1re
    f1re 8 months ago

    backround music?

  • Ben The person
    Ben The person 8 months ago

    The basketball sneaker heads
    Retro jerseys
    Lebron 8s
    Kobe protros
    Jordans ( only the models with history behind them)
    Kyrie 4s