Mysterious Meteor Spotted Over Los Angeles

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
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    Leg Accident:
    Military Dad:
    There It Is by ZAYFALL
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    Journey Home by Day 7
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  • Crispy Jester
    Crispy Jester Day ago +1

    Red Bull!! Gives you wings!

  • Winter Gacha
    Winter Gacha Day ago +1

    My name is Angela Daly Kulikova. Me and my sister’s are the only people in the world who have the surname Daly Kulikova. I’m Irish and half Russian.

  • Lil Soap
    Lil Soap 2 days ago

    0:35 his legs are like legos 😂😂😂

  • Hogwartsstudent Ravenclawsmarties

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a-

    Oh nvm

  • Xenon
    Xenon 4 days ago

    2:45 My sleep paralysis demon.

  • Candied Throne
    Candied Throne 5 days ago

    2:13 WORLD WAR Z: Snowball Edition

  • i need a life
    i need a life 5 days ago

    The first ever clickbait on this channel

  • Muhammad Saleh
    Muhammad Saleh 6 days ago

    2:12 World War Z in Russia

  • Sup
    Sup 6 days ago

    Oooh Mr. Bald's here

  • Keira Brodsky
    Keira Brodsky 6 days ago

    This is a perfect representation of Russia tbh

  • Edison Basilio
    Edison Basilio 6 days ago

    it means one championship for lakers in the next 3 years😂😂

  • •Skittle Army•
    •Skittle Army• 7 days ago +1

    2:44 this doggo has been bamboozled

  • Rooster_ManPlayz Minecraft, ROBLOX, And More!

    The scecond one had me dying

  • Demon Joker
    Demon Joker 8 days ago

    when you thought the snowball fight in russia was peaceful

  • Reptilian alien
    Reptilian alien 9 days ago +1

    Sorry guys, that was me flying my new spaceship. I forgot it was illegal to show myself to humans, I just got too excited.

  • Purple Kingz
    Purple Kingz 10 days ago

    When your contrail is flames

  • LeviathanGT
    LeviathanGT 10 days ago


    I’m just gonna out for a nice wa.... nvm

  • John Goodman
    John Goodman 10 days ago

    1:21 Crotch Attack Hyper Combo!

  • John Goodman
    John Goodman 10 days ago

    The origins of real-life Superman

  • Caula
    Caula 12 days ago

    2:25 ohhh, those russians

  • Androbola
    Androbola 12 days ago

    That is capsule in re-entry

    XPRSSHINXBI 13 days ago


  • Silence.
    Silence. 14 days ago +1

    He clickbaited for the first time 😔🤙🏼

  • Jack Galaxy
    Jack Galaxy 15 days ago +1

    _Edit: Oh wait it’s a guy gliding to dusty with a cool glider_

  • gilaton 13
    gilaton 13 15 days ago +1

    Noooo not dusty depot

  • David Acosta
    David Acosta 15 days ago +10

    Did he just lie
    Saying it was a mysterious meteor?

    C L I C K B A I T

  • Shounak Debroy
    Shounak Debroy 15 days ago

    3:18 fingering a pussy

  • Sean Daven Serafin
    Sean Daven Serafin 15 days ago +1

    Fallout:New Beginning

  • 69 Subscriber challenge without ANY videos

    0:21 who notice apex legends in the comment??

  • Garry
    Garry 16 days ago

    That 90 year old mother part was so cute, must be peaceful out there

  • Luzzie Hall
    Luzzie Hall 17 days ago +1

    Who else is here after James Charles carrier crashed?

  • Lao Barret
    Lao Barret 17 days ago

    Anyone else think that snowball fight looks like a zombie apocalypse.

  • St Matteos
    St Matteos 18 days ago

    2:18 after trump builds the wall

  • Ethan
    Ethan 18 days ago

    2:29 cat gets scared from seeing a big cat on TV 2:35 He explains what literally happened, was the really necessary?

  • crab cove
    crab cove 18 days ago +1

    2:13 "we need to build a wall"

  • Caleb Bautista
    Caleb Bautista 19 days ago

    OR was it a government coverup of an alien crash not a nut-job I promise

  • Varsys
    Varsys 19 days ago

    I really love when it put clip and say nothing

  • momo ringjing
    momo ringjing 19 days ago

    2:13 world war z 2 looks good

  • DaFragileTomato
    DaFragileTomato 19 days ago

    That wasn’t a winged guy....
    It was...

    fOrTnItE dUsTy DiVoIt MeTeOr SpOtTeD

  • I.S. Swinburne
    I.S. Swinburne 19 days ago

    C'mon daily dose, when in all wingsuiting history has a few red bull idiots with sparklers atttached to their feet looked like a giant fireball? Just show me more videos of wingsuiters looking like giant fireballs from a distance and Ill believe you, however the wingsuiters WERE the cover story in this case, just look at it. That was a spaceship shot down by US military I presume, the passenger(s) are either burning alive or desperately trying to land, hopefully the latter

  • lanxanh
    lanxanh 20 days ago +1

    3:09 my cat used to do this on my…

    Bed sheets 😑 XD

    • lanxanh
      lanxanh 12 days ago

      Now my bed sheets look disgusting

  • Ken Wigger
    Ken Wigger 21 day ago +1

    Thank you for highlighting Mr. Bald!!! Jai Bhole Ki!!! Blessings!!

  • Marko
    Marko 21 day ago

    2:41 When you realize tommorow is school...

  • cassthegamer
    cassthegamer 22 days ago

    Wut is song at 1:47

  • RevolutionINC
    RevolutionINC 22 days ago +1

    Actually upset he stole bald and bankrupts video

    • RevolutionINC
      RevolutionINC 20 days ago

      Mr bald..

    • Ken Wigger
      Ken Wigger 21 day ago +1

      He is just highlighting it to get more viewers! He showed the link so I think Mr. Bald would approve.

  • megazombieneon plays
    megazombieneon plays 22 days ago

    Who else noticed on the wingsuit one someone said apex legends

  • NoobTrooper
    NoobTrooper 22 days ago

    2:04 the cold war

  • timothy norman
    timothy norman 22 days ago

    @2:24 WWZ

  • Mr.Peasent Boy
    Mr.Peasent Boy 22 days ago

    2:10 of course it’s in russia

  • Plushblue EP
    Plushblue EP 22 days ago

    Twenty-three skidoo!

  • Anonymous DUO
    Anonymous DUO 22 days ago


  • TheTripleJJJ 017
    TheTripleJJJ 017 22 days ago

    2:13 well that prove world war z zombie physics

  • darthspeaks
    darthspeaks 22 days ago

    00:05 No, that's just Hillary Clinton's political career.

  • Izzy Michaud
    Izzy Michaud 23 days ago

    Omg that 'daddy!?' Was adorable

  • guy with no iq
    guy with no iq 23 days ago

    world war z rare footage 2:05

  • Pickle Sickle
    Pickle Sickle 23 days ago

    When Shane Dawson's cat just accepts it: 3:11

  • TheLunkeyGamer
    TheLunkeyGamer 24 days ago

    Lol, anyone in huge cities be like "wtf is that" because they ain't see shit

  • Kim Kim
    Kim Kim 24 days ago

    2:10 world war z russia

  • Risto Pde
    Risto Pde 25 days ago

    1:07 is Dt BANKRUPT

  • NhatAnh0475
    NhatAnh0475 25 days ago

    Metereo is brighter.

  • Bobby Benjamin
    Bobby Benjamin 26 days ago

    you sound so anally retentive and nasal i hate your voice so much

  • Emmanuel Cadenas
    Emmanuel Cadenas 26 days ago

    Dis lil cat saw dis big cat on tv and gat scééérd.

    OPEN MINDED 27 days ago +1

    1:11 OH SHIT
    One of my favorite RUclipr

  • Xx_Ren Vibes_xX
    Xx_Ren Vibes_xX 29 days ago

    It the infinity stone XD

  • Varshini Subbaraju
    Varshini Subbaraju Month ago

    1:05 92 years old mother.......................radiated ? Probably super powered guys

  • rxClyde
    rxClyde Month ago

    ii cried when that kid saw his dad and hugged him immediately

  • Trent Protz
    Trent Protz Month ago

    When ur Freinds see u have food 1:37

  • Gg_launtis _67-The Golden Slime

    Its a mod that someone added to gtav

    XX UNKOWNYT XX Month ago

    No it is fortnite season 3 bboi

  • Aibek Shadybekov
    Aibek Shadybekov Month ago

    2:13 World War Z in Russia

  • Larisa Sparkle
    Larisa Sparkle Month ago +1

    Think I took to much doses of internet

    • Austin Jefferys
      Austin Jefferys Month ago

      Impossible. That's like saying you have too much happiness.

  • Ttv Clap
    Ttv Clap Month ago

    2:30 me when I see my mom coming with a belt

  • jonas kietas
    jonas kietas Month ago +1

    The chernobyl story is cool damn

    • Ken Wigger
      Ken Wigger 21 day ago +1

      His website is excellent!!

  • Mr. Seacow
    Mr. Seacow Month ago

    2:29 Cat: Yeah, Joe can be a real jerk sometimes. What's that? He's behind me?

  • Crazy K
    Crazy K Month ago

    2:05 GOT season 8 Ep 3

  • Crazy K
    Crazy K Month ago

    0:24 Me and boys after an End Raid

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief Month ago

    2:37 xbox

  • Link Burst
    Link Burst Month ago

    2:17 purge irl

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Month ago +2

    *Bro that kid whent head first into his dads balls*

  • Snark
    Snark Month ago +2

    0:58 Hey, STALKER, I have job for you.

  • BlackWidow
    BlackWidow Month ago

    you eat food in a radiation zone ? well done :)

  • I have Big peen
    I have Big peen Month ago

    Wtf is wrong with russia

  • Le Kate
    Le Kate Month ago

    I saw a meteor drip down and my country too, i didn't make any sound and it was HUGE

  • CLSK -ara
    CLSK -ara Month ago +2

    That dad and son moment touched my heart (ღ˘ω˘ღ)

  • Ryder 21
    Ryder 21 Month ago

    Guys I’m not even kidding this morning I looked out my window and I swear I saw a meteor and I’m Australian

  • nrs301
    nrs301 Month ago

    2:13 thats some diary of a wimpy kid shit

  • Westin Osborn
    Westin Osborn Month ago

    Actually that wasn't a ufo it was a rocket fired from a submarine just off the coast of Oregon it was my uncle that shot it

  • lonelyman346
    lonelyman346 Month ago

    2:22 World War Z gameplay 2019

  • Dan Kagamine
    Dan Kagamine Month ago

    Thats is Captain Marvel, Dont worry.

  • Katie Lynn
    Katie Lynn Month ago

    Holy fuck I remember going out of the mc Donald's then seeing that dam bright lite no I know what it is

  • Stray Kitty
    Stray Kitty Month ago

    Do to my dad never coming home that hit me hard

  • jayde scott
    jayde scott Month ago

    2:00 omg that's ship rock I live 39 mins from there

  • Russian Police
    Russian Police Month ago

    chernobyl didnt explode, reactor 4 melted

  • Nιƙσʅαʂ
    Nιƙσʅαʂ Month ago

    World war Z Redux

  • Phreak Phayse
    Phreak Phayse Month ago

    Aw that lady, "Eat child, eat. Dip it in properly!" ;w; I miss my mom now lol

  • Aidan Ha
    Aidan Ha Month ago

    The meteor was probably Captain Marvel

  • Michele Davis
    Michele Davis Month ago

    Kid sees dad and runs to him lifts the spitits

  • chico de atenas
    chico de atenas Month ago

    Season 3 was predicted

  • Plusheen YT
    Plusheen YT Month ago +2

    Oh wait..
    Disappointment : LOL NOOB

  • red.potato
    red.potato Month ago

    Daily dose of internet:
    People who think their better than everyone else: uM aCtUaLy ItS a MeTeRiOd bEcAuSe mEtEoRs BuRn Up In ThE aTmOsPhErE