Parkland shooting survivor Sydney Aiello takes her own life

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • Sydney Aiello survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, but just over a year later she died by suicide at age 19. Her family said she struggled with the traumatic after-effects and survivor's guilt. CBS Miami's Carey Codd reports.

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  • juliana chase
    juliana chase 2 days ago

    0:56 alayna (my bad if i spelled it wrong). she was the girl who aalayah eastmond (another victim) said was killed. so sad.

  • GothBoiClique98aj SadTh0ughtzaj

    Yet no one will listen to those who do reach out for help. Apparently mental illness isnt real.. because you cant see it

  • Trinity Livingston
    Trinity Livingston 6 days ago

    May she rest in peace!😗😗

  • 은진김
    은진김 20 days ago


  • Mr Macarony
    Mr Macarony Month ago +1

    Survivors Guilt is very very Real and it’s no joke,especially if it’s someone close to you who died in that sort of situation.May she finally Rest In Peace.

  • Z1ckZack-btwッ
    Z1ckZack-btwッ Month ago +2

    Hope by XXXTENTACION ❤

  • Im a Bot
    Im a Bot Month ago +1

    "Parents can't wait they need to take them"
    Thats such a bad answer of doing things you cant do that... that will just make things worse

  • Kabir O
    Kabir O Month ago

    Has anyone thought the other way round?
    Like The Bourne Legacy, something like that?

  • Kissy Loce
    Kissy Loce 2 months ago

    My thing about this is even if a person admits they are sad they are suicidal what can a person do physically to stop them
    U cant watch them 24 hours a day, you can call police, 911 them bur what usually happens with that..they can be on meds, they can be placed in a mental institution and I think they know that
    But most of all a person will do what they want to do no matter what
    Maybe being there for them more might help
    But I think when a person reaches that point theres no return
    I think that is the more reason why Suicide is on the rise
    People will treat them as crazy & no one wants to be in white suit tied up
    What it needs to be is instead of throwing meds on the depressed and throwing them in a mental crazy place is offer free therapy, free things to do with families maybe a trip, or a spa or something to get their minds off of sadness
    It wont erase their pain but maybe time will heal them
    No one wants to be labeled as crazy and no one wants to be living in a crazy house
    But at the end of the day a person will do what they want to do

  • Whitney Danielle
    Whitney Danielle 2 months ago +1

    Rest in paradise baby girl..

  • Tom Richards
    Tom Richards 2 months ago

    I really wished someone was there to comfort her, my prayers goes out to her family

  • PilotPiggy911
    PilotPiggy911 2 months ago

    You know she only did this for attention....

  • WARLORD op
    WARLORD op 2 months ago +1

    The strong eat the weak. This suicide is natural selection at work.

    • WARLORD op
      WARLORD op 2 months ago

      Beonkia Anglin like I said you already got it

    • Beonkia M
      Beonkia M 2 months ago

      WARLORD op Salt
      Is good for you

    • WARLORD op
      WARLORD op 2 months ago

      Beonkia Anglin no I did it to get the ball rolling and to make people salty like you

    • Beonkia M
      Beonkia M 2 months ago

      I’m guessing you liked your own comment because no one else would.

  • Madison Hanks
    Madison Hanks 2 months ago

    The fund funds what exactly...and if her parents new she was struggling and sad why would she have to ask for help? Why did they not help her😡🤔 get your kids help when you know they need it, your there to guide them when they go through difficulties. Also this program opens up next month a little too late for this girl I’d say. Cant stop the school shootings and can’t get expedited help for the youth when they go through war!
    RIP beautiful girl so sorry you carried such heaviness at such a young age😭🙏🏽

  • Lucky Louie Luciano
    Lucky Louie Luciano 2 months ago

    Pathetic...well only strong survive and weak die

    • Beonkia M
      Beonkia M 2 months ago

      Well you’ll die one day so don’t try to pretend you’re strong

  • Lil Wayne Carter
    Lil Wayne Carter 2 months ago

    Is this the only pic they have of her? How Come it's always attractive women in the headlines?

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez 2 months ago

    18 victims now

  • Angela Ortega
    Angela Ortega 2 months ago her soul in peace ✌️

  • Flj Bbr
    Flj Bbr 2 months ago


  • brittany herbeck
    brittany herbeck 2 months ago


  • Rudy Cornejo
    Rudy Cornejo 2 months ago

    I hope they checked the medications these kids been taking or taken after the school shooting.

  • samuel stoolinger
    samuel stoolinger 2 months ago

    PTSD is more than an acronym its claiming the lives of our brothers and sisters everywhere

  • RandomBlake
    RandomBlake 2 months ago

    R.I.P Sydney and Calvin

  • Slayer Of Evil Kings
    Slayer Of Evil Kings 2 months ago

    She survived then takes her own life. Wow, talk about stupidity.

  • Kylie Bennett
    Kylie Bennett 3 months ago +2

    So sad! Survivors guilt😢

  • miranda rights r
    miranda rights r 3 months ago +1

    She has a shirt that said love evolution. No wonder she had survivors gilt, she had no real purpose for living.

    • Beonkia M
      Beonkia M 2 months ago

      If she didn’t have a purpose she wouldn’t have been born in the first place

  • Z Blade
    Z Blade 3 months ago

    Wow what a waste of air.

  • Jellotuna
    Jellotuna 3 months ago

    So, how did she do it? There's no mention of that for any of these new "apparent" suicides.

    • Jellotuna
      Jellotuna 2 months ago

      @Beonkia M I watched all the mainsteam videos I found at the time...they all said the same thing..."apparent"...nothing else about it...they just go into a rant about how to prevent suicide or whatever. Our media is awful. See what happens, I guess.

    • Beonkia M
      Beonkia M 2 months ago

      Jellotuna She shot herself in the head. On some videos of her they’ll say. You just have to look. Or maybe it was said about the other student who did it? I don’t remember but they should be doing an autopsy

    • Jellotuna
      Jellotuna 2 months ago

      @Beonkia M Do you have a link? I haven't heard of any updates on this. Did they complete the autopsy? How was is done?

    • Beonkia M
      Beonkia M 2 months ago

      Uh yes there is. You’re just too lazy to find it.

  • malcolm williams
    malcolm williams 3 months ago

    This shows what a very poor job Congress is doing with changing gun laws. It’s almost been 7 tears since the Sandy Hook school shooting. After all of these shootings, there should have been a massive change to preventing this from happening. Congress, the notes on what New Zealand just did in less than with the change of their gun laws after their shooting s couple of weeks ago. #change

  • Looped
    Looped 3 months ago +7

    My friend Gabriella was actually close friends with Sydney and was mourning her pray for Gabby please🙏🙇

  • vlad majorally
    vlad majorally 3 months ago


  • truthistruth
    truthistruth 3 months ago

    It was all a hoax just like this you gullible morons!!!!!!

  • Rod Gossett
    Rod Gossett 3 months ago +2

    In my mind these sudden suicides look SUSPECT, did these kids witness something someone
    don't want them to talk about? I just hope their lives are not being use in the wrong way.

  • Mery Love
    Mery Love 3 months ago +3

    Afraid of being in a classroom. Let that sink in.

  • Roblox Gaming
    Roblox Gaming 3 months ago

    Hey guys, I just found out a cure for everything and its not a joke.

  • AJ Starr
    AJ Starr 3 months ago

    Result of microwave weapons

  • S&LDoRandom
    S&LDoRandom 3 months ago +4

    Make that 19. Thanks Nikolas Cruz!

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson 3 months ago +1

    I give her a 7/10 but maybe would smash

  • MysticKitsune94
    MysticKitsune94 3 months ago


  • Tyrician Kelly
    Tyrician Kelly 3 months ago +1

    This is sad💔

  • Ryan K.
    Ryan K. 3 months ago +1

    Says there were two gets taken she is dead...

  • Eliot451
    Eliot451 3 months ago

    Bottomless greif. I can almost understand why she did it. If this young lady had lived another 70 years it'd be 70 years of remembering the shooting and her lost friends. . But now all I can think about is her poor family.

  • Francis Mausley
    Francis Mausley 3 months ago +1

    There's a need for strong & positive thought. Sincerest condolences. "I pray Thee not to turn away from Thyself this spirit that hath ascended unto Thee, unto Thy heavenly place, Thine exalted Paradise and Thy retreats of nearness, O Thou who art the Lord of all men!.." ~ Baha'i Prayer

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres 3 months ago +3

    We need better Mental Health services.
    Cruz didn’t get the help he needed so he went and took it out on innocent people.
    And now there’s people like her who didn’t get help either and took it out on herself.

  • npc's everywhere
    npc's everywhere 3 months ago

    Suicide or was she suicided off??

  • loser doner
    loser doner 3 months ago


  • Oluwafikayomi Abimbola
    Oluwafikayomi Abimbola 3 months ago


  • Marsha Washington
    Marsha Washington 3 months ago

    My Condolences to the families, may they rest in peace..I'm so sorry for your loss. Three suicides so close together within days apart. Maybe the school should consider closing its doors and turning that location into a peaceful memorial like a park. I can't imagine the students being able to focus on their education with such devastating memories. God Bless Them All.

  • Dan Luna
    Dan Luna 3 months ago +1

    I pray for comfort for the Aiello family, and the parkland community. They all have been through a lot. Also, I pray for Sydney.

  • Exit the Machine
    Exit the Machine 3 months ago +1

    3 words
    mental health agenda.

  • Brian Rapp
    Brian Rapp 3 months ago

    NRA. KILLS. LOCK. UP. MEAN. WHAYN. LAPER. !!!! canyonlocalfilmscom

  • Za ch
    Za ch 3 months ago +1

    RIP beautiful one. I would probably feel the same way too like you did. Just like the father who lost his little girl and felt the same way. May you all R.I.P.

  • susan saunders
    susan saunders 3 months ago

    why in the world woud she go to college if she had so much fear of a class room?????????????/ she didnt have to go

    • Eliot451
      Eliot451 3 months ago

      I guess she thought she could handle it.

  • Dr Ankit Panigrahi India
    Dr Ankit Panigrahi India 3 months ago +2

    My condolences to the shooter.

    • Michael Di Bella
      Michael Di Bella 2 months ago

      Dr Ankit Panigrahi India lol

    • Arnez Willis
      Arnez Willis 2 months ago +1

      @Dr Ankit Panigrahi India Uhhhmm...okay then. I just thought you'd have a more political reason. Thanks for the response

    • Dr Ankit Panigrahi India
      Dr Ankit Panigrahi India 2 months ago

      @Arnez Willis ..That's because I'm a sick kunt.

    • Arnez Willis
      Arnez Willis 2 months ago

      @Dr Ankit Panigrahi India You still haven't explained why...

    • Dr Ankit Panigrahi India
      Dr Ankit Panigrahi India 2 months ago

      @Arnez Willis .. It's my personal opinion.

  • NotCanibus
    NotCanibus 3 months ago


  • Alejo Zamora
    Alejo Zamora 3 months ago

    God doesn't forgive suicide

    • get roasted
      get roasted 3 months ago

      You never know...she may be in his arms right now...

    • get roasted
      get roasted 3 months ago

      She was probably unaware.

  • Adam Farhat
    Adam Farhat 3 months ago

    But suicide is never the answer

  • The Truth
    The Truth 3 months ago

    You survived Parkland then commit suicide?

  • Jeff Hagerman
    Jeff Hagerman 3 months ago

    They need to shut the school down Trayvon had hard time there too?

  • XxxYeetman ninethousand34hxxX

    I be glad to be alive if something this happend

  • dvalahelvete
    dvalahelvete 3 months ago

    I guess the solution for these suicides is more guns.

  • MsTuliplady
    MsTuliplady 3 months ago +2

    My condolences. Please please please please please - if you are sufferings from PTSD, please consider EMDR. It doesnt take many sessions, and has helped combat veterans with their PTSD. There are even RUclip vids you can do for a few minutes. Anything is better than the final exit... Hold on.

  • La reyna Garza Balderas


  • mike benge
    mike benge 3 months ago

    Was she vaccinated?

  • Maria Fletcher
    Maria Fletcher 3 months ago +1

    and... Louis CK, the comedian joked about them to a roaring audience.

    • get roasted
      get roasted 3 months ago

      @Kronos92 have you ever been in a shooting?? I want to know?

    • Joshua R
      Joshua R 3 months ago

      Because it's hilarious

  • Huracan El Grande
    Huracan El Grande 3 months ago

    My God what a horrible story. This is why it's not okay to be joking about this yet

  • gabriel judah
    gabriel judah 3 months ago

    😏seems like somebody's trying to cover something up. ✌

  • erin rossi
    erin rossi 3 months ago

    another child did the same thing now 2 kids have died wth is going on here? get some help kids trust me you CAN get through this,please do not leave your families in pain for the rest of their lives. i know all about depression and it takes time to get over it but YOU CAN GET THROUGH IT!!!!!!!!!

  • Donynam Lee
    Donynam Lee 3 months ago

    Leftist education system is self destructive. We see more students do the same soon.

  • EarthIs FlatAf
    EarthIs FlatAf 3 months ago +1

    she’s not dead

  • Katrina JAy
    Katrina JAy 3 months ago +1

    Lying filth
    322 😂

  • Taylor mana12345
    Taylor mana12345 3 months ago +1

    Another sweet and innocent life taken in the hands of the republicans!

  • StuntManMike
    StuntManMike 3 months ago


  • DJDoubleCee
    DJDoubleCee 3 months ago

    Make that 18 victims now. How sad...

  • Grant Davis
    Grant Davis 3 months ago

    Prayers and thoughts to the family.

  • BB Bostic
    BB Bostic 3 months ago +5

    Unfortunately, as of 3.24.2019, another parkland student has allegedly committed suicide also.. Something is OFF about this entire situation... ..

    • Jonathan Bhatty
      Jonathan Bhatty 3 months ago

      It seems a little to delayed imo my heart goes out to these kids i am thankful during my school years I did NOT to have experience school shootings but those who do their lives are forever changed its very tragic.

    • Jellybean 6157
      Jellybean 6157 3 months ago +1

      Deja vu. Remember Vegas, Columbine and 9/11?

  • go kill your self
    go kill your self 3 months ago +2

    Shows there is a mental health problem in the 🇺🇸..not a gun problem...

  • chrisgcfc 82
    chrisgcfc 82 3 months ago +5

    Don't let that monster take anymore lives! It's ok not to be ok! Speak out if you need help God bless ✌🍀

  • kinster02
    kinster02 3 months ago +204

    And another one took their life last night, a male.

  • Dorothy Rosegreen
    Dorothy Rosegreen 3 months ago

    Only a pity, if she only knew Jesus Christ loves her he could have delivered her from all the pain. When you are in trouble call on Jesus, don't wait for trouble call on him now.

    • Jellybean 6157
      Jellybean 6157 3 months ago

      Another Parkland survivor committed suicide yesterday. Coincidence?

  • I speak The truth
    I speak The truth 3 months ago +1

    So the parents knew about her depression but didn’t get her help ? But they knew what she went through, wow is all I got to say about their parenting skills

    • Eliot451
      Eliot451 3 months ago

      It's easy to find fault. I'm sure her parents did their best. They just didn't know how badly she was hurting. Now they have to live with it.

  • Zach White
    Zach White 3 months ago

    Hear comes the left to politicize yet another tragedy

    • Jellybean 6157
      Jellybean 6157 3 months ago

      kinster02 these kids are dropping like flies wtf is going on here? Did these kids know something?

    • kinster02
      kinster02 3 months ago +3

      Especially since another one committed suicide last's gonna be Trumps fault.

  • mighty mouse
    mighty mouse 3 months ago

    Don't blame FOX news for her death. Survivors guilt is real and it is very difficult to handle. I worry that these students are not getting the support they need to get over the horrific deaths of their friends and fellow students. At 19 the trauma can be overwhelming. RIP Sidney you light will be missed in the world.

  • dylan storm trooper der
    dylan storm trooper der 3 months ago +1

    wtf happened to the zio zika virus got cured over night using 1 billion :)-idiots

  • dylan storm trooper der
    dylan storm trooper der 3 months ago +2

    whats green and smells like david hogg?deputy israels middle finger:)-may the stinky farce be with you

  • Eloy Amaya
    Eloy Amaya 3 months ago +1

    Family values are lost. Society is creating people like this parkland shooter and all the other shooters we see them and don't care because we are so selfish. This girl took her like just like the shooter took the ones of others at the end they dont care about the harm done to others because of their actions.....ptsd is to get away with what you do. There is so many children that go thru tougher things and keep their cool thru life....and dont go blaming everybody for what happen to them...they dont forget they live to the fullest instead...Respect each other and live happy.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 3 months ago

    If this isn't horrific to US citizens, this administration, *GOP* or the *NRA* now there is a second parkland student who has tragically taken their own life. School is meant to be a safe, nurturing and protected environment. When shall we expect US lawmakers to leave club Mar a lago and get some work done? *AFAF* 👼🙏👼

  • MilkCap
    MilkCap 3 months ago +2

    Does everything have to be monetized these days? The gofundme is already at $70K.

  • Hallen
    Hallen 3 months ago +2

    Can only hope that the Hitler youth leader David Hogg and his lesbian skinhead cohort are the next to commit suicide.

  • stickloaf
    stickloaf 3 months ago +1

    life looks bleak not only to adults but young people looking forward see only tragedy, gun deaths, global warming and the rich getting giant tax breaks increasing the divide between the have and have nots make America a place with no future...our corporate greed with needed monthly gains required by shareholders has made the US a place of short term gain over long term health

  • Trolling Vita
    Trolling Vita 3 months ago +1

    Now please tell me what’s going ono...yep I just get out of church today Sunday 3/24/19 and there arm guards with M-14 M-15 just to watch out for sick people who wanna do dangerous things to people.. a mean CHURCH BRO tho house of the lord GOD WTF is going on you can’t even praise GOD in peace it’s crazy 👏🏻

  • Jack Lee
    Jack Lee 3 months ago +2

    This is truly heartbreaking. My condolences are with her family, friends, and loved ones. PTSD is truly real. My mom just told me about another Parkland survivor who committed suicide today and he was only a sophomore. My condolences are with him too. R.I.P.😭🙏🏻❤️

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 3 months ago

    How tragic. Suicide is never the answer.

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne 3 months ago

      T. Alexander I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes but are kids weak nowadays?

    • T. Alexander
      T. Alexander 3 months ago +1

      Just learned another student killed himself Saturday what is going on in Broward County?

  • q851230
    q851230 3 months ago +1

    Another survivor take his/her life today,RIP 17+2

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 3 months ago

      @Jellybean 6157 They are not being silenced and you have absolutely no proof that they are

    • Jellybean 6157
      Jellybean 6157 3 months ago +1


  • Colt Le
    Colt Le 3 months ago +3

    Hmm she must have known the truth about the drill

    • Colt Le
      Colt Le 3 months ago

      @BB Bostic Yes I did.

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 3 months ago

      She knew nothing

    • BB Bostic
      BB Bostic 3 months ago +1

      I AGREE!! ..Did you see the news about another parkland student suicide just this morning?

  • Little Dorrit_Lisa
    Little Dorrit_Lisa 3 months ago

    Jesus wept. 💔

  • TheTruthIsRacist
    TheTruthIsRacist 3 months ago +5

    This is what happens when you try to come out on this shooting hoax.

  • Adam Modic
    Adam Modic 3 months ago

    I find her actions of taking her own life ,ungrateful as God gave you a lucky chance to live from the many who fallen and unlucky and should've been more appreciative of living then be upset with guilt and not finding help

  • Nzar Kareem
    Nzar Kareem 3 months ago +1

    What a tragedy!! My condolences goes out to her family and friends.Too soon for her to go 😞. RIP

  • mwillblade
    mwillblade 3 months ago +13

    The only thing suicide solves is parking problems.