Top 5 Things in America that are not okay in Russia

  • Published on Jul 29, 2017
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  • Trolly Troll bob
    Trolly Troll bob 16 hours ago

    Who’s the spook on the right?

  • Cheese Game
    Cheese Game Day ago

    In America you can’t watch Soviet meme

  • Pexman 1969
    Pexman 1969 2 days ago

    Russians they don't smile 🙄🙄🤯🤯😖😖😖🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Sankhadeep Madhu
    Sankhadeep Madhu 7 days ago

    Smiling thing is true very recently 1 of my friend she was talking about her struggles of life ..n I was just listening to her with polite smile to comfort her ..but guess what it boomeranged she was like y r u laughing at thought I was making fun of her

  • Данил Муромец

    Yes yes, tipical thinking of moskow citizen, бро ты бывал когда-нибудь в нормальных деревнях например? Там все друг друга знают и здороваются, и улыбаются, даже притворно. А когда ты в большом городе, люди для тебя как деревья, ты их не замечаешь. Досехпор приезжаю в деревушке под Красноярском и удивляюсь атмосфере дружелюбия. Дело просто в том что все всех знают, а в Калифорнии просто тело и хорошо, че там грустить)

  • Данил Муромец

    I see de oposite of that, our people say thank you even its dont nesesery)

  • Данил Муромец

    Эээ чего прости? What? De first thing. Personally, i always sayed thank you, in a Shop in a som fusking government bilding ets. And im not only one ectually. When you have been in russia exactly?

  • Pink Alpaka
    Pink Alpaka 8 days ago +2

    Почему в комментах нет русских!? Ок , а ты чувак русский?

  • John Froyalde
    John Froyalde 10 days ago

    Does Russia have gay people?

    МИРНОЕ ТВ 10 days ago

    О чём вы там разговариваете?

  • Sheila Thomas-Spencer
    Sheila Thomas-Spencer 12 days ago

    You two are hilarious!

    AFRIKA 13 days ago

    Stop swirlin sista😒

  • Алиса Шлахтер

    I live in Russia and it's not true. In our country smile very often, we also smile when we meet someone, and always say thank you even the smallest things. You represent our country as a uncultured place, but IT'S NOT TRUE

  • •ĂŝĮå Płăý•

    How can you not love Russia !? The country has a great story, an incredible beautiful story! People receive from the state all the benefits that are necessary for man.

    Last week we even ate once ...

  • Cantoxii
    Cantoxii 17 days ago +1

    i dunno how or why youtube recommended this to me but hey, here's your free like

  • wayne derby
    wayne derby 17 days ago


  • hahaha no
    hahaha no 24 days ago

    федик педик

  • Ника Котик
    Ника Котик 28 days ago

    Кто из России напиши о чем это видео ?

  • Arlene Karno
    Arlene Karno Month ago

    # fidor, stop being so mean to her

  • Joseph Michael
    Joseph Michael Month ago

    These two would have beautiful babies.

  • John
    John Month ago

    So much toxic Russophobia in our media, smh. Like I kinda get why this was common during the Cold War but this sediment still lingers even to this day. And it’s only being amplified with the 2016 election like we have mainstream politicians calling for war with Russia all based on the baseless Russiagate conspiracy theory. Even after the mueller report we still have mainstream journalist spreading fake news about Russia running our government they some even claim Trump was a Russian agent since the 90s! Completely insane! just as real as those wmds in Iraq

  • Styx Moon
    Styx Moon Month ago

    I think i am russian 👀

  • Исак Краизис

    This video is pretty much east vs west.
    East is all of Asia and East Europe.
    And west is west Europe and the whole America.

  • Al Camacho
    Al Camacho Month ago

    🤔 I grow up like a Russian style

  • Shannon
    Shannon Month ago

    We do say thank you and smile falsely too often. So much so that when you don't people will ask OMG! WHAT'S WRONG? ARE YOU MAD? like no I just don't have to smile and say thank you aaallll the time. :))))////((((:

  • Cameron Mansky
    Cameron Mansky Month ago

    You forgot in America women shave their armpits and legs

  • Cerasella Baniseanu

    She is just a jerk. Nowhere in the world is it polite to burp, fart or not to eat what is served to you.

    • Jay P
      Jay P 22 days ago

      Many cultures, it is polite to burp out loud. And in America, it's generally not a big deal if you turn down food that's served to you, dumbass.

    • Pastel Pepe
      Pastel Pepe Month ago

      Cerasella Baniseanu It’s alright in a casual setting where you can make jokes out of it.

  • Kyosan Shugi
    Kyosan Shugi Month ago

    Оу.. Эм..

  • F5Storm1
    F5Storm1 2 months ago

    So dont be polite in Russia?

  • Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy

    I love your controlled drunkness, awkwardness and obvious attraction to each other, this weirdness between cultures is what America is about, differences fading away in our inevitable inheritance of ignorance, your love is perceived among us and spread around in our global consciousness.

  • Тайлер Коноваленко

    Are they dating

  • 15dinosRAWR
    15dinosRAWR 2 months ago

    I am on fedor's side aaaall the way

  • LionessTee d
    LionessTee d 2 months ago +1

    “Not smelly anytime” WTF...coming from the stinky CAVE BEAST!!! Europeans are not know for taking BATHS for centuries ie the PLAGUES because of being NASTY!!White BEAST need to get back into the caves all over the world they have stolen, murdered, raped, mutilated the people and the land. God is gonna have the last word on these NEANDERTHALS children of the FALLEN!!

  • RoughRider757
    RoughRider757 2 months ago

    Russia look interesting.

  • Veronica Vance
    Veronica Vance 2 months ago

    I do NOT burp or fart around anyone!! Its seen as very rude and classless in the United States!

  • Ralf Vlogs
    Ralf Vlogs 2 months ago

    As the only black Vlogger in Russia, I can say the society in becoming more inclusive to color people.Checkout my contents and give your thoughts mates,thanks a lot 👍😀

  • Jim Heiden
    Jim Heiden 2 months ago +1

    What a SEXY couple !

  • William Glass
    William Glass 2 months ago

    Not sure of the kind of America Victoria is hanging in. My part of America would NEVER burp or fart in public or even around a dinner table with family and friends. Makes me wonder where and how she was brought up. I've traveled throughout the US (Europe too), but have never heard or witnessed the likes. You might want to consult a wider circle regarding this matter. Thanks wise council otherwise.

  • Мышь из Луганськ!

    ya tebya lyublyu fedor i victoria!!!!!!!!!

    I love your Fluent in Russian channel!!!

  • водка
    водка 2 months ago

    Yes American have problem with burping. I went to US public school and in French class so many kid burp out loud and teacher was from France and she was so shocked that people do it

  • Thea Lucas
    Thea Lucas 2 months ago


  • Lucky Number
    Lucky Number 2 months ago

    I always say thank you, maybe because I live in St.Petersburg?

  • Best buy store Best buy store

    Stop rambling !!!
    It’s part of our culture Handsome 😘❤️

  • Psy kcp
    Psy kcp 2 months ago

    Good youtube

  • D
    D 3 months ago

    American the women all look like transsexuals make them vomit from how they behave they fart in the face you have your own guys burp and vomit everywhere on show genitals as if it were all normal but this happens only in America after all is taken to the extreme in America most of people (not all) if you see yourself in difficulty before you make a video after letting you die in the street they are almost all alcoholics start drinking from 7 in the morning and in every action they boast of being alcoholics but just meet them the next day they are ashamed even to greet you because they are weak people without alcohol or drugs or large portions or large cars to take or show without all this they prove nothing you give an American you have to give him food and money and then you check him like a dummy unfortunately the Americans believe they are the center of the world and that the whole world sees America as the top but the truth is very much very different the greater par you of the American people have never left their neighborhood, they value the world from the TV at home that their rulers show them in America, there are 30,000,000 homeless and 10,000,000prisoners do not have a history behind them other than the cowboys so do not they have a past identity they fight the war only because they are patriotic or because they live on the street so they find a sense of belonging in the armies. Today thanks to the internet I hope that the new generations understand that money being insensitive rude and vulgar people will not they guarantee immortality they all die and we cannot grow forever impoverishing other kind nations in Papua New Guinea now!
    it's just my opinion.........!

    • Pastel Pepe
      Pastel Pepe Month ago

      Devis I would read all of that, but then my IQ would probably drop down the number of braincells you have, which I’m sure is none. Don’t generalise all Americans. Get a hobby and stop being so bitter.

  • Seaman DirtFilth
    Seaman DirtFilth 3 months ago

    Мой Друг

  • Charles Wendt
    Charles Wendt 3 months ago

    I like belly rubbing dancing

    CALIMIA DAVID 3 months ago

    Are you guys dating?

  • Jerry Little
    Jerry Little 3 months ago

    You can't help to fart or burp your eyes will pop out if you hold it lol

  • Jerry Little
    Jerry Little 3 months ago

    I don't like people so I don't say hi

  • Jerry Little
    Jerry Little 3 months ago

    I don't say thank you to nobody

  • Fandom Kingdom
    Fandom Kingdom 3 months ago

    I agree that America do things weird

  • Fomosapien
    Fomosapien 3 months ago

    I need to move to Russia now

  • This Guy Learns Russian

    I’m an American, but I identified more with the Russian side. But I’m from New England. Maybe that’s something.

  • This Guy Learns Russian

    I disagree with the burning and farting in US. It is gross.

  • Gabriel Guedj
    Gabriel Guedj 3 months ago

    Russia impression is meaningful living.

  • Celeste Brusciano
    Celeste Brusciano 3 months ago

    The farting and burping thing is also totally polish too.... Ive only heard my mother fart once...

  • Krazz
    Krazz 3 months ago

    like for a rip nelk

  • Vines Tube
    Vines Tube 3 months ago

    pidaras blyat

  • Legasov
    Legasov 3 months ago

    I burp in my friends and mothers faces haha
    I'm British though, it's different