The worst MLB pitching debut was a perfect storm of humiliation | SB Nation

  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
  • MLB history is full of notoriously bad pitching debuts -- ridiculous stories of mishap and desperation -- but only one pitcher's debut was broadcast on national television, took place with his whole family in the crowd, and included 9 earned runs in just over one inning. Mike Mayers of the St. Louis Cardinals had the worst MLB pitching debut ever.
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  • TheDarthNight [TDN]
    TheDarthNight [TDN] 9 hours ago

    The way he pronounced St. Louis, Missouri😂😂 I don’t pronounce it the way he does

  • Andrew Hinojosa
    Andrew Hinojosa Day ago

    He put T.S sounds fishy

  • Leopold
    Leopold 3 days ago

    I just want to see you cover the game, why do you keep cutting away?

  • Preston Carter
    Preston Carter 3 days ago


  • Julian Joseph
    Julian Joseph 4 days ago

    It was a lot of bad luck too. Could have easily been like 4 runs with just a fraction of a second timing on those first couple hits

  • Sucio Menace
    Sucio Menace 5 days ago

    Lmaooo get REKT

  • Jake Volansky
    Jake Volansky 9 days ago

    I was at this game. was in 6th grade and played God bless America with my school band. I remember we left in the 3rd because we got shat on that bad

  • bbb pictures
    bbb pictures 9 days ago

    Wilson Alvarez, with Texas Rangers in July 24th, 1989. Started the game, went out with no outs, and 3 earned runs. Two HRs allowed to Toronto. Infinite ERA

    Two years later, with Chicago White Sox, August 11th 1991, no hitter against Baltimore. From infinite ERA to a No hitter in 2 games in 2 years, with 2 different teams

    BRAAP2525 ALLDAY 9 days ago +2

    I would have loved to watch this video if this idiot didn’t bring up something form 1920 every 2 seconds

    • Zach N
      Zach N 9 days ago

      BRAAP2525 ALLDAY I liked it for the very fact. Baseball anecdotes man :p

  • jose john
    jose john 11 days ago

    0:39 what?

  • Derek J.
    Derek J. 12 days ago

    Remember watching this game. It was brutal.

  • Ben Tallent
    Ben Tallent 12 days ago

    What about Kerry wood

  • Fred Klein
    Fred Klein 13 days ago

    David Moraga of the Expos. Greg Swindell of the Indians.

  • Muhammad Smith
    Muhammad Smith 14 days ago

    information overload

  • Garrett Quimby
    Garrett Quimby 15 days ago +1

    Can u stop relating his debut to other people’s debut

  • Nicholas Kraz
    Nicholas Kraz 16 days ago

    It says heitmann recorded one out

  • James Skylar
    James Skylar 18 days ago

    I was at this game. I left after the first inning

  • Dodger_ 1435
    Dodger_ 1435 18 days ago

    You talk to much just let us watch the vid

  • Braxton Harper
    Braxton Harper 18 days ago

    The way he says St. Louis Missouri is ear scratching

  • Autumn Gloor
    Autumn Gloor 18 days ago

    Wtf did he call St. Louis Missouri

  • k0pperr
    k0pperr 20 days ago +1

    Why tf did u say saint louis and Missouri like that

  • Emily Thomas
    Emily Thomas 20 days ago

    I was at this game on a road trip it Chicago.

  • Eagles Madden
    Eagles Madden 20 days ago

    I feel bad for him 😥😪

  • Ty Nolin
    Ty Nolin 22 days ago

    I’m literally watching the giants-D backs game rn and Lopez is on the mound right now tossing bullets good for a 1.13 ERA(he mentions Lopez towards the end of the video) kinda neat

  • Amon Shegog
    Amon Shegog 22 days ago

    Go visit St.louis Missouri

  • John Smith
    John Smith 22 days ago +1

    My kid was watching this video and you said the worst curse word possible. So thanks a bunch, I’m sure it makes it so much better!

      ITS FRITTS 5 days ago

      @John Smith more spelling errors than liberals speaking nonsense

    • John Smith
      John Smith 5 days ago

      ITS FRITTS if you were you would think about the child first. We don’t come on this channel anymore

    • John Smith
      John Smith 5 days ago

      ITS FRITTS if you were you would know about auto spell.

      ITS FRITTS 5 days ago

      @John Smith I'm a Republican from Texas

    • John Smith
      John Smith 5 days ago

      ITS FRITTS really! That’s the only response a liberal can come up with?

  • David Weinstein
    David Weinstein 22 days ago

    too many cutaways, we just wanna see the actual game

  • jackreece123
    jackreece123 22 days ago

    I remember watching this game. It was so hard to watch as a cards fan

  • Ashton Phillips
    Ashton Phillips 23 days ago

    can’t help but feel bad for the kid he even had family there

  • Henrik Olsen
    Henrik Olsen 23 days ago

    His name is really Michael Mayers 😂

  • Riley Bange
    Riley Bange 24 days ago

    I was at this game and i called the 1st home run garand Slam.😒

  • football card reviews
    football card reviews 24 days ago

    The way he said St. Louis Missouri

  • Evan Weiss
    Evan Weiss 27 days ago

    Did someone say Nathan Peterman

  • AllOrEverything History

    Poor Mayers. At least hes a reliever. Btw, i was in the stadium for lopezs debut.

  • BacoN SnipeZ
    BacoN SnipeZ 28 days ago

    Why didn’t they just start a mid relief pitcher

  • Steve Hall
    Steve Hall Month ago

    In 2005 Ervin Santa (Angels) pitched for the cycle to the 1st four batters in the 1st inning of his first professional start. I think he was pulled in the 3rd inning. On his second start he threw a complete game shutout.

  • Michael Rotonda
    Michael Rotonda Month ago

    Terrible video! Wasting too much time with old stats, and news clippings! Just tell us what happened! Had to stop, write this and leave this video

  • Trw Wn
    Trw Wn Month ago

    ..put me to sleep....

  • DuhItzSprite YT
    DuhItzSprite YT Month ago

    Harry Heitmann actually recorded 1 out so his ERA is 108.0

  • Lucas Scott
    Lucas Scott Month ago

    4:46-4:53 typo see that it was bosto nruns

  • Joe Schizoid
    Joe Schizoid Month ago

    But he went on to a successful acting career. At least until "The Love Guru."

  • BrackinCrackin 60
    BrackinCrackin 60 Month ago

    My mother and brother went to the game I watched the tv I was in shock

  • National Association of Sociopathic Black Men

    He is pretty unlike his parents named him michael knowing his last name is myers...not cool, mom.

  • Nicholas Kraz
    Nicholas Kraz Month ago

    It says in the news paper the Heitmann recorded one out. U said he recorded no outs.

  • Your worst Nightmare

    So happy that he knows who marlins man is

  • Tim Purcell
    Tim Purcell Month ago

    We are still the best franchise in baseball

    • Cole James
      Cole James 26 days ago

      Who is "we?"

      You aren't a part of any franchise in baseball

  • sophia b.
    sophia b. Month ago

    im a cubs fan and i still feel bad for the poor guy

  • Wade Greiner
    Wade Greiner Month ago

    Jeremy Guthrie of the Washington Nationals pitched 2/3 of an inning and gave up 10 runs for an ERA of 135, on his birthday no less. Granted, not a debut, but worth mentioning here nonetheless. Fortunately we called up Fatt Albers after we DFA’d him and he was the sole shining ray of competence in the den of nincompoops that was our bullpen until we sign Madson, Kintzler, and Doolittle

  • Sektor LK-9T9
    Sektor LK-9T9 Month ago +1

    Maeda vs cubs lol

  • Theo Farano
    Theo Farano Month ago

    Do worst start for a rookie goalies in the nhl .... Malcom subban anyone?

  • angmohahbeng
    angmohahbeng Month ago

    i remember watching this game.... amazing.

  • Toxi_kun
    Toxi_kun Month ago

    Spelt all this time making a video and we only see an inning and a half? This seems like quite the stretched video for what we actually watched

  • Garrett 88
    Garrett 88 Month ago

    4:40 well his ERA would be 'Undefined' not infinite. Any non-zero Integer divided by 0 is 'undefined'.

    • Garrett 88
      Garrett 88 Month ago

      6:55 should be 1.333 or 4/3 not 1.1
      math is hard.

  • Jon Hamm
    Jon Hamm Month ago +1

    "this family reunion sucks" LMFAO dead and done

  • Rosen’s Gonna bring us to the super bowl

    Mitch Keller yet?

  • Trace Carter
    Trace Carter Month ago

    Only athlete from my hometown to ever go pro. Go Dawgs

    ROBERT KELLY Month ago

    Literally no movement on his pitches


    “Missorai” bruh

  • Brooks & Mountain Vlogs

    I was there at that game. It was horrendous

  • Jim Draven
    Jim Draven Month ago

    Question: i was wondering if you were going to do the best of anything?

  • Bee bee ramone
    Bee bee ramone Month ago

    Yoan Lopez had a HORRIBLE debut however he has turned out to be a reliable man in the bull pen for my diamondbacks.

  • Hot Scuba
    Hot Scuba Month ago +1

    “Saint loo-eee, Mizor-eye”? Are you serious

  • enzoo
    enzoo Month ago

    "Saint Louis Missouri"

  • Sam Cooper
    Sam Cooper Month ago +1 this video a f*cking joke?
    A few historical cut backs are fine, but this story has so many that it simply isn’t fluid

  • Sam Cooper
    Sam Cooper Month ago +20

    Way too many historical cuts.
    Tell the f*cking story already

    • William Lemons
      William Lemons Month ago

      If you don’t like the historical cuts, just go watch the highlights. I think they’re interesting.

    • Jon Hamm
      Jon Hamm Month ago +2

      jumps around way to much stick with one thing ....i agree with you

  • Troubled Sole
    Troubled Sole Month ago

    The moral of the story is stick to it if you really want it.

  • Colin Brown
    Colin Brown Month ago +1

    I was at that game and my dad was like who the heck is Myers and why is he pitching

  • ian lynch
    ian lynch Month ago

    I don’t need a history lesson I just want to watch the video and definitely not hear your voice. Not sorry

  • Tab Liechty
    Tab Liechty Month ago

    Foul mouth brother, get a clue !

  • Studa Baker
    Studa Baker Month ago

    Zach Efflin gave up 9 runs in his Phillies debut. Sadly, he's still pitching and he hasn't gotten any better.

    • Mantis Toboggan
      Mantis Toboggan Month ago

      At least Eflin is decent this year, with a 3.08 era in 11 starts. Eflin's career era is also much better (4.68 vs 6.94.) Hell, Mayers makes Eflin look like Tom Seaver in comparison

  • Cameron Padron
    Cameron Padron Month ago

    How is this the worst MLB Debut? Matt Boyd gave up 7 and didn't record an out before being pulled in the 1st for Toronto. That is the literal worst start ever.

  • ME Productions
    ME Productions Month ago

    I watched the game live

  • Jose Vega
    Jose Vega Month ago

    Great story. One suggestion...There's no need for the profanity in your video and it would be viewable by a much larger audience without it. Good luck!

  • Tree
    Tree Month ago

    You should go work for CNN...

  • Derrick Fritter
    Derrick Fritter Month ago

    1k coment

  • HonduDan
    HonduDan Month ago +2

    Haaaaa, just watched Keller give up a grand slam against the Reds while WATCHING THIS VIDEO. Keller is debuting for the Pirates and the Reds rang his damn bell in the first, he have up 6. He may be a contender. Date 5-17-19.

  • Owen Fryns
    Owen Fryns Month ago

    B U M P U S J O N E S

  • SFC Turner
    SFC Turner Month ago

    lets be honest,none of us could pitch better than Mayers

    • SFC Turner
      SFC Turner Month ago

      @mastersnake42 you to

    • mastersnake42
      mastersnake42 Month ago

      @SFC Turner Good luck in your future endeavors.

    • SFC Turner
      SFC Turner Month ago

      @mastersnake42 same, i'm glad we got to talk.

    • mastersnake42
      mastersnake42 Month ago

      @SFC Turner What a fun interaction this has been. Definitely glad I commented.

    • SFC Turner
      SFC Turner Month ago

      @mastersnake42 ok

  • Nick Trelow
    Nick Trelow Month ago

    I was at this game...

  • Mal Cowie
    Mal Cowie Month ago

    0:40 *MiZooRai*

  • Johnny Depth
    Johnny Depth Month ago

    "Heitmann did manage to record one out." Why does it say that?

  • Olivia Kase
    Olivia Kase Month ago

    That was a really good quality video nice job

  • Connor Sayre
    Connor Sayre Month ago

    Mike Mayer’s is from the same city I live in and he talked at our school

  • 420FISHERMAN 420
    420FISHERMAN 420 Month ago


  • Ryan Monke
    Ryan Monke 2 months ago

    Talk about Trevor roosenthal

  • Quetron
    Quetron 2 months ago

    I actually take pitching lessons from mike.... after I saw this happen I went to catching, never to return again

  • Robby Atwood
    Robby Atwood 2 months ago

    That’s just rotten luck mostly. Couple ground balls that barely snuck through and some big hits on balls mostly out of the zone

  • Ramon Leclerc
    Ramon Leclerc 2 months ago

    What about Rick Ankil

  • SugaristSnake0
    SugaristSnake0 2 months ago

    Frank worm

  • Desekrated
    Desekrated 2 months ago

    I remember watching this on vacation in Florida lol. I felt so bad for this guy

  • Drew Hawkins
    Drew Hawkins 2 months ago +1

    The cardinals recently had a guy go in for his debut against Christian yelich with two runners on base and yelich homered off him. What a debut

  • bLaCjAcK Daniels
    bLaCjAcK Daniels 2 months ago

    i mean not for nothing, but the centerfielder didn’t exactly break his ass trying to get that first hit before dropping, that second hit was a joke little trickler down the third-base line. It was more embarrassing for the hitter than the pitcher. Plenty of people have given up a homerun to Adrian Gonzalez. It was a six run inning but it was really just bad luck and a couple of hits. If my amateur career meant anything, I would have blown this guy away with the worst inning, unfortunately LOL

  • YaBoiDOESsnipesYT
    YaBoiDOESsnipesYT 2 months ago

    The way he pronounces Missouri 0:40

  • Legendz Gaming
    Legendz Gaming 2 months ago

    His dad looks pissed lmao

  • MarsSZN
    MarsSZN 2 months ago

    His fielders didnt do that well tho sad

  • Andrew Esterline
    Andrew Esterline 2 months ago

    Played football with Mike in high school. I remember our freshman year he broke his collarbone in the middle of the season.

  • Chicken 33
    Chicken 33 2 months ago

    You said Saint Louis so fricking wrong

  • Collin McKinley
    Collin McKinley 2 months ago

    How in the hell are you gonna tell me that you pronounce that crap like that

  • Bobby Trill
    Bobby Trill 2 months ago

    Feel bad for the guy. Feel good that it happened to a Cardinal

  • 15 DurangoRT
    15 DurangoRT 2 months ago

    You yak waaaay too much!!!!