The Best Telescope for BEGINNERS (Visual Astronomy)

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • The Best Telescope for Beginners:
    Buying your first astronomy telescope is a step towards a new level of appreciation for the night sky.
    Almost 8 years ago, I bought my first telescope - a Dobsonian reflector - just like this one (just smaller). The experiences I had with this telescope early on propelled my love for astronomy.
    I believe that an 8-inch Dob, like the one featured in this video (Apertura AD8), is the best telescope a beginner could start with.
    Order the Apertura AD8:
    Learn More:
    Optical Design: Newtonian Reflector
    Focal Length: 1200mm
    Aperture: 8 Inches
    Focal Ratio: F/5.9
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  • BigTinkerer
    BigTinkerer 2 hours ago kidding. Good Job. Keep up the good work, clear sky's!

  • Jamy Chong
    Jamy Chong Day ago

    I waited for 17mins to see a picture of a couple with their dog😐

    XPFTP 4 days ago

    thats funny.. son and i did the same with cell phone.. on a celestron newt. 127.. hahhaha then a 12inch zhumell dob. then 9.25sct and 8 sct.. now i run a 80 OEDAPO cam and all the fun stuff with it..dude was u gonna cry? hahhaha cool vids tho for sure. i watch a lot of urs. dreamin someday zwo send me a scope hahhah ihave the older 20mm eps.. man i love them..

  • jose merced
    jose merced 6 days ago +1

    How Much!?

  • Frambhueee
    Frambhueee 11 days ago

    How it looks the sirius star through your telescope?

  • vracan
    vracan 11 days ago

    I rented a 6in skywatcher dobsonian and found it a pain in the arse with that constant nudging to keep planet in the eyepiece. I was trying to show my gf jupiter but by the time we switched places so she can look into the eyepiece, it was no longer visible for her. She lost her patience and never got to see it properly.

  • knight wrothgar
    knight wrothgar 11 days ago

    What if someone wanted to get this scope, but doesn't know much about astronomy as in where to look or what I'm looking at? Is there a book recommendation for beginners? New subscriber btw loving the content so far :)

    • vracan
      vracan 11 days ago

      'turn left at orion "

  • Johnny Dundulis
    Johnny Dundulis 12 days ago +2

    I had my first telescope on my birthday 👍 it was simple I had a tripod and other stuff I used a rod and a metal plate so I can see sun spots too really appreciate the universe we live in

  • Peter Zinn
    Peter Zinn 13 days ago

    Lovely telescope. I'm sure very expensive.

  • Tyboy4U
    Tyboy4U 13 days ago +1

    Well done review and explanation. Bravo. The Skywatcher 8" was my first scope on an equatorial mount. I do regret selling it and long for the views I saw with it. For 14 yrs I've been using a Meade 10" LX200R as I got into Astrophotography. That phase has passed. After seeing this vid..... I am going to purchase another Dob with same mount as reviewed. Cheers and keep lookin up.

  • Fly Man
    Fly Man 13 days ago

    I watched this video a few times and was convinced by Trevor that an 8" dob was a perfect fit. However, AD8 was back ordered and so was the Zhumell Z8. Searched surrounding states and found the Z8 for $275. The guy that I bought it from from was very kind. He brought a 4" Bushnell go-to telescope and asked me if I wanted that too! Both in mint condition. Bought a couple of new wide FOV eyepieces from Gary at Russell Optics and headed to my local Observation park. I viewed Saturn, Jupiter, the Lagoon Nebula and finally the Andromeda galaxy...what a night. Love the 8" dobsonian and now planning my targets weekly. I agree the 8" size is as big as I can transport on a regular basis. Thanks for the inspiration Trevor!

  • Adam F
    Adam F 14 days ago

    Haha dude almost cried at the end he loves telescopes so much. That's awesome.

  • Zeta Crucis
    Zeta Crucis 14 days ago

    yeah 100% agree that the 8" dob is the ideal GP scope... third bowl of porridge. EPs and some of the accessories though I'm not so enthusiastic about; eg 30mm SV is a bit crappy in an f/6 Newt, laser collimators (except for super expensive ones) are also kinda crappy (Cheshire is much more reliable).

  • By-tor
    By-tor 15 days ago

    Very nice. Does anyone make camera mounts for that telescope?

  • Cheese Y
    Cheese Y 16 days ago

    You made me start saving money for this thing, starting today :) I'll keep you guys updated. Have never tried a telescope btw but I love sitting outside at night time looking at the moon and the stars for a while :) Thank you

  • jmar1371
    jmar1371 19 days ago +2

    One of our members bought a Meade 8" Dob at a garage sale for $30, because the person that sold it "couldn't get it to work."
    He brought it to a meeting, and we collimated it.
    Excellent scope. $30 and five minutes with a laser.
    Oh... To be in the right place at the right time.

  • Steve Cool
    Steve Cool 22 days ago +1

    Can’t seem to find this telescope in the uk, is there another brand you would say equals this?

    • Shaman 966
      Shaman 966 21 day ago +1

      Was just thinking the same, Orion xt8 looks pretty much the same. Trying to decide between the slightly more portable xt6 or the xt8

    • David Harle
      David Harle 21 day ago +2

      Looks similar to a 8" Dobsonian Skywatcher.

  • Salty Steve1989
    Salty Steve1989 24 days ago

    That thing is amazing.

  • Tchiarito
    Tchiarito 25 days ago +2

    Ok, you're enthusiasm and sincerity sold me, just ordered it!

  • Sir James the Astronromer

    Now your faking your Video, Exept for the Telescope

  • Leo Mazerall III
    Leo Mazerall III 26 days ago

    Dog, at the end; Not. Impressed.

  • nicole hernandez
    nicole hernandez 26 days ago

    Really want one but everyone’s telling me not to get one.. that it’s fake and not important🙄

  • Efstathios Dimopoulos

    It's a rebadged SkyWatcher Skyliner 200p (1200 mm focal length, 203 mm aperture). First upgrade I would suggest an eq mount

    CONCEPT Month ago

    Be nice to see what the fuck it looks like threw the lens wtf??

  • Michael Snedden
    Michael Snedden Month ago

    Very informative on what to use at the right time. I'm subscribing

  • John A
    John A Month ago

    I always thought that the finder scope on a refractor should be near the objective lens so you are able to look through it easily.

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg Month ago

    the dobsonian refers to the swivel mount, the telescope is a newtonian on a swivel

  • Vincent DeFlorio
    Vincent DeFlorio Month ago

    Can you see deep space with this scope like nebulas and other galaxies clearly? Or will it just be light spots in the sky

    • John A
      John A Month ago

      Galaxies will be dim, but just knowing what you're looking at is amazing.

  • Mike Skor
    Mike Skor Month ago

    I bought a 10 inch Dobsonian as my first telescope and I would not recommend it. It was heavy to lug around, needed constant collimation and was frustrating to point at anything. An 8 inch wouldn't be much better. If you can afford it, I would recommend a 9.25 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain on a motorized mount. Rarely needs collimation and much easier to point at objects of interest.

  • PafMedic
    PafMedic Month ago

    People Are Idiots..Just Ignore Them,Im 50 Now,and Have Own Scopes Since I Was 10,A Passion My Father and I Shared..Wished I Could Afford a Scope Like That,But Im Enjoying The Heck Out Of My Celestron Nexstar 6SE,

  • Jeny Thorium
    Jeny Thorium Month ago

    flat earthers are liars.

  • 383lt1impala
    383lt1impala Month ago

    Been hooked on your videos. I like this view and unit. Can you make a video on tips on how to look for objects manually?

  • ReeWray Outdoors
    ReeWray Outdoors Month ago

    I had a Meade SC 4" a long time ago and have always wanted to get back into it more seriously, but can never seem to pull the trigger on it. But your passion for this activity is truly infectious and so I think I'm going to have to stop procrastinating and just do it. Thanks for taking the time to do these videos!

  • tatters314
    tatters314 Month ago

    I agree the dob is great if you have a backyard and a garage. If you live in an apartment, then a small refractor on an alt-alz mount is ideal (with slow motion knobs and not so fast (greater than F8).

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith Month ago

    Excellent guide! I've just subscribed. Is the lack of slow motion controls a problem? Do the objects drift out of view quite quickly? I used to own an 8" SCT with a RA driven equatorial mount, which meant I could have a good long stare at faint objects - especially when trying to see more detail in the Orion Nebula!

  • pipe-organ
    pipe-organ Month ago

    Hi hope you can help. I have a skywatcher 10 inch collapsible and a hotech laser collimator. I first adjusted the secondary so the laser disappears inside the donut in the center of the primary. Then center the primary so the laser dot is centered in the grid on the collimator. BUT when I then go back the laser dot reflecting on the primary mirror is no longer in the center of the dounut, it is on the edge of the donut. When I observed my airys disc seemed centered, but the scope stars just did not focus cleanly. Is there something I am doing wrong? Thx

  • jack002tuber
    jack002tuber Month ago

    So I click the link for this telescope, backordered! LOL. Neat video. You captured the information and the excitement of the hobby well. My left and right brain are tingling equally.

  • Adam Forest
    Adam Forest Month ago

    Its 459$ thats a good price

  • Loggy S
    Loggy S Month ago

    You sure you not trying to sell it to me 🤔
    On a serious note tho... I think it's great that telescopes can zoom in to a planet 300 million miles away😉

    • Issac17
      Issac17 Month ago

      Not zoom, high magnification like 300x makes the object look 300 times closer.

  • JVG Mesleh
    JVG Mesleh Month ago

    It’s nice looking at what god created

  • Chris OConnor
    Chris OConnor Month ago

    Can you see rover tracks or the flag on the moon's surface?

  • Donna Stokes
    Donna Stokes Month ago

    where do I purchase the aperture AD 8 dobsonian reflector

  • Patrick McMullen
    Patrick McMullen Month ago

    I got out my Coulter Dobsonian past weekend to show my Son's girlfriend Jupiter and M13. She really was amazed. I hope to bring it out again soon to show her Saturn and a few other things. I haven't used it in about 3 years. It really is cool to see a planet in REAL time!

  • wesley donnelly
    wesley donnelly Month ago

    Trevor your Dog Rudi is adorable! He's so laid back and when you stroke him and hug him/show him love, it's heart melting to watch. I'm a huge animal lover, so whenever i see people looking after and loving there pets ( Members of their Family ) it makes me so happy. Thank you for being such a great Daddy to Rudi. God Bless You, Wife, Rudi and Family Sir.

  • MJ Pranks
    MJ Pranks Month ago

    Love it! Very inspiring. I watched one of your videos before the Lana eclipse and had look through a small 6inch and it was amazing I'm totally hooked now, Are you on any other social media??
    I'm after a Skywatcher donsonian 200mm/1200mm and looking to get other accessories what would you recommend?

  • K Raptor
    K Raptor Month ago

    I bought a orion xt8. Was it a good idea?

    • HDono
      HDono Month ago

      K Raptor YES!!!! It’s really good for beginners

  • Model RC
    Model RC Month ago +5

    USE SKYVIEW!! it allows you to skip those sky charts and everything. All you do is point your phone at the sky and it shows all the planets, stars, nebulae, and even spent rocket boosters!

  • St8kout
    St8kout Month ago

    I suggest starting with something you can add a tracking motor to, because it can become maddening trying to manually track something as it flies across the viewfinder. You be like, "Hold still, I'm trying to focus."

  • Apollyon 1975
    Apollyon 1975 2 months ago

    What's "non visual" astronomy?

    • Issac17
      Issac17 Month ago

      Astrophotography. It's a type of photography that uses long exposures to see faint details from nebulas and galaxies.

  • Robert Nazarov
    Robert Nazarov 2 months ago

    How would you compare the ad8 to the one sky 130 made by astronomers without borders?

  • K Raptor
    K Raptor 2 months ago +1

    its a bit expensive to be for beginners

    • Issac17
      Issac17 Month ago

      This hobby is not cheap so $450 for 8 inch is really good.

    • Nate Dougherty
      Nate Dougherty Month ago

      well more serious beginners i guess

  • sparc
    sparc 2 months ago +2

    Thank so kindly for this video. Because of you i now have my ad8 on the way from scientific.
    Im looking for a way to record footage of the moon up close. Can you or anyone here point me out on what things I'll need? I was thinking a neximage 5 or svbony camera. Then i see others use a dslr camera. Id like to go that route but should i?

    • sparc
      sparc Month ago

      @bigd7481 you're right. Thank you

    • bigd7481
      bigd7481 Month ago +1

      @sparc There is no zoom. The eye pieces provide the "zoom" but you don't use them when using a web cam. Even the handycam zoom won't be useful. What you'll need is a Barlow lens for a zoomed in view. The magnification is up to you but I'd suggest a 2x or 3x to start.

    • sparc
      sparc Month ago

      @bigd7481 but how far will a webcam be able to zoom? Does it zoom further than a digital camcorder?

    • bigd7481
      bigd7481 Month ago

      @sparc That's what is great about web cams, you ARE taking video which you can pull stills from if you want. Best of both worlds.

    • sparc
      sparc Month ago

      @UC0AFUj9rOq5HMSJsaiV2DSw thank you. Im looking for video footage as opposed to still images. I was thinking of using my sony handycam for projection image since i cant do prime focus (due to lens on camera)

    GO RANGERS ! 2 months ago +1

    i could use some help.
    i would like to find a telescope name and model that will be able to see the orion space craft on the moon in five years.
    do you feel like your telescope can allow you to see the space craft while on the moon and orbiting ?
    im new to astronomy, have never purchased a telescope, would appreciate any helpful information and opinions.
    thank you.
    Tommy @ TX

    • GO RANGERS !
      GO RANGERS ! 2 months ago

      @Orbital Ape
      thank you. Orbital Ape.
      very cooly user name. lol

      im disappointed but glad that i asked.
      its going to take some time but i am trying to convince my wife that purchasing a nice telescope is a great idea.
      we could spend time studying astronomy with our grand daughters who seem bored at our house.
      thank you for helping me understand more about telescopes.

    • Orbital Ape
      Orbital Ape 2 months ago +1

      Hey Tommy! Unfortunately, due to the limitations of telescopes, and the Earth's atmosphere, it's pretty much impossible to see distinct objects the size of space craft either on or orbiting the moon. They simply aren't large or bright enough. You can certainly get a decent look at the International Space Station though if your timing is very good!

  • Pedro Gonzalez
    Pedro Gonzalez 2 months ago

    I have a question please help. When I look throw the eye piece I see blurry but once I remove the eye piece and I look inside the focuser I can see the moon pretty clear. I have a celestron astronaster 114 what I’m I doing wrong.

    • Issac17
      Issac17 Month ago

      @Pedro Gonzalez collimate?

    • Pedro Gonzalez
      Pedro Gonzalez Month ago

      I have and nothing

    • Orbital Ape
      Orbital Ape 2 months ago

      Hey Pedro, have you tried adjusting the focus?

  • UnderBridge Rock
    UnderBridge Rock 2 months ago

    I was thinking more like a 10" or 12". I have a truck and am fairly strong. I can't decide on tube vs truss though. The tube dobs are certainly priced right.

    • Orbital Ape
      Orbital Ape 2 months ago

      Either one will be an AWESOME telescope for amateur astronomy, but always remember- the best telescope is the one you USE. If they're big and unwieldy to transport and set up, you're likely to transport and set them up less often. I have a variety of telescopes big and small, and I almost always grab for one of my smaller, easier to manage scopes when I'm heading out to do some stargazing. Just a perspective to consider, best of luck!! :)

  • Jose Mendez
    Jose Mendez 2 months ago +2

    Do you see the shooting star ore something when flying down at the 12:29 after you say a bout mars at the left side top side you will see it look at it and let me know

  • Craig Barnes
    Craig Barnes 2 months ago


  • Craig Barnes
    Craig Barnes 2 months ago

    I didn’t have to adjust mine and you won’t u less it’s way off !

  • ATXTube
    ATXTube 2 months ago

    I don't believe you! Fake news! Fake news! Hillary's emails! Whoops sorry I was having a Trumptard moment

  • solidvid 1
    solidvid 1 2 months ago

    Shooting star? 17:16