Pen Circle Traps Ant (But How?)


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  • newby bast
    newby bast 2 часа назад

    I thought it was a chemical too.

  • Andres Peralta
    Andres Peralta 3 часа назад +1

    you know what you can do,make a maze,and see if the insect is smart .

  • Mlg Savage
    Mlg Savage 4 часа назад

    Insect abuse

  • temmie rawr
    temmie rawr 5 часов назад

    Arachnophobia here, Im not gonna chase a spider

  • Tony England
    Tony England 5 часов назад

    The ink covered the chemical trail it leaves behind

  • Spork Spork
    Spork Spork 5 часов назад

    It is a toxin in the ink

  • Pugman
    Pugman 6 часов назад

    Did anyone at first glance think the ant was a cats face

  • Leah Grace
    Leah Grace 6 часов назад +1


  • Moonlighting is dumb
    Moonlighting is dumb 7 часов назад

    the ant is spongebob and he is in a sea bear circle and he doesn't want to leave the circle because there are sea bears all around him

  • J.L. Howard
    J.L. Howard 7 часов назад

    its both

  • Mahli Gonzalez
    Mahli Gonzalez 7 часов назад

    I used to do this when I was little 😂

  • pinkwin 101
    pinkwin 101 9 часов назад

    The thumnail look like a cats face to me

  • Fan_ 117
    Fan_ 117 9 часов назад

    Cause it thinks it’s playing fortnite

  • Destiny Quiles
    Destiny Quiles 10 часов назад


  • Hidden Light
    Hidden Light 10 часов назад

    ants travel through smell. Perhaps the smell of the pen smells like the pherimores of other ants or enemies, so they avoid it.

  • Sharon Letka
    Sharon Letka 10 часов назад

    I would make a maze and make the ant go in and find its way out😂😂(sorry)

  • leah pollittYT
    leah pollittYT 10 часов назад

    it's funny

  • Gustavo Guillen
    Gustavo Guillen 11 часов назад


  • Zeyad981
    Zeyad981 11 часов назад

    What about writing a maze with a pen for ants

  • Technical_mistake
    Technical_mistake 11 часов назад

    i hug the bell and i sub and like

  • Taylor Van Wyngaarden
    Taylor Van Wyngaarden 11 часов назад

    I used to doo this all the time with chalk

  • Daylon Owens
    Daylon Owens 13 часов назад

    Bees can fly

  • dr ruby
    dr ruby 13 часов назад

    just when i thought i could trap my biggest fear... he said it doesn't work always

  • AngryToast101 jmn
    AngryToast101 jmn 17 часов назад

    I used a permanent marker and it stopped the ant

  • Rhea Melissa Arinsol
    Rhea Melissa Arinsol 21 час назад

    Oh wait nvm

  • ᏟᏒᎬᎪᎢᏫᎡ plays
    ᏟᏒᎬᎪᎢᏫᎡ plays 21 час назад

    i dont like spiders so

  • Rhea Melissa Arinsol
    Rhea Melissa Arinsol 21 час назад

    I tried this on an ant it worked

  • omgeileen
    omgeileen 22 часа назад


  • Theonlygamer Theory
    Theonlygamer Theory 22 часа назад

    Nope ur reason is wrong

  • HaS Vlogs
    HaS Vlogs 22 часа назад

    I tried it and like a savage the ant went through

  • Aussie Em
    Aussie Em 23 часа назад

    So basically just *if you see a massive spider, draw a circle around it with a pen and you're ok* ... *or any other insect*

  • Pac Attack
    Pac Attack День назад

    How does this get on trending

  • the halo life fn hoes
    the halo life fn hoes День назад

    Draw a maze and make a vid

  • Adalia and Esh
    Adalia and Esh День назад

    I tried it and.....

    It didn't work....😨😨😨

    And the ant bit me😰😰😰

  • Lmaomaggie
    Lmaomaggie День назад

    Pretty sure the ink drys and they come through

  • Uganda Knuckles
    Uganda Knuckles День назад

    It's trapped because the ant thinks it's water and ants can't swim.

  • Excalibur
    Excalibur День назад

    When you believe in flat earth..
    N all your ppl is round earth believer

  • Wolf Gaming
    Wolf Gaming День назад


  • Honey Vega
    Honey Vega День назад

    A spider is not a insect.. It's a aranict

  • Aaron Murai
    Aaron Murai День назад

    You can make a maze

  • Marissa Guzman
    Marissa Guzman День назад


  • kyle doodoohead
    kyle doodoohead День назад

    Dam your eyebrows are so precious 👀

  • Xxsavage_ SenpiexX
    Xxsavage_ SenpiexX День назад

    Please don’t show pictures of spiders I freaking flinch every time

  • Chunky peanut ;-;
    Chunky peanut ;-; День назад

    Waaaaaaaaa I feel bad

  • Sofie's Zone
    Sofie's Zone День назад

    I did this with chalk

  • PandaZ 01
    PandaZ 01 День назад


  • aryamah zargar
    aryamah zargar День назад

    Also, spiders aren't insects. They have eight legs! 😑

  • aryamah zargar
    aryamah zargar День назад

    Ok first of all, this ant is not a he, it’s a she. Male ants never go outside the nest. All the workers are females.

  • i cant think of a name
    i cant think of a name День назад

    Make a maze ahhh

    DE DOGE QUEEN День назад

    Is this like salt or something like that...

  • Lilly Gomez
    Lilly Gomez День назад +1

    It's FUNNY

  • Gabrielle Jackson
    Gabrielle Jackson День назад

    *Evily* now I can trap and *KILL* ants! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....

    20 minuets later


  • htm&gaming 103
    htm&gaming 103 День назад

    The trick works because ants only see 2D

  • Crissachu Pikachu
    Crissachu Pikachu День назад


  • Speregaming 12
    Speregaming 12 День назад +1

    Anyone else think that the thumnail kinda looks like a derpy cat face?

  • Georgina Cross
    Georgina Cross День назад

    Animal cruelty

  • ShimmerShimeon VaporeonLPS
    ShimmerShimeon VaporeonLPS День назад

    aka how to torture bugs XD

  • Floral Wengie
    Floral Wengie День назад

    Poor insects 😟

  • amy vs shadow
    amy vs shadow День назад

    Ants are smarter than spiders👓👓👓

  • crocoman723 the croc
    crocoman723 the croc День назад


  • coolwolf explorer
    coolwolf explorer День назад

    I think it is funny

  • Rain Justin Ancheta
    Rain Justin Ancheta День назад

    Cool im gonna do it in the ants in our home they keep eating our food now its time

  • Garrison Riedl
    Garrison Riedl День назад


  • Akileg _roblox
    Akileg _roblox День назад

    The ink does something to the ant and acts like a poison

  • alyssa :3
    alyssa :3 День назад

    Well now I know what to do next time I see a little ant or spider on my homework!

  • Ginnie Rose
    Ginnie Rose День назад

    Answering the title: The pen has some toxic stuff to ants
    Watching the video: CORRECT

  • Coolbrine moose
    Coolbrine moose День назад

    Maybe the smell

    BHASKAR PATEL День назад

    It's because of liquid ink

  • Savage Gamers
    Savage Gamers День назад

    Smell of ink??

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn День назад

    Lol it’s so funny

  • Jacob Yukon
    Jacob Yukon День назад

    if that was me i would feel tourtre

  • Potato squad Squish Potato
    Potato squad Squish Potato День назад


  • Cutie pie
    Cutie pie День назад

    😰😰😰 OMG 😂😂😂

  • Zinc The Roborovski
    Zinc The Roborovski День назад

    *Y O U C A L L E D A S P I D E R A N I N S E C T* triggered

  • Ayden Mccorvey
    Ayden Mccorvey День назад

    That's like me in my room when I'm grounded.

  • Stephen Chrysler
    Stephen Chrysler День назад

    Oh god its fortnite all over again

  • Zahlz 26
    Zahlz 26 День назад

    When u said spider and had that picture I was *NOOOOOOOO NOPE NOPE NO NOPPPEEE*

  • Sout Trinity Gaming
    Sout Trinity Gaming День назад

    Mikey Bustos wants to *KNOW YOUR LOCATION*

  • Evan Hammons
    Evan Hammons День назад +1


  • Darksiosa 1200
    Darksiosa 1200 День назад

    That's not a spider! That's a flee of a dog! GROSS!!!

  • emerald castle
    emerald castle День назад


  • David Hoffman
    David Hoffman День назад

    Instructions unclear. Got penis stuck in circle. Then tried with house fly. Fly gave zero fucks.

  • Obese European
    Obese European День назад

    Ants aren't animals so calm down. They don't feel.

  • Acern
    Acern День назад

    A spider is not in fact not an insect

  • Blueteam 20001
    Blueteam 20001 День назад


  • Celeste Tracy
    Celeste Tracy День назад

    What if you draw a maze ? Can the insect escape?

  • Dj2kO3
    Dj2kO3 День назад +1

    Slitherio in a nutshell

  • Jedy Rhodes
    Jedy Rhodes День назад

    i trapped the ant

  • ZIKEYY •
    ZIKEYY • День назад

    I did this with ants when i was a kid lol.

  • Tarik Dzafic
    Tarik Dzafic День назад


  • nathanvelarde xd
    nathanvelarde xd День назад

    Because its liquid

  • Açaí YouTube
    Açaí YouTube 2 дня назад

    If there is a bug in my room at night I don’t care if it goes insane, I am trapping it for as long as possible

  • dom abat
    dom abat 2 дня назад

    The guy made a winky face while trapping the spider

    MYSTIC BACON //TDM 2 дня назад

    The thing is im afraid of spiders

    ImDaNINJA GAMING! 2 дня назад


  • UnBolting Mass1154
    UnBolting Mass1154 2 дня назад

    maybe its because too much fornite and he is trying to stay on the cirle cuz the storm is coming

  • Kitsunè
    Kitsunè 2 дня назад

    What if the last ant was the same one from the video that went viral... *Mind Blown*

  • Blue Legends
    Blue Legends 2 дня назад

    this did not work

  • Zeth Dela Pena
    Zeth Dela Pena 2 дня назад

    Because of the smell?

  • Adrian Lok
    Adrian Lok 2 дня назад

    Fortnite in a nutshell