Collab Kit & Progressive Coil Shocks | GMBN Tech Show Ep. 101

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • In the #GMBNTechShow this week we're looking at the new Cotic Flaremax with revised geometry and some unreal new colours! The tech news is full of titanium drinking straws, gravel bikes and the new progressive springs from Cane Creek. If you could, would you get an upgrade link such as the one for the Santa Cruz Megatower on offer from Cascade in order to make your bike into a 180mm 29er!?
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Comments • 103

  • GMBN Tech
    GMBN Tech  Month ago +4

    Are you asking Santa for a Titanium drinking straw this year? Let us know 👇

    • dicksplatts007
      dicksplatts007 Month ago

      About the parts wash. I once went into a car garage and the parts wash was a foot pump from a caravan and sink, the whole unit was taken straight out a caravan and mounted on a pallet with the little foot pump and a 20l barrel for fluid

    • ZeroSeriesMMX
      ZeroSeriesMMX Month ago

      Not really a drinking straw man (whether sport drinks, coffee/tea or anything else), but if there were proper isothermal sports water bottles primarily made out of clean scarp titanium, then I hope Santa would be on the case. 😎

  • CrazyTrain RC
    CrazyTrain RC 18 days ago

    Titanium straw sale like crazy in Washington State since plastic straws are illegal to use in Seattle that comes with a $80 fine.

  • William Vangorden
    William Vangorden Month ago

    It's like saying let's go back to rim brakes. And let's make the new bikes with rim, brakes that's how I feel about this one by set up...

  • William Vangorden
    William Vangorden Month ago

    The current status on drivetrain is not a good idea....

  • William Vangorden
    William Vangorden Month ago

    What is practical is the disc brake. And better suspension. And 3× set up. For making a stronger Rider. It's just make sense. I like to have options. I don't like the idea of going through the gears fast and be limited NOT A Good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harringtons Heritage

    Hi, could the pair of you make a cleaning machine yourself ? Kitchen basin and a pump, old bike frames for legs 😂 I would find that a hack. 😀

  • JoshHefnerX
    JoshHefnerX Month ago +1

    I nerd out on the rear suspension designs. Motorcycles are going more towards linkage front systems every generation, I think MTB's will follow suit, but cyclists are generally slow adopters. But I'd love to see it.

  • Will Hoon For Food
    Will Hoon For Food Month ago

    Just bought a used Trust Message and I really do hope linkage forks take off because they're fantastic!

  • Andrew Gong
    Andrew Gong Month ago

    Why does some Shimano brake rotor say reason only???

  • Helicase21
    Helicase21 Month ago

    interesting to see the split in GMBN about whether GCN is right that gravel bikes are more fun on normal/simple trails because too many people are overbiked these days.

  • Jamie Ross
    Jamie Ross Month ago

    #AskGMBNTech I’ve just bought a brand new Marin B-17 that’s come with Vee Tire Crown Gem and I really don’t enjoy riding with them. Any advice on tyres to try? Mostly spend time between Glentress/Innerleithen/Local Cycleways.

  • Semen Sh.
    Semen Sh. Month ago

    #askgmbntech do a video on how to prepare a bike for a winter with temperatures down to -30°C

  • Mat Buxton
    Mat Buxton Month ago

    I've a gravel bike as well. I don't have decent mountain bike trails near me, so I ride road most of the time. The gravel bike is my answer to having fun on crappy trails. It can eat road miles almost as well but won't explode as soon as it hits some mud. It's like having a retro mountain bike, but not crap. The gears work well, the brakes are great, it's light and it can make anything off road interesting. My road riding friend who kindly plans most of our longer rides always ends up accidentally getting us going through gravel paths. So, while he wobbles along on 23mm slicks, I ride back and forth going "weeeeeeeeeeeee" like an idiot.

  • It's Freddie, Not Freddy

    Philippines has a lot of local brands that look good and feel good on your bike. I strongly recommend you guys should go visit the Philippines.

  • spukhafte Fernwirkung

    Was there a bit of 'cheeky' wind blowing through the shed at 21:40? Me thinks so.

  • spukhafte Fernwirkung

    Dudes, you MUST go to the Philippines. Huge bike scene. 1000s out on the roads and trails every weekend. Wicked climbs, wicked descents. Stunning scenery. Wonderful people. Hot as balls though!

  • ZeroSeriesMMX
    ZeroSeriesMMX Month ago +1

    Make #RetroHenry happen!!! 🤘

  • ZeroSeriesMMX
    ZeroSeriesMMX Month ago

    Hell yeah, come over. 😁 You might have a welcoming committee larger than you may have expected, though. 😂 GMBN fanboys/fangirls over here may sometimes come in packs, especially when hitting the trails.

    STONE HACKs Month ago

    Hi Doddy, love your shows and all the advice and tutorials.
    Is Shimano XT icetech disc rotors worth getting or will a normal 160 rotor work for daily commute generally urban environment on a XC bike? I'm thinking of upgrading my brakes to m8000s.
    Thanks and keep your vids coming!

    ANDY BUCHER Month ago

    Henry, what do you mean cat or hat? It is both......

  • aasou
    aasou Month ago

    These two have to be on the spectrum 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

  • Lars Borgman
    Lars Borgman Month ago

  • Lars Borgman
    Lars Borgman Month ago

  • Xander Saliba
    Xander Saliba Month ago

    I am asking Santa for a giant reign

  • That DAVE Guy!
    That DAVE Guy! Month ago +2

    #askgmbntech Advice please! What is the best way to improve your brake capability vs cost? Better quality disc? Bigger disc? Better pads? Better complete brake kit? The 160mm on my 2019 cannondale cujo 2 isn't quite cutting it. Thanks 😁

  • Alex Brinnen
    Alex Brinnen Month ago

    I also hada Raleigh Dyna Tech Torus XT and also bought it from a memeber of staff at Fleet cycles!!! Loved that bike....I ended up putting a PAce fork on the front but always regret selling the XLite fork !

  • Nicholas Allton
    Nicholas Allton Month ago

    #askGMBNTECH. Hi guys, I have a 2015 gt sensor elite with a seat post diameter 34.9 mm and I’m struggling to find a dropper post of that size. Is it ok to fit a reducer shim with a dropper post? Also I need a new post clamp and can’t find one of them either. Any help would be much appreciated. Ps I only have a budget of around the £120 mark. Many thanks in advance 👍

  • Cristóbal Muñoz
    Cristóbal Muñoz Month ago

    Adems a good culture #bike's and customer products for the rider's bike's and a goods raress in the good program #gmbntechSohow bike 🗣️yyyaaa nice day from chile 🇨🇱🤘😀🤘.

  • Cristóbal Muñoz
    Cristóbal Muñoz Month ago

    A like yuor program Doddy and Henry 🗣️yyyaaa is very nice and a good motivation for the rider's bike's in my paid Chile guy's. Saluds of the Santig of Chile 🇨🇱 and tambi a the a guy's of the #GMBNShow🗣️yyyaaa 🤙🍀🚴

  • Larry Manuel
    Larry Manuel Month ago

    The part of a progressive spring where the coils are CLOSELY spaced is the softer part (lower spring rate). You can prove this by winding single-strand copper (or other soft metal) wire around a pencil. Make a 10cm long “spring” with 10 wraps and another with 20-30 wraps (or turns). Leave the coils on the pencils and just play around with compressing them.
    A coil spring is a torsion bar, wound into a helix. As the spring compresses, the wire twists. If the spring is Über lightweight, and high-performance, with (thin) wire coils spaced widely apart, it’s going to be super-expensive because the metallurgy of the wire has to be top notch to withstand that wicked torsion going on. Great show - I really appreciate your work.

  • Ricky Mills
    Ricky Mills Month ago

    Awesome! Thanks for featuring my (now old) Torus :)

  • Richard Long
    Richard Long Month ago

    #askgmbntech can I ask if you would recommend maybe using an ultrasonic bench top cleaner, or is it better to
    Just get stuck in with some good old fashioned elbow grease and degreaser? Thanks

  • Arnel Gacusan
    Arnel Gacusan Month ago

    If you decide to come to Philipines kindly do it when im there coz now im at Saudi Arabia that would be around May 2020

  • Francis Ibay
    Francis Ibay Month ago

    Delicious foods here in the Philippines. Ride then eat hehe

  • lux
    lux Month ago

    Doddy keeps referencing his nukeproof as a benchmark for a big bike. Cute, but it ain't that big ;)

  • ruben conzales
    ruben conzales Month ago

    Cane creek helm: good idea, but not that great in practice.

  • Tomáš Straka
    Tomáš Straka Month ago +1

    can anyone explain to me, what is the point of buying a spring that has characteristics of an air suspension, instead of leaving that air sus on? :D

    • Tomáš Straka
      Tomáš Straka Month ago

      @Toffee Dan I just wanted to ask ppl here on their opinion :D

    • Toffee Dan
      Toffee Dan Month ago

      Tomáš Straka edit your comment and put #askgmbntech in it so they can see it

  • Head Over Bars
    Head Over Bars Month ago
    I guess they make one for everything now
    Well... I'm considering fitting my 2.8s with studs/screws for ice after doing a rather sick, 2 - wheels on the ground, 360 in the dark ( with only a minor dab and no crash) scared the bejezus outta me. But it's been done I'm sure... just no Ice Bikes from Nukeproof next year:(

  • Vince F
    Vince F Month ago

    23:11 From what I remember, that
    Pro-Flex was Hans Rey's weapon of choice, back in the day.

    • Vince F
      Vince F Month ago

      And if I'm not mistaken, that's a genuine Girvin Pro-Flex "front suspension stem" hanging on the wall behind.

  • Vince F
    Vince F Month ago

    The problem I see with a 180mm travel 29'r is the "bum-scraping-factor" while off the back of your seat. The steeper the drop, the more that factor comes into play.
    I get enough of that on my 150mm 29'r, and I can't say it's the most comfortable feeling. 😬

  • Arron Wilkinson
    Arron Wilkinson Month ago

    @askgmbntech I’m wanting to buy a full suspension bike with 170/180mm travel should I buy a 29er with fast rolling tyres or an ebike with very grippy tyres as I’m a very aggressive and a heavy rider

  • Rupert Wenn
    Rupert Wenn Month ago

    Cane creek fork....ur the only person I read who rates it...not done as well as RS/Fox or others in the fork tests in the mtb press

  • Sports Animated
    Sports Animated Month ago

    Hope you do come in the Philippines! The bike industry here is booming and with you coming over will inspire more people in mountain biking!!!

  • Darren Brush
    Darren Brush Month ago

    Great show once again guys.

  • Massimo Caradonna
    Massimo Caradonna Month ago

    The way Doddy looks into the camera.. cue creepy porn music

  • lordfarquaad
    lordfarquaad Month ago

    I daily ride a 180mm 27.5 yet to bottem it out glide over the toughest of trail

  • Nathanaelp Medina
    Nathanaelp Medina Month ago

    Heyy Guys Im from the Philippines you should come and try doing some long rides

  • Zagica
    Zagica Month ago +1

    I wanted to press dislike the second. Heard doddy announcing new gravel bike....but i am too nice of a guy todo it...

    • Zagica
      Zagica Month ago

      GMBN Tech totally understand. But even though, I can’t dislike videos because all of you guys. Always love the videos, keep it up with great content even though I don’t like gravel bikes or cyclocross, but love the other content!

    • GMBN Tech
      GMBN Tech  Month ago +1

      We understand they aren't for everyone. This one is one of the more gnarly off-road ones though!

  • XL XC
    XL XC Month ago +2

    Ha! More rouge editing please that tash was a classic.

  • purdoy25
    purdoy25 Month ago +1

    Hello from The Philippines!
    Ah yes we do have quite a healthy bike scene here. Most of the younger guys here just use budget setups ($500 for a bike already sounds outrageous to most people! 😅). Still good fun though. I just returned to biking this year after 10 years. On most days me and my friends treat our mountain bikes like all-purpose bikes such as commuters and tools for running errands (buy bread from the local bakeshop, etc 😆). On weekends we sometimes just venture out, go around town and maybe do some light trails, nothing crazy.

  • tarmacsurfers
    tarmacsurfers Month ago

    I hope giro offer those gloves in beige mmmmmm

    • GMBN Tech
      GMBN Tech  Month ago +1

      We have heard of people using horse riding gloves like that! 🐎

  • spencer moon
    spencer moon Month ago

    sorry henry but! EXACTLY JUST ABOUT THE SAME!!! eeeerrr

  • Andrew Collins
    Andrew Collins Month ago

    Yay my bike was featured !!! Love it

  • Bass Buster
    Bass Buster Month ago

    Loving the RC35's on the mine! Indifferent day today...not biking :(. Ps... them GT retro stickers will compliment my 92 GT bike ...hint hint's my bloody birthday after all!

  • Dave Williams
    Dave Williams Month ago +3

    21:41 Who farted? Doddy or Henry?

  • Robert Coates
    Robert Coates Month ago +8

    Why haven't progressive springs been used before now on bikes? Pretty much every car uses them.

    • GMBN Tech
      GMBN Tech  Month ago +1

      5th Element used to do them back in 2002. After that the next big brand to make them was MRP. Since then we have seen Race Only and Cane Creek bring to market. It will be interesting to see if some more options appear in the near future! 👍

    • PredatorDK
      PredatorDK Month ago +1

      You already know the answer: Because if there is no "new revolutionary product" every 6-12 months, people will just enjoy what they already have and keep riding it until it breaks...
      Btw, progressive springs have been used on motorcycles for decades as well.

  • Will Waguespack
    Will Waguespack Month ago

    4:50 a linear spring springs push back based on how they’re compressed ie 400 lb/in spring is gonna need 400lbs to compress it 1 inch and take 200 lb-in^2. Spring energy is 1/2kx^2 where I is the spring rate and x is the displacement

  • Flying Lap Productions

    If you have a 400 lb spring it takes 400 lbs to compress the spring 1 inch. That would be a much better and clear explanation rather than saying the spring stores 400 lb of energy...🤦‍♂️ Also, if anybody's going to get credit for bringing back coils, it's going to be Öhlins... oh and guess what Cane Creek has used Öhlins for a lot of their R&D 😉 one of the issues with Progressive coil springs is that usually the initial Force to compress the spring is too little. It's a tricky balance to find a dual rate spring without being too soft on the bottom and too hard on the top end of the stroke. Maybe this one will work who knows...🤷‍♂️

  • Matt Astill
    Matt Astill Month ago

    A warning to people wanting a Red Dwarf Cotic: Don't go for that colour if you think it's going to be like the show, because its not, in person it's a lot brighter, almost luminous verging on orange.

  • Rabbit Stu
    Rabbit Stu Month ago +2

    Energy? It’s force not energy. Sorry to be a pedant hehe.

    • NZLKevin88
      NZLKevin88 Month ago

      400lb of energy is 16306739662920 MJ (e=mc2)