10 Mysterious Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives

  • Published on Jun 16, 2018
  • 10 Mysterious Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives
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    The concept of reincarnation has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Many religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism, to name a few, believe that we are reincarnated after death.
    Now, while it is widely accepted that a reincarnated soul has no memory of its past life, there are some who believe that very young children may have access to some of those past memories. In fact, scientists who have studied the phenomenon found that 100% of cases occurred in young children. The average age of onset is between three and four years old.
    Whether or not you believe in reincarnation and past life exploration, this list of 10 kids who remember their past selves will still shock you; some of these children have detailed memories that actually match up with historical events. Often, they know things that such young children would never have reason to know, or even have had the chance to learn!
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    10) Shanti Devi;
    Born in Dehli, India, in 1926, Shanti Devi began to remember her previous life at age four. She told her parents that her real home was with her husband in Mathura, and even tried to run away to Mathura at the age of six.
    9) Cameron MaCauley;
    The case of Cameron MaCauley, a boy from Glasgow, saw him remembering his past life from the age of two. He stated that he had lived on Barra
    8) Chanai Choomalaiwong;
    Born in Thailand, Chanai began to tell his parents, at age three, that he had in fact been a teacher called Bua Kai and that he had been shot and killed as he rode his bike to school one day.
    7) James Leininger;
    James was born in 1998, and at the age of two, began to remember having a different life.
    6) Ryan;
    A boy from the Midwest, Ryan began having terrible nightmares at the age of four. When he turned five, he told his mother, Cyndi, that he “used to be someone else” and began begging her to take him home to Hollywood
    5) Chase Bowman;
    Chase Bowman is unique in that, if he actually remembered his past life, he never volunteered the information; it was discovered in a hypnotherapy session.
    4) The Pollock Twins;
    The case of the Pollock twins is a strange one, and no doubt their parents found it highly distressing…
    3) P.M;
    P.M was born 12 years after the death of his half-brother, give or take, and it was soon noticed that he had some strange and coincidental birthmarks.
    2) Anonymous;
    The boy in this story was just three years old in 2009, when he told his parents and doctors that he had once been someone else and knew where his grave was.
    1) Sam Taylor;
    And finally, there is the strange case of Sam Taylor, who seems to have been a reincarnation of his own grandfather! It sounds a bit complicated, for sure, but the evidence points that way!

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  • johnnymcblaze
    johnnymcblaze 51 minute ago

    Kids can also see things that most adults cannot. You know it's funny... They said six is about the age kids loose memories of past lives. That's also about the time they stop asking parents to check for monsters.

  • Frank Jordan
    Frank Jordan Hour ago

    Do you ever get the feeling that you've seen some one somewhere but you don't have that memory or that a certain thing has happened before but it's the first time you experience it in your entire life?

  • oshi hametuka
    oshi hametuka 17 hours ago

    how did the pollock twins die??

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith Day ago

    What if death is a dream

  • ItsJustMe007
    ItsJustMe007 Day ago +1

    I "knew" as if it were just common knowledge. Then as I grew older, the few I told made it sound like it was crazy so I just pushed it to the side.
    That along with memories from where I was BEFORE here. Not a past life, more of my "True Self", like another dimension. Here but not. It could all be a dream, but I remember having many dreams as a child. That one specific memory is the first memory I have and can recall about half a minute of it in good detail still to this day (never tried hypnotherapy, etc..).

  • fukthescrubs scrub
    fukthescrubs scrub 3 days ago

    It's like WoW when you die you just run back to your body and rez

  • Elias Bautista
    Elias Bautista 3 days ago

    In the Bible it states you go to heaven or hell when you die and become reincarnated in heaven as a different body not become reincarnated in earth again

    So I disagree with the video

    Not trying to be mean or offend anyone tho

  • malmsteen2002
    malmsteen2002 3 days ago

    I remembered I was an asshole in my past life. And now I am still an asshole.......

  • Joseph Landrut
    Joseph Landrut 3 days ago

    Reincarnation is only believed by people who believe we were created by an intelligence far beyond human understanding and as Society moves forward as we begin another life cycle we should remain steadfast in our effort to achieve perpetual life because every person will want to their contribution to society will take they closer to their objective of perpetual life with their memory in take as they pass to the Spirit world Dimension when their body dies.

  • Veronica mosha Risien

    These kids talking real good so young.

  • Tunisian Man
    Tunisian Man 5 days ago

    yes. but what were the outcomes?

  • super minion
    super minion 5 days ago

    And she was ready to rule her dads villge but then these people said that the land is thier land so her and the villge had to move but they lived in atlanc as their walking there was an avilanch and there was no suvires

  • super minion
    super minion 5 days ago

    My sis told me her back story :her name was coarlone and she was a pirncess

  • Paul Dinglasan
    Paul Dinglasan 5 days ago

    Im a remake my uncle my mothers brorher he died in soudi and i have a berth mark on my legs just like when he when he acsidently crush the truck and he hit her leg and that was my birth mark is and mom were look like

  • Evelyn Cutler
    Evelyn Cutler 6 days ago

    I dont remember my past life but I remember being in the womb because I was 20 days late and I was already making memories it was really weird in their like reeeeeeaaaaallllllyyy weird

  • Maine M
    Maine M 6 days ago

    Kind of scary 😟

  • Wallace Santos
    Wallace Santos 7 days ago

    Reading suggestion: The Spirits’ Book, from Allan Kardec. Go to question 222. This subject is wvery well explained in the Spiritism.

  • Lily Harvey
    Lily Harvey 8 days ago

    when i was three years old i apparently asked my mom if she “remember when we were all dead in the trees four years ago” creepy... i have dreams about it sometimes.

  • JoeAppLe vyte
    JoeAppLe vyte 8 days ago

    Haha Even now i felt i was old, but im 19 years old now, i thought things different than my classmate, they also comments that i really looks like an old man, i don't know if it was my aura of maturity or traits, i even felt that i was older than the people around who already have childrens.... creepy🤔😑

  • Kristena T
    Kristena T 8 days ago

    Ever since I was young about 4 or 5 I have always been on edge... I was scared of wide open areas, terrified that someone had a gun and was going to shoot me (even though I lived in a quiet little neighborhood) and extremely terrified of fire works since they sound like bombs.. Even today I am scared of all those things at the age of 31.. Well I always had a connection to history and wars... And as I got a little older I continued to have these pictures in my head of a young man around 18 or so who was in green army pants crouched down walking threw this open field like holding his gun ready to shoot looking for the enemy but he was scared and nervous an walking with a partner then something happens and he gets killed.. Its like everything went blank... I was that man and have carried over fears from the war into this life....

  • carieyoung1
    carieyoung1 8 days ago

    Holy cow! Number 2!! Wow...

  • Mr TATTAGLIA the pusher man

    well im Coming back as El chapo new an imporved

  • Sarah o
    Sarah o 9 days ago

    It's so comforting to know some do come back.

  • mark larawan
    mark larawan 9 days ago

    Deja vu

  • Anny Vargas
    Anny Vargas 12 days ago

    I also know my past life my name used to be maria, and when i got old someone shoot me i was 85 that time now im 11

  • DeDL0z ¿¿¿
    DeDL0z ¿¿¿ 13 days ago

    I got shot in my chest then according to the legend of the birthmark shows that it was a wound from your previous life

  • Toph Majora
    Toph Majora 14 days ago

    I have v this theory that all our memories of the people before us remain in our DNA and when children are young sometimes their brains are able to access this information

  • Howdy Joe !
    Howdy Joe ! 15 days ago +1

    I can still remember my past life.

  • Matta's Account
    Matta's Account 16 days ago

    i had a weird dream where i watched a vhs tape of a past me dying
    (or thats what i think)

  • moto moto
    moto moto 18 days ago

    ok this may sound phony and stupid but I think im reincarnated. I've been having dreams that my name is Cyrus it is 1974 and I am 13. I have a teacher named Mr. Barron. I lived in a blue house in Alaska and one day in 1992 Me and my best friend were having a day at the beach a strange woman, who looks just like my present mom came and shot me in the elbow. Now today I have extremly dry skin that is not curable on my elbow and am allergic to lead(thats what the bullet was made of)

  • David Schramm
    David Schramm 19 days ago

    To learn the truth about our lives, read "The Community of Souls". It requires an open mind and some intelligence though.

  • Kaden fast
    Kaden fast 20 days ago

    This only the beginning there's way more to this

  • Obassi Ra
    Obassi Ra 20 days ago +1


  • Emma Pegelo
    Emma Pegelo 21 day ago

    I wish I saw my passed life well remember it

  • Random Memes Weekly
    Random Memes Weekly 22 days ago

    i think was an ant in my past life, i died in an epic war against a rival colony

  • fnaf man is back
    fnaf man is back 22 days ago

    Fake you can only have one life

  • Kamruzzaman Khan
    Kamruzzaman Khan 23 days ago

    Wonderful idea.

  • Jose Jose
    Jose Jose 23 days ago

    The Prince of persia

  • Jose Jose
    Jose Jose 23 days ago

    I already find my past life. Iam a Prince in my past life

  • John Bennett
    John Bennett 23 days ago

    So when white you come back white and back to the same country, OK but if you're black and die black and come back black in America your ass been screwed real good

    • the beatles are the best
      the beatles are the best 23 days ago

      If you are good person you will get whatever you want for example you want to be white.

  • Alexandra Pagan
    Alexandra Pagan 24 days ago

    1 word. Reincarnated.

  • Matt P
    Matt P 25 days ago +1

    I think I was a dude name Tupac in my past life 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • Missy Pooh
      Missy Pooh 25 days ago

      Lmao, you joking... Right?

  • Kcvinodh Zones
    Kcvinodh Zones 26 days ago +2

    What to believe what not to believe??? Life is full of confusion...

  • Suriyan Suwannakhot
    Suriyan Suwannakhot 26 days ago

    I belive it 100%

  • RedRedMane
    RedRedMane 26 days ago

    I just don’t know. Are demons copying off the memories of the dead and downloading those stolen memories into the brains of our unborn children!??! You really cannot remain a Christian and believe that you were that person who’m you REMEMBER being!!! If this is a deception, it is massively unfair. There are multiple passages in scripture that hint at reincarnation, but it seems that Jesus was desperately trying to drive it home to his disciples that it was a very dangerous LIE!!! Still, you could ignore those instances where Jesus seems to rebuke the notion of reincarnation easily enough until you get to the ultimate reincarnationist “stumbling block”, and that’s Hebrews 9:27, where it CLEARLY says that it is appointed that every man is to die ONCE, and this is followed by the Judgement!!!! So if Satan is using such small children to decieve the masses this way, it really is a new LOW!!!
    As for me, I remembered dying in battle while on a ship. I remember those stupid white wool and cotton wigs the authorities and men of high social status wore back then. That’s where the term “big wig” originally came from. I just did like the rebels used to do and combed my shoulder length hair straight back. I also tied beads into the back of my hair ( basically like scissor trimmed molet ) . That is what James Dean, Johnny Cash and Humphrey Bogart type rebels DID back then. Basically, wearing beads and ribbons in your hair is what “bad-asses” did back then. I wouldn’t recommend that TODAY! People would get the “wrong idea” about you! I was extremely tall, wide shouldered and had an unbelievably thick pitch black beard. I would light canon fuses in it to frighten superstitious people! If I had gone too far inland, I would probably have been executed for witchcraft!!! But oh how I LOVED the reaction I would get when I would glare at everybody with my beard and hat smoldering. “YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON THEIR FACES WHEN I BARGED INTO THAT CHURCH!!!” Anyway, the time period was the late 1600s to the early 1700s. I remember how we ALL hated our divinely appointed monarchies!!! I always thought ... who the hell died and made THEM God!?!!! Still, God was supposed to have provided them for us all to live under, and we were supposed to honor that. Or at least that’s what my father Captain Edward Sr. always taught me. I never bought into that. And I also had the view that, if God was “toxic” enough to give us such self righteous tyrants to live under, I’d rather side with the devil!!! After all, didn’t he try to liberate mankind? As a result, MANY pirates chose the side of the devil. It was better than the toxic mainstream pious alternative. America was still under British rule. As a child playing in Bristol, along the docks, piers and loading ports near the ocean, I would often look out into the pretty aqua blue waters and listen to the sailors and sea captains as they would tell stories about their adventures at sea and the far away lands they would visit!!! My bulging eyes would be wild with wonder. The other kids would call me “bug eye” as a kid. They quit that when I SERIOUSLY hurt a kid for calling me that!! I still have wild glaring eyes. My vision, however, has always been keen and sharp. I could pass for my past life self’s brother. I look a LOT like I did then. But I also look a tad different. Anyway, my parents later moved to the Caribbean. We would go back and forth to and from Carolina. My father was good friends with a Captain named James Beard. That’s how I acquired a crew member by the name of Black Caesar. He was a slave once owned by the Beards. As kids, me and my siblings played with the Beard children. We basically grew up together. My father and Captain James Beard were best friends.
    Oh how MISERABLE life was, back then. There was no such thing like electricity available to the masses. When it was hot, people COOKED. When it was cold, everybody shivered. But at least when it was cold, you could burn wood in your wood stove or fireplace. When it was hot outside, your entire day revolved around finding that nice cold stream. The salt water of the sea would cool you off, but you couldn’t drink it. The salt and sand in the water will also rub against your skin and give you sores, if you spend too much time it it. And dont even get me started on the dreaded Carolina sand fleas!!! And how I remember being out on hot steamy ships with everyone being miserable. When you reached the Caribbean, you could jump off the ship into the prestine blue waters and cool off. But out on the high seas, that was just a pinch more dangerous!!! We would also swim in the rivers and inlets around Ocracoke, off the Carolina coast. We also enjoyed the waters off of the Florida coast. But Carolina’s outer banks, even now, are getting people attacked by sharks.
    As for America, that was still owned by Britain. We all knew that the pilgrims had been captured and mostly killed by the British, who had followed them over here. None , and I do mean NONE of our neutered “history books” tell that story, Jack!!! As far anybody could tell, America was dead in the water. The great rebellion had failed. I never lived to see 1776!!! I was 38 when I died in 1718. I would have been 94 in 1776.
    For decades, I spent my time haunting the coves looking for something I had lost. The devil would laugh at me. I finally went into the light and there was Jesus standing there with the very thing I had been searching for for nearly 280 years. My head.
    Christ had it in His possession the entire time. When I said I wanted to stay in heaven, however, he said “no.” He explained that I still had much to learn and that I needed to go back., ... go back? I asked. HOW? I’ve been a ghost for damn near 280 years!!! That’s when I was told that new “provisions” had been made for me. I knew what that had to mean, and I was right. But I initially said I wouldn’t do it. I was shown that the alternative was indeed HELL. I was told that once a person goes there, it is for eternity!!! Naturally, I chose to reincarnate.
    Now if all of that is the result of a carefully tailored deception, I am PISSED!!! And it is obvious that I’m not the ONLY one being deceived this way!!! I mean, seriously, isn’t that letting Satan go WAY too far!??! If Hebrews 9:27 is accurate, it can only stand to reason that Satan is sending evil spirits into unborn BABIES and having them download the memories of the deceased into their subconscious minds!!!!!!! Man, you talk about majorly “fckd up!!! Like me, those kids have absolutely NO way of knowing that their alledeg “past lives” are only the result of a really nasty deception!!!! God is letting Satan go WAY too far, here!!! These are innocent CHILDREN!!! They have NO way of knowing that their past life memories are false!!! As a result, they have NO way of knowing that they’re destined for HELL, and that NOBODY gets to reincarnate!!! I mean, for me, Hebrews 9:27 is one very serious stumbling block!!! Either the apostle Paul added his “opinion” in to eradicate the knowledge of reincarnation, because in his mind, it has to be “unbiblical”, or .... Houston, we have one very serious PROBLEM!!!
    I remember how painful and horrifying it was for me to get decapitated by a man who snuck up from behind me. I remember so many things. But if that’s just the result of some evil spirit going into my head as a baby and downloading that crazy old criminal’s identity, thoughts and memories into my innocent unsuspecting head, I am fckng PISSED!!!
    But if Hebrews 9:27 is accurate, that’s what I’m left with!!!! According to thecBible, the dead rot in the ground ( totally unconscious ) until they are resurrected either to everlasting life with Jesus, or they are resurrected later ( after Jesus’ thousand year reign on Earth ) to face the judgement.
    It is for this reason that I REJECT the possibility that I could have been ANYBODY other than who I am right now. I just won’t screw around with my eternal destiny over something that the Bible says is an extremely dangerous LIE!!! I’m sorry. That big towering man was nothing but a thundering brute with self grandiosity, a loud booming shout and a nasty temper, especially when he was drunk and mean!!! If I was that person, I’m not like that now. Blackbeard’s ice cream parlor? Blackbeard’s Lodge????Are you KIDDING me??? All these places named in that bad old creepy criminal’s honor??? At very least, I have a rare insight into that scary old crook, and I can tell you right now, ... Edward Thatch (,actually spelled “Thache” ) was a great big towering creepy old asshole!!! And like many ornery drunk alpha males, he was extremely MEAN to kids!!! But in light of Hebrews 9:27, I’m forced to reject the knowledge that I could have been him. Besides, God has layed me low and made me a lot more “humble.” Sorry.

  • Bintou Traore
    Bintou Traore 28 days ago

    This vidoe was littrelly bone chilling🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Darah Pauline Banuelos

    it is true. your birthmark tells about your past

    • Missy Pooh
      Missy Pooh 25 days ago

      Yeah, well some.
      Some of them you inherit from your parents.

  • Abby Tauriac
    Abby Tauriac 28 days ago +1


  • Open Your Arms Be Free
    Open Your Arms Be Free 29 days ago +1

    They say life is a dream what if it is true we are spirits dreaming so we can gain knowledge and grow

  • eri cko
    eri cko Month ago +1

    So Africans don't re incarnate,I'll never watch any video made by a white person.

    COYOTE KIT KATZ Month ago

    One day I had to do a school project about what my name means and so I looked up my name which is sabrina and what came up was a whole story of a girl that was rich and lived with her dad and they were filthy rich and one day her dad found a girl to be his wife and that was now her step mother her step mother didnt like her so one dark night she drowned the girl sabrina in a river I had the strangest project in the whole grade every body else was just something it means in Spanish or something and that just freaked me out every since

  • Kristen Clark
    Kristen Clark Month ago

    This is a bit off subject, but all my life I've had a very distinct memory. In my memory I see this white women in front of a bright light starting down at me. She had long blond bangs, and her face is shaped like a oval. Her face is upside down, as if I'm lying on my back and she's standing directly over my head. I think it may be the doctor who delivered me. My rational mind tells me that their's no way I'd remember part of my birth, and it's just my imagination. However, this memory has stuck with me for almost 28 years now.

  • TuTa 4556
    TuTa 4556 Month ago

    We are all relationship from time to time

  • Crystal Smith
    Crystal Smith Month ago +1

    I feel a very strange connection to Madeline McCann even though I have obviously never met her I have just always been obsessed with the case

    • Missy Pooh
      Missy Pooh 25 days ago

      But do you get a deja vu feeling though? Lmao

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Month ago

    I... I know one kid that know there past life..

    And the died because of a flood

  • Anthony Espinoza-Banegas

    they're all from Area 51

  • Kasheka Casio
    Kasheka Casio Month ago

    Oh my

  • Rebecca OwO
    Rebecca OwO Month ago

    Weird thing that happened to me:
    My mom told me that when i was 5 i had an imaginary friend. His name was the same name as my dad's dead brother's name that also died at 5 years old
    I remember that my imaginary friend felt so real...like someone was really playing with me. Idk if all the kids feel this but this happened to me
    Also sorry for my bad english, i'm from another country

  • Anaisha’s World
    Anaisha’s World Month ago +1

    is it meee .. or their voice make it creepier 😭?

  • alfresh luque
    alfresh luque Month ago +2

    I don't remember my past life but i believe life goes on and on and on

  • Jasmine Thompson
    Jasmine Thompson Month ago

    So your telling me that when some people die they re reborn???

  • malice doll
    malice doll Month ago

    Im a firm believer

  • Myst wolf
    Myst wolf Month ago +2

    My mom told me I was saying stuff when I was 2 about being a hunter

  • Stubeii
    Stubeii Month ago

    Bruh you’re telling me I could of been murdered in my past life

  • Steven Benedict
    Steven Benedict Month ago

    I remember a I'm adofh hitre !!!!!!!!

  • Michelle Sithole
    Michelle Sithole Month ago +1

    I wish I could be reincarnated inside the body of a rich white family here in America

  • Brxken ii
    Brxken ii Month ago

    I have a birthmark or my belly. What if I was stabbed there in my past life

  • Angela Huang
    Angela Huang Month ago

    I dont remember what I had for breakfast

  • Tosh Nono
    Tosh Nono Month ago

    Islam and Christianity dont believe in Reincarnation. Only Hindu and Buddhist believe proved us that their religion exist and they dont force people to believe in their belief

  • Alan Alan
    Alan Alan Month ago

    You can only reach these memories through deep states of meditation, however as a kid you’re still connected to your higher self so you have easy access and imagination. It’s only when society tells you it’s all bullshit is when you forget.

  • Captain Virtu
    Captain Virtu Month ago

    I wish I can be reincarnated so I can start talking to my friends about my life and I can freak them the hell out

  • John Lumb
    John Lumb Month ago

    Bloody hell, why can I not remember jack Sh**

  • John Lumb
    John Lumb Month ago

    I never thought of this until recently, our oldest daughter born in November 1992, was very attuned to what seems to be the "other side" She was aware of someone who died in our house previously to our occupation. The notion that someone else died in the house was hidden from the children for obvious reasons.
    A Nigerian Midwife who came onto the ward on the next shift after she was born said to me "That child has been here before" I asked what she meant and she said " She has the eyes of an elder and I can tell she is not new to this earth" Obviously as a plain-speaking Cop I did not take this onboard UNTIL.... My daughter said to me " The war hurt many people, they all suffered and I want to go home" She was just under 6yrs old as we went to visit the older members in the family she was always much easier with them than others.

  • Gacha Juliette
    Gacha Juliette Month ago +1

    My past life was a boy wolf I died I remember blood in my back I could barely breathe two puppies were in another wolves when I felt something in my back I was panting. I still see wolves in day dreams and visions

  • Melanie
    Melanie Month ago

    I don't even remember why I entered the kitchen.