10 Mysterious Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives

  • Published on Jun 16, 2018
  • 10 Mysterious Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives
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    The concept of reincarnation has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Many religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism, to name a few, believe that we are reincarnated after death.
    Now, while it is widely accepted that a reincarnated soul has no memory of its past life, there are some who believe that very young children may have access to some of those past memories. In fact, scientists who have studied the phenomenon found that 100% of cases occurred in young children. The average age of onset is between three and four years old.
    Whether or not you believe in reincarnation and past life exploration, this list of 10 kids who remember their past selves will still shock you; some of these children have detailed memories that actually match up with historical events. Often, they know things that such young children would never have reason to know, or even have had the chance to learn!
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    10) Shanti Devi;
    Born in Dehli, India, in 1926, Shanti Devi began to remember her previous life at age four. She told her parents that her real home was with her husband in Mathura, and even tried to run away to Mathura at the age of six.
    9) Cameron MaCauley;
    The case of Cameron MaCauley, a boy from Glasgow, saw him remembering his past life from the age of two. He stated that he had lived on Barra
    8) Chanai Choomalaiwong;
    Born in Thailand, Chanai began to tell his parents, at age three, that he had in fact been a teacher called Bua Kai and that he had been shot and killed as he rode his bike to school one day.
    7) James Leininger;
    James was born in 1998, and at the age of two, began to remember having a different life.
    6) Ryan;
    A boy from the Midwest, Ryan began having terrible nightmares at the age of four. When he turned five, he told his mother, Cyndi, that he “used to be someone else” and began begging her to take him home to Hollywood
    5) Chase Bowman;
    Chase Bowman is unique in that, if he actually remembered his past life, he never volunteered the information; it was discovered in a hypnotherapy session.
    4) The Pollock Twins;
    The case of the Pollock twins is a strange one, and no doubt their parents found it highly distressing…
    3) P.M;
    P.M was born 12 years after the death of his half-brother, give or take, and it was soon noticed that he had some strange and coincidental birthmarks.
    2) Anonymous;
    The boy in this story was just three years old in 2009, when he told his parents and doctors that he had once been someone else and knew where his grave was.
    1) Sam Taylor;
    And finally, there is the strange case of Sam Taylor, who seems to have been a reincarnation of his own grandfather! It sounds a bit complicated, for sure, but the evidence points that way!

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  • Hailey Signer
    Hailey Signer Day ago

    i remember my past life. i was in 9 11. i died by the world trade center burning down and someone tried to save me but it was too late i was dead. i have this weird burn mark on my leg and i’m thinking that it was from 9 11.

  • AaisjaXx T
    AaisjaXx T Day ago

    i look like the girl on the tumbnail this is creepy

  • Aracne80
    Aracne80 Day ago

    We do remember our past lives, however we shrug it of as dreams, strange fantasies or even "visions". I believe most of it are actual fragments of memories. But we are supposed to forget what we really are, cause that is what life is for. We are eternal entities, and eternity, or rather the lack of time and progress, can be very, veeery boring.

  • Cristy Smith
    Cristy Smith Day ago

    I was renencarnated I think. I think I had the life of Rosa Parks. Probably not but I wouldn't get to sure. I sure know alot about her and her secrets

  • Cristy Smith
    Cristy Smith Day ago

    Wow, so true

  • BigDog12345 Productions

    4:10 Ryan (NO LAST NAME HERE)

  • BigDog12345 Productions

    I'm not sure if I'm a re-incarnated version of a kid born in 1897 that later died in 1955 or 1948 or something.
    Do you remember me having a different life by a similar name?
    I believe before I was "Caleb Andrew Akers [Sr.]", I believe I was someone like "Caleb Jackson Jr." or "Hugh Akers III". Help me out!!!!

  • bee aem
    bee aem 4 days ago

    Thank you so much channel.
    I just wonder what about "the life in between" (death and birth) where are the spirit(s) hanging around? Anyone cud you please answer?

  • Rock'ca Holic
    Rock'ca Holic 4 days ago

    Must be weird raising your grandfather

  • Kennedi Manning
    Kennedi Manning 4 days ago +1

    i can't even remember how my own conversations start

  • MarkWolfy Gamer
    MarkWolfy Gamer 5 days ago

    Hmm what i remember at my pass life hm I Know! I died

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    Shia Global 5 days ago

    Animus is a organisation

  • Kean Walker
    Kean Walker 6 days ago

    I was a girl I died in a car crash

  • Itz_vicky Wolfy
    Itz_vicky Wolfy 8 days ago

    Omg soo creapy

  • Emmanuel Boyette
    Emmanuel Boyette 8 days ago

    My past life was in the year 1950 I still remember the 1963 church bombing in Birmingham Alabama

  • MegaAirplanelover
    MegaAirplanelover 9 days ago

    Its heaven and hell. No such thing as being reborn into this world again as a human. Of course, if you guys believe in reincarnation, thats fine, but I believe in heaven and hell.

  • Liza Golubova
    Liza Golubova 10 days ago

    I remember how I died in my past life

  • Katherine Cleary
    Katherine Cleary 10 days ago

    What if everything that happens and we do and say noting is real it’s just fake

  • Taylor's doll life
    Taylor's doll life 11 days ago

    At 8:38 My sister used to say things like that too

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    Rian Perez 11 days ago

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    Lacey Bell 11 days ago

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    Lacey Bell 11 days ago

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  • Assad Osman
    Assad Osman 11 days ago

    I also remember my past life. It is hard for me to forget any moment of my life. My mind stores everything like a computer.

  • Omar Ockleberry
    Omar Ockleberry 11 days ago

    I remember my past live, joining with 10 guys in black suits with black glasses

  • Mya P.
    Mya P. 11 days ago

    Pictures doest match with the story. Story of the boy from Thailand filled with China photos and even a photo of Chinese family that not his family. This could mislead to people.

  • ElJerry Gaming
    ElJerry Gaming 11 days ago +1

    He fell 9f a roof and got hit in sheet and died and I have a birth mark in my cheek the same way of his blood

  • ElJerry Gaming
    ElJerry Gaming 11 days ago +1

    Found out

  • ElJerry Gaming
    ElJerry Gaming 11 days ago +1

    I say my story my grandpa was born 1908 I was born 2008 and my last live I was a beer drinker and I have a birth mark of how he got hit by a horse in the mouth echeek

  • Annette Papana
    Annette Papana 11 days ago

    Very true....I believe it..

  • Lily Ram
    Lily Ram 12 days ago

    most of those stories are so old

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    Neil Peal 13 days ago

    This is a good vid but you pronounced Barra and Glasgow wrong

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  • lizzy renelove
    lizzy renelove 18 days ago

    When i was 2,i wasn't walking and my great grandma went to my dad village shrine,called all the dead people in my dad family to appear so they can question who reincarnated me,and a woman who they tokd me is my Dad favorite aunty said she came back which is me😁 so she asked for a cow and schnapps to be used for sacrificed before i walk 🙄 and guess what i do almost everything like her,i know so much,sometimes i wonder where i get those ideas and memory from 🤭. Death shouldn't be so scary ❤

  • MyFooday
    MyFooday 18 days ago +1

    If the brain is responsible to save a Memory., How an Empty mind can remember something?

  • Sunshine Studios
    Sunshine Studios 21 day ago +2

    I had a dream that I was a different person in a different time zone and I had black and fair Hispanic skin

  • mike2008alberta
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  • Still_Chill Yo_Tengo
    Still_Chill Yo_Tengo 24 days ago +1

    I believe that our phobias are things we died from in our past life but it wouldn't make much sense for me as.. uh I have a phobia of feet..

    • Still_Chill Yo_Tengo
      Still_Chill Yo_Tengo 15 days ago +1

      +Carmen Riley or maybe I was an ant lmao

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      Carmen Riley 15 days ago

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  • Throwables Gt
    Throwables Gt 24 days ago +1

    1940: Will there be flying cars in the future?
    2019:people remembering their past lives

  • belinda hawkins
    belinda hawkins 25 days ago +2

    God made each and every person with a spirit
    That He has put in the these temples of God our bodies
    which is that part of man that is originally made eternal
    As for reincarnation

  • Leroy XX
    Leroy XX 26 days ago

    I remember my past life. In my past life I was the same person I am now and the same house and family but sadly In my past life I committed suicide because I had some issues and now I have lots of issues so I could be living the same life over again but this time I won’t commit suicide I will get through it well and be a strong man not letting stupid things and people getting me down. I stabbed myself in the leg and I bleed to death but I really can’t believe where I stabbed my leg I now have a birth mark there and Iv dreamed of my past life all I remember is my past life death. Տօɾɾվ íƒ í ϲɾҽҽթҽժ վօմ օմե ӏօӏ but that’s so shocking. I really wanna tell someone who actually cares because I could get more evidence to see if I was on the news in my past life of my suicide death. 1 like - 1 picture of my birth mark on my leg where my old stabbing wound were.

  • Rasak Rasak
    Rasak Rasak 26 days ago +1

    Any scientific explanation for this?

  • Bertibreech
    Bertibreech 27 days ago

    Maybe, when we die, our soul is transferred to a new being, such as an animal that was just born, since there are so many different species around the world, our soul going back to another human is rare which could be a theory why very little remember their past life.

  • Jocelyn Simmonds
    Jocelyn Simmonds 27 days ago

    Why does it feel like i renember somehing maybe from my past...... ;-;

  • Jeinize Lestelle
    Jeinize Lestelle 28 days ago

    I can't remember anything, but I am soo curious about it, I feel like I need to, I feel like something is pulling me back, I have this feeling that I did great in the past. Now, idk I feel like I have no future ahead like, I don't wanna die but from time to time I feel like there will be a brand new start, and life would even be better and I will do better, I just need to restart, but I can't see my future like I can feel like if will just be wasted because I don't have future in me. like that is weird, like a wanna live but there's this feeling that I won't live this life as long as I thought, but I will surely have brand new start ahead of me. sooo having taughts like that sometimes makes me scared, like why on earth did I ever think like this, I should be studying and focus on my goals but then I will be back with this thoughts like it's telline me it's useless. I know, it is crazy, sometimes I just wanna bring my self to a psychiatrist, but as I ask my family and friends they said I'm all well, and there is nothing wrong with me aside from this thoughts that makes me sound crazy but aside from that I'm doing fine. That's why I'm here. I want an answer, like how. OMG this is pretty crazy.

    • Gabriela Lopez
      Gabriela Lopez 6 days ago

      Jeinize Lestelle I feel you you’re not alone

  • CrueL
    CrueL Month ago +2

    Couple of years ago I used to see my future, but now it doesn't happen to me anymore. I need to know how to do that again...

  • Chair
    Chair Month ago

    One kid said he played Minecraft
    But his rebirth played fortnite
    Creepy right?

  • john carter
    john carter Month ago

    I just watched a video where two adults remembered past lives during hypnotic regression.

  • Drawing with Ava
    Drawing with Ava Month ago

    I remember when I was little I don’t know exactly what age but I was in dr. Martin Luther king jr funeral. I remember seeing the stained glass and people crying. I don’t really know if it was a dream or not, I just remember it.

  • tweetie pie
    tweetie pie Month ago

    Cameron's account in barra had no match to any facts,it was discredited.

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. Month ago

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    LxHitmanxl Month ago

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    Kelvin Tan Month ago

    With how the internet is this days, every kid can say who they want it to be in their past life

  • Syed Jawad Shah
    Syed Jawad Shah Month ago


  • Elvis Jefferson Dela Cruz

    I believe on this.. I have a memories too that i always saw in my mind.. And guest what?? I live before in 10,000 bc. Believe it or not.. I was stabbed by a tribe person in my memory and i got birthmark in the same spot of my stomach..

  • Robert G
    Robert G Month ago

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    idanasd149 Month ago

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    Liu MOOSE DAB Month ago +5

    I was Napoleon last life, before that I was Augustus before that I was Jesus.

    • Liu MOOSE DAB
      Liu MOOSE DAB Month ago

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      dark soul Month ago

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    I remember being john and studying in green Hill school.
    Now I am Adam because i changed my name. I aslo changed school

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    Jack Riley Month ago

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  • Undead Panda
    Undead Panda Month ago +1

    In my past life I was married to who is my brother in this life. Makes me feel sick. I get the dreams sometimes. I wake up feeling so gross as he's my brother now.

  • Krystofer Ayden
    Krystofer Ayden Month ago

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    There is a good RUclip channel for the material on here. It's called Afterlife topics and metaphysics


    Some of these were in reader's digest

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    Cherish Amistad Month ago +1

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    Marion Lownie Month ago

    I remember being a grandma to 2 little girls and five boys I’m 9 now which is creepy because I remember being 88 when I died and i was born in 1078

  • Mobile Gaming
    Mobile Gaming Month ago

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