Overwatch 2 Hero Differences

  • Overwatch 2 Hero Comparison Visual Evolution
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  • ohnickel
    ohnickel  4 months ago +353

    Who looked best?

    Every Overwatch 2 Ability: ruclip.com/video/uJNjKQtX_lk/video.html

  • Ramon Player
    Ramon Player Hour ago

    8:56 that is the Swiss banner

  • Misleading Clue ?
    Misleading Clue ? 12 hours ago

    Oh no mercy has become a karen

  • Yason Cant
    Yason Cant 13 hours ago +1

    man just shut up and show the images, at least put the time stamps or something holy shit

  • V w h y V
    V w h y V 15 hours ago

    Is no one else excited about the fact these characters are going to be in new cinematic!? They’re gonna look SOOO good

  • The Fandom Channel
    The Fandom Channel 15 hours ago

    Tracer's legs gone THICC!

  • nyves
    nyves 17 hours ago

    I think they all look great! They really modernized all the characters and added unique changes and touches to each one.

  • Just Conflict
    Just Conflict Day ago


  • Abc Def
    Abc Def Day ago

    So in conclusion... Genji got thiccer

  • Super sonic 55
    Super sonic 55 Day ago

    I don’t like Reinhardts change

  • t h e r e a l g e m i n i

    reinhardt is a bit 'hammered down' if you ask me! XD

  • t h e r e a l g e m i n i

    tracer is wearing a small jacket. i dont like it

  • nooo
    nooo Day ago

    When hes calling the swiss flag a plus

  • DeepDog87
    DeepDog87 3 days ago

    Genji: Hoodie

  • Lman
    Lman 3 days ago

    Bro I want the hoodie up for Genji like when he was revealed in the Overwatch 2 trailer

  • EBear More
    EBear More 3 days ago

    My favorite change is Genji. I like how they just put a hoody and pants on him because now I'm realizing he has no clothes on in Overwatch 1. I also like Lucio better now.

  • Morgana, the Fallen
    Morgana, the Fallen 4 days ago

    Luciano looks so much older and I’m loving it.

  • BillyBadgerDad Gaming

    The fur on Mei looks waaaay better in Overwatch 2

  • Cyber Knight
    Cyber Knight 4 days ago

    I like mercy and genjis new design

  • Chase Grivna
    Chase Grivna 5 days ago

    I really don’t like mercy’s redesign. They took the recognizable stuff off and now it’s just a cluttered bodysuit

  • DespacitoDaniel
    DespacitoDaniel 5 days ago

    8:51 "a little plus"

  • JR Gomez
    JR Gomez 5 days ago

    “It’s all different” wearing extra straps*

  • Toaster God
    Toaster God 5 days ago +1

    Mercy from overwatch 2 looks like a discount costume version from party city.

  • Jay Duck
    Jay Duck 5 days ago

    thats the swiss flag not just a flag

  • Somebody's Name Hi
    Somebody's Name Hi 6 days ago

    i love the most mei beacuse she is alot beatiful then before and the graphics are really cool

  • K.D Ship
    K.D Ship 6 days ago

    Bro after the cinematic of overwatch 2 almost every comment was about frickin Genji!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lol My__namejeff
    Lol My__namejeff 6 days ago

    This just shows genji was naked in ow1 and when RUclip finds out there gonna take down every vid with him in it 🙃😂🤣😂

  • Bruva Michal
    Bruva Michal 6 days ago

    man that is switzerland flag

  • Patrick McCarthy
    Patrick McCarthy 7 days ago

    is it out get

  • Elias :3 Not Hacked
    Elias :3 Not Hacked 7 days ago

    Mercy has the Switzerland flag on the shoulder and genjis sword has changed

  • Webulo
    Webulo 7 days ago

    what is more popular overwatch or overwatch 2? i genuinely want to know

  • Cosmic Five
    Cosmic Five 7 days ago

    Im going to miss genji Butt. 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mrflipflops
    Mrflipflops 8 days ago +1

    I dont like reinheirdt

  • Maggs
    Maggs 8 days ago

    they made them all a little bit older obviously.

  • Ryan the sav
    Ryan the sav 9 days ago +1

    Genji's Hoodie would be cool to have.

  • MrSpace
    MrSpace 9 days ago

    Genji got thicc

  • Deut
    Deut 9 days ago

    Bastion’s hat is Torbjorn’s ironclad hat, you can see it in his Chief Engineer Lindholm and Ironclad skins.

  • Mark Summers
    Mark Summers 9 days ago

    Mercy does not look like a Karen. Memers are so insufferable sometimes lol. She looks like a Kim 😂

  • douparty
    douparty 10 days ago

    Surprised you didn't talk about textures and lighting more. You can clearly see hair, fluff, edges, etc. all look more realistic. I especially noticed it on Mei. Her hair, the fluff around her neck, light reflecting off her boots. It's so much better.

  • douparty
    douparty 10 days ago

    Love all the new designs. They look amazing!
    And tbh, ive always thought all the characters looked plastic. The entire game has kinda always looked plastic to me, now they definitely look less fake, plastic. Idk if I'd say more realistic, but kind of I guess.

  • wishie washie
    wishie washie 11 days ago

    56 likes? lmao

  • Tigherjester 11
    Tigherjester 11 11 days ago +1

    Mercy got the Karen hair cut

  • Latee Wilson
    Latee Wilson 11 days ago

    Where’s widowmaker ??

  • Ella Nettling
    Ella Nettling 11 days ago

    When comes OW 2 to PS4? And is it still ok to start OW 2 or should i wait for 2 because of active other players?

  • SomeWhatReliable
    SomeWhatReliable 12 days ago

    *hat bastion*
    *hat bastion*

  • Electricity Creeper
    Electricity Creeper 13 days ago

    Genji has pants. That's all we need to know.

  • leyo
    leyo 13 days ago


  • AdamMagic
    AdamMagic 13 days ago

    When he says Winston is the least changed but then you see snowball is exactly the same

  • sonny lee
    sonny lee 14 days ago

    Will Overwatch 2 skins be. In Overwatch 1 ?

  • Damon G
    Damon G 16 days ago

    For once I actually like Torb

  • Kit Ente
    Kit Ente 17 days ago

    I like genji design

  • alphanite
    alphanite 18 days ago +1

    torb finally got a living, grown up version of his baby

  • Akapi
    Akapi 19 days ago

    Winston looks so much cleaner tho

  • Francois Bruggeman
    Francois Bruggeman 20 days ago

    fuck u

  • pizza time
    pizza time 21 day ago

    Mei is so cute !

  • HealerIs MyMain
    HealerIs MyMain 23 days ago

    Him: a little plus on the shoulder...


  • paganmin020
    paganmin020 23 days ago

    im really curious About WIDOW

  • TheReal Kitsu
    TheReal Kitsu 23 days ago

    I prefer the overwatch 2 skins

  • EveesCastle
    EveesCastle 24 days ago

    It's definitely a more subtle change but if you look you can see they changed Tracer's eye shape a little bit, they also seem a bit smaller. Also her face in general looks a lot smoother and more round.

  • Drake Powered
    Drake Powered 25 days ago +1

    Fortnite Genji

    El NOOBIS 25 days ago

    I wonder if they put in the original design as a skin.

  • Siplux
    Siplux 26 days ago

    theres upper / lower showings: times for more of a quick reference if you don't care about every detail being laid out for you.

    Genji 2:20 / 3:00

    Lucio 3:55 / 6:24

    Mercy 8:10 / 9:15

    Tracer 10:48 / 13:55

    Rein 14:50 / 16:30

    Scientist 17:30 / 17:50

    Ice Devil 19:20 / 20:50

    Torb / Bastion

  • mr clean
    mr clean 27 days ago

    Yea! mercy's tits are a bit bigger

  • Nakano Gaming
    Nakano Gaming 27 days ago

    The hat Bastion has is Torbjörns hat

  • Benjamin Yablonski
    Benjamin Yablonski 27 days ago

    Anyone else realize we just got a new casual skin for genji and free

  • Animator Bonnie
    Animator Bonnie 27 days ago

    Mery look like she about to get the manager

  • Barbar1aN_
    Barbar1aN_ 27 days ago

    where can i check these myself????

  • CrystalYT Gamer girl

    8:52 That is not a plus it's the swiss flag... Ya know because she is swiss

  • Ult1Mat3
    Ult1Mat3 Month ago

    ''Little plus''

  • RavenousVibes
    RavenousVibes Month ago

    So DV.A is just.. gone?

  • A Doctor
    A Doctor Month ago

    Can’t wait to see junkrat and roadhog

  • Younus Sheikh
    Younus Sheikh Month ago

    8:49 “now its a plus” us its Swiss u dummy

  • Ronin’s app reviews

    56 likes there are 10k

  • שון
    שון Month ago

    I liked the new looks but tracer looks bettee in the original game

  • Axel
    Axel Month ago

    sigma feet

  • Steadying Block
    Steadying Block Month ago

    I’m getting overwatch 2 because........ the green cyborg ninja duuude

  • Agustin Narvaez
    Agustin Narvaez Month ago

    Im gonna miss Mercy's hair so badly. She now looks like one of those entitled moms or karens

  • Hazard
    Hazard Month ago

    rip lucios noodles

    BIG THICC Month ago

    dang i can't admire genji's ass anymore

  • Scyclo 4189
    Scyclo 4189 Month ago

    You know seeing overwatch 1 and 2 genji one after another, kinda makes you realize genji was basically naked in ow.