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Автор MrJ567 ( назад)
I will never unsee that cat.

Автор Steffen Vogel ( назад)
7:52 isn't that the same cat from an other Videos with that cactus ? Because that cat hat the same voice :O

Автор Pāvils Pukins ( назад)
I was like 😐😐😐☺☺☺☺😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😄😄😅

Автор Pāvils Pukins ( назад)
it is hard to make me laugh when I watch alone but I cud not stop laughing 😦😂😂😂😂😂😅😅

Автор Leiya ( назад)
I feel so bad for the last one cause i love cats and they both fell from all the way up from the roof😿

Автор Santylola2016 Santyylola123 ( назад)
vova ifueputa porque sos asi

Автор FAHIM alawy ( назад)
I think Animals Are not idiots but some peoples Are idiots.

Автор aliomar da silva ( назад)
meu deve te chupado muito?

Автор Vectony Bardough ( назад)
That bird at the end was like " WORLD-STAR!!"

Автор Sulayman Bah ( назад)
is funny hhhhh

Автор Ailinh Stuff ( назад)
The thumbnail looks so wrong

Автор collin pallister ( назад)
What was that animal at 0:57-0:59

Автор Smitty Warbenjagermanjensen ( назад)
some of the animals shows quite a lot of intelligence

Автор John Hernandez ( назад)
What was that at 1:00

Автор B&O ( назад)
I laughed very much at 1:21

Автор Yuvraj Prime ( назад)
6:00 was best

Автор zizi1 00 ( назад)
00:26 what??

Автор candice taguinod ( назад)
2:00 when you're ex girlfriends wants revenge

Автор Wolfdude 360 ( назад)
0:52 when u don't know how to baby sit

Автор CHERRY PAREJA ( назад)
0:22 Hahaha

Автор PJ_The_ Wolf _Plays ( назад)
0:53 this is why dogs should never babysitt C:

Автор Matt Doll ( назад)
the fight looked like rape at the end #KittyFights

Автор Taylor Sampson ( назад)
6:18 now that's one MLG bird ;3

Автор Aws Raed ( назад)
8:53 is that donald trump?

Автор Matthew Winski ( назад)
I'm done after the 1st one

Автор Aires Sun Dey ( назад)
Amuse the humans for treats.

Автор Erin Cummings ( назад)
That cat was getting some pussy got freaky 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор ManifoldCuriosity ( назад)

Автор TheRealWamblo The slayer ( назад)
2:09 on pokemon go when you have a lure module XD

Автор garuburn the raging pheonix ( назад)
In America you hunt chipmunk. In Soviet Russia chipmunk hunt you

Автор DOMO PLAYZ ( назад)
0:41 take care of the baby 5 secs later dog:DIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Автор Kenlee Burton ( назад)
how did the cats at 10:07 survive that fall?!

Автор William Ville ( назад)
look at the time 6.18

Автор Chillout Zone ( назад)
7:30 Gollum hahaha

Автор Lydia Mirza ( назад)
2:50 and 6:08 are my fav xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Автор GWEyaster ( назад)
yo that fucking bird at the end lmfao!

Автор Veronica Poxon ( назад)
I never knew hamsters were predators

Автор Veronica Poxon ( назад)
I never knew hamsters were predators until now

Автор PKhydro ( назад)
Lots of furries were turned on by this thumbnail.

Автор Haaris Mahmood ( назад)
who laught

Автор Nedas Grigaliunas ( назад)
Well... Humans are animals too...

Автор We Are Barry Bee Benson ( назад)
that catfight was horrible to watch

Автор Annie Sager ( назад)
That last one though 😂😂

Автор Cyanstone Ahmad ( назад)
9:07 u said a bad word

Автор Maulana Yoga ( назад)

Автор The Deepiest Web ( назад)
Savage animals

Автор Lucas Facciuto ( назад)
1:40 omg she laugh like my sister jajaja

Автор باسل الاحمد Basel alahmad ( назад)

Автор Ray Knapp ( назад)

Автор Mr. & Mrs. Pettis ( назад)
animals are bloke this I am dum and stuiped

Автор lucy Gonzalez ( назад)
why are most of these vids about sex i mean jesus

Автор Quinten Adema ( назад)
The last one is so funny

Автор ondra squad cz ( назад)

Автор Evan Folsom ( назад)
i loved the dog that put the doll in the oven

Автор Rafael Wilson ( назад)

Автор xoxo ShadowGirlxoxo ( назад)
8:47 me for candy

Автор Lily Moody ( назад)
6:26 ....boi

Автор Woltron X ( назад)
4:30 sonic the hedgehog

Автор Ray Prevo ( назад)
I am the owner of Thor great Dane puppy at 3:30am at the 4 minute Mark your video . You do not have my permission to use or monitize. Please remove my portion immediately.

Автор Nancy Rum12 ( назад)
6:28 Omg he's face was so sad... 😂😂😂😂

Автор Lana Beatriz ( назад)
7:31 o melhor

Автор Lana Beatriz ( назад)
1:29 tadinhos

Автор Ronaldo Owino ( назад)
The last crow was like "shit getting lit" "a fight" "worldstar"

Автор ClassifiedRanTom ( назад)
2:42 What if this whole time baby humans could understand baby animals?

Автор Valentin Ji ( назад)
Dude I think crows will make us go against each other and start a war and rule the world in the end

Автор Firefox Gaming ( назад)
6:25 Where can I buy one? Not the drug you idiot, the crow.

Автор John Rambo ( назад)
It looked more like the crow was just trolling the cats.

Автор JaLuck88 ( назад)
Congratulations cats, u got played.

Автор Jerefeanjuegos 2008 ( назад)

Автор Paulius Širka ( назад)
5:46 is htw funnyest for me xD

Автор Derp ( назад)
3:08 Died Here Lol

Автор Jaxsonsosavage23 Loves undertale ( назад)
I hate furless cats they look weird

Автор Jaxsonsosavage23 Loves undertale ( назад)
The ball thing around the speaker that's a workout

Автор Alexis Cardoso ( назад)
The last one was like when your friend gets in a fight and try to break it up

Автор XxSuperBloxsxX ( назад)
6:01 Man dat guy has a long pointy nose

Автор XxSuperBloxsxX ( назад)
3:57 when you heard Pokemon go was released but you was lazy to walk

Автор hi3ization ( назад)
That bull dog I literally me when I'm tickled

Автор Seargentsquirell ( назад)
hamsters are vicious in the wild

Автор garth brayton ( назад)

Автор Miraculous Dancer ( назад)
0:59 when the kkk's comin to get u

Автор EDM Reborn ( назад)
my left ear enjoyed this video

Автор KOMBAT MORTAL ( назад)
Was that guy getting attacked by a javelina?

Автор Melvin Masser ( назад)
2:00 when your playing infected and The only survivor

Автор samanthuksTV ( назад)
only idot are you besause animals not and nevar be idiots only you can be

Автор Eve Simpson ( назад)

Автор marlon williams ( назад)
Ew!!!🤢Girl/Boy cat was licking Girl's/Boy's... At first little vid🤢

Автор Ardee Pedragoza ( назад)
the fucking crow is the refferee

Автор Lathil ( назад)
humans are animals too

Автор Тащер Dorro ( назад)
The crow tried to prevent the fight!

Автор overwatchvids ( назад)

Автор Rahul Kumar ( назад)
don't write animal are idiot. fuc***

Автор Rosela Reyes Rosela Reyes ( назад)

Автор wolfman 361 ( назад)
1:21 when you're on Red Bull or Monster

Автор wolfman 361 ( назад)
at 0:57 was chasing that guy because I don't know what it was

Автор Blumac5 ( назад)

Автор Aveguil Juarez ( назад)
awee!!! 3:56 isss sooo adorable!!! 💓😍😍😘💞💕

Автор Chase Coquet ( назад)
Who watching this in 2017

Автор Jake Doyon ( назад)

Автор Noisy Boy ( назад)
6:26 bird thug life!CANT STOP LAUGHTING!

Автор lJadeJollyLovel ( назад)
0:49 that dog knows baby take most of the attention, but he was like "Nuh uh NOPE, all eyes on meeee" *throws baby doll in oven*

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