EVERGLOW (에버글로우) - 봉봉쇼콜라 (Bon Bon Chocolat) MV

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
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    ‘ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW’ 괴물 신인 EVERGLOW(에버글로우), ‘봉봉쇼콜라’ 발매!!
    - 2019년 가요계를 휩쓸 초대형 걸그룹의 등장 ‘비주얼 끝판왕 X 완벽한 퍼포먼스 그룹’
    - 시현, 이런, E:U(이유), MIA(미아), 온다, Aisha(아샤) 영원히 빛날 6인 6색의 각기 다른 매력
    - IDENTITY : 스파클링 시크(Sparkling Chic)
    2019년 가요계를 휩쓸 위에화 엔터테인먼트 코리아의 첫 걸그룹 ‘에버글로우’가 출격한다.
    ‘EVER’ 언제나, 항상 ‘GLOW’ 빛나다의 합성어로 ‘태양의 빛이 비치는 날과 비추지 않는 밤이 생기듯이 빛과 그림자 모두 우리만의 시간으로 만들겠다.’는 신인 그룹의 강인한 의지와 에너지가 담겨있는 EVERGLOW는 프로듀스 48 방송 당시 독보적인 비주얼과 안정적인 보컬, 압도적인 퍼포먼스 실력으로 가장 집중을 받았던 김시현, 비주얼 1등 왕이런에 이어 이유, 미아, 온다, 아샤까지 6인 6색의 각기 다른 멤버들의 매력이 하나가 되어 트렌디하고 감각적인 음악적 다양성을 추구하겠다는 의미를 담고 있다.
    에너지 넘치고 귀에 감기는 도입부의 멜로디 라인이 돋보이는 타이틀곡 ‘봉봉쇼콜라’는 The Chainsmokers, Justin Bieber 등 미국 최고의 아티스트들의 곡을 만들어낸 Melanie Fontana, Lindgren, Jurek 그리고 최고의 작사가 JQ 가 함께 콜라보 한 곡이다.
    중독성 강한 힙합 비트에 EDM 신스 사운드가 잘 어우러진 트랙 위에 한국인이라면 거부할 수 없는 팬타토닉 스케일의 멜로디가 함께 하면서 한번 들으면 흥얼거릴 수밖에 없는 후크 부분들이 많아 리스너들의 귀를 즐겁게 한다.
    오랜 시간 열심히 준비한 노력의 결실로 드디어 데뷔의 꿈을 이루는 순간을 달콤한 초콜릿으로 표현한 가삿말은 에버글로우와 함께 하는 모든 사람들의 꿈이 이루어지길 바라며 ‘봉봉쇼콜라(Bon Bon Chocolat)’라고 외치는 우리들만의 언어로 표현, 영원히 빛난다는 에버글로우의 메시지 또한 전달하고 있어 가사의 내용 또한 흥미진진하다.
    ‘꿈=봉봉쇼콜라’!! 2019년 최고의 흥행곡으로 거듭날 것이라 믿어 의심치 않는다.
    앨범명과 같이 당찬 포부로 2019년 가요계로 불쑥 날아들어온 그녀들의 날갯짓이 시작된다.
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  • Xenia !
    Xenia ! 9 minutes ago

    I want a comeback

  • Jeon Isabella
    Jeon Isabella 23 minutes ago +1

    is it just me or does this song sound SO familiar from an american group? i swear i've heard it somewhere.it sounds like an exact copy with different titles.

  • I am a donut
    I am a donut Hour ago

    This song gives me trap vibes

  • Rosa Mendes
    Rosa Mendes Hour ago

    I am gonna say it all the remixes that is made of bbc was not as good as the original

  • bsaipaia
    bsaipaia 2 hours ago +1

    Imagine Somi in this group

  • Francisco Gonzalez
    Francisco Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    I like it

  • McKinley
    McKinley 2 hours ago

    Stanned since debut. You should stan them too. 😉

  • Saïa ytb
    Saïa ytb 3 hours ago +1

    Bon chocolat c'est du Français eh Ouais! 😆😜😎

  • Lili Cruz Gonzàlez
    Lili Cruz Gonzàlez 3 hours ago

    Everglow 💜

  • Free Fire top xxxkilll Lal

    Pior coisa do mundo

  • HT Aceland
    HT Aceland 4 hours ago +2

    I was addicted to it the first time I heard it

  • i like bts
    i like bts 4 hours ago +1

    dammit this song is so lit I’m crying

  • fala de tudo miga
    fala de tudo miga 5 hours ago

    Amei amei amei 😍😍😍😘😘😍😘

    CHAELISA 6 hours ago

    still mad they didn't get their first win

    • Rosa Mendes
      Rosa Mendes 5 hours ago

      @jade thirlwall they do have bandwagon stans most of them don't know that they have a single album and g idle had bandwagon stans but bandwagon stans never help the group

    • jade thirlwall
      jade thirlwall 5 hours ago +1

      @Rosa Mendes lol not a fan of them, but calling their fans as bandwagon? geez they just debuted, obviously its natural to gain fans anytime mygad

    • Rosa Mendes
      Rosa Mendes 6 hours ago

      Yeah maybe if their bandwagon stans weren't busy bashing a rookie gg the same time everglow was 98pts away from getting a win

  • 5k subscribers with Jin's photo challenge

    I come here for the amazing music
    Their costumes
    This choreography
    💖💖💖 And the sparkles😂

  • Kookiesgotjams
    Kookiesgotjams 7 hours ago +2

    I've said this before and I won't stop.

  • Gary Boreres
    Gary Boreres 7 hours ago

    onda has a look alike i think park shin hye???

  • LUNA
    LUNA 7 hours ago +2

    Need my minimum 5 a day, don't mind me

  • Sniper816 Plays
    Sniper816 Plays 7 hours ago +1

    Can’t wait for their first comeback hope they’re ready to release teasers cause I wanna see them again and official fandom name they gonna glow as bright as the north star or even brighter

  • SnipperNick
    SnipperNick 8 hours ago

    no veo comentarios en español o coreano :'v

  • Elo Gtr
    Elo Gtr 8 hours ago

    Par contre je comprends pas le “bonbon chocolat” les français vous pouvez m’expliquer svp ? 😅

  • Gangg gucci
    Gangg gucci 8 hours ago

    Sibal 노래존나이상

  • Prince Mino
    Prince Mino 8 hours ago +1


  • Luvena Zeni
    Luvena Zeni 10 hours ago

    Ho come her because bongo cat?

  • Se Elh
    Se Elh 10 hours ago +1

    They are so ugly !

  • no one
    no one 10 hours ago +2

    These girls hold TOO MUCH POWER FOR A DEBUT. MY GOD. EU bias btw ❤❤

  • Momoland MLD
    Momoland MLD 10 hours ago +1

    waiting for the comeback

  • Taekook Is My Dad
    Taekook Is My Dad 11 hours ago +3

    1:05 who's the girl in the front with brown hair

    • Taekook Is My Dad
      Taekook Is My Dad 10 hours ago +1

      @Ruks thank you 💜

    • Ruks
      Ruks 10 hours ago +1

      Taekook Is My Dad Wang Yiren. She’s also been on Produce48, if you want to see more of her

  • LUNA
    LUNA 11 hours ago +2

    I'm whipped for Mia T_T

  • Kate T
    Kate T 14 hours ago +2

    Is this an all visual group? They are all so pretty

  • Wency Brito
    Wency Brito 16 hours ago +1

    I love the song they gonna be so famous

  • brittney marie
    brittney marie 16 hours ago +2

    they are just so wow. i’m in love can’t wait for the next comeback

  • April Dawn Dasalla
    April Dawn Dasalla 17 hours ago +1


  • Mavel Monzon
    Mavel Monzon 17 hours ago +2

    *#Foreverglow* 💖

  • Mavel Monzon
    Mavel Monzon 17 hours ago +2

    *is beautiful ;3 :3*

  • C H
    C H 18 hours ago +2

    Omg the dance . Why is it so good

  • Marcus Cruz
    Marcus Cruz 18 hours ago +1

    Any idea on when the next comeback is?

  • amilas life
    amilas life 19 hours ago +2

    I listened once and fell inlove with this song and group

  • Lanthanide
    Lanthanide 20 hours ago +3

    I'd like to thank coldplay... If they never made the song Everglow, I would never have found this treasure

  • Everglow Yiren
    Everglow Yiren 20 hours ago +1

    Half of the comments are either everyday everday you go to walmart everyday or ariana grande

  • Emilia Oviedo
    Emilia Oviedo 20 hours ago +2


  • Ximena Melo
    Ximena Melo 20 hours ago +1

    Este grupo está destinado a ir a lo grande se ve lo quieren y excelente video y la música ni hablar . Mis respetos.

    Editado por pendeja :v

  • Kim Minseok
    Kim Minseok 21 hour ago +2

    We should be called FOREVERGLOW

  • x Bianca x
    x Bianca x 21 hour ago +1

    Is it just me but their song bridge sounds like Ariana Grande's thank u, next? 😂
    Ari's bridge:
    "I've got so much love
    Got so much patience
    I've learned from the pain
    I turned out amazing
    I've loved and I've lost
    But that's not what I see
    'Cause look what I've found
    Ain't no need for searching."
    Sounds sorta like the same tempo/tone as their bridge in this song but in Korean. Idk. Lmfao. Maybe I'm trippin'. Other than that, these girls are *MEGA* talented. This is barely their debut! They will be big and I do love them. Foreverglow!

    • Everglow Yiren
      Everglow Yiren 20 hours ago +2

      If u read the comments many people say that 😂

  • Amanda Cardoso
    Amanda Cardoso 22 hours ago +1

    Elas São Muito Maravilhosas!😍

  • Kim Minseok
    Kim Minseok 23 hours ago +3

    We should be called EL-Glows
    EL meaning everlasting love

  • sweetie;me uwu.
    sweetie;me uwu. Day ago +1

    estoy tan orgullosa de ellas, ya son 34 millones :').


    Am I the only one who hears “everyday everyday you go to Walmart everyday”

  • Irônica
    Irônica Day ago +2

    This sounds like Ariana's song "Everyday"

  • Kpop Kun
    Kpop Kun Day ago +1

    imagine yena joining everglow😍

  • pmanlicious II
    pmanlicious II Day ago +2

    So where's the comeback teaser????😭😭

  • Twice Stream
    Twice Stream Day ago +5

    When they will comeback? I'm bored of waiting :(

  • Darika Ti
    Darika Ti Day ago +1

    Ну впринципе очень классная песня, но в некоторых местах они копировали блэкпинк, но песня вообще крутая, мне нра5

  • Clara CL
    Clara CL Day ago +1

    waiting them to be best rookie gg this year

  • Min Nina
    Min Nina Day ago +1

    Como llegue aqui si soy del fandom de BTS :v?
    Cantan lindo las chicas 😄

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen Day ago +1

    very nice

  • Prince Jeng
    Prince Jeng Day ago

    Did Justin bieber and the chainsmoker work on this song? Y they on desc?

    • pétale awjan
      pétale awjan 20 hours ago +1

      @Prince Jeng i'll try to check them out when the album comes out

    • Prince Jeng
      Prince Jeng Day ago

      @pétale awjan No problem. Theyre going to have a comeback soon, in August most likely.

    • pétale awjan
      pétale awjan Day ago +2

      @Prince Jeng i tried but i'm not a fan of their sounds. I listen to 2 or 3 of their songs as a casual listener tho. Probably i don't have the same music preference as you. Sorry

    • Prince Jeng
      Prince Jeng Day ago

      @pétale awjan Ah it makes sence now btw pls check out Loona

    • pétale awjan
      pétale awjan Day ago +1

      The producers for this songs used to work with justin bieber and the chainsmoker

  • 파노다
    파노다 Day ago

    시현이 개이쁘다..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Kookies With Jam

    1:19 why does that remind me of naughty boy by pentagon

  • TaNziLa
    TaNziLa Day ago +1

    Yiren is the best❤

  • Maria Eduarda paulino


  • s h y r a
    s h y r a Day ago +2

    Avoue que depuis tout à l’heure tu cherches un commentaire français 😂

  • Nur ns
    Nur ns Day ago +4

    Next 35m

  • Black Clover
    Black Clover Day ago +9

    It's been two weeks and this song is still stuck in my head!!

  • blink land
    blink land Day ago +7

    str3am str34m for 50m soon before after comeback😍

  • blink land
    blink land Day ago +6

    str3am str34m for 50m soon before after comeback😍

  • Taekook Ishi
    Taekook Ishi Day ago +2

    2:12 who is the one in the middle ??!!!! She's so pretty😍💖

  • Sema Khadirova
    Sema Khadirova Day ago +2

    Aisha's height is 1.74 or 1.76?

    • Sema Khadirova
      Sema Khadirova Day ago +2

      @pétale awjan Thank you💕

    • pétale awjan
      pétale awjan Day ago +2

      It's 174cm.. she said it at their debut showcase

    • Sema Khadirova
      Sema Khadirova Day ago +2

      @AlexAlex Yooos I searched 1-2 sites about Aisha. Some of them were 1.74 in height and 1.76 in others.(Sorry for my english i'm Azerbaijanian🇦🇿)

    • AlexAlex Yooos
      AlexAlex Yooos Day ago +2

      She looks like she is over 1.75 lol

  • Azure Edelweiss
    Azure Edelweiss Day ago +2


  • montina travasso
    montina travasso Day ago +3

    How many people love everglow