The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker

  • Published on Dec 18, 2014
  • Most Conspiracy Theories are stupid. By the power of the internet they spread like wildfire and often poison discussions. But there is hope - we developed a way to debunk conspiracies in just a few seconds…
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    The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker
    Opal Hartbower, Andrzej Rejman, Andrew Jagasothy, Russell Common, Stephen Bassett, Christopher Lang, Chris Kitching, Jeff Le, Francesca Monteiro, Duncan Cheong, Derek, Juan Manuel Corredor, Kyle Chapman, Lam Nguyen, Jan Berdel, Scott Zell, David Walsh, AgentK, Mehmet Sevil, Carly Tawse, Shaalee Dworski, Ben Nunan, J.J., Chris Linardos, Tony Morley Jónatan Nilsson, Pholpat Durongbhan, Mosh Rahman, Patrick Eyrich, KokLiang Lim, trefmanic, Dean Herbert, Adam Smith, Gaëtan Duvaux, Caroline Andrewes, Alex Kaplan, Sebastian Laiseca, Chase Gotlieb, Matthew Gill, Alexander Heavens, Kevin Yapaola, Adam Primaeros, Jan Schmid, Alexander Gavin Zodda, Dario Pagnia, Sara Shah, Kimberly Powell, Eduardo Barbosa, Jeroen Koerts, Michal, Will B, maarten ligtenberg, Ghitea Andrei Paul, nga⁴, Ryan, Larry Bunyard, Malthe Agger, Giovanna Cardoso, dante harper, Bünyamin Tetik, Joe Pond, Stephen Morse, Jørgen Smalås, Dario Wünsch, Matthew Macomber, Daniel McCouid-Carr, Ziggy Freed, Brian David Henderson, Theo Alves Monteiro, David Davenport-Firth, Hamad, Michael Ren, Andrew Connor, Peter Schuller, Brandy Alexander, Alexander Kosenkov, Pascal B., Eric, Scott Laing, Gizem Gürkan, George Chearswat, Brandon Liu, oscar gautama, Tim, Bruno Araújo, Carlos Bohorquez, Christian Lyster Blæsbjerg, Daniel OCL, David Harbinson, Heemi Kutia, Rikard Nyberg, Florian Guitton, Jezariael Demos, Ajay Shekhar, Ryan Nai, Eugene Cham, Nick Yonge, David Garcia Quintas, Renaud Savignard, James, Ryan, somersault18:24, Pranab Shenoy, Terry Lipstein, Jan Lukas Lehmann, Javier de la Garza, Tim Carll, Peter Žnuderl, Rory Bennett, Sieglinde Geisel, Randy Knapp, Jeff Churchill, Jonathan Velazquez Gore, Daniel, Roman Zolotorevich, Clayton Fussell. Pol Lutgen, Daniel Gonzalez, Stephen Joseph DCruz, Seona Tea, Thomas Lee, Finn Edwards, Ernst van Wijk, David Taylor, Corbin Greene, Tempest, Balazs-Hegedus Jozsef, Alan Feyaerts, Fabricio Godoy, Charles Kuang, Maximilian Ritter, Jesse MacLean, Yousif, Jesse Powell, Wei Wong, Praveen Muthu, Jon Davis, Bahjat, Etienne La Count, Igor Benicio de Mesquita, Siddharth Bajaj, Greeny Liu, Processed Refund, Tibor Schiemann
    The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker

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    • Jason Hand
      Jason Hand 25 days ago

      Liar, liar.....👖🔥

    • storm 1236
      storm 1236 3 months ago +3

      I do not agree with this video: The earth is flat, the elites and the government hide that fact from you. Also: vaccines cause autism

    • Gustave Courbet
      Gustave Courbet 3 months ago

      U dont belive in anti christ? What do u believe in

  • Stephen Strange
    Stephen Strange Day ago

    Conspiracy - a plot or plan to action against someone or organisation etc, in order to make serious changes?
    To conspire - to discuss such a plan with someone ?
    Conspirator - One who discusses, plans or actions a conspiracy?
    Conspiracy theory - A rumour/supposed conspiracy?
    There is usually proof/evidence of Conspiracies. They have happened all over, for all time. Even now.

  • Uber Cena
    Uber Cena Day ago

    Kurzgesagt: Do rich people breathe air? Yes. Chemtrails aren't real.
    Conspiracy Theorist: It's because all celebrities are lizard people who don't need air to live.
    Kurzgesagt: You try suffocating a rich person. Tell me what happens after that.
    Conspiracy Theorist: But their Illuminati bodyguards will prevent me from revealing the truth.
    Kurzgesagt: *sigh*

  • Emiliano Toledo
    Emiliano Toledo 2 days ago

    Number one now can't have Steve Jobs, he was positive for HIV according to some leaked information.

  • Hadrian
    Hadrian 2 days ago

    "Vaccines cause autism"

  • Swovon
    Swovon 3 days ago +2

    Therapist: Dolphin Hitler isn't real. It can't hurt you

  • Jacob Poiroux
    Jacob Poiroux 3 days ago

    Dumb people making dumb videos with dumb answers to justify ignorant reasoning. This video is a good example. Do addicts do drugs that harm themselves knowingly? The answer is yes. Do selfish people do selfish things that end up doing more harm to society and themselves in the long run? The answer is yes...

  • Escritor Anónimo
    Escritor Anónimo 3 days ago

    they could have wanted Jobs dead

  • Evanston Conner
    Evanston Conner 3 days ago

    the lizard man one is real the illuminati is real and more stuff but the illuminati is jews

  • CoolCreeper39
    CoolCreeper39 6 days ago +1

    The dolphin on the thumbnail isn’t even wearing a swastika, it’s a cross.

  • CoolCreeper39
    CoolCreeper39 6 days ago +1

    1:13 Did anyone else think that was actually really creepy

  • befuddled squirrel
    befuddled squirrel 6 days ago

    "Patriarchy" affect rich people, aswell as climate change. So are they both conspiracy theories? 🤔

  • Michael Corcoran
    Michael Corcoran 6 days ago

    As its said before but conspiracies is a word for a reason. Im not some tin foil hat person but if you don't think governments conspire to do things and always have you need to learn more about life

  • Big Smile
    Big Smile 8 days ago

    What if they wanted Steve Jobs dead

  • Alexander Williams
    Alexander Williams 8 days ago +1

    But obviously the earth is flat... How else would Australia be straight upside down?

  • dastoopid
    dastoopid 9 days ago

    I do believe in Adolphin Hitler

  • Michael Todd Quintal
    Michael Todd Quintal 10 days ago

    They killed Steve jobs, The government admits chemtrails and now Harvard is helping the climate through blocking the sun with chemtrails. you stupid loser

  • Daniel Stevens
    Daniel Stevens 11 days ago

    Kurzgesagt: *attempts to debunk "conspiracy theories"*
    *Ali-A intro plays*

  • JunoSF
    JunoSF 11 days ago

    There is no supressed core for Cancer … 2019 is calling: well there is a Cure … but it's supressed by the pharmacompanys. There was the german Dr. Claudia Friesen in late 2007 wich found the astonishing cure of Cancer by using normal chemo-therapy combined with Methadone (a replacement drug for drugaddicts) today she's unemployed and even lost her medical license. Now you might ask "But why ? She literally found the holy grail for curing Cancer" … well the ingredients for a monthly dosis Methadone if you combine it with the usage of chem. therapy is about 20 Euros ...

    • Theknow All
      Theknow All 10 days ago

      I have found 4 genuine cancer medicines that work. The best documented and proven one in shown in the video titled, *Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business | Full Documentary | CANCER CURE* (BUGVkmmwbk)
      Spread the word.

  • Garrette Garoutte
    Garrette Garoutte 12 days ago

    atrazine is in the water you asshole. who put that shit there, poor people? they are turning the freakin' frogs gay!

  • Artiomca Tomass
    Artiomca Tomass 15 days ago

    Instead of putting Facebook you put butt book

  • Erika Erdinger
    Erika Erdinger 16 days ago +12

    I'm a simple man
    I see Hitler
    I click

  • DweebyXx x
    DweebyXx x 17 days ago

    please rekt Chem trails

  • ZombieCorp.
    ZombieCorp. 18 days ago +1

    Does Buttbook censor people?

  • koodude2313
    koodude2313 18 days ago +1

    Hillary Clinton didn't have anyone killed.

    It's just a conspiracy that those people who were due to show up in court with info that could land her in prison shot themselves in the back of the head twice while on their knees.

  • Amine Be
    Amine Be 20 days ago

    He forgot to mention that this video was sponsored by the Illuminati.

  • Andrew Caldwell
    Andrew Caldwell 21 day ago

    what if Kurzgesagt made this video to cover up conspiracies????

  • deepstrasz
    deepstrasz 22 days ago

    "Funnier" it's that there are conspiracies about conspiracies.

  • Kyle Hartman
    Kyle Hartman 23 days ago

    Reading in the Bible in the book of Revelations would explain the Antichrist

  • blob fish
    blob fish 23 days ago

    ay! adolphin slipper is very real!

  • blob fish
    blob fish 23 days ago

    adolpin slipper

  • naejimba
    naejimba 23 days ago

    First, instead of being focused on logic, evidence, probability, and historical precedent, you develop a new way to determine truth not applicable to anything else, and we are supposed to blindly accept it? One of the examples you came up with "Adolphin" doesn't even meet your criteria. Does that mean you believe Adolphin is real? Or, do you lack belief because it is illogical, has no evidence to support it, is highly improbable, and there is no historical precedent that lends credibility to the idea?

    Second, the term "conspiracy theorist" is used as an ad hominem attack (specifically guilt by association) which only serves to reinforce the confirmation bias at the stage of gathering information. This is every bit as ignorant as simply believing any wild an improbable claim you hear. If we really want to combat outlandish conspiracy theories, why not educate people on how we can use reason to determine what is true? Third, there is nothing wrong with speculation, as long as you accept it is speculation. This is how we form hypotheses which can then be tested using the scientific method. The problem is belief, especially zealous conviction, without any supporting evidence. Again, not being willing to consider ideas is every bit as harmful as blindly accepting them.

    Last, we act as if conspiracy is some absurd notion, even though there are plenty of evidence of actual conspiracies, and in other contexts we don't have the same level of skepticism (which would be special pleading). If it is so absurd, why can one be charged with conspiracy to commit murder or conspiracy to defraud the government? Isn't it logically inconsistent not to consider the possibility of one, but not the question the other?

    As for conspiracies themselves, the official government's narrative of 9/11 meets the criteria of a conspiracy. The definition of conspiracy is "The act of two or more persons, called conspirators, working secretly to obtain some goal, usually understood with negative connotations." Note that the negative connotation is not always necessary, or if present could depend on one's perspective. This would mean the assassination of Abraham Lincoln is a known conspiracy, with nine co-conspirators being hung. So would Watergate. So would the entire scope of intelligence agencies such as the CIA or MI6. Due to the obvious need for secrecy, the writing and signing of our declaration of independence meets the criteria of a conspiracy. You can go back in history as far as you'd like.... the assassination of Julius Caesar is a confirmed conspiracy.

    Here are a few more conspiracies which have been proven: Operation GLADIO, Operation Mockingbird, COINTELPRO, Operation Northwoods, the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, the Bay of Pigs invasion, US Black sites and torture of detainees, the Bologna massacre, Operation Ocean Spray, the Iran Contra scandal, Operation Mongoose, the price fixing of diamonds by De Beers, the Dryfus affair, the Downing Street memo, ECHELON, the Enron scandal, Fast and Furious scandal, the creation of the Federal Reserve Act which passed in 1913, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, human trafficking, large pedophile networks which have been exposed, the Franklin scandal, widespread abuse of children from Catholic priests and the resulting coverup, Operation Ajax, Operation Cyclone, Operation Chaos, Operation Himmler, Operation Midnight Climax, Operation Paperclip, MKULTRA, Operation PBSUCCESS, the Pentagon papers, Operation Show White, the Phoebus cartel, the Pheonix program, Project FUBELT..... and on and on and on.

    None of this is speculation; all of it is proven with evidence. Considering the large amount of conspiracies which have been confirmed throughout history, it is idiotic to dismiss something on the basis of it being a conspiracy. This is by far the least thought out and worst video you have ever made. The aversion to the notion of conspiracy is anti-intellectual at best, and limits the range of acceptable thought at worst. You should be utterly ashamed.

    • naejimba
      naejimba 22 days ago

      +Swodester Marreco, what a well thought out and intellectual response. Wanna try again champ?

    • Swodester Marreco
      Swodester Marreco 23 days ago


  • Rude Baby Red
    Rude Baby Red 24 days ago

    Not really particularly sound, and hardly on par with your other content. Whether you believe these theories or not, the fact is, even though rich people without a doubt control a lot, the fact is they're almost all in it for the very short term gains. There are LOTS of actual, provable disasters that they ignore, such as the dangers of fracking, the loss of the bee population, global warming, etc etc. Turns out rich people have gotten really bad at investing in the future, Wall Street be damned.

  • My Games
    My Games 24 days ago

    Buttbook lol

  • ReducedToAtoms
    ReducedToAtoms 25 days ago

    I believe that the royal family consists of reptilian peaplez. ;-;

  • Jason Hand
    Jason Hand 25 days ago +2

    Chemtrails have been a documented fact since the 1940s. Admittedly so by our Government and Harvard. Sellout.

  • Jason Hand
    Jason Hand 25 days ago

    Cancer is a side effect of too much acid in diet. Alkaline diet can " cure" it.

  • Jason Hand
    Jason Hand 25 days ago +1

    Flouride is in our water and is a neurotoxin and byproduct of aluminum procession. Not a conspiracy or theory.

    • MalKarma04
      MalKarma04 17 days ago

      Weird how people get to live 80+ years drinking water, huh?

  • T.L K.Paz
    T.L K.Paz 25 days ago +1


  • Cody Bear
    Cody Bear 26 days ago +2

    The logic with these is there is counters to what he's claiming. Mind you its all conspiracy, but his debunking isn't really debunking.

  • Syed Maaz Ali
    Syed Maaz Ali 26 days ago

    the world will come to an end. it is stupid to think we will live on here for eternity.

  • woodingot
    woodingot 26 days ago

    The Illuminati put sugar in my tea and i dont like tea with sugar :(

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else 27 days ago +1

    Absolute nonsense.
    Typical mainstream garbage.
    In mainstream political circles anyone who talks about conspiracies is instantly ridiculed, usually with insults about tinfoil hats
    and prescription medication. This ugly habit is ignorant and immature since even a little open-minded study reveals there have been many conspiracies throughout history and that many of them had a great effect.
    Common examples are emperor Nero's burning of Rome which was blamed on the Christians, at the time a persecuted minority, and Hitler's Reichtag fire which was blamed on communists.
    A more recent example: in 1999 Moscow police caught FSB (Russian intelligence) agents red-handed planting bombs in
    Moscow apartment buildings. These bombings were blamed on Chechen rebels and used by Russia as justification for its invasion
    and destruction of Chechnya. Sounds familiar?
    Most Americans would have no problem believing that those pesky Russians would be up to such dirty tricks. But when it comes to their own country? Forget it.
    Assassinations, shootings and bombings are further examples. Whenever one of those events takes place somewhere around the world, many people suspect a false flag operation, but in the U.S. assassins, shooters and bombers are always supposed to be crazed loners. The U.S. is of course completely immune to conspiracies. The U.S. government would never dream of harming its own citizens for political gain. Or so the American population believes, who are conditioned to always blindly believe the official version of events forced in their faces by their government and mainstream media.
    The problem with Americans is that they never see conspiracy. The problem with for example the French is that they see conspiracy everywhere. Both of them are wrong. "Conspiracy theory" has become an ugly term that is used to denigrate a theory, labeling it as something that must be false.
    What is the opposite of a conspiracy theory? The official version of events, of course. So when a fool like this blindly labels all conspiracy theories as false, he is essentially claiming the official version of events is always universally true, and that the government and mainstream media never lies.

  • Lolo 500
    Lolo 500 27 days ago

    Blame it on a ginger!

  • Ángel Roberto García Sánchez

    Oliver Ibañez

  • Dolly
    Dolly 27 days ago

    Kurzgesagt is a reptilian jew illuminati working for the chinese government and who wants to replace the human race with birds, and this video is proof of it !

  • Xx Lillith xX
    Xx Lillith xX 28 days ago

    Please debunk the very credible conspiracy theories surrounding Marilyn Monroe's death, Facebook spying on people, or The Men in Black. They are backed up by facts and evidence. Don't act like every theory is crazy because some of them are. That mentality is dangerous.

  • Xx Lillith xX
    Xx Lillith xX 28 days ago

    There are a lot of really credible conspiracy theories that you didn't address, and you're basically acting like every conspiracy theory is untrue, when really it's just the most crazy ones that get the most coverage.

  • Martha Burbano
    Martha Burbano 29 days ago

    Ebola😱you are scerin mi

  • Narkissa Palli
    Narkissa Palli 29 days ago +1

    Climate change: do rich people inhabit the earth? Yes. Climate change not real.

  • Suace X
    Suace X Month ago +1

    You don't need air if you're a robot 🤔

  • Wilson
    Wilson Month ago +1


  • Jusnita Sahad
    Jusnita Sahad Month ago

    Oh really, i believe in cinspiracy. Yes what you mentioned are the stupid ones. And stupid way to argue fact and reasons. Probably you've been paid by bankers and M.I.C to ridicules cinspiracy theorist like me

  • Chapman Bragg Hester

    0135719186420 - The truth is more and less complicated than perceptions allow one to completely understand. How do you educate the masses? You implant hidden paths in media that act like thought process bread crumbs. They lead people like how conspiracy theorists search for information about perceived hidden truths not so hidden bread crumbs could link media and the real world in a guiding capacity to encourage educational growth throughout a lifetime whole giving a pseudo interactive experience to the public. Words act like seeds planting thoughts that can grow into things sometimes predictable other times they take on a life of their own within the host. People are like schools of fish with thoughts, you put it out there and suddenly there's a shift and the school of thought changes like a school of fish when food is introduced to the water. Right now we are sharing thoughts and learning how to control other people's thoughts with information. There are those who perceive this and can listen to a person who believes something and tell which rabbit hole their mind is down, where their cognitive function lies according to the age they believe certain things, and judge that person's perspective according to where they are in their growth of personal and societal awareness. Truth is the currency of the future, along with social responsibility and personal integrity. Think before you blindly follow, believe, or more importantly act upon your limited perceptions of reality.

  • ArticFoxPT Mapper
    ArticFoxPT Mapper Month ago

    Why didn't you guys destroy the flat Earth theory? Is such a stupid theory and we need to show Flat-Earthers that we're not living in the middle ages anymore

    SPLENOROUS Month ago

    And why it is so easy to fool the sheep! Like lambs to the slaughter! Even a bideo as stupid as this can get the views. Lol, in a nation where adults watch animated shows ho ho ho

  • Zebra Syndrome
    Zebra Syndrome Month ago

    Someone has to be sacrificed with cancer so we dont know they have a vaccine for the chemo the planes release theres always a explanation

  • Marco Tonino
    Marco Tonino Month ago

    An alternative: if the number of people involved in the conspiracy times the time they need to keep their mouths shut is more than 1000, it's nonsense.
    10 people for a century, 1000 people for a year, etc. Someone will talk, accidentally, on their death bed, due to remorse or even vengeance

    • Daniel Stevens
      Daniel Stevens 11 days ago

      Marco Tonino this doesn't work in any way, shape or form.

  • Thingsyourollup
    Thingsyourollup Month ago

    RUclip loves consipiracies. I'll probably get 10 suggestions for 9/11 videos just from watching this one.

  • Blue Storm
    Blue Storm Month ago

    You can use the same logic in this video to debunk global warming. Do rich people live on this planet? Yes. Global warming is a crazy conspiracy theory.

    • Blue Storm
      Blue Storm 27 days ago

      +Neon Red kill They've made a few emission laws that are just a drop in the bucket. It was just to shut up the liberal protesters. Notice it's never enough.
      "'Who cares about the long-term environmental effects I'll be dead before it affects me.'"
      People who own these companies usually have families. They care about their kids' future well-being. Also, the effects of global warming are supposedly around the corner. Matter of fact, sum are saying we're already starting to see the effects of global warming. So no, People care about their descendants and this isn't something that supposedly going to get us 50 or a hundred years in the future.
      "Also depopulation is not beneficial for a government if they use it on their own citizens"
      The New World Order is not about people in particular government who are fighting with another. It's about global policy. You're assuming that this is just a USA thing or a English thing. This is something that may span the whole planet.
      But putting that aside, it would still be beneficial for individual governments to control their population. Automation is displacing the workforce. So an individual government is either faced with a massive welfare state where the rich are having to support a huge population of poor people or a situation where you have a lot of unemployed starving people causing social disorder. So even if we put aside that this isn't something that's limited to individual governments, it's still make sense for an individual government to control its population.
      No, a cure for cancer would not be more lucrative. It's more lucrative for treatments that just send the cancer in remission or just drag the cancer out so the patient has to keep coming back for more medicine. It keeps the money rolling in.

    • Neon Red kill
      Neon Red kill 27 days ago +1

      no that logic will not work for global warming because legislators actually address the issue by making laws that reduse carbon emissions. Chem-trails can be debunked by this argument because the conspiracy states that the gov are creating a problem that clearly will have short and long term damaging effects that could hurt them in their lifetime and the benefits do not outweigh the costs. Global warming however is a long term problem, so wealthy business owners can reap the short term benefits of cheap fuel and less money spent on environmental safety measures. From a completely pragmatic perspective if I was an owner of a company that uses fossil fuels, ill just say "who cares about long term environmental effects ill be dead before it affects me".

      This logic does not work with chem-trails or any other conspiracy theroey that involves the government creating a problem on purpose or hiding a solution to a problem because there is short term consequences that can effect them. Also depopulation is not that beneficial for a government if they use it on their own citizens. It would make more sense to do it on their rivals, because our economy in the united states is driven by the productivity of its people, destroying that very foundation would only lower citizen productivity and as a result they get less money from taxes .

      And finally to address your other comment about the whole caner cure conspiracy in your other comment, it would be more lucrative if they had the true cure revealed to the public because they can easily arrange an oligopoly to hike the prices up for the general population, and a perfect cure for cancer would attract alot more business than chemotherapy and people are less likely to question the oligopoly if the cure is really effective. It makes no sense in a capitalist society to limit your potential market.

  • Blue Storm
    Blue Storm Month ago

    Just because certain rich people die of cancer doesn't mean there's not a suppressed cure for cancer. Steve Jobs may have not have been powerful enough to get the cure. I think the real rich and powerful people are the ones who are behind the curtain. The names you don't normally hear about.
    As for the chemtrails, all people may need air but some may get certain treatments that make them immune to the chemtrails.
    There is also evidence that the wealthy and powerful are building bunkers in remote areas for the end.

  • a litural pickle
    a litural pickle Month ago



  • Stickstorm mind
    Stickstorm mind Month ago

    I love the soundtrack of this video!

  • Minh NGUYEN
    Minh NGUYEN Month ago


  • jnerdsblog
    jnerdsblog Month ago

    lol at the 13k tin foil hatters

  • Adeola's Dancer Journey

    Shame Dawson is shook

  • Elynda Fae
    Elynda Fae Month ago

    One of these days the good air will be for the rich people. The rest of of us will have to get by on the shitty stuff.

  • maikon4bit
    maikon4bit Month ago


  • Vortex
    Vortex Month ago

    Dont worry, Adolphin cant hurt you.

  • Vortex
    Vortex Month ago +1

    I checked the date to see if this was posted on April 1st.

  • Kazuhira Miller
    Kazuhira Miller Month ago

    Who came here after flat earthers?

  • Abdulmajid Nasir
    Abdulmajid Nasir Month ago

    Do rich and wealthy people use vaccines. Yes - AntiVaxxers debunked
    Do rich and wealthy people learn that the earth is round in schools. Yes - Flat Earthers debunked
    Do rich and wealthy people breathe air. Yes - Chemtrails debunked

    Anything else?

  • Vaxaradox
    Vaxaradox Month ago

    imagine breathing air lol

  • Peter Bonnema
    Peter Bonnema Month ago +1

    Why is this video so short? I expected a lot of well research background info. Nothing of that. What is the point of this vid?

  • Peter Bonnema
    Peter Bonnema Month ago

    Fool proof you say...

  • MrJohnnyJohnster
    MrJohnnyJohnster Month ago +1

    Gay frogs don't affect rich people. Sorry, Pepe.

  • Just An Average Animator

    I figured it out. Steve Jobs didn’t know about the cure for cancer cuz he wasn’t a political leader at the time. The president and other world leaders have micro filters implanted in their mouth and nose and other places. That’s about it. Also, aliens are infiltrating the US government with rulers named John. That’s why it’s a common name. JFK got help from these aliens to get to the moon. Then the US government realized what JFK was doing how he was helping the aliens take over. They then hired the guy...

  • TheUfiser
    TheUfiser Month ago

    I would like to have a Adolphin tshirt please....

  • Macver Aberin
    Macver Aberin Month ago

    Do u have a video addressing about flat earth theory, i would love to hear ur input about this.

  • Miles Huff
    Miles Huff Month ago

    This amazing video had me laughing out loud. Well done, Kurzgesagt!

  • Danielchen Uprising

    Does the conspiracy theory affect Herobrine? If it does, then it is 100% true.

  • MrKill
    MrKill Month ago


  • Lubomir Guedjev
    Lubomir Guedjev Month ago

    Hahaha, never seen a more shallow attempt to debunk anything.... following this logic one may ask - did Hitler live in Germany? Yes? Well then he could have died if he starts a war. That means there was no war. Second argument - the rich people yoy say? And you show examples of replaceable muppets like Obama or Jobs. How about the Rotshilds ? Do they have cancer? Do they live in the same areas as common folks? Dummest video ever

  • Drew
    Drew Month ago

    Ok but these are all the true ones

  • OWO
    OWO Month ago

    Chemtrails to control the weather might be a thing!
    For example here in Spain we rely on tourism a lot.
    And it's apparent that they obviously come here for the good weather!
    Now, it hasn't rained where I live since before Christmas and I don't think that's right in any way.
    I've often seen dark rain clouds on the horizon, planes leaving chemtrails and those clouds disappearing again...
    There must be something up with that tbh because they also make grid patterns.
    It just doesn't seem right to me.

    • OWO
      OWO Month ago

      A Call For An Uprising
      Yeah right....
      I don't think that's true.
      Trying to control the weather seems much more plausible.

    • Danielchen Uprising
      Danielchen Uprising Month ago

      plasma yes, planes emit chemtrails, dumping aluminium, Barium, mercury and even more of the hazardous stuff on all the innocent souls below, causing a spike in autism, a spike in cancer, and a spike in many other diseases

  • Half Pint
    Half Pint Month ago

    Your just brainwashed

  • Naomi
    Naomi Month ago

    1:38 Poor neighbourhoods have different water supplies than the rich do. Also, purified water is expensive but the rich can afford it. This is not disproved by your argument.

  • yeet yeetus
    yeet yeetus Month ago

    Idiots who believe in this crap: I can't hear you, it's too dark in here!

  • Mohammed Hazzem
    Mohammed Hazzem Month ago

    Actually it will end soon.

  • Alexis Legault-Toffoli

    I have to convince people that the moon landing is real... I’ve tried but they don’t believe me.
    How can I apply this here?

    THE BOSS Month ago

    To be honest do more relatable theorys because i like cocnspircy thories but i didnt know none of these

  • Imperial Deadeye
    Imperial Deadeye Month ago

    What if they are related to you?

  • Simon Vance
    Simon Vance Month ago

    Yeah, there are no conspiracies, your government LOVES you! It's just a coincidence that the standard of living for average people around the world gets lower and lower while big business and industry thrives! Another coincidence that when an economic crash happens, the government steals people's money and gives it to...the banks! They do that because they love you! Nothing to see here, move along!
    Humanity overall, is stupid and naive, not to mention immoral. Those are the main reasons we live in continued financial slavery. We keep doing the same thing over and over and over and thinking the solution is to elect some new leader who then repeats the process, as if things are magically going to be different. If you can't understand that you are beyond help. If you still want to support the government and get your 'truth' from mainstream media, good luck with that, let me know how it works out..

  • Δreamer
    Δreamer Month ago +1


    earth isnt flat nor round, its actually shaped like a banana.

  • Abdul Rehman
    Abdul Rehman Month ago +1

    Nazi Dolphin

  • Jill Valentine
    Jill Valentine Month ago

    Adolphin! I knew it was true!

  • Noobmaster69
    Noobmaster69 Month ago

    Hitler wiped his ass with his diploma.

  • samwich
    samwich Month ago

    i just liked pausing this and reading all the little easter eggs you guys dropped in

  • Book Beard
    Book Beard Month ago +45

    "Do rich people ignore the soon to be upon us and imminent apocalypse?" Exhibit A: Global Warming. Never underestimate the human capacity for profitable self-delusion.

    • Eragon7
      Eragon7 Day ago

      +Big Smile China is the leading country for green energy production and growth. They are putting billions into Nuclear and Renewable energy production and technology. They still get a lot of energy from coal yes, but changing a massive infrastructure takes time. China is pushing to make a larger portion of their energy more green.

    • Eragon7
      Eragon7 Day ago

      +ARE U CLAPPED? YES Global warming will not be the end of the world. It is very bad yes, but it is NOT the end of the world. Human life will continue to live on just fine. Sure, millions or even hundreds of millions could potentially die depending on how bad it gets, and it will cost trillions of dollars in damages and resource loss, but its far from the end of the world or human civilization.

    • Eragon7
      Eragon7 Day ago

      +Book Beard Global warming affects the rich much much less than it affects the poor and middle class.
      Global warming is a global crisis, but its by no means some sort of Armageddon end of the world scenario type of thing. Its mainly about a loss of a vast amount of resources, massive damage to coastal infrastructure, collapse of many useful natural processes such as certain ocean currents and so on. Its quite a big issue indeed, however, the Rich and powerful will be just fine. Modern lifestyles can still be sustained even in a post major warming, it will just be a LOT more expensive. But since the rich and powerful have plenty of money to spare, the main burden will be on the Poor and Middle classes who will struggle with the limited resources and damages.

      TLDR: The rich would rather have the short term gain since the long term consequences dont affect them as much.

    • Uber Cena
      Uber Cena Day ago

      There are rich people who are trying to prevent global warming. Elon Musk co-founded Tesla Motors, a company that uses zero-emission electric cars, which don't create a carbon footprint.

    • Big Smile
      Big Smile 8 days ago

      Whitninjathemovie china is fucked in energy regards since almost all of their energy is coal and their coal industry is massive. To lose that would hurt them terribly.
      Being better than China in pollution is like when kraft says their cheese is real food or etc. Like wtf world do we live in does a label saying its real food an advertising point. Or maybe its a warning for people who don’t like real food? Hahah

  • hi
    hi Month ago +1