The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker

  • Published on Dec 18, 2014
  • Most Conspiracy Theories are stupid. By the power of the internet they spread like wildfire and often poison discussions. But there is hope - we developed a way to debunk conspiracies in just a few seconds…
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    The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker
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    The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker

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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  11 months ago +303

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    • Marc Monge
      Marc Monge 25 days ago +1


    • Jose Mejia
      Jose Mejia 2 months ago

      Please dont be mean to the blue bird anymore he looks so sad

    • Thannesh_2004
      Thannesh_2004 3 months ago +1

      I really love your editing. Why not make an editing tutorial channel?

    • Tray Percy
      Tray Percy 5 months ago

      @Michał Balcerzak I dont this video was to break down conspiracy theories, just the idiotic ones. I think they made it to cut down on the ill informed from spreading these 'theories'. But after reading some of the 'serious' comments I see they failed.

  • Batuhan Balta
    Batuhan Balta 7 hours ago


  • Santa Donu
    Santa Donu 8 hours ago

    I should show this to my mom

  • U BetCha
    U BetCha 22 hours ago

    Faked Moon landing, don’t have ability to land on planets and never will. No rover on mars, The firmament, Black holes are Fantasy, The big bang is fantasy, Geo engineering, weather modification. Gulf of Tonkin, chem trails, 9/11 inside false flag. Walmart shooting false flag to push red flag laws. Eventually trying to completely remove all guns and the 2nd amendment. Las Vegas massacre failed cia op, turned into a false flag to disarming America . Sandy. Benghazi , Clinton’s body count. Are all conspiracy facts brought to you by your least favorite elite globalist new world order soros scum bag. And his friends. UN secret society’s and their puppets. With help from their precious 3 letter agencies.

  • prizmin cordik
    prizmin cordik Day ago +1

    Ah yes Adolphin...

    *OUR* dolphin.

  • Cory Hayes
    Cory Hayes Day ago

    Do rich people continue to buy ocean front property when the sea levels are supposed to rise?

  • Obladi Oblada
    Obladi Oblada Day ago

    Do really powerful and rich people affected by global warming? Yes. Global warming is not true.

  • Musa Abdur Rehman
    Musa Abdur Rehman Day ago +1

    You have been bribed to say this.

  • Kevin Driessen
    Kevin Driessen 2 days ago +2

    Isn't this just a subpart of asking yourself the question "does it make sense?" ?

  • Beumadine Sweevy
    Beumadine Sweevy 3 days ago

    Consp.Theory = Term the CIA coined to counter those doubting the JFK ass. Report. PUBLISHED DOCUMENT, Sheeple.

  • A dolphin
    A dolphin 3 days ago +1

    Stop it, you're ruining my secret plan

  • El Mahiou
    El Mahiou 6 days ago

    Does climate change affect rich peoples?


  • Damián Vallejos
    Damián Vallejos 7 days ago

    How About Climate Change being taken as a conscpiracy?

  • smartypig38
    smartypig38 8 days ago +1

    Stupidest conspiracy is that vaccines cause autism

  • Galaxy Guy
    Galaxy Guy 8 days ago

    the metal slug rebel army logo is on adolphin

  • Dávid Holczer
    Dávid Holczer 9 days ago

    I thought there was a swastika on the dolphin's fin

  • S Vengat
    S Vengat 9 days ago +1

    The world is ending for everyone except the rich people!
    Does this affect rich people? No
    The world is ending for everyone except rich people then!

  • Andres Rodriguez
    Andres Rodriguez 10 days ago +1

    Therapist: Adolphin isn't real. Adolphin can't hurt you.
    Adolphin: 0:01

  • NoNameNeeded ToWatchVideos


  • cr4yv3n
    cr4yv3n 11 days ago

    Defoo - your mom is worse than Hitler 😂🤣😂🤣
    I am dying! 🤣😂

  • something anonymous
    something anonymous 13 days ago

    1:34 National posadism

  • Dapperfield
    Dapperfield 15 days ago

    When we thought WWIII will be caused by Iran and USA

    *but actually Adolphin and his army of fascist marine creatures will be the cause*

  • Myster Xklusiv
    Myster Xklusiv 15 days ago +1

    ......this is your argument?....Kurzestan jus lost 4.2 metric tons of respect with this video...."does the rich and powerful breath air?"......

  • Apple Pye
    Apple Pye 16 days ago

    Adolphin, ok... more like
    Hitler dolphin

  • Wulfleyn
    Wulfleyn 17 days ago

    What about some of the more weird things like inventions that disappear? I know some of them are just used by their inventors for a while for testing before being thrown out, but what about other things?

  • Ratalon
    Ratalon 17 days ago

    for point one, just because there is an apocalypse imminent doesent mean that the ritch and important people do something about it, just look at the climate change

    • Darkner
      Darkner 14 days ago

      Yea, because obviously there aren't any rich people who donate to the science behind climate change and innovations which helps us lower greenhouse gas emissions...

  • Ja Wa
    Ja Wa 18 days ago

    Supressed cure for cancer.of coarse there is most doctors wont help the patients and are actors

    • Darkner
      Darkner 14 days ago +1

      If a cure for cancer is already here, then cancer would not be a thing anymore in this world. And if a natural cure existed, it would've been found ages ago. I suggest you start reading some scientific papers and check the facts.

  • Ja Wa
    Ja Wa 18 days ago

    Chrem trails are a thing these are all lame excuses not fact to try and decriminalize the people behind all the conspiracys

    • Ja Wa
      Ja Wa 14 days ago +1

      @Darkner your wrong again dummy differnt air and if they know its being sprayed they know the people under it dont stinky fatty

    • Darkner
      Darkner 14 days ago +1

      Oh really now? And you don't think that chemtrails also affect the people behind them who breathe the very same air you breathe every day? Plus, ever heard of contrails?

  • Pierce Gordon
    Pierce Gordon 18 days ago

    How about this one? You post a plethera of ideas to make most theories look silly so they all blend together and get labeled as crazy ideas by the masses.

  • Thomas Woodworth
    Thomas Woodworth 18 days ago

    The St.Louis Post reported the army sprayed cadmium over St Louis, Mo. I believe that debunks your video. And now you know the rest of the story, good day.

  • Eschatical
    Eschatical 19 days ago

    I thought you were gonna tell us, Hitler, actually survived and turned himself into a dolphin

  • ismellrudolph
    ismellrudolph 19 days ago

    Does putting chemicals into the water benefit the rich? Yes because they can produce drinkable water cheaper making more profit whilst paying for clean drinking water for themselves.

    • Darkner
      Darkner 14 days ago

      Producing drinking water actually costs more than you think. Do you know how many processes it has to go through before it reaches your sink?

  • abuela marta
    abuela marta 19 days ago

    I love the ciense and that tipe of things,but asolphin is so good

  • SSBV2 ball
    SSBV2 ball 19 days ago

    Hail dolphin

  • HC-Piano
    HC-Piano 20 days ago

    Stop trying to debunk conspiracy theories so easily. It doesnt work. Conspiracy theories are often faaar more advanced and notoriously paranoid, even in its metaphysical wiew of reality. "maybe rich people controll Kurzgesagt?"

  • theo sarazin
    theo sarazin 20 days ago

    hmmm that's exaclty the kind of videos someone who wants you to distract you from conspiracy would produce...

  • Saba Ahmed
    Saba Ahmed 25 days ago

    0:47 a dorito with a eye on Steve Jobs arm

  • CryBite
    CryBite 26 days ago

    What if the theory were to benefit really reach people though?
    And mentioning it would ruin their career?

  • Driedchameleon
    Driedchameleon 27 days ago

    Nice video but I think it should be said that Steve Jobs in specific died of cancer because he's a dipshit and tried to cure it with mint leaves or some shit.

  • Evgenii Neumerzhitckii
    Evgenii Neumerzhitckii 27 days ago +2

    Very well said! It’s hard to convince people who believe in some myths that they are wrong. Even with real data from scientific sources. Recently I showed my classmate data from Oxford University and World Bank (Our World in Data web site) that proportion of people who live in extreme powdery halved during last 20 years. In response, he sent me an link to an article saying that this is wrong, that poverty has not declined, and that World Bank and “rich countries” fake the data in order to misinform the public. Well, how do I argue with this kind of people? When people say that science is actually corrupted and fake, I have no arguments left. :(

  • James Fritz
    James Fritz 28 days ago

    That is a police box in the discussion

  • hamzah khawaja
    hamzah khawaja 29 days ago

    O man we should show this vdo in like every news report in my country, we got people believing all kinds of crazy things here!!!
    By the way im from india !! ;3

    By the way Im from India

  • Cry
    Cry 29 days ago

    Question: the world is dominated by elites. Is a rumor?
    Answer: he has no influence on the rich, so。

  • OMFG
    OMFG Month ago

    Illuminati confirm

  • Илья Петеров

    I'm not a follower of any conspiracy theories, but this video is so bad... Chemtrails theory is not disproved by the suggested "rich people argument". "The benefactors of chemtrails are just taking antidotes!" is an easy response for a chemtrails believer. Instead, you should show that it would require too many people (pilots, maintenance personnel, plane makers) to keep a secret, and it wouldn't work. There isn't a universal argument against conspiracy theories, and this one isn't even a good attempt.

  • Rob Manning
    Rob Manning Month ago +1

    You debunkers are worse than the conspiracy theorists.... fact

  • Jedidiah Kharshiing

    maybe the super rich have an antidote. so the chemtrails dont affect them.

  • Back Track
    Back Track Month ago +3

    So everything is this video is fake

  • VideoCrowsNest
    VideoCrowsNest Month ago

    The Imperial Star Destroyer was a nice touch. The First Galatic Empire approves.

  • Saban Saulic
    Saban Saulic Month ago

    Peoples are stupid. Just open your eyes and look u dumb fucks

  • Sami ippo tsuboku
    Sami ippo tsuboku Month ago

    0:10 so that's how it's pronouced !

  • Thomas Woodworth
    Thomas Woodworth Month ago +2

    The government sprayed cadmium over St Louis in the 1950's as reported in the St. Louis Post Dispatch and Business Insider.

  • Winter Solstice
    Winter Solstice Month ago

    (JK, Kursgesagt) 😂

  • zidan40o0
    zidan40o0 Month ago

    nice try Jude

  • Lilian Roizman
    Lilian Roizman Month ago


  • Zero_Fade
    Zero_Fade Month ago

    No one:
    Kurzgesagt thumbnail: *dolphin hitler*

  • Andrew Siegel
    Andrew Siegel Month ago +2

    Epstein did not kill himself.

  • Monkey King
    Monkey King Month ago +1

    Funny enough, there's "join illuminati" ads right underneath the video when i watch it

  • Assorted Shitpost™

    I don't believe in any of these theories but your point is just stupid

  • Amir Shiri
    Amir Shiri Month ago +1

    For example - The world will end in a few years due to Climate Change. Another stupid conspiracy theory.