How to Get Your Brain to Focus | Chris Bailey | TEDxManchester

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • The latest research is clear: the state of our attention determines the state of our lives. So how do we harness our attention to focus deeper, get distracted less, and even become more creative? Chris Bailey, author of the recent book Hyperfocus, talks about how our ability to focus is the key to productivity, creativity, and living a meaningful life.
    Follow Chris on @chris_bailey Chris Bailey was recently described by TED as possibly “the most productive man you’d ever hope to meet”. He is the international bestselling author of Hyperfocus and The Productivity Project, which have been published in sixteen languages. Chris works with organisations around the globe on how they can become more productive without hating the process.
    To date, Chris has written hundreds of articles on the subject of productivity, and has garnered coverage in media as diverse as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York magazine, The Huffington Post, Harvard Business Review, TED, Fortune, Fast Company, and Lifehacker. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • iulia
    iulia 18 hours ago

    I do this!

    I let my mind wander for hours in class

  • marlyn antonio
    marlyn antonio 19 hours ago

    He’s right

  • gnana sekaran
    gnana sekaran Day ago

    We all have intensions but working on those things doesn't give us a hit(pleasure), so we give up on our ideas. The ideas which could have been productive if we have given our unwavering attention.
    So give some time for yourself, your true self to step on to SOLITUDE so that the ideas and intensions that you have might take a chance to bloom into actions. Those actions will be sure PROCDUCTIVE and FULLFILLING.
    Just have FAITH in your innerself.

  • KookingK
    KookingK Day ago

    this video just took 15 minutes of my 30 minutes gadget time

  • lamp
    lamp Day ago

    i´m focus on comments

  • Lest lau
    Lest lau Day ago

    first step what u need to do is focusing on this video man🤔

  • Nistexa Nishaa
    Nistexa Nishaa 2 days ago

    I can't even focus to watch the whole video 😢

  • CTCuberHD
    CTCuberHD 2 days ago +1

    I only got 40 seconds into the video but I don't know why

  • BeCoolHaveFun
    BeCoolHaveFun 2 days ago

    Who else scrolled the videos on the right during the video?

  • Iprofessional
    Iprofessional 2 days ago

    And this took 15 minutes of my 30 minutes

  • Tommyli
    Tommyli 3 days ago

    I would like to add an important footnote to this interesting presentation; Attention without Intention is wasted time. Be intentional with your time, pause and reflect, and you will surely reap the benifits. I feel this message is much stronger than "turn off your phone".

  • Ador Caraang
    Ador Caraang 4 days ago

    who's here because of exams?

  • Nelson Voo
    Nelson Voo 4 days ago +1

    cant watch ted talk when u are disconnected eh?

  • Tobias Eckerstorfer
    Tobias Eckerstorfer 4 days ago

    Are we allowed to download TED Talk videos?

  • Fan Pet
    Fan Pet 4 days ago +7

    Ironically I had to make myself focus to learn how to focus

  • Everson Moreira
    Everson Moreira 5 days ago

    That´s the thougest issue from our tecnology that we carry daily in our pockets

  • Brian Keith MacDonald

    What's the TL;DR? I was on my phone & distracted (seriously...)

  • Amey Mahajan
    Amey Mahajan 6 days ago

    Hey I must be a champ by now🤔🤔

  • Michael Liu
    Michael Liu 7 days ago

    Go Air Canada...

  • Gabriele k
    Gabriele k 7 days ago

    Thank you so much :) so helpful

  • Josh Argyle
    Josh Argyle 7 days ago +1

    Dude im so high you are wigging me out with all the screens

  • Nature Lover
    Nature Lover 8 days ago

    This vdo is useless.... except GOd , nobody can teach u to focus.... and god teaches many souls to focus including me..... now i can focus in any rigid condition

  • Vitolds Skutans
    Vitolds Skutans 9 days ago

    Watching this while eating dinner 🙄

  • learn calm
    learn calm 9 days ago

    The problem is not digital items. 1The problem your brain how actually works.
    2You right side or left side.
    3 some can listen carefully others can read carefully
    4 best is to make one sense works
    Turn off the lights and listening
    Or turn off the lights and keep only for the book so you can read with full focus

  • fiffeel
    fiffeel 10 days ago

    Note to self: 4:30, 9:20

  • Ernest Gary
    Ernest Gary 10 days ago +1

    Only thing he didn't do was cut flips on stage. Man here needed a podium

  • Intro Maker
    Intro Maker 10 days ago +1

    Stop watching the video, and focus on your work.

  • CateDoge
    CateDoge 11 days ago

    Very insightful. :D

  • Gurdeep Singh
    Gurdeep Singh 12 days ago

    Make mind relax.

  • Nakib Omar
    Nakib Omar 12 days ago +1

    This deserves 100 million views. Thank you Chris!

  • Stephen
    Stephen 12 days ago +1

    This guy sounds like Eric from That 70’s Show lol

  • Isa Reis
    Isa Reis 12 days ago

    I can't foucus in this video

  • Frenzy Blaze
    Frenzy Blaze 13 days ago

    I am so high right now

  • Fashion Flare
    Fashion Flare 13 days ago

    Outstanding video for motivation

  • Sid L
    Sid L 14 days ago

    While browsing Netflix

  • midlaj vc
    midlaj vc 14 days ago

    If u can pls add subtitles of speech

  • Naman Gupta
    Naman Gupta 14 days ago

    Sir,you are great.

  • John Ding
    John Ding 14 days ago +73

    Who's here because of unfinished assignments?

  • luxus 20
    luxus 20 15 days ago

    Is this a form of speech?

  • Someguy 1
    Someguy 1 15 days ago

    Comment 900

  • Clik Mic
    Clik Mic 16 days ago +11

    Anyone else watching this video on a mobile phone and wondering if I already lost 15 mins from the daily quota

  • ً
    ً 16 days ago

    one of the best talks ever. thank u

  • Amar Nalawade
    Amar Nalawade 16 days ago

    The speaker has quality content, and he is also funny too.

  • Akash Solanki
    Akash Solanki 17 days ago

    Hit like if you came here to learn to focus but failed to focus on the video.

  • Theworthlessworm
    Theworthlessworm 17 days ago

    Wait, what did you say? Couldn’t focus.

  • Domenico Dolce
    Domenico Dolce 18 days ago +1

    Isnt relevan, u should share how to be consistence..we need it these days..months and years..

  • RelexSoldier
    RelexSoldier 19 days ago +1

    That's how I feel when there's no electricity

  • Matt Stanley
    Matt Stanley 19 days ago

    I watched this video while looking for something to distract me while I was distracted at work. I feel like I just got called out.

  • Hacsa
    Hacsa 19 days ago

    His excitement almost can hide the lack of anything new in his speech.

  • Alexey Antonovych
    Alexey Antonovych 19 days ago

    So remarkable ideas, thanks!))

  • jovin joseph
    jovin joseph 20 days ago +1

    It is very true 100% legitimately gonna work

  • Jay Koncepts
    Jay Koncepts 20 days ago

    Is this a distraction ? 🙄

  • Денис Шеханин

    What about books? Are they overstimulate us?

  • Wawan Amelinda
    Wawan Amelinda 22 days ago

    sorry but i found this through my phone

  • SP
    SP 22 days ago

    Not sure what’s wrong with listening to podcast if driving or music on downtime when someone is taking a break

  • Ms Rire
    Ms Rire 22 days ago

    With effect from tomorrow, it is 37 minutes on phone daily.

  • Jessica Artau
    Jessica Artau 23 days ago

    Just meditate.

  • Fabrício Lugão
    Fabrício Lugão 23 days ago

    I'm having lunch and watching this.

  • IBito Eight
    IBito Eight 24 days ago

    Great suggestions and explanations.
    All of us knew this stuff deep down in our subconcious. We just didn't notice because we didn't take the time to notice.

  • Win Seri
    Win Seri 24 days ago +9

    How to focus when your niece is literally jumping over your head !!