Binging with Babish: Jake's Perfect Sandwich from Adventure Time

Scholars have attempted to crack the code to the perfect sandwich for millennia - in the end, it was Jake the Dog who finally achieved the zenith of 'wichcraft. Can Jake's glowing dream sandwich be realized outside the cartoon realm, or will it topple under the weight of its 12 separate components?

Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free

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Автор Cloudy Kun ( назад)
Can you please cook something from Toriko

Автор Valdez Max ( назад)
I want one T-T

Автор Adhika Widhayaka ( назад)
thank you for for doing that

Автор Bridgett P ( назад)
Your videos are so good!

Автор SuicideIsMandatory ( назад)
do blue form hellbenders

Автор geigertron3000 ( назад)
your attention to detail is astounding sir!

Автор CravenTHC ( назад)
I deboned a turkey once. Thanksgiving just isn't the same anymore since those that had some always ask me to do it again. It was torture on my hands. Turned out spectacular though.

Автор ᏚᏟᎾΓᏢᏆᎾΝ ( назад)
is the everything burrito big and all the food that is messed up

Автор Roman Romero ( назад)
why the dislikes wtf

Автор Elijah Diaz ( назад)
he stays super true to the show I respect that

Автор beebajazz ( назад)
you broke my brain with lobster oil

Автор Lucy Kitten ( назад)
Yes I love that sandwich ~

Автор Elkin Garcia ( назад)
Do baking pancakes

Автор HidetoraToujou ( назад)
you need to make a some vids of Seinfeld dishes man. make a vid of you making pizza without washing your hands after a piss. some muffin tops. a big salad. rye bread. eggplant calzone. some Kenny Rogers chicken, soup nazi... so much more

Автор Xavier Triggs ( назад)
make bacon pancakes

Автор Gage Wray ( назад)
Pigeon is an amazing tasting bird.

Автор Jester Bester ( назад)

Автор Nathan Winsor ( назад)
How have you never made a crabby paddy

Автор Jay ( назад)
It looks more like a GIant's sandwich.
Man so delicious.

Автор Hannah Mindek ( назад)
As a gal who's skills are not kitchen-related, you are a very attractive man

Автор TheFezzland ( назад)

Автор Esperdion Viernes ( назад)
Ya like jazz?

Автор Noot Hook ( назад)
Do the Together Breakfast from Steven Universe!

Автор Sleepingbag Taco ( назад)
if you do that taco from saturday night live i'll fkin lose it

Автор Nathan Bullock ( назад)
Thank you.

Автор daniel ( назад)
might make it into a wellington

Автор Jenny Do ( назад)
Spaghetti taco from icarly :)

Автор Jr. Chea ( назад)
My roommate said he'd like to see spaghetti tacos from icarly

Автор David Bourland ( назад)
Hmm, this seems to be rushed and not really thought of as a composed meal. I myself would have sliced the meat and bread and made a dozen sandwiches. My 2 cents, but thanks for showing us.

Автор Pyro D ( назад)
I love how no lettuce is used for this sandwich

Автор Yellow Diamond ( назад)
I'd definitely eat this although I'd have to forego the eggs and cucumbers

Автор john johnny ( назад)
this cooking steak in hot water garbage

Автор Sebastian Harte ( назад)
Make jakes everything burrito

Автор McGunther ( назад)
I love you D: Im gonna quit my diet and try this myself now.

Автор Trinity99 ( назад)
great subbed

Автор Ken Lee ( назад)
I would love to try that!

Автор SpartanFromSpain ( назад)

Автор Jacob Rose ( назад)
Seems like you could have made the sandwich more manageable if you scooped some of the guts out of the loaf

Автор Wifi Bee ( назад)
I'm sure if you press that monster it could be a killer one.

Автор Karl Wilson ( назад)
I want to marry that sandwich

Автор Arch Angel ( назад)
awesome vid Def gna try this

Автор Rayan Aich ( назад)
I love how he actually got his own tears for the recipe

Автор sonikmuff ( назад)
One thing I don't understand is that you don't take some of the innards of bread when making your sandwich? The process makes it easier to fit the fillings into the sandwich bread.

Автор sonikmuff ( назад)
Nice sous vide machine... I want to own one at home. I've only ever used them at my previous kitchen jobs.

Автор Фаик Тагиев ( назад)
3:09 ask my ex she is pro at that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Aidan Barrett ( назад)
Welp Im gonna go make a sandwitch

Автор Charlie426 ( назад)
maybe you can try making a manwich from futurama.. someday.. hehe

Автор keepmeposted25 ( назад)
You actually put tears on the sandwich! 😂😂😂 You are amazing

Автор rusduderus ( назад)
Is there a reason why there is 1458 dislikes? wtf

Автор CoachCbass ( назад)
adventure time makes lots of food bacon pancakes, fin cakes, everything burrito wouldn't recommend but yea

Автор Othniel Jones ( назад)
that's the next lvl shit i wanna learn

fucking lobster oil my nigga

are u god ?

that voice... these skill's

u are !

Автор Gierom Yumang ( назад)
just subscrood

Автор Ant Stedman ( назад)
Next the regular show best burger in the world

Автор Dylan Patterson ( назад)
looked so good

Автор Aria Zhang ( назад)
Good job man! You're alright!

Автор Toggle Mutt ( назад)
i will also subscribe

Автор Toggle Mutt ( назад)
i will pay SO MUCH Money to have that sammich!! starting bid $150 usd!!

Автор Martial Sunwalk ( назад)
*but did it glow?* edit: yes I see it now

Автор Marceline Leeb ( назад)
PLEASE PLEASE MAKE FUTURAMA; popplers, bachelor chow, slurm, and so many more!

Автор Jindevilt V ( назад)
Jesus Christ.

Автор Rachel Monte ( назад)
Please do recipes from spongebob😩🙏🏻

Автор Danial Shamshuddin ( назад)
looks better than the one made by feast of fiction.

Автор Zachary Atwood ( назад)
The sandwich of the 1% of the 1%.

Автор Jyn Xui ( назад)
3:04 "You can't here me but I'm giggling like a little girl right now." LoL

Автор aqil yackob ( назад)
I'm a simple man, I see Adventure Time I click.

Автор Xing ( назад)
I don't cook I just like watching his videos

Автор haha.arthur ( назад)

Автор Simon Ulander ( назад)
Take that and make it into a shooters sandwich. Cut off the top of the sandwich. Partially hollow out the bottom part and then fill it with the ingredients. Put the lid on and then press the sandwich until it has no air in it.

Автор AcidAli777 ツ ( назад)

Автор Nepu-Tech USA ( назад)
I wish you would describe how the sandwich taste a bit more than 4 words since I'll never be able to eat it and it looks really weird yet awesome

Автор Laurens Peek ( назад)
You sound like a nice guy!

Автор Ayiiso Lmao ( назад)
i fucking hate food channels

im so hungry

Автор devpro mensch ( назад)
i think thats to huge

Автор parker albritton ( назад)
fan fucki g tastic!!!! slam a cow!

Автор Christian Erickson ( назад)
I can't stop watching this video

Автор Random Sh!t's Happening ( назад)
you forgot the boiled eggs and common cucumber

Автор SpikedHairWarrior ( назад)
it must taste horrible mixing all this ingredients that don't go together.

Автор Mad Miracles ( назад)
Garfields Lasagna, Purrlease. : D I would really like to see how you prepare it.

Автор Project Overturn ( назад)
That looks so delicious...
*[ =vnv= ]*

Автор BigMoki ( назад)
I'm hungry now

Автор Fluffy Loaf ( назад)

Автор Keon Fernandes ( назад)
Can you make a krabby patty

Автор XxlolsterxX 709 ( назад)

Автор narutoxy05 ( назад)
Epic! Bravo!

Автор Buttersquid239 ( назад)
wish I could do more than just like the video this is amazing!

Автор Alex Alfonso ( назад)
These videos are amazing.

Автор Pixel Bytes ( назад)
was this $10000 worth of food?

Автор it's PINK ( назад)
Can you do bacon pancakes

Автор Weredraegon ( назад)
Hey the cook dude. You should make Heavy's french toast ("Team Fortress 2: Moments with Heavy - French Toast" is the youtube title). The animator died from leukemia and I think you would make some fans happy if you made some kind of french toast tribute.

Автор Kayleb Moore ( назад)
That looks hella dank

Автор Phoebe Warren ( назад)
This is honestly one of the most creative YouTube series I've ever seen!

Автор It's Finnick Bitch!! ( назад)
ewww pickles

Автор Mordewolt ( назад)
should've pressed it, you dingus!

Автор pulpo espacial ( назад)
zsechuan mcnugget sauce

Автор HellhoundUltraDX ( назад)
Salty face water is necessary in my favorite snack, knife chicken, y'all can guess how it's prepared.

Автор Mia ( назад)
loved it! omg

Автор IanIsTheHero ( назад)
You forgot to wash a carrot and then not use it, but a+ 10/10 as usual

Автор Daniel Nava ( назад)
Have you done the Ulti-Meatum from Regular Show? If not please do...

Автор Darker Side of Magic ( назад)
you sound like archer teaching how to make epic food!!!!

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