Japan Exchange: A DAY IN SCHOOL WITH ME Pt 1 | Euodias


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  • Boozer
    Boozer 22 часа назад

    This is cool!

  • User name
    User name День назад

    “Do you speak tagalog?”
    “Mahal kita”

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S День назад

    omg everyone is so cutee

  • Sallad
    Sallad День назад

    I live in Sweden and I am pretty damn sad about that because everyone here is just on their phones and people here think its cool to be disrespectful. Everyone in Japan is so happy, social and respectful. :(

  • Khoi Nguyen Do
    Khoi Nguyen Do День назад

    not like what i have seen in animes

  • 夢の葉桜
    夢の葉桜 День назад

    hey,can i ask u some question?

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki День назад

    how much time is given in lunch ?

  • fluffy cloud
    fluffy cloud День назад

    Uniforms are ao kawaii

  • Paloma Peach
    Paloma Peach День назад

    1:32 listen closely and you can hear the Magi The labyrinth of magic ending them song xD

  • Mira Alibasa
    Mira Alibasa 3 дня назад

    Omg i like your school
    I didnt know i tho anime school wasnt true but is it

  • Mira Alibasa
    Mira Alibasa 3 дня назад

    Did i just heard 'Mahal kita?' 😂😂

  • Starfire Xo
    Starfire Xo 3 дня назад

    Anime really was not lying

  • The_Heir _Of_Hufflepuff
    The_Heir _Of_Hufflepuff 3 дня назад

    SOOOO CUTE > ^

  • Lakicia Rows
    Lakicia Rows 3 дня назад

    I wish I had a school like that

  • Cara Luce
    Cara Luce 3 дня назад

    I want to go to Japan is fun and easy

  • Wilson Cheng
    Wilson Cheng 3 дня назад

    Japan eat 💩💩💩

  • Arta *Blink
    Arta *Blink 3 дня назад

    Pls do this again! I like Japanese School, I wonder when can I go there while I'm in Indonesia(?) anyway great videos👍👍

  • galaxy man . jpg
    galaxy man . jpg 4 дня назад

    99% of the comments are weeaboo

  • error
    error 4 дня назад

    4:27 SO PRECIOUS

  • pedo X
    pedo X 4 дня назад

    THKS for your video~it's good to feeling that life,and did you get ur mushroom boy XD

  • TheGamingCheetos
    TheGamingCheetos 5 дней назад

    It's so amazing how well peoples manners are in japan!

  • lolxd 69
    lolxd 69 5 дней назад

    miss me with that gay shit

  • Emery Hood
    Emery Hood 5 дней назад

    Peoplr there are so gooood! They re not racist!Mahal ko kayo #teamnippon!

  • Septian Gautama
    Septian Gautama 5 дней назад

    Kawaiiiii is so kawaaaiiii

  • devil dev
    devil dev 5 дней назад +1


  • Megan Smith
    Megan Smith 6 дней назад +1

    The boy that nods and smiles is so cute

  • Mayviral
    Mayviral 6 дней назад

    the ending music! kimi no na wa !!!

  • mohammed rashwan
    mohammed rashwan 6 дней назад

    why is everyone so cute in this video? like you girls are all so cheerful and smiley, nothing like my high school here in Canada was :( we had such a small school, and it was 100% in French (except English class :P)

  • Yuuki - Chi
    Yuuki - Chi 6 дней назад

    School in Japan are well organized that make me jealous because they are better than school in my country 😭😭😭

  • Swapnil
    Swapnil 6 дней назад

    Why it feels like they dont know what camera does ?

  • 사랑해우주소녀
    사랑해우주소녀 6 дней назад

    I have a friend and she's half Japanese i think and she always said "EH?!"

  • coleen nazareth
    coleen nazareth 6 дней назад

    The ending song of magi as a background music though

  • Miss KaylynCatherine MSP
    Miss KaylynCatherine MSP 7 дней назад

    Ur teachers are so cool omggggg... in school WE don't do sports.. WE do STRETCHES only.. that's all.. Ur teachers are so kind to let u video this thing! I want to attend that school!!!

  • Earth Spirit
    Earth Spirit 7 дней назад

    she just said mahal kita. dayumm

  • /sonidotriste/
    /sonidotriste/ 7 дней назад

    Top 10 best animes

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez 7 дней назад

    They all speak really nice english, where is that school?

  • Dawnxtr
    Dawnxtr 8 дней назад +1

    3:37 "Mahal kita" means "I love you" in Filipino

  • Deniz yzr
    Deniz yzr 8 дней назад

    4.40 omghh he is so cuteeee!!

  • _Official.Sydney_
    _Official.Sydney_ 8 дней назад


  • weakzard
    weakzard 8 дней назад

    *3:21* the girl in front of her looks cute.

  • weakzard
    weakzard 8 дней назад

    Anime wasn't wrong about Japanese P.E.....

  • Jan Lloyd Pagtanac
    Jan Lloyd Pagtanac 8 дней назад

    What was her name 4:30 , the who said “hi youtube” ? I want to know her name pls

  • Jan Lloyd Pagtanac
    Jan Lloyd Pagtanac 8 дней назад

    The girl who said “hi youtube” is very kawaii ne

  • Joshua Sentosa
    Joshua Sentosa 8 дней назад

    4:31 "hi youtube.." aaaaaaaaand. I fall in love

  • Chris Dane
    Chris Dane 8 дней назад

    Did you just say "I love you" to that Filipino guy? OMG HAHA so cute

  • Deconverted Man
    Deconverted Man 8 дней назад


  • Otaku Dream
    Otaku Dream 8 дней назад

    Wish I could play tennis at school...😭😭😭😭😂😂

  • Mickmick TV
    Mickmick TV 8 дней назад

    omg the guy can speak tagalog? so sweet mahal kita 😍

  • Hanna Ruth Guevarra
    Hanna Ruth Guevarra 8 дней назад

    She just said "mahal kita" when she is trying to sit beside the studying guy....

  • hey mama don’t stress your mind
    hey mama don’t stress your mind 9 дней назад

    Um who’s that boiii at 3:10 LMAO

  • Hey It'z me genna
    Hey It'z me genna 9 дней назад

    Why don't you have school uniform on x

  • Brenda Cavero
    Brenda Cavero 9 дней назад

    Thanks to this video I learned how to say "It's a video" in Japanese xD

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter 10 дней назад

    Uh.....Dunno what to say......
    Good job 😄

  • Faith Law
    Faith Law 10 дней назад

    hello from Malaysia

  • Faith Law
    Faith Law 10 дней назад

    Hello from Malaysia

  • Faith Law
    Faith Law 10 дней назад

    Hello from Malaysia

  • taikyu
    taikyu 10 дней назад

    Where in Japan that looks really nice i wouldnt mind it there

  • Khalid Haid
    Khalid Haid 10 дней назад

    This is nothing like anime

    • taikyu
      taikyu 8 дней назад

      Khalid Haid its called a joke

    • taikyu
      taikyu 8 дней назад

      Khalid Haid lol

    • Khalid Haid
      Khalid Haid 8 дней назад

      says the one has loli in their profile pic

    • taikyu
      taikyu 10 дней назад

      Khalid Haid wow u weeb

  • SJK
    SJK 11 дней назад +1

    4:40 poor guy, man lol, he's totally obvlious as to why they're laughing.

  • JayTheBoss98
    JayTheBoss98 11 дней назад

    *V I D E O*

  • Selene Light
    Selene Light 11 дней назад


  • Spoonful of Suga
    Spoonful of Suga 11 дней назад

    I was shook when she saod "do you speak tagalog" also when she said "mahal kita" i was like 😶

  • Shyntia Andarwati
    Shyntia Andarwati 11 дней назад

    kayak di anime beneran, pengen ke sana 😂😂

  • Noellyn Merante
    Noellyn Merante 11 дней назад


  • Angelo
    Angelo 12 дней назад

    No entiendo nada pero parece divertido :)

  • Allen
    Allen 12 дней назад +1

    these folks acting like they never seen a camera before

  • Sophie Hinde
    Sophie Hinde 12 дней назад

    4:38 the girl in the back doesn't look very happy 😬

    • taikyu
      taikyu 10 дней назад

      Sophie Hinde omg ur right i think her dad died lol

  • Terra Dark
    Terra Dark 12 дней назад


  • Rungtawan Acha
    Rungtawan Acha 12 дней назад

    ง้อออ มีคนไทยไหมมม

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace 13 дней назад +1

    This is so pure????

  • Melissa dietsche
    Melissa dietsche 13 дней назад

    Love it sm .. its a dream come true to visit a school in japan or just live there.. keep up the good work :)

  • sportsman belligerent
    sportsman belligerent 13 дней назад

    Hı 👋👋

  • Hiroshi Ryou
    Hiroshi Ryou 13 дней назад

    yubi bouenkyou

  • Reeta Sharma
    Reeta Sharma 13 дней назад +1

    I don't think camera is allowed in Japanese school

  • Sacred OpVlogs
    Sacred OpVlogs 13 дней назад

    So many views

  • Th3Savage
    Th3Savage 14 дней назад

    I really want to go to a japan school its way better than my school

    ZACH GT 14 дней назад

    Euodias How much is the tution fee there and is it difficult to learn Japanese? im planning to transfer in my college there. 😊😊😊

  • Dragon Slayer VII
    Dragon Slayer VII 15 дней назад

    I Feel bad becausd in my country Morocco schools sucks not because I hated it because the system they make you hate school I have 8 hours per day in school and guess what worse then that Our King
    Mohamed Lkhamiss

  • FpsWallin
    FpsWallin 15 дней назад

    4:39 how can anyone be so cute

  • Alex Ru
    Alex Ru 15 дней назад

    Man o man this guys would be dead meat in my country 😂. They are to polite and to weak... where the hell is this place anyway? I live in Italy know an my work requires to work with people/clients and I worked with all kind of people around the globe but hell I'm speechless I didn't even knew people like that exist in the first place... I mean look at them they quietly listening the teacher and they eat without throwing food at each other.... 🤤 in my country if you are noisy in/during class you take a beat/slap/fist of terror or anything that the teacher thinks is enough painful. Detention in my country consist in a school classroom a chair were the kid sits and a "policeman" who "educates" the kid, man I was in that room so many times that I still see and smell it.

  • Cxkunkun
    Cxkunkun 15 дней назад

    4:38 I'M DYING.. but the girl behind him, I kinda feel sad now? It feels like she MAYBE think they're laughing at her..? Idk but yeah.. ;-;

  • Polski Antysystemowiec
    Polski Antysystemowiec 15 дней назад

    Kawaii lesson

  • Mr. Ulloa
    Mr. Ulloa 15 дней назад

    Take me to Japan!!!😭😭😭😭

  • Chekov Чеков
    Chekov Чеков 15 дней назад

    at least you look japanese. if ur obviously a foreigner you really stand out and people stare alot

  • L3e Lay
    L3e Lay 16 дней назад

    the girl that said hi RUclip is really good at speaking English

  • Moderator mal
    Moderator mal 16 дней назад

    Ending: Kimi no zen zen zen

  • Gerald Sudaria
    Gerald Sudaria 16 дней назад

    I want to go there :( and learn japanese

  • lowkeyanna
    lowkeyanna 16 дней назад

    whats the name of the outro song called? i heard it before but i cant remember the name of it

  • Nora
    Nora 16 дней назад

    I am the only one who were sad about the girl who were behind the boy in 4:38, she seems like she wanna cry it broke my heart :((

  • Gaietta Serangeli
    Gaietta Serangeli 16 дней назад

    I love everything about Japan! I love your traditions and food. A hug from an italian girl❤️

  • aisha styles
    aisha styles 16 дней назад


  • tokusatsu channel
    tokusatsu channel 16 дней назад

    That time when everyone thought that it was a picture. (Its happen at almost all of your video about this school😂😂😂😂

  • tokusatsu channel
    tokusatsu channel 16 дней назад

    1:09 i think that girl is dead😂😂😂

  • Kenneth Tribaco
    Kenneth Tribaco 16 дней назад

    what Mahal Kita you Just Say Tagalog LanguageOn Philippines 😱😱😱😱

  • Cheesie Turtle
    Cheesie Turtle 16 дней назад


  • PurpleTigerCat
    PurpleTigerCat 16 дней назад

    0:10 One difference I love about our schools is that we have whiteboards! I haven’t seen a chalkboard since second grade!

  • Ugrena
    Ugrena 17 дней назад

    Is this what most Japanese schools are like? If so, it seems like a much healthier environment than here in America.

  • Yago
    Yago 17 дней назад

    Mi sueño hubiera sido pasar mi secundaria en una escuela Japonesa, o en general vivir en Japón, es todo tan lindo, tan cute, tan tranquilo y armonioso que hasta me deprimo tan solo en pensar lo difícil que es ir.

  • Faenor
    Faenor 18 дней назад

    2:50 THEY ARE TAKING DRUGS FOR MENTAL CAPABILITY ENHANCEMENT I KNEW IT. We finally know why asians are so much better guys !!!!!!

  • Marťkaa
    Marťkaa 18 дней назад +1

    Slovakia is very... Ehm.. Japan is more good..