Why It's Time To VAULT the Pump! (It Has To Go!) - Fortnite Battle Royale

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
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Comments • 2 216

  • SypherPK
    SypherPK  Month ago +528

    What do you think? Should they get rid of the pump and free up spots for better guns?
    Should they rework it?

    • Benji Playz
      Benji Playz 4 days ago

      Rework it

    • Firenewt 10
      Firenewt 10 17 days ago

      They should just revert it. IM SO TIRED OF 21 DAMAGE BODY SHOT BUT I HIT 3/4 OF THE PELLETS.

    • Kghost the great
      Kghost the great Month ago

      Just bring back the combat

    • Lisa Carr
      Lisa Carr Month ago

      Faster reloading time. I feel like the Tac does too much damage from farther away, so nerf it’s range a bit and make the pump a bit faster to reload and that should balance the two better.

    • Tyler DaGoat
      Tyler DaGoat Month ago +1

      I actually think sypher and nick might be retarded nah shit the blue and green versions won’t be as good as the purple or gold versions that’s why the purple and gold are less common it’s simple logic the harder to get gun is gonna be better not every gun u pick up is gonna be god tier

  • iiiXTheShark Gaming

    alright so, i think the pump should be reverted to its original state. and also why do people like the tac anyway? only controllers like the tac because it shoots faster and they get more shots off because they have to L2 every microsecond, vault the tac, revert the pump and add a new shotgun thats fast shooting but more balanced than the tac so its not like 30 dmg 30 dmg 30 dmg then 140 dmg all in the same spot, nah id rather have something that just hits 70 but shoots a tiny bit slower than the tac.

  • Justmexavier
    Justmexavier 3 days ago

    I love the pump :) I guess its just some people who think the blue pump should be back to its previous state. I dont think it should be vaulted. But the Grey pump Should go ✌🏼

  • Prime Vibes
    Prime Vibes 10 days ago

    I would rather have a pump that hits for nine then it hits for 180 in the head now that was memories

  • The weird 1nd
    The weird 1nd 15 days ago +1

    I would do this to the pump...
    Grey: 90 body
    Green: 100 body
    Blue: 110 body
    Purple: 120 body
    Gold: 130 body
    Then increase the headshot multiplier to 2.5
    (Okay to disagree but just think it fires sooo slow, plus a shotgun to the face shot instantly blow your head of)

  • Jonathan Sanchez
    Jonathan Sanchez 16 days ago

    Fuck no

  • Firenewt 10
    Firenewt 10 17 days ago

    Revert the pump

  • Nacho Caballero
    Nacho Caballero 17 days ago

    green to blue pumps are so inconsistent i hit 27 with the blue pump

  • Mason Foster
    Mason Foster 17 days ago

    technically u got 16 kills on the last one

  • Luhiam
    Luhiam 17 days ago

    the pump looked way cooler back then now it looks wierd

  • Rhudi
    Rhudi 17 days ago

    We want the Combat

  • Tracey Crant
    Tracey Crant 18 days ago

    But honestly the pump is for a lot of seasons I hate and despise the pump a lot and until season 9 we have the combat shotgun that shoots faster then the pump literally and I also like how long it is it's like the same shotgun like in real life and the combat shotgun also shoot a few meters away like is like a sniper and a shotgun at the same time because it's long and it reload's twice shotgun shells and it takes 10 shotgun shots to reload up again that's why I love about the combat shotgun.

  • DJ_NaW1d Faeiz
    DJ_NaW1d Faeiz 18 days ago

    6:09 siphon is back

  • Cactusnapper
    Cactusnapper 19 days ago

    If anything faulty the tax 9/10 you dont need to shoot 10 times a second when the other person has no mats the pump is balanced in my opinion. It could possibly be reworked to hit for a little bit more, maybe 10 damage but if someone has a blue pump and you can’t tell if it’s purple/gold or, blue, green, or grey. How would that be in competitive and stuff. I’m not a pro player or anything but I’m pretty sure they did it for a reason, to let the pros know by the sound of the gun, how much it could possibly hit for.

  • Corrupted By Society
    Corrupted By Society 22 days ago

    In my opinion I thought it the other way around, like tac gets vaulted😂 I just hate spam shotguns, no skill in my eyes

    • thegoathimself
      thegoathimself 20 days ago +1

      100 percent agree with you man I literally was just talking about how they should vault the tac

  • TTV BotSlayer
    TTV BotSlayer 22 days ago

    Ok, I like the pump but it could be better, I personally hit 35 - 210 shits with it so to me I think epic just needs to buff it to how it used to be and get that of pump sound back

  • MobileMan
    MobileMan 23 days ago

    I think we should rework

  • Tony Julian
    Tony Julian 23 days ago

    i like the pump shotgun and drum shotgun

  • Leopard 9729
    Leopard 9729 24 days ago

    How is sypher so bad and so good at the same time?

  • KC_LeAdEr22
    KC_LeAdEr22 24 days ago

    How did he get siphon on his first kill wtf

  • I is Floyd
    I is Floyd 25 days ago +1

    Shut up Sypher

    SPEEDIE 25 days ago

    Here's my suggestion, Get the combat back BUT nerf it a lot.
    Maybe keep the Epic and Legendary Pumps here?

    I find it odd that a spray weapon does more damage than a shotgun does. Why did epic do this!

    Can't we get the season 1 pump back?

  • David Banner
    David Banner 26 days ago +2

    Epic: Nerfs the pump

    Everyone: They just need to vault it

  • David Anchondo
    David Anchondo 27 days ago

    It's not that shotguns are broken. The problem is ARs being too powerful. One headshot is around +60? That's ridiculous. If it was up to me id make them hit for 40 at most.
    If ars killed in one or two shots this game would basically be Call of Duty with building. Way too rng based, no skill. Oh wait, that's what epic wants to keep the kids playing.

  • AJ Timu
    AJ Timu 27 days ago

    You’ve got a good reaction time for an old man like u

  • Scott Riley
    Scott Riley 27 days ago

    They did and everyone cried about it

  • Sorwar Hussain
    Sorwar Hussain 28 days ago

    He should try and play competitive he’s so composed, and he can get even better, probably can be one of the best

  • Shiny Krisp
    Shiny Krisp 28 days ago

    The tac is somehow better than the pump so why won’t the even it out somehow

  • gyno
    gyno 28 days ago +1

    It just needs a little boost. Start with higher headshot multiplier

  • Rubicude
    Rubicude 28 days ago

    Who else thinks nickmercs sounds like moosecraft

  • Yüksel Demircan
    Yüksel Demircan 28 days ago +1

    We wold the old pump back !

  • S4G3Kronics 2463
    S4G3Kronics 2463 29 days ago +6

    It doesn’t need to be vaulted epic just needs to fix it just like how they need to fix the game There’s so many things wrong with fortnite like the shotguns all shotguns are broke besides purple and legendary

  • DylanSZN
    DylanSZN Month ago


  • Jamal Shuaib
    Jamal Shuaib Month ago +1

    I don’t do twitch so why don’t you live stream on RUclip I’m not trying to be annoying but it might be time for a change

  • Jamal Shuaib
    Jamal Shuaib Month ago

    Sypher you are under appreciated for your skill and game strategy you have helped me evolve as a player keep on doing what your doing bro

  • skaininja
    skaininja Month ago

    But why i love the pump

  • T3KA DarkRose
    T3KA DarkRose Month ago

    The purple pump now does 200 but then it did 210

  • coreyy
    coreyy Month ago

    Nooo do not vault the pumps

  • spider webplays
    spider webplays Month ago

    I will fuck you nick pump is the best broo i dont want it to get vaulted

  • Bobby Bands
    Bobby Bands Month ago

    You notice how when people complain, (and honestly they SHOULD be complying) the fix that they give for what they are complaining about is literally the way it used to be, like when he said how the pumps should work a minute or so in, that’s literally how it used to be. Idk why epic built this master piece and then flushed it down the toilet just to “start over” like dude...your game was fine. Epic is the ugly kid who some how, some way is dating a super model and then breaks up with said super model because “they can do better”...no, no you can’t bro, your an idiot.

  • Ian Hsu
    Ian Hsu Month ago

    I TOTALLY AGREE because not so long ago I even said the same thing like near the start of the chapter 2 I am also pretty sure that the common tactical does more than the common pump and the green pump

  • Connor Morris
    Connor Morris Month ago +1

    Just beef up the pump a little so the tac and pump are actually evenly matched

  • Hacker_boss Skills
    Hacker_boss Skills Month ago

    Tell epic games

  • Morris Mikes
    Morris Mikes Month ago +1

    The pump shotgun sometimes maybe good sometimes maybe shit

  • itzz Angel
    itzz Angel Month ago

    They should give the pump its old damage and all and make it look like the og version

  • galaxy gamer
    galaxy gamer Month ago

    I just eliminated three people with a common pump they all had better loot than me

  • Aussie Matt
    Aussie Matt Month ago

    Here we go again. Next be vault the smg, tac, ar, and pistols.

  • Jacob Buchanan
    Jacob Buchanan Month ago +1

    It doesn't need to be vaulted it needs to be buffed.

  • XD McThunder
    XD McThunder Month ago

    The OG grey pump hit the same as the new gold pump

  • D011_ArS
    D011_ArS Month ago

    Is syphen back


    Vault the grey,green and blue pumps or increase the damage to what it was in chapter 1. Leave a like to this comment if you agree.

  • H y p n o t i c
    H y p n o t i c Month ago +1

    I hate when people complain about pumps not doing damage, it literally means you didn't hit your shot and the game gave you something anyway. its not the pumps are broken its just you're not hitting your pellets

  • Dylan Phan
    Dylan Phan Month ago

    But the tac is basically the worst smg ever made

  • XD Games
    XD Games Month ago

    Get rid of blue common and uncommon keep epic and legendary or maybe fix it make come 200blue, 150 green 160, gold 250, epic 220 :)

  • sakamoto san
    sakamoto san Month ago

    I love how people back on season 9 begged epic to bring the pump back and now they beg for it to be vaulted.

  • Zachary Tarone
    Zachary Tarone Month ago +1

    I'm honestly sick of the pump. Every time I use it (blue pump,) I shoot once to someone's head for 50-75, takes 5 seconds for it to chamber the next shell, and I'm dead to one shot in the head from a green tac. Shotgun is fully loaded, yet still takes a million years to load the next shell. Like Sypher said, they should be hitting harder for how slow they shoot. Make it green and blue pumps only, shoot slightly fast with a tiny decrease in damage, and bring back the heavy shotgun.

  • ProBoyX Bg
    ProBoyX Bg Month ago

    season 9 "the pump got vaulted"-players-oh no we want it back Epic.

    Sypher and Nickmerce-"Bro i hate the pump is so bad"


  • ItzCreamie
    ItzCreamie Month ago

    I hit at least above 85

  • ItzCreamie
    ItzCreamie Month ago

    If the pump gets vaulted ima quit fortnite

  • Ghost _Unknown
    Ghost _Unknown Month ago