THE TOP 10 || TOP 10 ANIMALS SAVE THEIR CALF FROM DEATH || Amazing Animals save calf from death

THE TOP 10 || TOP 10 ANIMALS SAVE THEIR CALF FROM DEATH || Amazing Animals save calf from death

Top 10 :
1. Cheetah saving her cubs from group of lions
2. Warthog Saves His Baby From Leopard Jaws
3. Female Wildebeest Vigorously Defends Calf
4. Wildebeest Defending Young from Leopard
5. Wild boar attacking crocodile to save its baby
6. Buffalo saves calf from Lion
7. Buffalo saves calf from Hyenas
8. Deer saves calf from Cheetah
9. Baby Rhino Saves His Mother
10. Giraffe saves calf lions

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Автор Jakir Husain ( назад)

Автор Niaz Ahmed Zehri ( назад)

Автор Ken Uggie ( назад)
Those lions walking round like they kings. it that cheetah was smart. lion look scary as hell

Автор Vishwa Vijeta ( назад)
Although Tigers are my favorite beast, but I have a soft corner for chettah, they r the most unfortunate animal of jungle, Their cubs are so adorable

Автор Kiki D'Maurice ( назад)
As a Mom, I can appreciate this.

Автор Ani Yani ( назад)
best moms

Автор Ari Ari ( назад)
en onderschat vegetariërs niet zowel mensen als dieren

Автор Ari Ari ( назад)
Heb respect voor hondachtigen omdat ze zeer sociaal zijn en goed samenwerken

Автор Ari Ari ( назад)
en wilde honden en wolven heb ik ook nog respect voor omdat ze niet laf zijn zoals leeuwen omdat ze veel kleiner zijn dan hun prooi er heel veel moeite moeten doen en samenwerken om prooien die vaak 10 keer zo zwaar zijn zo snel mogelijk doden

Автор Ari Ari ( назад)
Het enige jachdier dat mijn respect heeft is het jachtluipaard de schone doder

Автор Ari Ari ( назад)
laffe beesten die leeuwen, net als hyena

Автор Papa Yadav ( назад)
very nice

Автор Lhaj We ( назад)
.gl wwdat

Автор Eagle Channel ( назад)
great video
Great channel
I hope you support me

Автор Bill Jethro Paredes ( назад)
WOW! just wow

Автор Qahar Aasee ( назад)
فلم پوره هیوانات

Автор we breed PIT BULLS ( назад)
PLEASE STOP DOG FIGHTING! pitbull vs golden retriever (fight to death) *graphic* check the footage on my channel..


Автор domina pascal ( назад)

Автор domina pascal ( назад)
What kind of fucking bloody life God created ???

Автор Samudri 08 ( назад)
Foto bugil

Автор bellesmom2012 ( назад)
My fav is the mama that had just given birth with the after birth & water sack still hanging out! Now that is one bad ass mama!!! She is still in the delivery room, hasn't even left the hospital!! The poor baby is just terrified. Mama faught long and hard & when you think they just can't go on any longer...here comes the Calvary! Charge! BAD! ASS! MAMA!!!

Автор Girisha Garish ( назад)

Автор Kenn :D ( назад)
Scientist should teach this underdogs how to fight or how to use gun. Train them like UFC fighter to f*ck that bullies.

Автор Naresh Chuodhary ( назад)

Автор SOZ GAMES ( назад)
Numer 1. little Tiger Is more cute

Автор oumar ba14. ( назад)

Автор Daha Laskar ( назад)

Автор Ghulam Qanbar ( назад)
love you my mom mom is great

Автор Radhamohan Rai ( назад)
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Автор Pixtol ( назад)
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Автор Pixtol ( назад)
I'd slowly and painfully kill baby cheetahs

Автор Pixtol ( назад)
Lionesses are fucking niggers rotten cuntass dickfucking bastard shit motherfuckers same with those motherfucking bitchass nigger hyenas. Hyenas are fucking niggers. Id kill their fucking babies and rip out their male hyenas testicles alive. Fucking bitchass cunt dick niggers. Hyenas are rotten motherfucking niggers

Автор Pixtol ( назад)
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Автор Pixtol ( назад)
Motherfucking bitch leopard, I'd fucking torture baby leopards to death in front of their ugly fucking weak mothers and same with cheetahs, jackals, wild dogs, hyenas, baboons and all the other animals I hate

Автор DINESH LASHAYAL ( назад)

Автор blobstermob ( назад)
that's the one thing I don't understand. Lions attack cheetahs because of competition right? Prides attack larger prey though while cheetahs attack smaller and faster prey why would the Lions kill the cheetah when they could get a free meal from them?

Автор Johnson Nonis ( назад)
victor ratnayakr

Автор domina pascal ( назад)
God is love! What a fucking love ??

Автор 00966583494654 tamang ( назад)
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Автор Narendra Choudhary ( назад)
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Автор Narendra Choudhary ( назад)
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Автор Mani TheBoss ( назад)
wow... Nice collection..... great Video..... ♥

Автор Michael Marks ( назад)

Автор Mike Johnson ( назад)
writing on the screen, music instead of the natural sounds = thumb down.

Автор Gabriel Machado ( назад)

Автор Ra Reach ( назад)
sin sisamut

Автор Paige Addison ( назад)
Cheetahs my favourite animal ever since a child to when I die I still love animals but cheetahs are my favourite

Автор Satyam Dubey ( назад)

Автор Cosmas Thobias ( назад)
vituko shoo

Автор Pets0 AJ ( назад)
if i was the wildebeast i would of just kicked them in the face pow

Автор Harman Gura ( назад)
k singh

Автор zach caldwell ( назад)
Damn you don't often see 4 male lions together like that. Fuckin awesome

Автор Don ( назад)

Автор Eva Toledo ( назад)
Comentario del evangelical de Marcos comentado por Pepe Gonzalez

Автор Sardar Imtiaz ( назад)

Автор CAMBO LIFESTYLE ( назад)
Amazing animals attack!

Автор Lorena Quintero ( назад)
qué alivio sentí cuando llegaron los búfalos o como se llamen a ayudarlo

Автор Aasif khan ( назад)
wohmen and dog miting

Автор verailton oliveira ( назад)

Автор عزیز عبداللە شریف abdulla ( назад)

Автор stella k ( назад)
it's amazing hw animals behave

Автор Anurag Sharma ( назад)

Автор Derek Edmonds ( назад)
Must be great to be a fully grown cheetah and being able to out run the male lion with ease .

Автор jaime Zegarra ( назад)
al final los leones cazan y devoran a la jirafa bebe esta en otro video, malditos leones

Автор RaptorKiLL100 ( назад)
16:42 i love how the calf looks on to say "Yeah, can't mess with me now bitches!"

Автор Gere Gera ( назад)
. qwertyyuiopxxcvb
.Zxcvbnqwwdfyuikp a

Автор Julia B ( назад)
hat dea ge pat ge wonen ?

Автор le sigh ( назад)
So I'm just going to assume that the cheetah mom actually saved her cubs from the lions because the way the video ended, you can't even tell.

Автор QueenNala // WolfyPlayzYT ( назад)
Ni cheetah one was favorite for me.

Автор QueenNala // WolfyPlayzYT ( назад)
Dis ain't like the lion guard, if it wore, Fuli would probably be dead! 😞😞😞😨😨😭😭😭😱😱😰😱😱

Автор Luce Duke ( назад)
the baby rhino had so much balls crazy O_O

Автор Sentero Ezekiel ( назад)
I like the wildbeast try to save the calf

Автор Sentero Ezekiel ( назад)
Cheetah is the best attractive animal in the world i like the way they usually behave

Автор Sentero Ezekiel ( назад)
Wow wild warthog I like that story b2n cheetah nd cheetah nd....

Автор Asfaw Asnake ( назад)

Автор Aazam Aazam ( назад)

Автор Camara Mamadou ( назад)
samba mody

Автор edward nganga ( назад)
I like when lion looses.

Автор goran kohen ( назад)
got no problem with what is going on mother nature but i do have a problem with these mother fucking black people who always display the suffering of animals and watch it worst charge for money

Автор Mincurin Bendo ( назад)
quando i buffali sono isieme i leone sofrono tanto

Автор Isidro Cervantes Escalante ( назад)
aguelas salbajes

Автор Ancient Keyboard Warrior ( назад)
7:35 XD music went along with it perfectly

Автор Dm Dipu ( назад)
Camera man bulshet

Автор Rifki Rosdani ( назад)
animal instinc

Автор JSSTyger ( назад)
14:10 Niggers brought the cavalry!

Автор Arota Alfo ( назад)
Cow tiger

Автор domina pascal ( назад)
Hell on earth created by God

Автор Spaic 0960 ( назад)
Brilliant video well done!

Автор Arthur Bradley ( назад)
SEE! Even children know better than your sorry fuckin asses.

Автор ZIMMO 2202 ( назад)
The Baby Rhino is called Rambo... Great!!

Автор Khadar Hussain ( назад)
very interesting animal fight

Автор Jogno apna ( назад)
tiger childern also in a wish of attack

Автор 비텡쿨에밴더슨 ( назад)
Impressive how the wildbeest is very calm and confident, wow!

Автор russrock1 ( назад)
I don't want to see a save....I want them to get torn limb from limb...booooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Автор Saddam patel9144737786 Saddam ( назад)

Автор Mahesh Jangir ( назад)
How's beautiful cubs and mother loving and protuctive.

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