3 Reasons BITCOIN Is Rallying Above $9000 - Next Stops for BTC

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • Tune in and find out the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news from today!
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Comments • 74

  • THATGUYRICH Personal
    THATGUYRICH Personal 29 days ago

    Lol shits at 9700 yo

  • Hello Shakib
    Hello Shakib Month ago

    Bitcoin rose above $9,000 over the weekend, taking cumulative year-to-date gains to more than 150 percent. Bitcoin volume has also increased to its highest level for over a week which is back above $20 billion.
    3 Reasons Bitcoin’s Price is Rallying Above $9K
    . For reasons visit: taklimakan.network/news/22613

  • see something say something

    ..........watch Bitcoin BEN..... important message.

  • James Cornelius
    James Cornelius Month ago

    Look at the chart dude before you start saying that it's not going to stop going up

  • chris jordan
    chris jordan Month ago +1

    I’m really glad I came across Mr George Wendell trading mail. In only one month of investing with him I have seen so much good results

  • Gregory Curtis
    Gregory Curtis Month ago

    ‪Will Facebook's Calibra (GlobalCoin) have any effect on the crypto market? Will it help spread mass adoption to Bitcoin &/or other AltCoins? Will the Libra project have a negative effect due to its centralized, bordered, and permission nature?‬

  • Mark Zerilli
    Mark Zerilli Month ago

    Coinbase is also part of global coin!

  • Bob Zilla
    Bob Zilla Month ago

    Anyone buying BTC on credit?

  • FanofDocumentaries
    FanofDocumentaries Month ago

    Money will pour into FB Coin and not into crypto, diluting the market cap of Bitcoin.
    FB will know and track Bitcoin addresses more than Chainalysis. They will replace Chainalysis and the creator of block chain tracking software to governments.
    All these smart crypto people need to keep an eye on FB.

  • shizza82
    shizza82 Month ago

    Man are you in an aviary? The bird noises are crazy lol.

  • Fredic Yemi
    Fredic Yemi Month ago +1

    I'm grateful for the refer on youtube, [email protected] ,com. He helped me solve my financial issues, Thanks for the 6btc

  • samyuill
    samyuill Month ago

    Thank you, great vid #drinks

  • Easy Eagle
    Easy Eagle Month ago +2

    *The real reason BTC is rising is because 2 days ago I sold 1 BTC to pay bills. 🤬

  • Edward Myers
    Edward Myers Month ago

    What are your thoughts on Elixxir's cmix whitepaper? I see a lot of potential because of David Chaum.

  • Sarah States
    Sarah States Month ago

    Please I need help I want to invest but I've gat nothing
    I need 1bitcoin to get started

    • Josh Carr
      Josh Carr Month ago

      Lmao can some one give me 2 btc pls...I mean come on i said please I have a good reason to ask for it plan on buying beer and hookers with it haha

    • sean johnson
      sean johnson Month ago


    • Panos Rapos
      Panos Rapos Month ago +1

      And you expect somebody to give you for free something that is worth over 9000$?Are you retarded?

    • German Barahona
      German Barahona Month ago +1

      If u send me that bitcoin i can triple it in 2 weeks.. double in a week... msg me.

  • Alex M
    Alex M Month ago

    Scammers of the Tube, tell the truth about Bitcoin, that it is going up only because 1.5+ billions of tether have been printed in the last 150 days. Tell your viewers that they are buying into a PONZI, where Bitcoin is being bought with fake money and that retail is spending their valuable dollars to buy an asset inflated by money printed out of thin air. Tell them that 95% of BTC volume is fake, wash traded and done via unbacked fake money, USDT. And that they will be dumped on like there's no tomorrow. TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT BITCOIN AND TETHER.

  • Curtis
    Curtis Month ago

    facebook s only set to release whitepaper june 18 , thats all . oh... and umm. go buy chainlink.

  • Alberto L
    Alberto L Month ago

    It's pronounced sub - scribe.

  • Mauro Grajales
    Mauro Grajales Month ago

    crypto news

  • Chris Sinclair
    Chris Sinclair Month ago

    My top 3 reasons are Global Warming, Sunspots and Dion Warwick's Psychic friends. Maybe instead of calling it GlobalCoin they can call it Bitcoin 3: Revenge of the ZuckerBuck.

  • Ian Will
    Ian Will Month ago

    Fluff articles are fluff. This isn’t news.

  • Wayne
    Wayne Month ago +1

    Why? They want to control everybody. Their news, their speech, their contacts, their data, their politics, and now their money. Facebook and their accomplices want to manipulate every aspect of your life. None for me please. I'll stick with Bitcoin.

  • Daily Dose
    Daily Dose Month ago +1

    Facebook crypto makes people do research on crypto. In that research they learn about Bitcoin. They then learn there is a limited supply and about the halving coming up, so they buy Bitcoin and hold. Mainstream talking about it helps a lot as well, and since it’s going up fast the more the media will talk about it. Right now is the tipping point of Bitcoin going main stream. We are living in an incredible exciting time, truly enjoy it and buy Bitcoin.

  • Wideolink
    Wideolink Month ago +1


  • B B
    B B Month ago +1

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  • Leonard Benn
    Leonard Benn Month ago +2

    40% correction on the way !

  • Rimmy Reddy
    Rimmy Reddy Month ago

    Man, I been watching you for over a year and if I would have taken your advise within that period my porfolio would be double right now. I have made the adjustment now, especially due to binance banning us investors. I finally dumped Neblio as it's a true pump and dump and once binance is gone, will be a shart coin.

  • O
    O Month ago +2

    I take pleasure in seeing the BNB price go down and KCS price go up. Yes, I'm one of those people that sold. I don't believe that BNB will be allowed on the new Binance U.S. exchange. Not with the use case of having to use BNB to buy into the new IEO coins.

  • Rikkity Rakk
    Rikkity Rakk Month ago +3

    Yup. Forget 50/25/25%. I'm going 100% BTC, now. 😎
    At least until I get that first, one full coin. 😅

    • B B
      B B Month ago

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  • ayc19
    ayc19 Month ago

    Thumbs Up

  • Perry Mattiso
    Perry Mattiso Month ago

    Yo George the Facebook coin is gonna make alot of money because they have over 1 billion followers so whether we like it or not I think it's gonna be a great investment

    • Perry Mattiso
      Perry Mattiso Month ago

      @D.R. LITTLEJOHN Lol not true do your research because it is stable coins that will move in price trust me you have to no what your investing in remember use remember use case ok have a nice day

      D.R. LITTLEJOHN Month ago

      @Perry Mattiso How are you gonna make money off a stable coin if a stable coin is designed to not move in price?

    • Perry Mattiso
      Perry Mattiso Month ago

      @victor agina that's y I have a profolio I don't just invest in stable coins🤔🤔🤔

    • victor agina
      victor agina Month ago +1

      Good luck investing in a stablecoin

  • Zach Thompson
    Zach Thompson Month ago

    Google shut ccn down

  • Walter Adams
    Walter Adams Month ago

    That is why people should start connecting together under one social roof.
    Check it out:@t

  • Craig C
    Craig C Month ago +1

    Wait a minute, ur against justin suns lunch with Warren buffet cause u thought 4.5 million could be better spent on developers etc and the press it would get for the crypto space would be negative, yet bringing data mongering whore companies in digital assets has a good side???? Facebook is the polar opposite of everything BTC was created to accomplish. This technology would get there without these petrol dollar prostitutes.

  • helen alive
    helen alive Month ago +2

    I believe hacker [email protected] he funded my coinbase account with 15 bitcoin in 1 hour i don't really believe his hack at frist. He is my saviour
    Message him on whatsapp to fund yours +19728840730

  • Mike Vlasenko
    Mike Vlasenko Month ago +1

    Is it just me or I hear a ton of birds!?!? So annoying......

  • Terry Higgins
    Terry Higgins Month ago +2

    If a person cant figure out how to buy BTC they probably shouldn't be investing in this space. Its NOT hard. I have been doing it since 2013 and it was seamless from the start. If a person cant figure out where to find the job advert, they're not the kind of person the company wants to employ, if you understand my point

    • RAD Official
      RAD Official Month ago

      Not necessarily, there are millions of people who are computer illiterate who want to invest "some their savings" in Bitcoin. We still need more locations for people to buy easily with credit card, both off and on-line.

  • Fernando Ramirez
    Fernando Ramirez Month ago +1

    Does anybody use exodus mobile wallet app to hold crypto is it safe and how you guys like it? ???

    • Fernando Ramirez
      Fernando Ramirez Month ago

      D.R. LITTLEJOHN thanks man I appreciate the response

      D.R. LITTLEJOHN Month ago +1

      It was one of the first to allow you to hold your own keys, so just make sure you have them. Its been safe for years. I use it.

  • Rabie Alkamouchi
    Rabie Alkamouchi Month ago +3

    I tink big news ETF aprove soon and bakkt realeas on 22 julie

  • D J
    D J Month ago

    Thanks George!

  • azsazs
    azsazs Month ago +6

    BTC 80k+ this year, it will then drop to 16-20k as new low.

    • Jackson Smith
      Jackson Smith Month ago +3

      You are all so unbearably delusional

    • Chris S
      Chris S Month ago

      Modest predictions.

    • Gavin Moze
      Gavin Moze Month ago

      These predictions are accurate

    • Sam Santibaniz
      Sam Santibaniz Month ago +3

      are you guys out of your minds lol

    • Mohit Sudhakar
      Mohit Sudhakar Month ago +1

      I'd say close to 10 million, then drop to 1 million.

  • TechBoi
    TechBoi Month ago

    Any thoughts on trading bitcoin for LTC gains then buying back BTC? Free on coinbase to trade from BTC to LTC and vice versa just wondering if this sounds like a smart move?

  • Martin Long
    Martin Long Month ago

    Not a huge TA guy either but after 10k it looks like minimal if any resistance. This I think is known as mark up phase. However, it seems there is good resistance at 9400 to 9650

  • Kyle Postler
    Kyle Postler Month ago +4

    I’ve converted most of my small cap alts to btc due to Binance. Even if they bring a US based Binance, it will be limited to what coins it will have. Look at other exchanges limiting which coins us customers have access too.
    Sticking with the top 10 coins for the most part and screw Binance anyways

    • O
      O Month ago +1

      Yup. The same thing happened with Huobi a while back. They blocked US from trading on regular Huobi and opened HBUS. HBUS only has about 10 more BTC pairings than Coinbase. Terrible.

  • damnright4
    damnright4 Month ago +2

    This Binance BS has already hurt HOLO and Many Others...I dumped last night...It was very depressing...Why does a foreign exchange have to comply with US stupid rules?

    • O
      O Month ago

      Binance really wanted that USD cash gateway in the U.S.

  • Scott Florio
    Scott Florio Month ago


    PICKIT AND FLIPIT Month ago +3

    1. Everyone realizes that there's an end to btc.
    2. They want to own 1.
    3. So they can be rich.

  • O
    O Month ago +3

    I don't know. Seems like a reach for me that by simply being able to get globocoin people will suddenly be enlightened and create an exchange account and switch to bitcoin.

    • Horst Kohl
      Horst Kohl Month ago

      azsazs t

    • azsazs
      azsazs Month ago +1

      Yeah FB will try to push out other coins, they will want the whole market. They will fail, pump and dump to death.

  • Jake Determan
    Jake Determan Month ago

    Great news 😎👌

    QUEENS_RACES Month ago +1

    I agree people cashing out bnb 4 btc.if u cant use binance ...gotta sell those alts that coinbase dont have..this is gonna suck for neo and ont

  • Jeus Nimrod
    Jeus Nimrod Month ago

    . . . 162 views, 2 comments . . . sieve

  • Oleksandr Bykov
    Oleksandr Bykov Month ago

    Great thanks! What You think when we having Litecoin further spike up?