"Drawn to the Bitter" | FNAF Minecraft Animation Music Video [Song by DHeusta]

  • Published on Oct 2, 2019
  • Five Nights at Freddy's Minecraft Animated Music Video by AndyBTTF.
    WARNING : This video may be disturbing to some audiences.
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    Visuals by Cubical Animation Studios
    Directed by Andy Gill
    -Achebe Spencer Achebe_Spencer
    -Andy Gill
    -Felipe Franco zoso1337
    -Gabriel Carmo GsEffects
    -Joven jovenzandu
    -Leonardo Felix Foggiato - vimeo.com/leonardofelix
    -Marcelo Aguirre DoctorRedBerry
    -Malakai Breckenridge CoolguyMalakai
    -MDuck mduck23
    -Random Block NotRandomBlock
    -Andy Gill
    -Voxer VoxerCreations
    -Achebe Spencer Achebe_Spencer
    -Alex Evgen AlexBroAnimator
    -Chase P. OfficialCobit
    -James "Trainguy" Pelter Trainguy9512
    -Kyle White TheStool2
    -Sil van Acht SilVanAcht8
    -Andy Gill
    -James "Trainguy" Pelter Trainguy9512
    -DHeusta ruclip.com/channel/UCnDRJtCIvu8vGr7BiFSlQAg
    -Andy Gill
    -Michael Bereznicki michal121345
    Minecraft is property of Mojang AB. Buy the game here! www.minecraft.net/
    Five Nights at Freddy's is property of Scott Cawthon. Buy the game here!
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  • DHeusta
    DHeusta Month ago +1462

    What a fantastic work of art and a privilege to be a part of. You all did such a great job on this project and it was executed so well!!

    Please feel free to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, or buy on iTunes, Google Play once released this week! Thanks again Andy for letting me in on this!

  • gaming pros
    gaming pros Hour ago +1


  • Edwin Chavez
    Edwin Chavez Hour ago +1


  • Лайм Лаймович

    почему он начал убивать аа??? непонятно что в конце почему этот в белой рубашке так смотрел и вконце разозлился????

  • zoran ozir
    zoran ozir 4 hours ago

    Every time I watch a video but no *THERE ALWAYS IS A FAKE MINECRAFT ADS*

  • KJ savage Productions 64


  • צילי שולדינר

    יפה אהבתי

  • Stephen Alingod
    Stephen Alingod 12 hours ago

    Poor that kid and the girl😢😢

  • Belén Yoc
    Belén Yoc 14 hours ago

    When the men was working on His table. un the table was nothing he was working on?????????????

  • Boris the wolf the gamer21

    Hmmmmmmm 2:22 seems like fnaf 2 with foxy on the arcade

  • Caleb Ramos
    Caleb Ramos 15 hours ago

    Bru William afton is taunting the dead children

  • Pixel
    Pixel 15 hours ago

    Who could not stop watching this?

  • catlove tv
    catlove tv 16 hours ago


  • B H
    B H 17 hours ago

    Did u sing this?

  • UltraVenomLiam
    UltraVenomLiam 20 hours ago

    Thinking about it and this is a pewdiepie video if I’m correct?

  • Karen Gilbertson
    Karen Gilbertson 21 hour ago


  • TheNob4ikPlay
    TheNob4ikPlay Day ago

    Very sorry for that kid who bit off part of the head :( damn William ಠಗಠ

  • Kros 215
    Kros 215 Day ago

    Easter egg in 2.22

  • Andre Melo
    Andre Melo Day ago

    Fnaf 7

  • Baby Foxy
    Baby Foxy Day ago

    i love the part where bonnie doesnt run while watching foxy or freddy die.

  • gavbot top 10 best names

    Why did you put the warning where nobody looks? It should be in the video at the begining but still a great song

  • I eat chairs for a living

    is it wrong that my favorite colour is purple

  • Картунс / Cartoons

    Why do i love william afton?

    DYLAN - SIMPS Day ago

    I love it!!

  • dragongammerX111 zhaenikov

    does that whiye guy know that purple guy murdered the 4 kids?

  • Mirza Ortega
    Mirza Ortega Day ago

    Andy Good Job This Is Cool

  • Theodore Peterson

    Charlie’s like oh god I need to get outta here!

  • JJSmilez
    JJSmilez Day ago

    Purple guy has mad skills

  • Betania Mendez
    Betania Mendez Day ago +1


  • BiassedYT
    BiassedYT Day ago

    you can tell fredbears is evil by the upside down cross on the box at 1:41

  • kindastinky studios

    One, two souls had such grand goals, innocent
    So unvoked, and no hands in control
    Dear friends always side by side with dreams of being glorified with iron sides
    New in need of something new
    Designing a great great suit
    Finally I think I'm through, with you
    Fun, none others quite as fun
    We'll rise above everyone, when every deal is done begun!
    Sinister as the end draws nearer
    Drip and crawl like a wanted tear
    Morality will burn and wither
    Tragedy is drawn to the bitter
    Drawn to the bitter. drawn, drawn to the bitter
    Tragedy is drawn to the bitter, drawn to the bitter
    Drawn, drawn to the bitter
    Tragedy is drawn to the bitter!
    Verse 2
    Not a simple dream at all, left and right a sacrifice, tethered by resolve
    A killers passion lifetime spelled down:
    Fredbears Diner, childrens playground
    Last finally thriving at last, utterly unsurpassed
    We endured the trials in the past steadfast
    Strife at last after all our strife
    The loss of a precious life
    Sinister as the end draws nearer
    Typical of the ones they fear
    Morality will burn and wither
    Tragedy is drawn to the bitter
    Drawn to the bitter. drawn, drawn to the bitter
    Tragedy is drawn to the bitter, drawn to the bitter
    Drawn, drawn to the bitter
    Tragedy is drawn to the bitter
    Sinister now the end is here!
    Critical as a sin dies here!
    Justice tales and shakes and shivers!
    Tragedy is drawn to the bitter..

    No need to like, your smile is good enough :)

  • Indoraptus_GAMER & MedusaGamer

    all the fault of the children or the purple man for having created that animatronics with his friend xd but the four children are to blame for having put the son of the purple man in the fredbear jaw I think

  • Karelis Meza
    Karelis Meza Day ago +1

    puo XD XD

  • Elp Jurez
    Elp Jurez Day ago +2

    2:22 who else noticed the video the foxy song he created was on the screen of the arcade game

  • BISANTE Movch
    BISANTE Movch Day ago

    If you want part two please deposit five coins

  • the boss of sassy forever sassy

    I like fnaf song

  • Oscar Melendez
    Oscar Melendez 2 days ago

    I love the way he looks like a crazy person a little girl I know feels like shebis crazy and she love it.

    • Oscar Melendez
      Oscar Melendez 2 days ago


  • MasterQL5
    MasterQL5 2 days ago +1

    I assume the death of William's wife led him to slight insanity. I assume following her death, he began killing children for his Remnant experiments. (Probably to put her back together.) His mental situation and bloodlust likely worsens when he loses his 2 children. (If the Crying Child is Michael, which is accepted, he'd have 3 children. But the Foxy Mask kid is barely ever mentioned again.)
    His quest to 'ressurect' his family, as well as attempting to gain immortality. Eventually leads to his inevitable death following the Springtrap incident. And his (now robotic) son would be left by himself.
    We all know what happens to Michael.

  • texaskin77
    texaskin77 2 days ago

    Make a part 2

  • Hanna Lawrenc
    Hanna Lawrenc 2 days ago

    Live this animaition its soo Creative

  • Cole Hathaway
    Cole Hathaway 2 days ago +2

    I can't stop listening to this song! Best song I have heard in a while! The animation is amazing too!

    I like how the line "Shivers" is said over Foxy! Clever!

  • Lei Ichigo Tiboc
    Lei Ichigo Tiboc 2 days ago

    Is the story is real?

  • Peridot
    Peridot 2 days ago

    Dark but u got ur fnaf all mixed up
    Purple guy was springtrap not glitchtrap
    Foxy was never on the stage
    And u probably dont even know the names of the 4 kids that died
    And fredbears bite was called the bite of 47
    AAAAND glitchtrap was only in FNAF VR HELP WANTED
    But still really good video!!!!!!

  • Broke Nigga
    Broke Nigga 2 days ago

    best minecraft fnaf animation :D

  • Core Gamer
    Core Gamer 2 days ago

    This is just absolutely amazing! 100/10

  • Erin Archery
    Erin Archery 2 days ago

    Dats some good music

  • Rainbow Pretzels
    Rainbow Pretzels 2 days ago +1

    0:25 - The Crying Child getting bitten by Golden Freddie
    0:48 - William Afton and Henry (purple shirt is William) working on designing Freddie Fazbears Diner
    1:28 - William suggesting Baby's design, while Henry carrying it out later
    2:18 - William introducing his son to the diner
    2:33 - again, portraying how The Crying Child got bitten by golden Freddie, while his brother (Michael) and his brothers friends are the culprits
    3:00 - Henry's daughter, aka Charlotte, aka Charlie, aka the Marionette aka Williams first victim
    3:22 - William Afton aka Spring Trap aka Purple Guy kills Jeremy (Bonnie) Gabriel (Freddie), Susie (Chika), Fritz (Foxy), and possibly Cassidy (Golden Freddie)
    3:30 - William going full Purple Guy mode
    3:47 - Henry finding out about the murders aka a reference to the first game signs in the pizzeria you see as you play

  • Chaos Breezie
    Chaos Breezie 2 days ago

    Huh any else notice the box in the beginning has a upside down cross on it its like the perfect foreshadowing of what's about to go down love the video

  • novart YT
    novart YT 2 days ago

    That was amazing!

  • John Mcphee
    John Mcphee 2 days ago

    I know purple guy is weird but who dances like that

  • ROYAL inferno
    ROYAL inferno 2 days ago

    *puts brother head in a robot that closes his mouth and knows not to stop because of command and heads gets crushed*-UHH WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GONNA HAPPEN

  • Nate Brewdog
    Nate Brewdog 2 days ago

    This where song start 0:34

  • Anthony Junior Martinez

    this is a well done minecraft music video

  • UltraVenomLiam
    UltraVenomLiam 2 days ago

    Really dark meaning to the song. But it fits the bite so well

  • Veli Velev
    Veli Velev 2 days ago

    why that kids are bullying michael. michael come here for birthday

  • Veli Velev
    Veli Velev 2 days ago

    there is some problems with it

  • Veli Velev
    Veli Velev 2 days ago

    r.i.p michael

  • Cloaked Mxr
    Cloaked Mxr 2 days ago

    He knows who killed them and he is unforgiven of the truth

  • Nora Dunbar
    Nora Dunbar 2 days ago +2

    *afton dances to pure silence*

    Me: if he was not already insane he is insane