Ancestry DNA results are in. #superpolish #ancesrty #dna

  • Опубликовано: 14 мар 2017

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  • Lucas Hawranke
    Lucas Hawranke Год назад

    one of my matches on the site is 100% eastern european and i'm only 18 percent 🙂 nice results

  • Leah Banks
    Leah Banks Год назад +1

    Dang girl that's high. I'm 35% eastern european (Poland) and I thought that was high. I think you look Polish but you have larger eyes than the typical Pole.

  • Stefan Kurn
    Stefan Kurn Год назад

    You don't look at all as Eastern European. You look Mediterranean. I advice you to upload your raw dna to GEDmatch, DNA Land and WeGene sites. Something wrong with your results.

    • flounder
      flounder 7 месяцев назад

      Eastern Europeans tend to have round faces, and though generally blondish, they can have black hair as well.

    • oxygen
      oxygen Год назад +1

      She looks very Eastern European.. a bit more Ukraine/Romani.

  • alex jaxon
    alex jaxon Год назад

    very cool results and video, 45% Eastern European my grandmother on fathers side was Slovenian and, my grandfather was born in czech republic.. i agree with your message ..

    • Sandy Cheeks
      Sandy Cheeks 9 месяцев назад

      Holistic Magdalena you should also upload your raw data on gedmatch. There are a lot of tutorials for gedmatch!!

    • Holistic Magdalena
      Holistic Magdalena  Год назад

      alex jaxon Thank you for your comment. It's interesting that the DNA results go by region not nations. That alone gives us insight into our past, and reveals that those dividing lines have shifted many times,
      so how could they mean anything really?

  • ExtremelyEnragedVikingMohawk Indian

    but you are very pretty

  • ExtremelyEnragedVikingMohawk Indian

    I'm 25 percent polish. my father is half Italian half polish. And she had red hair and pale skin she got from her polish side I heard that's rare with polish people?

    • ExtremelyEnragedVikingMohawk Indian
      ExtremelyEnragedVikingMohawk Indian Год назад +1

      Holistic Magdalena I used to think red hair was a polish thing until I looked into it lol

    • ExtremelyEnragedVikingMohawk Indian
      ExtremelyEnragedVikingMohawk Indian Год назад

      Holistic Magdalena your welcome. It's just odd that my mother is half polish and had red hair and pale skin. And her mother was all polish. do you know of any polish people with red hair?

    • Holistic Magdalena
      Holistic Magdalena  Год назад

      VeryEnragedMohawk, Red hair is very rare I'm general, I think it's only about 5% of the world population that has it.
      So, yes. :)
      Thanks for your comment