GTA Online $1,000,000,000 Celebration Stream! Double Money Heist Stream

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Hello I am a hardcore GTA Grinder. I am also a Red Dead RUclipr. I am very against cheating and always trying to make helpful videos. I make guides for people ranging from making money in my playlists to vehicle reviews to top lists, etc. I do livestreams usually on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays EST US time afternoon.READ DESCRIPTION PLEASE FOR ALL NEW VIEWERS
    FAQ-1.I do not ignore questions unless they are stupid. If I do not read your question right away do not think I am ignoring you there are many comments on the screen at once.
    2. I am not a modder I am an all legit player. If you want to know how I get so much money watch my money guides under playlists
    4. The PlayStation community is TheProfessional ( RUclip ) Fan army
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    Wow I’ve been wanting you get up to this over a year ago. I just got back on line to watch. Will done 👌👍👍👍💯 you said you’ll do it and you did. I was behind you all the way

  • Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt
    Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt 8 days ago +2

    Someone used the vigilante on the plane set up during criminal mastermind and blew himself up with rockets and the fuel tanks

  • Jimke Haaksma
    Jimke Haaksma 10 days ago

    Happy 1 billion

  • Nott Mattthew
    Nott Mattthew 11 days ago

    Wait if this was uploaded on dec 4 and the casino heist came out on the 12 I’m cofused

  • qbrun0
    qbrun0 18 days ago

    Ban :)

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 23 days ago +1

    I know that it is someone here who thinks that it is moded money. I have to say that the profesional is a gta legend. He is like god flying down and gives us wisdom.

  • djmysz
    djmysz 25 days ago

    Very nice stream, more diverse ones in GTA Online please!

  • LiquidScience-25
    LiquidScience-25 26 days ago

    Now make face reveal video 😅

  • Communist FBI
    Communist FBI Month ago +2

    Fs in chat for Paul.
    Everyone in chat acting like they're better smh...

  • Amazingness Of Cars

    jesus, get a fucking girlfriend kid

  • Joel Panesar
    Joel Panesar Month ago +1

    In gta v to make money you need....


  • LaserDRose12 HD
    LaserDRose12 HD Month ago

    No joke man, every time when I play heist, I always use a vigilante.

  • Sanjay Ganesa
    Sanjay Ganesa Month ago

    Anybody still wanna do heists let me knowww

  • Marius Boss
    Marius Boss Month ago

    You are still playing with Saucercats Wow.
    Also Compare the Gta Online Clothing And Red Dead becauae its big (sorry for speaking too much i just like Writing until you get ready 4 the heist or whatever

  • Marius Boss
    Marius Boss Month ago

    In the First Hours you shirt Looked Kind of femaleish No Hater or Something (Or No Offence) of course but Its Prohably because of the light.
    Edit: Even though The online Heists gets Repeatable There is the one where there are 2 Teams one does something and The other Does Whatever that is kind of like that.

  • Álex Mitchell
    Álex Mitchell Month ago

    Those people talking about sexuality in chat, Jesus...

    • geben
      geben Month ago

      ok bowsette avatar

  • StyledStrike
    StyledStrike Month ago +2

    3:21:45 - Almost every car he sees there is a hybrid xD

  • ripper boi
    ripper boi Month ago

    What do you stream on

  • Sheldan Sykes
    Sheldan Sykes Month ago

    Congrats on a billion gta dollars keep up the great content

  • Azovaz 1
    Azovaz 1 Month ago +2

    3:26:50 look what Jesus say

  • Kashmira Makwana
    Kashmira Makwana Month ago +1

    What’s a shrapnel? Professional mentioned this around 2:17:15.

    • Kashmira Makwana
      Kashmira Makwana Month ago

      @Doston Thanks. :)

    • Doston
      Doston Month ago

      Shrapnel is like metal scraps. It’s what grenades spread out when they blow up aswell

  • Aaron Leach
    Aaron Leach Month ago

    Hello hosting GTA 5 money lobbies right now. Join discord to get invite: discord. gg / kuhY87AA

  • Xd Illuminati
    Xd Illuminati Month ago

    3:12:44 wouldn’t it like kill you if you get off the bike for too long?

  • Ryan cool Cool
    Ryan cool Cool Month ago

    Dammm I missed the livestream 😫😫

  • Teukka
    Teukka Month ago

    Now do gta san andreas playtrough

  • Patrick Concannon
    Patrick Concannon Month ago

    One day in RDR2 me and my friend were doing a bounty where we needed to capture six people we had 5 tied up and my friend was tying up the last one while I was putting one of the bounty’s into my bounty wagon and then this random joined the posse somehow and killed 2 of the bounty’s and I had 4 bounty’s that were alive in the wagon at the time and then he blew up the wagon and we lost them 4 bounty’s and we got basically no money for it

    • splatoon 27
      splatoon 27 Month ago

      the reason your posse should be invite only

    • Doston
      Doston Month ago

      Ripp :(

  • Abstracted Risque
    Abstracted Risque Month ago

    Go Hybrid!!! 😂

  • Joe Howard
    Joe Howard Month ago

    2:51:20 I’ve seen Heat with Robert De Niro it’s a classic

  • Patrick Concannon
    Patrick Concannon Month ago

    Y were people calling professional gay

  • My Man
    My Man Month ago +5

    3:15:06 in this hiest, it really bugs me..
    Why don't people just take the railroad..?
    It goes straight to the canyon, no cops
    That should be an easy Big brain moment, but I never see it.. 😧

    • Daniel Bowman
      Daniel Bowman 22 days ago

      Problem is you all need to be together and even then you get shot up by cops when getting in to the boat.

  • My Man
    My Man Month ago +3

    Got dammit Paul 😂
    That one teammate

  • Big Boy pancake
    Big Boy pancake Month ago +14

    14:35 look at Flux-FN message

    • Jacob Negrete
      Jacob Negrete 24 days ago

      @billybob_powoh boyo thats a good way to get publicity

    • delgado
      delgado Month ago

      Big Boy pancake o

    • billybob_pow
      billybob_pow Month ago +1

      Big Boy pancake o

  • Oliver Mayes
    Oliver Mayes Month ago +1

    Someone said why are you gay and I said um because he feels that way about men

  • crakd wenegade waider
    crakd wenegade waider Month ago +44

    Bro. He makes like 50m a day while I’m over here struggling to make 5k a day.

    • Flight Nerd
      Flight Nerd 9 days ago +1

      It is a joke he meant That he gets like 100k a day

    • Anthony Ashton
      Anthony Ashton Month ago +1

      It's really not that hard to make money in this game. And if you really can't be arsed just glitch inside track like everyone else.

    • MadCircle01
      MadCircle01 Month ago +7

      5k? Rob a Gas station or something.

  • Clayton
    Clayton Month ago +1

    14:32 look at Flux-Fn in the chat

  • MasterGaming Nic
    MasterGaming Nic Month ago +1

    If Rockstar marks you as modded, and you have tons of grinding live streams to prove you’re innocent.

  • Skye Blue
    Skye Blue Month ago

    Congrats my dude!

  • DJMicOne
    DJMicOne Month ago


  • Lbsublime 24
    Lbsublime 24 Month ago

    Double money heist on all heist?

  • 12227UserName
    12227UserName Month ago +18

    I'm one of the top legit players in GTAO, having been grinding missions and heists since 2013 and 14. I have more than a billion and am a level 2000+. However, I took a break from GTA for about half a year. You can only play for so long till it eventually feels like a chore.
    With all that said, Professional is certianly one of the highest legit players I'm aware of in GTAO. I've only met a few others who legitamately earned their way to level 1000 with a billion or more in their GTA banks. Very impressive.
    Congrats, Professional!

    • 12227UserName
      12227UserName 16 days ago +1

      @Rengar Main
      I agree that in the end it will be eventually mostly pointless, unless R* finds a way to transfer some of the progress into the next GTA, which is unlikely. But it is what it is. I don't really regret it wasting my time on it.

    • Rengar Main
      Rengar Main 16 days ago

      @12227UserName meanwhile i learned piano in that time xD no srsly this game will once be shutdown so idk if its worth it to put 1 year play time into a game.

    • 12227UserName
      12227UserName 16 days ago +2

      @Rengar Main
      Well, you don't have to believe it, man. However, it would be completely pointless for me to lie about something as petty as my game progress.
      I've been grinding missions since Day 1 of release in 2013 with the sole intent of being a top player in GTAO, given that the Grand Theft Auto series is one of my all-time favorite game franchises. I already managed to reach pass level 1000 before I even transfered my account from the Ps3 to Ps4 in 2014.
      While grinding I decided to form my own crew, The LC Syndicate, which currently has over 900 members. Also, one of the Commissioners is all pass level 1000 and is quite wealthy, due to grinding jobs and heists with me.
      As I was playing the casino heist last night, I just reached level 2100.
      With all of that said, yes, it took an insane amount of time to reach my level. And anyone with a job or school would likely not be able to get to level 2000. I'd go as far to say that there may be a few legit 3000s out there, but they would almost have to be like robots, playing non stop, day after day, for the six years GTAO has been out for.
      Your welcome to add me bn PsN if you wish if you want to play or see my stats.

    • Rengar Main
      Rengar Main 16 days ago

      there is absolutely no way that you are lvl 2000. like absolutely no way

    • 12227UserName
      12227UserName 17 days ago

      If you guys are on PsN and want to play sometime, my PsN ID is Mufassa111

  • ryan hughes
    ryan hughes Month ago

    Could I get into prof pmsa or one of your clans coz I keep getting griefed

  • Dj Allworld
    Dj Allworld Month ago +2

    Question: if you consider closing your app on heist to save finale as cheating, why isn't it cheating when you close your app to stop someone from blowing your goods up?

    • Whay Yay
      Whay Yay Month ago +1

      Dj Allworld no one loses when ur cheating against NPCs I guess.

    • TTV CrAzE Szu
      TTV CrAzE Szu Month ago +1

      Dj Allworld I know, it doesn’t make sense because I do the big Dan glitch but then pro sometimes saves 3 million dollars worth of cargo

  • Dominic R
    Dominic R Month ago

    You should have same amount of subs as you do money

  • Michael Mcgeorge
    Michael Mcgeorge Month ago

    How good is this man

  • diamond gun 93
    diamond gun 93 Month ago

    Happy billon to the best gta youtuber

  • kidthetiggs
    kidthetiggs Month ago

    Congratulations brother. Hard work surely pays off. YOU DID IT!!!

  • The Amazing Magicman

    Gratz! On hitting 1 billion!

  • Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens Month ago

    Hey proffesional you said you got less money on the heist
    30% wow less money hahaha
    you can make it 0% because why the fuck do you need money

  • Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens Month ago

    Guess what guys
    I’m the first gta professional
    To get 1 billion yeaaa with every subscriber doing my work because I can’t be asked to do anything myself those 544 crates yea my subscribers got most of those

    Without them subscribers you would have to spend hours and hours on that
    with 4 people it gets done quick funnny

  • Ray Jay Hunter
    Ray Jay Hunter Month ago

    What the f*ck out of bounds wow.

  • Jonathan P.
    Jonathan P. Month ago

    Congrats on hitting a billion

  • Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens Month ago +1

    why don’t you help other people why the fuck do you need money help the noobs you get so many people to just help you get money when you don’t need it

    • Michael Stevens
      Michael Stevens Month ago

      smaller cut in the heist really dude
      why the fuck does it matter why do you need money you have 1 billion now try to get someone a few million instead of urself haha
      it reminds me of ur crates hahaha
      you collected .... hahah you got every player / subscriber to do ur work so idk is that a glitch or part of the game
      so If we don’t play it and then 6 others do it for me it means that I did it because I’m
      The professional haha bs you practically only made 500 million yourself the rest is just your subscribers doing ur work

    • TheProfessional
      TheProfessional  Month ago

      Excuse me . If you watched my streams you would know 95% of the time I am helping people. Did you miss the part in this stream where I asked for a smaller cut on the heist ?

  • Honkeefinger
    Honkeefinger Month ago

    Its looks so cool

  • Alassad1218
    Alassad1218 Month ago +1

    So the diamond casino heist....

    RICARDO MILOS Month ago +1

    If anyone needs help selling or with anything else my xbox gamertag: StaxNRax101

    • Stealthy Hunter
      Stealthy Hunter Month ago

      RICARDO MILOS can u play tonite I added u btw

    • 9/8c
      9/8c Month ago

      @THE Arthur Morgan consoles are for peasants. Real men play on pc Master race!!!

    • Zeramas _
      Zeramas _ Month ago

      @THE Arthur Morgan the dudes just trying to help and you want to act like a 7 year old

      RICARDO MILOS Month ago +1

      @THE Arthur Morgan i never asked for your opinion kid, i am offering help to other people that are also on xbox, stop being so toxic.

    • Ares
      Ares Month ago +2

      THE Arthur Morgan real men dont argue about wat console is better

  • Devano Gaming
    Devano Gaming Month ago

    congratulations pro with the $1,000,000,000 on gta you are my favorite youtuber!!

  • Luis Solisponce
    Luis Solisponce Month ago +2

    Congrats man! I havent been able to play much since I'm in the military but I watch your vids here and there. Keep up the good work with your channel.

  • K RG
    K RG Month ago

    Well done

  • Munin :]
    Munin :] Month ago

    haha that was pretty funny 3:19:45

  • MAD
    MAD Month ago

    You have 1 billion