Top 10 Wheel of Fortune Fails


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  • Chattingesque
    Chattingesque 16 минут назад

    To be fair, we don't really know how that mythological hero's name was pronounced back in the day

  • I agree totally and
    I agree totally and Час назад

    Didn't see donkey punch? No problem. Just click the three dots by the video and select not interested then tell us why then not interested in this channel. Keep doing it with clickbait and eventually no more clickbait on your feed

  • Ricky Roma
    Ricky Roma 7 часов назад

    6:27 this from a college student. what a heel.

  • I am milan
    I am milan 9 часов назад

    0:34 Are u out of your rabid ass mind? 😂

  • kaleb Powell
    kaleb Powell 10 часов назад

    0:40 😂😂😂

  • N V
    N V 12 часов назад

    I had the same problem with MAGIC WAND. The fact that it says AND throws you off.

  • Devine Darkness
    Devine Darkness 13 часов назад

    i swear, pronunciation is bs when it's clear. they shouldn't have that as a need at that point

  • Jovana Sanchez
    Jovana Sanchez 19 часов назад

    The way popsicle bike was said made me LOL!

  • G-Dub 85
    G-Dub 85 19 часов назад

    During that silence they prob were thinking to take him off the game

  • David Jatt
    David Jatt День назад

    Surely the fact that this still exists is the biggest fail?

  • Jeff Z
    Jeff Z День назад

    Nobody really knows Regis’ last name.

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern День назад

    "clam n***er" wtf?! :D

  • G Boss Harris
    G Boss Harris День назад

    A group of pill pusher😂

  • G Boss Harris
    G Boss Harris День назад

    Minors and hoes lmfao

  • UpInFlam3z
    UpInFlam3z День назад

    I also guessed A Group of Pill Pushers ROFL

  • Joseph Lynott
    Joseph Lynott День назад


  • Thomas Harris
    Thomas Harris День назад +1

    Clam _igger
    My dude: "N"

  • Theo Enzo Aalto
    Theo Enzo Aalto День назад

    Painful to watch this.

  • Dominykas Zakrys
    Dominykas Zakrys День назад

    7:01 when someone gives you direct cheat paper with answer but you still don't know how to use it...

  • Excelsior Cafe
    Excelsior Cafe День назад

    I’m playing this now online...and i think i’m better than them...hahaha...i’ve thought only americans can answer all this english problem solving quiz...hehehe....

    SUCKA MO-FUCKA День назад


  • John Tavis
    John Tavis День назад

    A group of pill-pushers. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • John Tavis
    John Tavis День назад

    Bro that soldier one was SUPER cringy.

  • 2m
    2m День назад

    It's so ironic that the only country in the world that managed to find the moon and put a man on it, has a population tragically ignorant about world geography...

  • Philip’s Videos
    Philip’s Videos День назад

    *Clam Nigger*

  • Jack Ging
    Jack Ging День назад +1

    *A CH ILES*

  • Jar of Smegma
    Jar of Smegma День назад

    Good God, have the standards for acceptance into the Military dropped that much?

  • PseudoBoris
    PseudoBoris День назад

    Clam nigger lul

  • old gregg
    old gregg День назад

    Jesus christ they really fuck the contestants over

  • Mike Kelly
    Mike Kelly День назад

    N? OMFG!

  • Yellow Jell-O
    Yellow Jell-O День назад

    Is The Clam N*gg*r Puzzle Real?

  • George Jensen
    George Jensen День назад

    Wheel of fortune is such a stupid game. People pronounce things differently but they only allow the pronunciation that they think is right. It's stupid.

  • Darricka Dukes
    Darricka Dukes День назад

    I wish I was a contestant when he said N I would of fucked his white ass up on site

  • Nelson Bento
    Nelson Bento 2 дня назад

    No N

  • fook you
    fook you 2 дня назад

    Oh my god. I couldn't stop laughing at "a group of pill pushers." And then the other guy, "a group of will wishers". Aaaaaaha ha ha ah ah ha. That girl musta thought, what a couple of stupid ass idiots. Lmao

  • Sexy Beast
    Sexy Beast 2 дня назад

    no n, hm, brandy

  • Kristen Scott
    Kristen Scott 2 дня назад

    yikes...the second one 😳😳

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 дня назад


  • Ryan L.
    Ryan L. 2 дня назад

    Paris is now a country. And they're going to Venice, France. Cool. 2:34

  • Livvy
    Livvy 2 дня назад

    Fish love?

  • Smokeweeda Jenkins
    Smokeweeda Jenkins 2 дня назад

    A chilies 😂

  • Peter Martini
    Peter Martini 2 дня назад

    At 4:43 why didn't they give it to him. He pronounced Kelly Ripa the proper way. It's an Italian name it is pronounced Reeper not Rip er, like most people say.

  • Kats Bryan
    Kats Bryan 2 дня назад

    The honourable mentions were worth the wait,so funny,thanks.

  • Jack Morrison
    Jack Morrison 2 дня назад

    Some of these weren't fails they were amazing
    Fish Love & A Group of Pill-pushers, to name a couple

  • Sir Duckyweather
    Sir Duckyweather 2 дня назад

    Some of those older, honorable mentions at the end were even better than the main stuff.

  • Mark G.
    Mark G. 2 дня назад

    0:31 - 0:43 is so damn obviously fake...

    GUCCI MYTH 2 дня назад

    Ok yea a streetcar naked desire yes yes

  • Hawker75
    Hawker75 2 дня назад

    2nd one was an edit and faked.

  • Jimmi Jams
    Jimmi Jams 2 дня назад

    No N...hmmm? ...lmmfao

  • Alphonso Blackstone
    Alphonso Blackstone 2 дня назад

    Street car naKed desire...LMAO

  • fried rice
    fried rice 2 дня назад

    A Streetcar Naked Desire is a title. Of a porno.

  • Balloon Cement
    Balloon Cement 3 дня назад

    *C L A M N I G G E R*

  • Elven Mage Jr
    Elven Mage Jr 3 дня назад +1

    lmao at "N!"

  • mark2073
    mark2073 3 дня назад

    That black girl at the very end is hot

  • Privacy Lover
    Privacy Lover 3 дня назад

    If you weren't familiar with the title A Streetcar Named Desire, then "naked desire" wasn't that bad of a guess. It wasn't necessarily a good guess, but it wasn't the worst.

  • Allen LaCour
    Allen LaCour 3 дня назад

    "N". *crickets* "No 'N', um." I should be offended, but it cracked me up!

  • CobaltBW
    CobaltBW 3 дня назад

    There's no DONK_Y PUN__
    Thumbs down for clickbait.

  • Highway Tv
    Highway Tv 3 дня назад


  • Jonathan Desulme
    Jonathan Desulme 3 дня назад

    3:13 why would he think "k" fit there, does he think before he say something

  • DevilboyScooby
    DevilboyScooby 3 дня назад

    That Kely Ripa one was bullshit. Think how many people say David Bowie differently yet we still know who they mean...

  • Tau Seiuli
    Tau Seiuli 3 дня назад

    Minors and hoes lol

  • hannah xox
    hannah xox 4 дня назад +1

    *fish love*

  • EconAtheist
    EconAtheist 4 дня назад

    5:50 mark -- our brilliant servicemembers finally manage to put it together

  • medexamtoolsdotcom
    medexamtoolsdotcom 4 дня назад

    "....N!......" ..... silence ...... shadows lengthen as the sun sets..... crickets chirp...... seasons change..... civilizations rise and crumble into dust....... stars run out of hydrogen and explode...... black holes consume all the available mass of the universe....... Boltzman Brains manifest spontaneously out of quantum fluctuations..... "Nope, no N's. Ok, next player, it's your turn."

  • Fred Lebhart
    Fred Lebhart 4 дня назад

    0:32 that silence tho

  • Roger Bates
    Roger Bates 4 дня назад

    No N...... LOL

  • Bolder Folder
    Bolder Folder 4 дня назад

    omg i cringed so much from that 0:33 most cringy silence ive ever heard XoX

  • S OA
    S OA 4 дня назад


  • TheXtro101
    TheXtro101 4 дня назад +1

    "minors & hos"@7:00.
    You know he's really from da hood.

  • sKuNTaZoid Guyver
    sKuNTaZoid Guyver 4 дня назад

    You clam ass nigger

  • Der Fremde
    Der Fremde 4 дня назад


  • cookiegate
    cookiegate 4 дня назад


  • Sunshine
    Sunshine 4 дня назад +3

    Lol I'm going to go over to the country of Paris and catch the "naked" street car named desire. I might buy some of those pop sicle bites. But please by all means stay away from minors n hoes. Avoid those group of pill pushers at all cost while travelling!!!! 😉

  • TheDerpyGaming
    TheDerpyGaming 4 дня назад +1

    Magic Hand Fand Land Banned WAND

    • scribble71891
      scribble71891 3 дня назад

      A kindergartner would’ve gotten that one right. Geez...that was the easiest one I’ve ever seen.

    TH3 GR3AT GAMER 4 дня назад

    Calm igger

  • ethanmq95
    ethanmq95 5 дней назад +1

    fish love

  • NotJas
    NotJas 5 дней назад

    magic waend

  • karelly rangel
    karelly rangel 5 дней назад

    minors and hoes 🤣😂

  • ArielCarpioEvans
    ArielCarpioEvans 5 дней назад

    Minors and hoes, a group of pill pushers 😂😂😂😂 omfg

  • mts2457
    mts2457 5 дней назад

    7:15 what was it?

  • Patriot1
    Patriot1 5 дней назад

    That was hilarious 😂

  • Samuel Bane
    Samuel Bane 5 дней назад

    Pressure will make us struggle..however, humans are not as smart as we think!!!

  • J Princeton
    J Princeton 5 дней назад

    That "And" looked soooo Andy.

  • J Princeton
    J Princeton 5 дней назад

    No "N".

  • Raquel Ziggler
    Raquel Ziggler 5 дней назад

    Omg N I died

  • KDN Games
    KDN Games 5 дней назад

    how the hell you not say magic wand first?? and why the fuck do they clap everytime some one spins the wheel??

  • Julian C
    Julian C 5 дней назад

    Someone please smack the the guy with a magic wand and make him smart!!

  • darlene3d
    darlene3d 5 дней назад

    Awkward Silence..

  • B D
    B D 5 дней назад +1

    This is the part where we all comment on the parts we like.

  • Sealy Productions
    Sealy Productions 5 дней назад

    "Top 10" this is more than 10😂

  • DjSquirrel33
    DjSquirrel33 6 дней назад

    Hmmmm... uh I don't know....popsicle bike?

  • J T
    J T 6 дней назад

    So no "Achilles heel" jokes?

  • ultimaetsolder
    ultimaetsolder 6 дней назад


  • Ty Samuels
    Ty Samuels 6 дней назад

    @6:25 He just made IU look like a community college 😂😂😂😂

  • Rayman Johan
    Rayman Johan 6 дней назад

    "N" *awkard silence* uhmm no "N"....Why would he think a nationally televised show would put an "N" in that space..hahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Tarsila Haydvogl
    Tarsila Haydvogl 6 дней назад

    A streetcar naked desire hahahhahahaahhaah

    ZIA THE EX-CON 6 дней назад

    Clam nigger

  • Staci Woodruff
    Staci Woodruff 6 дней назад

    I'm a bad person for laughing at "clam _igger"

  • beerborn
    beerborn 6 дней назад

    Stupid back woods nigga. 6:06