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Stay tuned for all my upcoming travel vlogs :)
In February - March 2017, I travelled to Hong Kong, Philippines and India. I visited friends, family and met a lot of amazing new people. It has been a crazy beginning to my 2017 and I hope it doesn't stop here.

The show airs & will be available on the website April 2017

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Автор Chris ( назад)
睇到sunburn 我笑左,sorry 😂😂😂

Автор Allit Seyer ( назад)
allright idol Asha.... i miss you:)

Автор Zarina Caliboso ( назад)
1:15 - Ate Asha, is that my fat face on the cell phone screen? Lol. If it is, cool! I made it in your travel vlog! :)

Автор Vishal vishriya ( назад)
Which one do you like most... Phillipines.. hk.. uk.. or ♡ind♡

Автор Alvin Lui ( назад)
will it be possible for you to upload the reality show onto your channel in the future? as i just opened the viu tv link n apparently it is not possible for me to access and watch any of its video due to my location

Автор arturo reyes ( назад)

Автор Brendon Binges ( назад)
when are you gonna quit ur job to join the vlog life full time ASHA?

Автор Clement Cl ( назад)
this trailer is amazing 😍😍😍 can't wait to see all of your vlogs and the viutv show😎😎

Автор Peter XYZ ( назад)
Noon sun sailing...I feel your pain! Need to carry a hat. Those jeans are (referencing your live stream from the weekend) seriously ripped!!!

Автор Peter XYZ ( назад)

Автор AmphipolisXoXo ( назад)

Автор Fernweh ( назад)
Hey amazing Video! Do something good for yourself, you deserve it :) Liked and subscribed to support you :) We're vlogging our worldtravels. On road since more then a year! It's good fun! Cheers from Cebu, Philippines <3

Автор Conan Edogawa ( назад)
What is the name of the music at the ending?

Автор Keeper ( назад)
Did you bring condoms to Philippines? #thepromise

Автор katlyn curugan ( назад)
more videos when you were in the philippines 😊

Автор it'sMe TheHerpes ( назад)
*ASHA* ! i see Baz Luhrman was right about the sun screen !!!
just go to your youtube search box and type "Baz Luhrmann - everybody is free to try sunscreen" and watch that. lol.

Автор Frank Wu ( назад)
Me too I cannot no way on earth I can handle the hot weather if I went to india !

Автор Jimmy Ngai ( назад)
an update from senpai!!! (ノ・ェ・)ノ

Автор bernieconnieproject ( назад)
Quick question, when you and your gf hang out in HK, do you guys hold hands (or do you make it obvious that you guys are a couple?). As much as Hk is slowly improving with regards to LGBT rights, there's still an undertone of homophobia around. How do you overcome that or have you not? Thanks Asha!!

Автор Psycho's Video Dump ( назад)
Is she a lesbian? genuinely curious.

Автор Stephen Nehpets ( назад)
ohhhh you're back!!!! :D how's your life in the middle of nowhere LOL

Автор Audrey Chow ( назад)

Автор 沒有魚丸妹 ( назад)
So beautiful

Автор bjf5151 ( назад)
hi ash more vlog of philippines

Автор AlJenny Travel ( назад)
waiting for more vids!

Автор Mich A ( назад)
Can't wait to see the vlogs Asha! How long have you been on the editing cave?

Автор whenAmeliaflies ( назад)
Oh dear yes the sunburn, something my non-white friends don't seem to understand.

Also I'm back in HK in mid-april i will definitely keep a lookout for you

Автор evilsonic9999 ( назад)
Holy cow sun burn! But for two hrs out there even sun screen won't last that long.... It needs to reapply every hour

Автор Annie Chung ( назад)
i didnt know sunburn could do that to your face!! That's so bad!! :((((

Автор EppingForest304 ( назад)
CP is looking more manly each video!

Автор Grace Foo ( назад)
Asha! May I know what background music you used for this vlog towards the end! It's really nice :-)

Автор Adlan Kacak ( назад)
baby come back

Автор Raymond Yung ( назад)
ANy idea how to watch you show on ViuTV not in HK?

Автор Tony Cheng ( назад)
cannot wait you this vlog.please send me notise when is read

Автор Wong Sebastian ( назад)
excited for these vlogs. mainly bc i'm dying to see the recovery of dat BURN lmao

Автор Weng Gozun ( назад)
Holi shark thats a bad burn.

Автор phinette__ ( назад)
we miss youuuu!

Автор Danny B. ( назад)
We missed you!

Автор Louise ( назад)

Автор Gideon Main ( назад)
How you doing ASHA I miss ya

Автор Dusty Korpse ( назад)
sure theres a song about sunscreen...

Автор Photini Nkp ( назад)
looking forward to what's to come Asha! :))

Автор The Drunken Bear ( назад)
Oh nooo the sunburn looks intense! Does it hurt? I always underestimate putting suncream before going to the beach and get the worst sunburn :(.

Автор Harry Tsang ( назад)
A couple hours after the live stream…

Автор Coco Chan ( назад)

Автор Efyu Inda A ( назад)
u look like quasi modo with that sunburn

Автор Sqygaming ( назад)
asha! your back! :) i missed your vlogs.

Автор quinny0913 ( назад)
That sun burn looks horrible…

Автор jefferi chang ( назад)
ouch.. the sun burn 😰

Автор Hamish Lam ( назад)
That's not a sunburn its more like a suncooked or microwaved 😲😲 (joke)

Автор James Lau ( назад)
The MIA is back with fun &crazy contents that sounds good.

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