Gold Price Sentiment Is Comparable To Near Death

  • Published on May 6, 2019
  • A good analogy to describe the gold price cycle is to use a coffin, said Chris Mancini, analyst at Gabelli Gold Funds.
    “I think that in terms of the sentiment within the gold market and the gold mining market is that we’ve had a few near death experiences, in terms of being put in the grave. So when gold went down to $1,050, for the gold mining sector, that was one step above the bottom of the grave,” Mancini told Kitco News on the sidelines of the Mines and Money New York conference.
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Comments • 16

  • Julie Kelliher
    Julie Kelliher 4 months ago

    George Soros also has a big position in abx

  • Sterling Pickens
    Sterling Pickens 4 months ago +5

    I guess it might go up after everyone that watches kitco loses everything.
    Things only bottom after everyone loses everything and most the companies go bankrupt I guess ...
    horrible stuff, but what can you do.

  • Todd Rayer
    Todd Rayer 4 months ago +3

    new week new gold positive outlook on kitco yet the beating continues. Where do these people get their stamina?

  • Pl CK7_0_7
    Pl CK7_0_7 4 months ago +8

    I just bought Newmont below $30 and Barrick at $12.50

  • lowpross11
    lowpross11 4 months ago

    Sentiment is definitely in the coffin ⚰️. Good for buyers. There will be a day for sellers too. Looooong game

  • Gene Shepherd
    Gene Shepherd 4 months ago +3

    Nobody talks about it but the us weaponized their dollar which means they are trying to make the whole world their vassal state. Because of that everybody is now setting up systems to get rid of the u,s currency. This is a fact which will happen because everybody has had enough of being bullied.

  • wayne mcclory
    wayne mcclory 4 months ago

    The Central Banks and Country’s are buying Gold buy the TONS that’s why they have been keeping the price down with paper gold manipulation. Soon within weeks it will all change.

  • wayne mcclory
    wayne mcclory 4 months ago +2

    Remember the basal bank just made Gold a Tier one Asset, for a REASON ! This is to allow for a Gold Backed Currency. The worlds currency’s are junk and this will feed the worlds needs for the next 40 years.

  • WanderLust
    WanderLust 4 months ago +1

    wow amazing "fund manager" diversified in two stocks - barrick and NEM? must be a tough job xD

  • mvl9591
    mvl9591 4 months ago +5

    Buy #Gold. Accumulate #Gold. It is insurance not an investment.

  • ToughGuy
    ToughGuy 4 months ago +2

    The stock market has gone up because of manipulation and stock buy backs by companies.
    Gold etf should follow the price of physical gold. The price of gold is manipulated such that the physical price follows gold etfs.

  • Peter Wilson
    Peter Wilson 4 months ago

    First. Thanks, Dani.

  • will edwards
    will edwards 4 months ago +1

    Why won't anyone just say what they believe is going on in the economy instead of being mealy mouthed like this guy here? He's knows it's rigged and a lie but he just doesn't have the balz to say so.

    HUMAN FROM EARTH 4 months ago

    When stocks enter the next bear market, people won't be buying gold, they'll be buying bitcoin.

    • Drew
      Drew 4 months ago

      bitcoin hasn't been around for millenia...

  • Rod Brumley, Sr. USMC Lt. Colonel ret. Semper Fi

    Got nothing from him