The Origins of the American Public Education System: Horace Mann & the Prussian Model of Obedience

The American Public Education System was directly imported from Prussia (modern day Germany). This model of "free and compulsory" education was designed by the Prussian Emperor, in order to generate obedient workers and soldiers who would not question his authority.

In the 1830's, American Lawmaker Horace Mann visited Prussia and researched its education methodology. He was infatuated with the emperor's method of eliminating free thought from his subjects and designed an education system for Massachusetts directly based on these concepts. The movement then quickly spread nationally.

Horace Mann said, "The State is the father of children." Do you want your children growing up in total submission to the State?

Credit goes to Brendan Conway-Smith and Eve Zarifa

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Автор ItzRiot ( назад)
And now teachers teach useless crap that we will never use in life , thanks horace mann

Автор scythermantis ( назад)
More false-flagging by Jews trying to blame 'evil Nazis' for their own nefarious intentions.
(((Horace Mann))) was a subversive Kike (not a 'Prussian') who pushed Communist, Globalist ideals (while the Germans were kicking out all the Jews--ever wonder why (((he))) was over here???)
(((David Coleman))) and (((Jason Zimba))) are two more Kikes trying to push (((Common Core))) years later.
Never forget that Jews always try to infiltrate and destroy whatever culture they're in!

Автор Danny Leal ( назад)
Linnks to sources would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Автор filqpy ( назад)
I wanna go back there and steal everything from Horace Mann's life

Автор Leah Leigh ( назад)
It is not capitalist, but tyrannical. Capitalism is just supply and demand. It works by supplying the demand. If a business does not supply the demand, it fails.

Автор ATRStormUnit ( назад)
There is an interesting side note: When talking about education in schools, the German language has a specific word for it - Bildung, which is derived from the word for picture, image, and would translate into something like forming. It means that the child is supposed to form themself (or be formed into, that was an earlier way of thinking) into an adult. The meaning of the word is usually limited to the school system and excludes stuff like life experiences or what you learn from parents.
English only has the word education to describe all of it.
So it might be possible that because of this difference in language, some stuff might have been lost in translation when implementing it in the US.

Also, the map is really incorrect; Prussia de facto took over Germany in 1871. However, before that, most of it consisted of independent small states with no real federal government to speak of.

Автор Edward Skrod ( назад)
There was a great book written about this but I forget the author.  Anyone recommend?  The author was New York teacher of the year....

Автор King Dededediddles ( назад)
Horace the Horrible

Автор sokowa ( назад)
Thanks for this video. The Monitorial System was way better than Mann's primitive, authoritarian model. Mann did such a disservice to so many generations, he's a criminal:

From Wikipedia on the Monitorial System:
The Monitorial System was an education method that became popular on a global scale during the early 19th century. This method was also known as "mutual instruction" or the "Bell-Lancaster method" after the British educators Dr Andrew Bell and Joseph Lancaster who both independently developed it. The method was based on the abler pupils being used as 'helpers' to the teacher, passing on the information they had learned to other students.[

1] The Monitorial System was found very useful by 19th-century educators, as it proved to be a CHEAP way of making primary education more INCLUSIVE, thus making it possible to increase the average class size. Joseph Lancaster's motto for his method was Qui docet, discit -- "He who teaches, learns."

The Mannian Model:
In the late 19th and early 20th century in the United States and elsewhere, the monitorial method was abandoned in favor of the methods of Horace Mann, using the lecture model of direct instruction delivered to passive students grouped into classes by age, without regard to differences in aptitude. It created more jobs for professional teachers, and was sold as a better way to educate more students to a higher level, but was criticized for reducing the participation of students in educating themselves and one another, and increasing the modeling of behavior on age peers over that of adults.

Автор colonists first ( назад)
Prussian education is not an example of the crap in American people and it's daralic!

Автор Browser Option ( назад)
This is so scary, it almost seems like some kind of sci-fi movie plot

Автор Kaiden Filmore 3rd ( назад)
"Great man" for giving us a prison for kids

Автор Robert Corsini ( назад)
And the point here is what exactly? Do away with public education and then replace it with what? Universal online diplomas? Home education for all? What was there before the 'Prussian' model was adopted?

Автор Barry Smith ( назад)
Every Teacher Needs To See This Video

Автор Milliam Woody ( назад)
Mandatory anything, is a terrible idea.

Автор horus909 ( назад)
And yet many parents in Asia send students to America because individual and creative thought is taught much more than their system.

Автор Erro ( назад)
The more that things change, the more they stay the same

Автор Al Nevsky ( назад)
Interesting perspective that warrants further investigation.

Автор Erik Isidoro ( назад)
And now you have Donald Trump, congratz America

Автор Irma Kmitaite-Smith ( назад)
"Begging the question" does not mean that one asks a question. It's a philosophical term that is used to show that one is trying to prove in the conclusion what they already assume to be true in a premise.

Автор Duane Hayes ( назад)
Now go research the origins of the medical industry Hollywood and the entire entertainment industry. And start using your real names! Not using names because you enjoy some anonymity or because you are afraid to stand out, thats a direct result of our schooling system. Be brave!

Автор Gregious ( назад)
Prussia's in Poland now...

Автор Adam Skogstrom ( назад)
Stumbled across this while researching for a school project...

Автор Hughy ( назад)
They rived to PRUSSIA ?...., okay, Germany was not unificated since 1870 (Franco-Prussian war). But it is still German Impire.

If Germany didnt started the WW1 (they didnt started it but that is why i hate France and Italy, for drop to the other side at 1917.. and The stupid Servian), germany still may have the Prussian region, that was divided and gave for Polonia after WW1 and WW2.

Автор ronaldpk2000 ( назад)
The map of Europe shown on this video is misleading. I know it's not the author's fault but most likely of those Americans who had traveled across Europe at the time and were somewhat ignorant. Poland as such didn't exist as a country and therefore the territory named Poland was in fact part of czarist Russia. A map of prewar Poland would have had the Polish Corridor splitting East Prussia from the rest of Germany.

Автор Act Free ( назад)
So this is the reason why we're so far behind. Thanks Horace Mann.

Автор jjclifto ( назад)
This may help explain why Common Core is so troublesome when combined with US education. If our current system is designed to squash free, and critical, thinking and replace it with blind obedience, then it is no wonder that Common Core -- designed to promote critical thinking and questioning the evidence presented by others -- causes so much friction. You can't put a square peg in a round hole.

Автор AmandaNerdBot ( назад)
Schooling is designed to turn people into mindless drones and wage slaves. Schooling is designed to turn people into conformists with no creativity or critical thinking skills whatsoever. School is the reason why the Holocaust happened (because the modern schooling system is so good at breeding conformity and obedience to authority, atrocities like the Holocaust are made possible).

Автор Jordan Jackson ( назад)
This video is very decietful. "While Prussian (military) drill in the times before had been about obedience to orders without any leeway, Fichte asked for shaping of the personality of students. The citizens should be made able and willing to use their own minds to achieve higher goals in the framework of a future unified German nation state."
Fichte was not what you make him out to be, and openly objected the idea or replacing free will and true intellectualism with national loyalty and obedience. Please read about the people in this video and their ideas yourself. If you do not question it, you are not pursuing true education.

Автор Leslie Borregard ( назад)
If only I had a time machine I would send myself back to terminate his ass, and prevent this oppressive bull shit from ever happening!

Автор AmandaNerdBot ( назад)
This is why schooling is a fraud.

Автор Dana Webb ( назад)
Cedric Hall
 that's what Hitler wanted to do and a number of other dictators, give them a good government education. LOL!  

Автор Paul Davis ( назад)
The documentary, State Of Mind The Psychology of Control talks about this. 

Автор Russell Spears ( назад)
The harm has already been done..... Turns out the successful student is not really any smarter...just more compliant..... teachers use a long list of techniques to punish and manipulate children who do not comply with the agenda to make them all little compliant patriotic drones for increasing profits in American Corporations.

God bless the rebellious few who survived compulsory schooling. You may have missed out on some important learning. But you may actually be able to salvage your individuality... .

Автор Dennis Nowland ( назад)
great, i am interested in why such a cultured nation like germany ended up with hitler as its leader. this makes a bit more sense of it all. 

Автор L R ( назад)
Could you provide sources? Thanks

Автор batfly ( назад)
12 NAZIS hate this video.

Автор Sean Con ( назад)

Prussia (originating in the Dutchy in Prussia) is modern day mostly Poland and east Germany (yes the expanded in the other parts, but Prussia =/= germany)

Since 1538, there are schools in Germany which would prepare them for university : these are called Gymnasiums. This is officially intrduced in (then still existing) Prussia in 1810 i think.

What i get form this video is "German schols -------> teach authority --------> agrees to stereotypes ----------> everyone happy".

Please do a better research next time.

Автор batfly ( назад)
At least 6 billion more people need to see this video.

Автор Ryan Strauchon ( назад)
what are your sources?

Автор abhinav maharia ( назад)
Grt job done fantastic research done....a very thought provoking documentary hats off for that 
thinking that even today also most of the countries following the same model..... but done in a neatly manner....& that's the reason why we are getting less leaders & more working or service class people

Автор Tarnseele ( назад)
It's pronounced fick-tuh. It's time to grow out of the world war 2 propaganda people. It's 2014.

Автор Rusty Packard ( назад)
got almost to the two minute mark... wow . Prussian is a foul word in your mouth... 

Автор Roman Soiko ( назад)
SkyShark 1000 can you give me tips on setting up a homeschooling curriculum because I decided to follow the same model 

Автор Roman Soiko ( назад)
This is one of the multitude of reasons why I will NEVER Send my kids to public school I Will homeschool myself. I learned nothing from the education system. I TAUGHT MYSELF geography, politics, history and twelve languages if the school system's goal is to make me an obedient, submissive and obsequious slave then the school system has miserably failed me 

Автор Tony Bones ( назад)
great video

Автор Max P. ( назад)

Автор lovtoquestn ( назад)
This is almost exactly what happened in the late 1800's to early 1900's with Wilhelm Wundt's experimental psychology, which was also implemented in American schools in order to subjugate the population. They aren't even trying to hide operant conditioning anymore. At university, I was taught that it was a good thing for children to be conditioned. The only reason they can teach that now is because they "conditioned" generations of people to accept that it is the right thing to do.  

Автор Travis Galle ( назад)
We have already set ourselves up for it. Patriotism has been so heavily forced into us by the Prussian model that we are pretty much socially ostracized for daring to speak out against the United States military. People turn a blind eye toward government encroachment into our personal lives because of this indoctrination. 

Автор elicia clegg ( назад)
Oh my goodness...that is some scary stuff.  Thank you for this video I will be sharing it. :)

Автор hypo krites ( назад)
Interesting points about the history of the public education system in the United States.

Автор Latasha Ramsel ( назад)
Would I be wrong if I sent this to one of my kid's teacher??

Автор Luigi Jav ( назад)
this system is just a step in the organization of society, in the evolution of mankind

Автор iago Barreto ( назад)
Mate you're too dramatic, the only reason such system exist is to ensure the existence of a state, or other there would be no State. It is not a Malicious plot, just sound reasoning.

Автор sandranian ( назад)
This video is so full of errors and 1/2 truths it is ridiculous. Obviously, the person who put this together never received a proper education. First step: Spelling. Since when is "Governor" spelled "Governer"?  And no, Prussia never included Bavaria. And German soldiers were absolutely taught to think for themselves, which is why they were successful in 1870. And that is just in the first couple of minutes of this farce. 

Автор skyshark1000 ( назад)
That's strange, my son never went to one day of Public School and he does know how to type on his PC. He has a degree in electrical engineering. Wonder how he managed that without a good ole publik skool edumacation? Oh that's right, his mother home schooled him.

Автор ModernDH ( назад)
Schematic from Germany

Автор 777Holyhandgrenade ( назад)
Schools need to be closed. America has become a Communist/Fascist country. People rely on the state and corp. to provide their lives. People should start being parents again and raise their own children. The child is an individual and will learn best on their own and at home. The school system is a parasitic entity and costs too much to continue.

Автор Steven Urban ( назад)
We must privatize education now. Public education is nothing more that progressive indoctrination.

Автор GordosMama1111 ( назад)
right. maybe we'd be typing on machines that didnt break in 2 years in order to turn apple a profit.

Автор spiryt03 ( назад)
I pledge allegiance... to the flag... NOT

Автор Franklin Ma ( назад)
Horace Mann was born in Franklin, Massachusetts. We still have the FIRST PUBLIC SCHOOL It is a one room classroom. If it wasn't for schooling we wouldn't be typing on our PC's Mac IPhone etc.

Автор Satyavan ( назад)
Well, there is some truth in that, but I don't think it is simple as that. After all the question remains if all this the cause or the effect?

Автор donotfret ( назад)
Have you seen the black kid praying to Obama? Democrats are dedicated

Автор ( назад)
No, prussia isn't germany.
The idea of the new education system of prussia was that all kids had to go to school which didn't cost anything. Founder of this education system was Wilhelm von Humboldt, it was part of the prussian reforms. It is an american thought that Hitler was the resut of these reforms, I didn't think so, sorry.

Автор ProzacR ( назад)
If you compare maps you will see that Actually Prussia is literally wiped out and territory shared between Russia and Poland.

Автор Beauweir ( назад)
Be honest now, you wanted to join in just then didn't you? Haha.
Before people make an effigy of me and set it alight I mean the general public obviously. You guys watching this video are more likely to be the open minded folk that (hopefully) don't tie into the whole the right/left divide and rule nonsense...

Автор Beauweir ( назад)
Surely Americans are brought up to kiss the president's arse. At our press conferences our journalists shout questions at the pm and harangue him royally about the issues of the day, disgraces in his party etc. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the president agree to answer questions in advance? Plus Americans seem to be brought up to have blind patriotism to the point where critical thinking tends to go out the window if someone waves a flag and shouts "USA! USA!"

Автор RhymLV ( назад)
Search for: "the ultimate history lesson john taylor gatto" for 5hr broader view of this topic

Автор vlr1230 ( назад)
People are starting to wake up to this prison system known as "school" and are opting to homeschool. I cannot urge patriots strongly enough to pull their children out of this evil matrix asap! Please see my videos: /watch?v=iFlvkwXCQco and /watch?v=cWWL5CNldA0

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