• Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • The Visitor continues his plan to manipulate time and space itself with the power of hyper advanced sci-fi beacons. Breakpoint is less convinced of the mission's success. Meanwhile an alien life force lands in Pandora and attacks a Psycho Bandit. Eternal Voyager and The Oppressor duel over control as the Visitor prepares a new suit to become part of the 7 as The Scientist.
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Comments • 799

  • Distorted
    Distorted 21 hour ago

    shouldnt scientist be a seperate entity somce its 1 of the seven

  • Sniper 007
    Sniper 007 Day ago

    Idk if I like this

  • Get schooled Boi

    I think the SCIENTIST not the visitor is jonesy because in the opening cutscene he lands right next to dusty depot and he probably made the base

  • Karl Holman
    Karl Holman 5 days ago

    Dose the scientist sound like the prisoner 2 u 2???

  • Fluffy Fluffsters
    Fluffy Fluffsters 5 days ago

    Umm The scientist is someone else not the visitor

  • Oudom Oudomiss
    Oudom Oudomiss 9 days ago

    Hahahah he just walks away

  • NovaX4 Farris
    NovaX4 Farris 13 days ago


  • Fake_Division
    Fake_Division 14 days ago +1

    you like what you see the visitor says and breakpoint says yeah smooth real smoth

  • FoursBut Cowboi Cat
    FoursBut Cowboi Cat 15 days ago


  • Malcolm Cowart2
    Malcolm Cowart2 15 days ago

    The scientist is a good tomato

  • Lynx Forever
    Lynx Forever 15 days ago

    Lynx 😢

  • SableGamingYT
    SableGamingYT 15 days ago +1


  • Burak_Plays
    Burak_Plays 15 days ago +2

    Your movies are so entertaining

  • Cosmicツ
    Cosmicツ 15 days ago +1

    This is amazing how???

  • Jason Hurt
    Jason Hurt 16 days ago

    4:01 sniper hit

  • Jason Hurt
    Jason Hurt 16 days ago

    i heard when you hit the boxes i heard sniper shots not to be mean.

  • Dylan Wain
    Dylan Wain 17 days ago +1

    This is really well shot and scripted

  • Activity Family
    Activity Family 18 days ago +1

    i love the part where he is in the testing shooting zone

  • Алекс Майн
    Алекс Майн 20 days ago

    Очень хорошая работа автор молодчина побольше бы таких качественных фортнайт видео

  • Matthew Clifton
    Matthew Clifton 20 days ago

    Not science class(scream on the in side)

  • Angus Helsdon
    Angus Helsdon 20 days ago

    4:01 don’t you hear the sound of the sniper when he destroys it

  • Derek Villicaña
    Derek Villicaña 22 days ago

    Breakpoint is like jarvis

  • Lucas Jaime
    Lucas Jaime 22 days ago

    No he’s supposed to be different than the visitor that’s why it says “one of the seven” in the bio

  • game
    game 22 days ago

    Uau animação de tecnologia que agente nunca viu os cara desenhando mas falando sério tá uma como assim como assim os cara ia tipo deu um peteleco no chão muito longe eu que sou jogador de fortnite aqui e jogo muito né eu ainda jogo no celular mas realmente com você não leva não era para você tomar banho mas não o cara levou um tiro para ver se a pedra que vocêo que é batata pode saber disso que eu era uma vez não vou julgar ninguém tô falando sério o vídeo foi aquela 👎👎👎🖕🤔 até eu que tentar se fazer isso aí tudo para tentar fazer um mas eu não sou youtuber é triste isso já tentei uma vez não quero falar de novo

  • Keyu Playz
    Keyu Playz 22 days ago

    Short ?

  • Sans the Skeleton
    Sans the Skeleton 22 days ago

    I love that they are toxic at the end with the take the l

  • Enzo Garcia
    Enzo Garcia 22 days ago

    Part 2 pleaseeed i love ittt

  • Panda
    Panda 22 days ago +1

    do they not know that visitor and the scientist are completely different? i believe there are a total of 7 of them. they are from a different planet the visitor and the scientist accidentally crash landed

  • TipsyLobster 0o0
    TipsyLobster 0o0 23 days ago +2

    The Scientist gives me Prototype vibes (only ps3 peeps will know)

  • RhysRoy_TikTok
    RhysRoy_TikTok 23 days ago

    You are the best people who voice act

  • Ob1Wan38
    Ob1Wan38 24 days ago +1

    Why is the borderlands 3 character eternal he's he Voyager X

  • Jack S
    Jack S 24 days ago

    What is this?


  • Dragon X
    Dragon X 24 days ago

    What about Zenith are you going to bring him for one last fight at the end he appears

  • Cobyantman1
    Cobyantman1 24 days ago

    *Hmm Yes A Drill Will Fix My Knife*

  • MorphikNull
    MorphikNull 24 days ago +1

    I love how breakpoint is like Pixel from Ninjago

  • Patrickstar0541 YT
    Patrickstar0541 YT 24 days ago

    That’s a transformers reference

  • Jovanna Amaya
    Jovanna Amaya 24 days ago


  • Ninja_ Plays
    Ninja_ Plays 24 days ago

    Me too got mine in the 1st hour

  • John Holtel
    John Holtel 24 days ago

    i love your vids so can you subscribe to my channel its john holtel

  • Gam3OrDi3
    Gam3OrDi3 24 days ago

    1 milllliiiioooonnn

  • Mali Uvrnuti Komarac
    Mali Uvrnuti Komarac 24 days ago

    Fortnite Seasons is beter no hate but it is

  • Gifty Antwih
    Gifty Antwih 24 days ago

    1 more day thene season 11 and the rocket will blast like if you need v bucks I will give you some like

  • emeraldwolf1 YT
    emeraldwolf1 YT 24 days ago

    If this is a different dimension that means Zenith is still alive!!BRING BACK ZENITH


    Ok this is real!!! Is real!!!!!!!

  • for the win Fightsover

    Thoes guy look like they play form mad max fury road

  • New Super Elijah Bros U

    You do know the scientist is the one who created the rocket

    • John Holtel
      John Holtel 24 days ago

      actually the villains in season 4 created the rocked because it was at there base

  • Sarah Asim
    Sarah Asim 24 days ago


  • Raven plays
    Raven plays 24 days ago

    You guys need to post more on V.R.V.S

  • Mastercheif 4580
    Mastercheif 4580 24 days ago

    2:10 sounds like pennywise

  • The X Lord
    The X Lord 24 days ago

    I got it first hour too

    FFFISHY FISH 24 days ago +1

    Cool but i have imagine my own scientist story

    Visitor is critical and then he transfered his life into the scientist,and want some revenge to the he became the scientist

  • CyberDoctor1918
    CyberDoctor1918 24 days ago

    Plz make batman John Wick!

  • Tashina Begay
    Tashina Begay 25 days ago +2

    Bruh I can get 34 kills on Fortnite

  • BBB-beanie boo brittney

    You mean the fat boi origin story

  • InsanePug
    InsanePug 25 days ago

    What is this gogurt? I died then that was so realistic for them

  • Dr watermelon
    Dr watermelon 25 days ago

    Yo I got this skin even though I don’t got the battle pass let’s go

  • Emerald Ages
    Emerald Ages 25 days ago +2

    It’s sad how little melee animation fortnite has. You see all of these amazingly designed skins that will look great ripping each other apart.

  • Jiren ThePrideTrooper
    Jiren ThePrideTrooper 25 days ago +1

    Hope i see more of iceking

  • Joel Carter
    Joel Carter 25 days ago

    Ok this makes no sense the visitor and the scientist are suppose to be different people!

  • Zenith
    Zenith 25 days ago

    Now you know how if feels to be possessed...........