We think we caught a ghost on camera.. what do u think? **reviewed footage**

  • Published on Oct 8, 2018
  • We reviewed the footage of when we stayed on the Queen Mary Ship & found some things....please tell us what you guys think in the comments..
    Part 1: ruclip.com/video/vmqhDmquCDE/video.html
    Part 2: ruclip.com/video/bL5W2cCaPic/video.html
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    See u guys friday with another video :)
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Comments • 5 074

  • Paola Flores
    Paola Flores 5 hours ago

    It is a women...

  • Yvette
    Yvette 14 hours ago


  • Lindsay Martin
    Lindsay Martin 2 days ago

    Am I the only one confused about why the women down stairs said their was nothing down their for them, if their was a maze? Shouldn’t it be open to them considering their guest? Idk maybe I’m overthinking.

  • Mxggvyπ π
    Mxggvyπ π 2 days ago

    Wait wait is it just me or did someone say Shaneeee at 8:50 (louder your volume

  • Kacey Pasquarella
    Kacey Pasquarella 4 days ago

    It is the girl In the blue dress

  • Wolf Pack
    Wolf Pack 4 days ago

    At 8:24 when someone mentioned that beside his head, I was watching the video, but I thought it was one of the guys

  • Damian Ellis
    Damian Ellis 5 days ago

    My dad is a ghoast hunter and he said"that is 100% a ghoast woman and if they stood there she would come close to them and become present in the area and stick to them and they could get seriously hurt!"

  • kenlly reyes
    kenlly reyes 8 days ago +1

    12:48 the girl is wearing a blue dress just like in the description on the pillar in the room b340

  • Shakira Thompson
    Shakira Thompson 8 days ago

    the mirror thing is the back of jc’s head

  • sydney novascone
    sydney novascone 9 days ago

    the girl straight up looks like one of the twins from the shining

  • Avaree Zimmerman
    Avaree Zimmerman 10 days ago

    That was the clearest picture of a girl I’ve ever seen

  • Cat15Girl Lucky plays
    Cat15Girl Lucky plays 10 days ago

    I think that girl is some type of statue

  • Cerys 18
    Cerys 18 10 days ago

    100% a women or some shit 😂

  • Jessica Cornock
    Jessica Cornock 11 days ago

    12:23 to 14:08 is the best part of the video 100% Kian is just the best 😂

  • Rhiannon Eastick
    Rhiannon Eastick 12 days ago +1

    How tf did kian not see a girl??! If he ain't seeing a girl, he finna see my fist


  • kenzie.owenss
    kenzie.owenss 14 days ago +1

    the thing that was by corey in the mirror is jcs head moving . @10:34

  • Alina Esparza
    Alina Esparza 15 days ago

    9:41 you can see someone in the closet.

  • Marcella Pugliese
    Marcella Pugliese 16 days ago

    I thought maybe the girl was a painting but when I saw what JC did to make it brighter, I lost it

  • summer girl
    summer girl 16 days ago

    At 8:20 or around there in THIS vid jc’s hat and the light shining on it is what y’all are talking about. As u could see it moved when jc did.

  • Brittany Oliver
    Brittany Oliver 16 days ago

    Its a ghost

  • destiny ortiz
    destiny ortiz 17 days ago

    8:04 😭😭😭😭

  • Dean Dani
    Dean Dani 17 days ago

    okaaayyyyy that girl was just standing there glaring ahead of her. honestly dont know how kian missed it😅

  • Shianne Smith
    Shianne Smith 18 days ago +1

    This is fucking SPOOKY

  • Krystal Trejo
    Krystal Trejo 18 days ago +1

    I agree with Jc I watched that video like 1000 times and I stopped a video and screenshoted it and researched about the little girl and I compared the 2 pictures and they look similar

  • Kylie Bailey
    Kylie Bailey 18 days ago +1

    if you watched sam and colby’s video they actually contacted a spirit and talked to them through knocks,the knocks you heard at the end of your video is probably a spirit trying to talk to you. all of the lights and cameras were off but aaron voice recorded the whole time w/ out anyone knowing and they talked to the spirit like one knock for yes two knocks for no

  • Tayah Sullivan
    Tayah Sullivan 18 days ago

    kians actually giving me a headache at the fact he can’t see a girl are you kiDDING ME.

  • Jenette Arias
    Jenette Arias 19 days ago


  • Ellie Hill
    Ellie Hill 21 day ago

    What if the girl is just a maid?

  • skylar roze
    skylar roze 21 day ago +2


  • skylar roze
    skylar roze 21 day ago

    dumb for not seeing its jc

  • Grace Elaine
    Grace Elaine 22 days ago

    just watched the sam & colby review vid and i almost "cried" and now im watching this...why do i do this to myself😥

  • Brianna Delosh
    Brianna Delosh 22 days ago


  • Iris Moore
    Iris Moore 22 days ago

    "12 O'clock on a midnight"

  • Isabella Erwin
    Isabella Erwin 22 days ago +1

    Kian is just too scared to admit it’s a girl lol so he’s using denial and humor to hide his fear 😂😂

  • sam and colby fan
    sam and colby fan 23 days ago

    this was posted on my birthday

  • Callum Fereday
    Callum Fereday 23 days ago +1

    That thing above his shoulder, looks a little bit like a knife. Is it just me.

  • oklexiok
    oklexiok 23 days ago

    jc’s face when kian turns up the brightness and says “see that’s not a girl” IS MY MOOD THE WHOLE TIME WHEN KIAN IS SAYING ITS NOT A GIRL. IT CLEARLY IS OMG

  • oklexiok
    oklexiok 23 days ago

    how does kian not see it

  • Aaliyah Villarreal
    Aaliyah Villarreal 24 days ago

    Its def a girl

  • Shayla Rushing
    Shayla Rushing 24 days ago

    It’s a gurl

  • parydise
    parydise 24 days ago

    im just gonna say - the floating thing near corey looks like JC's hat or is it just me??

  • Crafted Escapist
    Crafted Escapist 24 days ago

    That looked like a girl in a blue dress

  • Maranda L.
    Maranda L. 24 days ago

    ok i JUST watched this and my eyes are watering. wtttttffff THATS LIKE SOME SORT OF GRUDGE GIRL SHIT HECCCKKK NO. NO THANK YOU SIR MAAM

  • KRYS S.Philly
    KRYS S.Philly 25 days ago +1

    Wow that's creepy af. If that was a human it would be different. That's a damn ghost good catch

  • KRYS S.Philly
    KRYS S.Philly 25 days ago

    Ok now I see why he denied all shit in Sam an Colby new video. He just clearly don't Wana admit to ghost shit. There's no way u can't see a girl.

    SIERRA TUXHORN 25 days ago

    Earlier in the video they were reading the wall I think and it said something about someone seeing a girl in a blue dress and maybe it’s just me but it looked like she was wearing a blue dress🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Ur Lovely Physco
    Ur Lovely Physco 25 days ago +1

    Kian thru this whole video is a whole ass mood😂😂

  • Speedlashgames
    Speedlashgames 26 days ago

    Jeez, Kian has an IQ of a walnut.

  • jorden rosier
    jorden rosier 26 days ago

    That was a girl standing at the door

  • -kayla -
    -kayla - 26 days ago +7

    they were saying that it was a dildo by corey but it was just jc’s head 🤣😭

  • Nevaeh Ward
    Nevaeh Ward 26 days ago

    I knew it was a ghost. I had to rewind a few times to make sure though

  • Sosa Sarahh
    Sosa Sarahh 29 days ago

    the thing by corey is jus face fro the reflection of the mirror

  • Crystall Greg
    Crystall Greg 29 days ago

    yoooooooo i got chillllsss

  • Danijela Špac
    Danijela Špac Month ago +2

    That's a girl heelloo she's has a hair,arms everything🙄🤦‍♀️

  • Mariah Gonzalez
    Mariah Gonzalez Month ago

    The was jc’s hat in the mirror

  • Liberty Jean
    Liberty Jean Month ago

    Wtf is kian on😂😂😂

  • Mariie x
    Mariie x Month ago

    14:00 i lost it as soon as they brightened that photo up and got anxiety when kian still couldn't see a girl, SIS I BOOKED IT DOWN IN THE COMMENTS. YOU CAN EVEN SEE HER REFLECTION OH HEEEECK NAH

  • Jolynn Begay
    Jolynn Begay Month ago

    How do you not know there’s a haunted maze going on? There’s a big event “Queen Mary Dark Harbor” going on in front of the ship LOL!

  • amber ramos
    amber ramos Month ago

    that is the little girl from the last blog or SAM and Colby blog where they explain that threes a girl that stretches her arms out than just gone,

  • Jon Andresen
    Jon Andresen Month ago

    I see a girl!!! Omg soooooo scary😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • reem al
    reem al Month ago

    Oh hell no that scared the shit outta me

  • reem al
    reem al Month ago

    Oh fuck no

  • Breckin Lottchea
    Breckin Lottchea Month ago

    yo when the random thing pops up in the mirror at 10:36 it’s literally just JC’s head smh😂

  • Jack Qver
    Jack Qver Month ago +1

    The girl could have been an actor from the haunted maze though :/

  • Maeve TrASh-CaN
    Maeve TrASh-CaN Month ago +1

    3:57 had me *dying* sksksksksk😂

  • Mindy Salazar
    Mindy Salazar Month ago

    i think in one video someone said girl killed herself or died and in seen in the hallways

  • gina troiani
    gina troiani Month ago

    im fucking crying ! the "thing" that comes out of Coreys shoulder is Jcs head in the mirror hahahaha. when he leans back you can see his head come into the mirror omg they're idiots

  • gina troiani
    gina troiani Month ago

    im fucking crying ! the "thing" that comes out of Coreys shoulder is Jcs head in the mirror hahahaha. when he leans back you can see his head come into the mirror omg they're idiots

  • Grace M
    Grace M Month ago

    Kians such a babe 😂😂 I’d love me a mans who could be as dumb as he is sometimes 🤣💀

  • Mrs. Klay
    Mrs. Klay Month ago

    I knew i wasn’t the only
    One that saw it too

  • Winni The Boo
    Winni The Boo Month ago

    There was a girl names jackie that died in the ship she haunts the pool area

  • Jailynne
    Jailynne Month ago

    Okay I’m a little late but does no else hear that whisper at 14:45 (maybe I’m just being paranoid) but wtf

  • Maricela Rodriguez
    Maricela Rodriguez Month ago

    The girl looks like a maid🤔🤔🙄🙄

  • Imke van der Poel
    Imke van der Poel Month ago

    honestly the 'thing behind corey' part freaks me out more than that girl in the hallway

  • Adrian Graves
    Adrian Graves Month ago

    10:34 the thing that is near Corey looks like the reflection of the back of Jcs head and the weird lines look like his hat. If you look closely you can see Jcs head

  • Haley Alexis
    Haley Alexis Month ago

    I’m fucking SPOOKED

  • Autumn R.
    Autumn R. Month ago

    it wasn't a girl it was the women with the powder blue dress. watch when they slow it down.

  • Francisca Gracia
    Francisca Gracia Month ago

    Lmaooo the screaming after Harrison said “no man” sounded like that vine of that women screaming and the man gets out the car like “why r you ronning, why are you ronning?” **african voice**

  • Makayla C
    Makayla C Month ago +1

    4:07 “tHe gHoSt”

  • Neha Gupta
    Neha Gupta Month ago

    Oh definitely a girl ghost

    BAO WINN Month ago

    It was frustrating that Kian didn’t see a girl

  • Demi Bowen
    Demi Bowen Month ago

    Fuck that. Defo a girl ghost lmao scared

  • Bree Hudson
    Bree Hudson Month ago

    That’s the girl in the powder blue dress damn

  • Cordelia Kent
    Cordelia Kent Month ago

    that girl is so wack

  • Paige Race
    Paige Race Month ago

    Pls do more spooky stuff

  • alexistheassasin Gachagirl

    I have stayed in there before dudes!!!!! WTF IS WRING WITH YOUUUUU NEVER GO IN THEREEEE!!!!!!!

  • liza
    liza Month ago +3

    the girl looks kind of like.... bloody mary 😓

  • Stellina Monastiridou

    Holy shit,this was a me girl

  • itsalondra
    itsalondra Month ago


  • Bailey Turner
    Bailey Turner Month ago

    It’s the woman in the blue dress

  • Milly Perc
    Milly Perc Month ago


  • Brinley O
    Brinley O Month ago

    about the thing above corey...okay yall. its the reflection of jc as he moves his head up. yall r dumb jk yall are actually funny

  • Maniacal Orange18
    Maniacal Orange18 Month ago

    how is that not a girl.. Maybe cause he's just tryna ignore it because it was disturbing.

  • Sydney Wessell
    Sydney Wessell Month ago

    kian is on crack

  • Jordan Ontiveros
    Jordan Ontiveros 2 months ago

    at 8:35 when they are looking at the picture of the mirror that figure they see is the back of jcs head lmao
    Edit: some people already pointed it lol im just late

  • Sabrina Jogezai
    Sabrina Jogezai 2 months ago

    My sister agrees with kian it’s not a girl on jcs side

  • Sabrina Jogezai
    Sabrina Jogezai 2 months ago

    I’m on my period it’s four am and you guys make me so happy

  • Mercedes Yenis
    Mercedes Yenis 2 months ago

    Listen at 8:50 someone whispers knj

  • Julissa Cardenas
    Julissa Cardenas 2 months ago

    I thought it was a painting until u made the pic more enlightened