$20 Per Day Travelling - Palawan Philippines

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • $20 Per day travelling is our new series we will be doing while travelling. Our first location for the budget travel series is in Palawan Philippines were we will be eating filipino food, showing you things to do in Palawan and having heaps of fun all for $20 each.
    If you are looking for cheap vacation ideas then you will enjoy this series, we don't always travel like this but it's something new and fun for us to change things up from the normal vlog we do.

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Comments • 317

  • The Holistic Trainer
    The Holistic Trainer  Month ago +19

    How did you like the $20 per day video? Let us know if you want to see more of these kind of videos or not in the comments below.

    • Henauder Titzauf
      Henauder Titzauf 11 days ago

      Doesn’t mean a lot either way, as long as you and Sai are the tour guides. You two are the best. I’m glad she gets the foods you like, but, she gets you foods you like or can eat. And Sai, is a great food ordering person. If I was to come to Thailand, I’d have to hire her as my tourist AND FOOD guide. Pleasant trips, much happiness to you two!

    • andthereisntone
      andthereisntone Month ago

      Yes, $20 a day vids are fascinating. More please. PS. Not tubsy wusby in this one.

    • april Villanueva
      april Villanueva Month ago

      Love there place and yummy food😋

    • Anthony Bove
      Anthony Bove Month ago

      I enjoy all your videos including the twenty dollar video. You have touched my life including many New Yorkers. You're an angelic couple. You give a lot of thought in your video production. Respectfully. Anthony

    • Gabriel Sanchez
      Gabriel Sanchez Month ago

      Videos keep getting better!✌

  • scarlet galdiano
    scarlet galdiano 6 days ago

    Sai is look like a pilipina

  • tongkat bebe
    tongkat bebe 7 days ago +1

    palawan was a LEPER colony... bars hv. girls n earth floors... nice beaches if u can get 2 them

  • rick mckinnon
    rick mckinnon 19 days ago

    Watching from canada you make a nice couple interesting videos will visit thailand someday

  • chitoon100
    chitoon100 20 days ago

    She is a Sexy Little Thing....Enjoy your Videos...

  • Blossom Quisno
    Blossom Quisno 24 days ago

    While traveling does Adam starve, we never see him eating, except for the slimy worm.

  • Cef Travels
    Cef Travels 26 days ago

    Try the $10 food trip one next time. :D Love you both!

  • Tamil Cooking Art
    Tamil Cooking Art 26 days ago

    Hai bro i am run small youtube channel name tamilcookingart you pls help me bro

  • Jeandy Dico
    Jeandy Dico 27 days ago

    Shout out from boracay

  • Thpxs05 Thpxs05
    Thpxs05 Thpxs05 27 days ago

    Palawan is beautiful. Prices are a bit high but it’s a tourist destination. I especially liked the fried milkfish with datu-puti and rice and tomatoes. You’ve got a great life.

  • Nbe Renthlei
    Nbe Renthlei 28 days ago

    Hi.. I am from Mizoram India all video i like it

  • Staff Bull Terrier
    Staff Bull Terrier 28 days ago

    Very, very, very beautiful lieben gruss aus Thailand

  • Pete n
    Pete n 28 days ago


  • IQ Creative
    IQ Creative 29 days ago

    Sai is really beautiful lady, nice big boobs also 😁. You are happy man 👨🏻

  • IQ Creative
    IQ Creative 29 days ago

    I mean it is not popular music, than I can understand..

  • IQ Creative
    IQ Creative 29 days ago

    Hello, I have a question for you. Why are so many RUclip vlogs use the same music under their videos? Success with the channel it is really nice content 👌

  • nr32wa
    nr32wa 29 days ago

    Hi from western Australia Sai and Adam your so good so many places I wont to go to now because of you two your both doing a great job keep it going .
    I'm heading to Vietnam and the Philippines Manila then down to Palawan where would you suggest I stay in Palawan the places you have eaten at look so good

  • Toby Royson
    Toby Royson 29 days ago

    Sai looks like a cute lil' pretty doll you just wanna hug forever.

  • Christmas Trees
    Christmas Trees Month ago

    i was having naughty thoughts about those men dressed in tribal gear at the insect zoo

  • Christmas Trees
    Christmas Trees Month ago

    i am always scared to eat beef now unless its labelled organic or something....cuz of mad cow disease. even organic is no guarantee

  • Russia Explained
    Russia Explained Month ago

    I'd really like to see as much as possible, but of course you need money to travel) Such videos are very inspiring) I'm longing to travel, but still there are two more weeks before i can go anywhere, so i decided to make up a video about travelling in Russia, where to go and what to see) if you're interested - here's the link ruclip.com/video/0opZsZOixX0/video.html

  • berry vnwml
    berry vnwml Month ago

    she gave you the vicious stare... "you cannot try another woman" hahaha

  • t j hariharan
    t j hariharan Month ago

    wow I like role model me

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Chicken or pork adobo is the best!! My favorite bro!!

  • Arto Salonen
    Arto Salonen Month ago

    Farang khinau

  • Cedric Fernandez
    Cedric Fernandez Month ago

    Sai and Adam you both are a wonderful couple, sai is very cut. Tanks for all the videos

  • spliffwizard420
    spliffwizard420 Month ago

    that pizza was pretty said but I do live in the Northeast USA

  • andthereisntone
    andthereisntone Month ago

    Do you want to play with the snake? So rude...

  • april Villanueva
    april Villanueva Month ago

    Nice place and food wow yummy😋😘

  • Brian Donnelly
    Brian Donnelly Month ago

    Love spending time in the Philippines. The people appreciate foreigner, especially the women. Do you plan to visit several islands. He carefuul, some islands have had kidnappings.
    He careful not to get fat......Good is good. In some hotels you will find paper thin walls. A lot of listeners on the other side.
    As I had changed a lot since the beginning. She just exudes coincidence. You have been good together, Adam.
    What is Saiinto on patreon? If it's not I'll join.

  • Sam Suby
    Sam Suby Month ago

    What a shithole!

  • Murali G
    Murali G Month ago

    Your girlfriend is too hot, I want to marry her

  • Shane Don
    Shane Don Month ago

    Sai is putting on weight.

  • norrick higa
    norrick higa Month ago

    Sai is amazing with any living creature... LOL..!!! So affordable and great foods...

  • Edward Annable
    Edward Annable Month ago

    Adam you need to let Sai order the food they over charge you its usually less each pick 30 to 40 and rice is 15 per bull

  • Sue Janger
    Sue Janger Month ago

    Do you guys have kids? Just curious

  • rizza delapaz
    rizza delapaz Month ago

    Welcome to my country philippines sai and adam i hope u have a good time here..

  • Bill J
    Bill J Month ago

    You're the couple!

  • Josie jewel
    Josie jewel Month ago

    My next travel after Bangkok

  • Geoffrey Davis
    Geoffrey Davis Month ago

    Adam & Sia
    Hope u enjoyed Puerto Princesa it’s my wife home island and I love Palawan has a place and its people

  • Urs Müller
    Urs Müller Month ago

    Good job, well done! 😀

  • Tonni C
    Tonni C Month ago

    Sai's smiles and mango shakes = heaven. Enjoy.

  • rima Khalid
    rima Khalid Month ago

    anyone tel me a beautiful girl price for a night in philpain

    • Middle / Finger
      Middle / Finger Month ago

      rima Khalid rima Khalid it will cost you a dick. They will cut it off as soon as you take your pants. And your right you will feel pain in philpain.

  • Philo in the Philippines

    Great video and great vlogging idea....A Pizza out of a Wood Fired Oven should look a lot better than that.

  • vikram g
    vikram g Month ago

    its very funny to watch today especially last dialogues.

  • Keith Hogg
    Keith Hogg Month ago

    I loved that budget idea. Great video Adam.

  • Travelstagram
    Travelstagram Month ago

    Amazing video!! Thank you for sharing it ✈️

  • Pamela Guevarra
    Pamela Guevarra Month ago

    Welcome to my country guys, thank u for visiting here,

  • Ricardo Carriere
    Ricardo Carriere Month ago

    i'm amazed your girlfriend eats that much, i can't get my thai girlfriend Paad to eat just half of what she orders.

  • F Roy
    F Roy Month ago

    Love those butterflies:)

  • daniel fernandes
    daniel fernandes Month ago

    Sai has a smile to kill.

  • Kim Eclipse
    Kim Eclipse Month ago

    I'm a filipino working in Thailand but all I can say is sai is different from other thai people. She's so humble and her personality is like a filipino too. Keep goin' .. Welcome to the philippines adam and sai!

  • Will & Phen’s travels

    Nice video guys 👌 going there this year can’t wait loos amazing ❤️

  • Yoya Chiphang
    Yoya Chiphang Month ago

    I have watched all your videos,I really really enjoy, You both are adorable, waiting for more videos, over loaded love 🥰😍

  • Skip McCraw
    Skip McCraw Month ago

    Awesome video. Sai, don't let Adam flirt with zookeeper girl. 555

  • Chris Templett
    Chris Templett Month ago

    Ha guys you're really living the dream and Adam the "Butterfly" he he I want you to Eat Baloot (is an Egg with semi formed chick in) P.s if you go to under water caves DON't sit at the back. Happy travels you two look forward to next instalment Oh and to ask how much is Macano x

    • ab ab
      ab ab 5 days ago

      Chris templett- how much is 'magkano.'

  • sandor nagy
    sandor nagy Month ago

    I eat pizza with ketchup too,i heard that it's an insult for the chefs in italy lmao

  • Blake Diaz Travel Vlogs

    You and harald baldr should make a video 👀

  • blackJack Amsterdam

    Hi great video as always
    The most beautiful girl in the world.... Sai....
    David mind your steps so many in love with Sai
    Do mind that the quality of food and many other things in the Philippines is not as good as in Thailand
    Do take good care where you eat when in the Philippines
    Better not to eat streat food
    All look the same as in Thailand but that is definitely not the case
    Thai standard is much higher and of excellent quality
    God luck in the Philippines hope you not get sick from the food

    • Lulu2u2
      Lulu2u2 Month ago

      Who's David? 🤣🤣

  • Stewart Tams
    Stewart Tams Month ago

    i remember when it used to be a dollar a day...things have changed !!

  • scooby ?
    scooby ? Month ago +1

    Did you save money on laundry and soap because yous wore the same clothes all day and looked like yous never showered

    • scooby ?
      scooby ? Month ago

      @The Holistic Trainer but yous went back to your room to rest then went back out in the evening for dinner everyone I know gets showered and changed to go back out for dinner

    • The Holistic Trainer
      The Holistic Trainer  Month ago +1

      scooby ? Most people wear the same clothes all day 🤦‍♂️ some people are so simple 😂

  • Honofre Tingson
    Honofre Tingson Month ago

    Hi there! Thank you for visiting the Philippines! BTW, Sai is a lovely morena!

  • Branislav Mandic
    Branislav Mandic Month ago


  • martin andersen
    martin andersen Month ago

    hej du en tøsedreng du bruge din dame alte du ikke gider eller tør martin DK

  • Andre Crosby
    Andre Crosby Month ago

    Nice work

  • Reva Gilliam
    Reva Gilliam Month ago

    Sai so thought you killed the butterfly

  • Stacy Hunsinger
    Stacy Hunsinger Month ago

    So cool do more videos like this

  • Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown Month ago

    Great video again

  • Donald Fountain
    Donald Fountain Month ago

    The best channel on RUclip

  • David S
    David S Month ago

    Sai layed down the law on you Adam. You can dream. Bwahahaha. Love it. Lol

  • Thingbaijam Amarjit singh Thingbaijam Amarjit singh

    I am from to Manipur India happy jurney

  • Antonio Socías Carrillo

    13:10 which is the name of the restaurant you went for dinner. I can't read it in the menu or anywhere.

    • Antonio Socías Carrillo
      Antonio Socías Carrillo Month ago +2

      @The Holistic Trainer yes, I have got it now, thanks 15:04
      Isha's Sutukil
      Palawan, Filipinas

    • The Holistic Trainer
      The Holistic Trainer  Month ago +2

      Antonio Socías Carrillo watch our video before this we go to the same restaurant and I show the name on the sign 😊

  • Carla Smith
    Carla Smith Month ago

    More of these videos

  • Edward Smart
    Edward Smart Month ago

    It's going to be interesting to see if you can stick to this budget! Nice vlog!

  • Carl Greathouse
    Carl Greathouse Month ago

    Always laughing watching your videos

  • Brenda Weiss
    Brenda Weiss Month ago

    Our favourite channel on YT

  • Leo Hart
    Leo Hart Month ago

    Haha you guys are so funny

  • ena naa
    ena naa Month ago

    Hi Adam and Sai. Nice to see your video at Philipinnes. The food at the restaurant with variety food is cheap and worth it. More places you can show to us. 😀😀😀Sai really thought that you kill the butterfly😂😂😂look at her face. Oh ya Sai your skin look more darker in Philipines.

  • Ian Tracy
    Ian Tracy Month ago

    Really enjoyed this challenge

  • James Terry
    James Terry Month ago +1

    You guy's are having just too much fun! I'm getting jealous! - I want to be there soooo'h bad !! - Working on it! ........Vegasjim

  • Felino Merino
    Felino Merino Month ago

    Thank you for visiting us and enjoy! Just subscribe!👍🇵🇭

  • Day Moren
    Day Moren Month ago

    I enjoyed watching you guys..the cat was so cute😍😍thank you for visiting our country!!

  • Travel Alone
    Travel Alone Month ago


  • Day Moren
    Day Moren Month ago

    Welcome to our country, good luck guys and enjoy your travel there. Hope so you love our place..best wishes 😍😍

  • Robert Dunne
    Robert Dunne Month ago

    Eating pizza like a New Yorker.

  • Scott Parnell
    Scott Parnell Month ago +1

    I can't get out of the airport in mnl without spending 20 lol .

  • jhen Franzvlogz
    jhen Franzvlogz Month ago +1

    $20 is 100 a day. I think yeah it’s ok. Nice challenge push you to Budget. So many animals nice jeep experience you can really save.

  • Alan Stephenson
    Alan Stephenson Month ago +1

    Adding sauce to pizza is the norm now, u can get extra dips to have with pizza with papa johns for an example

  • Bruno
    Bruno Month ago +1

    Is SAI Pregnant?

  • eric thefathead
    eric thefathead Month ago +1

    I was sure Sai was going to pop that butterfly into her mouth. good eatin!

  • RatdogDRB
    RatdogDRB Month ago +1

    Good stuff today. Love this type of video. If you're with someone you love, it doesn't have to be expensive to be a great day. Loved the slap on the back reaction Sai had... I'd've done the same thing Adam. Snakes are cool... on the OTHER side of a sheet of glass. Handling one gives me the creeps.

  • No More Mondays ไม่มีวันจันทร์

    Sai, the insect whisperer......

  • Lulu2u2
    Lulu2u2 Month ago

    Did I miss something?

  • Lulu2u2
    Lulu2u2 Month ago

    But why are those tribesman and villagers on display like they're apart of the zoo?

  • It's Me Sai
    It's Me Sai Month ago

    You can see in the video my face a little bit swelling it's because I was Allergic to the vinegar😭

    • Ken Ergang
      Ken Ergang Month ago

      Perhaps it was the MSG in the food I have reactions in the past after eating food with to much MSG.

  • Mauricio Riveros Barbosa

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Good challenge $20 per day!!!

  • Doug Lapp
    Doug Lapp Month ago

    Looks like a great bargain with those prices. Sai, that is a pretty dress and I thought your little kitty friend was cute at the end. Anyone who would want to try a different girl if they were with you would be crazy. Sai you are the best. :)

    DONALD SMITH Month ago

    That is a Sai face I have never seen before, the Sia shocked face. Come on Adam! You have to do a compilation video of Sai's various facial expressions. I guarantee you will get to 200K subscribers and I will pay you 1000PHP.😏😚😂☺😩😒😊😜😎😌😁😉😋😑😢😄😃😠😶

  • Thomas Spravka
    Thomas Spravka Month ago

    Another great video, thanks!

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    dwaynell512 Month ago

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