Gotta See It: Maple Leafs lose after questionable offside review

After a review, the referees would rule that the Blackhawks were onside and the OT goal would count.

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Автор Sheldon Farley ( назад)
problem is that Panarin draws the puck back past the blue line to make the pass to Hartman, looks like he's offside. believe rule 83 (or something like that) states that player can essentially put himself offside if he's in full control of the puck, and no doubt Panarin was. looks like the right call to me

Автор Dennis ( назад)
Only you homers at Sportsnet would call that questionable.

Автор taytayrmorton ( назад)
Pause a 0:44 it's blatantly offside lol. There's either a lot of biased Hawks fans in the comments or a lot of blind/uninformed people

Автор theSkyFilms ( назад)
It looked like he made the pass before the puck completely crossed the blue line (if you check the blue line camera) he made the pass when it was half in the NZ and half on the blue line

Автор Joshua McKenzie ( назад)
100% Onside No Question

Автор vinyl79 ( назад)
The offside rule is stupid. If both skates are in before the puck, no matter what, should be offside !

Автор soaringbullet ( назад)
Nothing questionable about it

Автор Post2Post ( назад)
Those Jerseys though :)

Автор TheCanadianSkillz ( назад)
The rule is super weird, they need to re-write if. Obviously in this case it's a good goal but the rule is still very strange.

Автор Sod Laflare ( назад)
Gotta see it maple leafs lose but won't upload any goals from habs vs sens game

Автор Kristy7226 ( назад)
It isn't questionable. Panarin had control of the puck. Not offsides. Hawks win. End of story.

Автор Richard Harder ( назад)
WOW that's offside no doubt. 0.25 speed from 0:43 to 0:46. It's as clear as day.

Автор Johnny ( назад)
That was offside but it doesn't really matter cause the Leafs would of just lost in the shootout like always. You can't pass the puck from the neutral zone to another player while you are already passed the blue line.

Автор MrOrigins115 ( назад)
No Goal.

The puck left the Chicago Players stick prior to it entering the zone (fully crossing the blue line) thus putting the player who was passing it in an offside position because he is now across the blue line before the puck.

If the Chicago player had held the puck for another second, but him and the puck would've been in the zone.

I understand that you can skate backwards into the zone and not be called offside as long as you have control of the puck. That's why this is offside because the puck left the Chicago Players stick (making him no longer in control of the puck) before it entered the zone.

Автор Elmo ( назад)
i think this is "questionable" only because its against hockey capital Toronto

Автор Trenton Pombert ( назад)
What are those jerseys? Your one day late Toronto.

Автор George Boccanfuso ( назад)
Ouzer it may be offside if he passed/lost control outside the blueline. I hate to say but he passed it on the blueline which makes it onside.

Автор Fabio Ventresca ( назад)
Forget about this goal, what about that missed too many men on the ice call?

Автор FMM8 ( назад)
I'm a Hawks fan and I can admit that was an offside, but what can you do. #HAWKSWIN

Автор yoan yergeau ( назад)
you wont fool me by changing your shirts and team name ...

Losers Even After FIFTY Seasons!!!

Автор Pound_Cake1 ( назад)
I think he passed it and didn't have control. offside.

Автор BLT4LIFE ( назад)
So two Canadian teams face off for the division lead and sporstnetCANADA doesn't upload a single clip? You suck, sportsnet.

Автор Ryan Scherbluk ( назад)
Wtf kind of jersey Is that Toronto

Автор Shad Ali ( назад)
About as controversial as that ugly ass jersey

Автор Matt TH ( назад)
So many bandwagon Blackhawks fans it's getting annoying.

Автор joku joku ( назад)
how he can control the puck if he doesent have it anymore?

Автор SickStick39 ( назад)
so many buthurt leafs fans haha

Автор FiteMeIRLlilGaiBoi420 ( назад)
It's not like the Leafs were going to win in the shootout anyway.

Автор Frank Kolton ( назад)
You would think that SPORTSNETCANADA would take the trouble to know the rules before labeling a video "questionable".  NHL rule 83.1  "However, a player actually controlling the puck who shall cross the line ahead of the puck shall not be considered “off-side,” provided he had possession and control of the puck prior to his skates crossing the blue line".

Автор John Clink ( назад)
good goal

Автор bawsified ( назад)
Questionable? He had control of the puck, I used to love this page but godamn it has gone down hill fast and is such a bias network.

Автор Zachman ( назад)
as someone who loves the leafs and hates the hawks that was a good goal and just be glad that we at least got one point

Автор gimmick ( назад)
lol what was gardiner doing?

Автор Campbell Kane ( назад)
Why all the dislikes? Not even being biased here that was a good goal. This is no where near as bad as the wild offside goal vs Chicago earlier this season. I have a feeling most see the words "questionable offsides " in the title and Blackhawks jerseys in the thumbnail and automatically hit dislike.

Автор Mustafa Syed ( назад)
I love Toronto's jersey. Is it just for St.Patricks Day?

Автор nolla7 ( назад)
clearly offside is everyone drunk there hockey night in canada.

Автор TheWillStrike ( назад)
All Chicago fans I saw in stands were fat/ hipsters/ foreign.

Автор Tyler Jones ( назад)
The blatant non-call on CHI too many men penalty is what ruined this OT.

Автор mike wellington ( назад)
When the announcers completely refute the title...

Автор Ethan Minard ( назад)
But didn't he let go of the puck to pass before the puck fully crossed the line? So he didn't have possession, unless the rule allows the puck to just touch the line while u have possession, otherwise it shouldn't count

Автор Doop55 ( назад)
If you go frame by frame you can see that although he crosses the blue line while in possession of the puck, he then passes (giving up possession) before the puck crosses the line. Therefore, he had crossed the blue line while the puck was still being passed between the hawks players and had not yet gone over the line. Looks like it should be offside

Автор SantaClaus IsReal ( назад)
As a leaf fan, that was clearly not offside.

Автор Unstumpable Trumpable ( назад)
Guess Steve Dangle isn't getting a St. Pats jersey

Автор The_Chipmunk_ ( назад)
Go Leafs !!! Hawks .... Booooooo !! :-)

Автор REPTILIAN GOD ( назад)
freaking love those white and green jerseys

Автор Malek Smadi ( назад)
I watched that live and called it that they would score after Toronto missed like 3 breakaways

Автор Joe Danger ( назад)
The only reason they titled this "controversial" is because it was the Leafs.

Автор Austin Hancock ( назад)
The play is within the rules so it is onside. With that said the rule isn't a very good one at all, Should be puck has to the first thing across the blue line.

Автор Joey ( назад)
not very controversial, there is a written rule about this situation

Автор footytang ( назад)
That's one rule they should have left alone. Puck has to cross the line before everyone else and you would avoid this kind of controversy.

Автор ryan lapointe ( назад)
It isn't controversial you just want more views shithead smh

Автор Dghvd hfhhb ( назад)
It's the Hawks of Course they will count the goal even though it's offside

Автор Le Fitz ( назад)
Toronto's St.Pats jerseys look like Hartford Whalers jersey eh?

Автор Chief Blackhawk ( назад)
Why not show some of the missed calls on the leafs lol. Not "controversial" enough?

Автор Nick Raymond ( назад)
The Hawks are going to be an elite team for a long time

Автор Eman C. ( назад)
Thumbnail had me thinking this was a retro video like wtf is that camera?

Автор turarosicky ( назад)
you like it or not, it was a good goal, he had control over the puck(non-blackhawks fan)

Автор spiral ( назад)
its offside, how does he have "possession" if he was passing it...

Автор Austin Brossart ( назад)
controversial because it's in Toronto

Автор hockeycub19 ( назад)
What was controversial about this?

Автор Osnipes23 FIFA/NHL/COD ( назад)
I'm a massive leafs fan and we really needed the win but if you know the rules then you would know that it's a good goal any day of the week.

Автор капіталістычны ( назад)
the st pats jerseys are beautiful

Автор For your health ( назад)
Gardiner, poke check that. Fucks sake

Автор baznitchandsons ( назад)
wtf is that camera on the blue line? Still using technology from the 80's

Автор SpicyWeiner192 ( назад)
That wasn't questionable at all lol.

Автор ouzer ( назад)
It's only controversial if you are clueless about the rules. A player in complete control of the puck can put himself offsides. Now if his linemate without the puck crossed the blueline before the puck, then that wouldn't count.

Автор Bennett Desmarais ( назад)
The puck carrier made the pass when the puck was behind the blue line and both of his feet were in the offensive zone. He did not have control of the puck. No Goal.

I am a Leafs fan so I do have a bias opinion. If someone could explain something I missed, that would be great.

Автор Batflip 09 ( назад)
The LeafsNet was trying to make it questionable. 😂😂😂

Автор Scarce Is Not Fat ( назад)
goal or no goal, it seems that even when the leafs are decent, the bandwagons are still around.

Автор BottleBoy ( назад)
Great game, and the acc seemed louder than usual.

Автор DerpySquid 04 ( назад)

(like if you agree)

Автор Big Red ( назад)
Love all of the bandwagon hawks fans there

Автор Kevin Shields ( назад)
Good goal, had full control of the puck

Автор Cat Snake ( назад)
Wow another another video on the leafs

Автор C x ( назад)
Well, there's always next decade

Автор TOR Hockeycards ( назад)
no it wasn't really that questionable it was a good goal.

Автор TopThrillAnthony ( назад)
but thats offsides

Автор thefoolonthehill ( назад)
no goal

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