• Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • The woods king is back on!
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  • Domino X
    Domino X 9 days ago

    song at 6:07 plz

  • Alyosha Games
    Alyosha Games 9 days ago

    сурвив ио ГАВНО!

  • Бруна Лайф
    Бруна Лайф 19 days ago

    Респект! Вот бы мне так

  • pRoJect 45
    pRoJect 45 Month ago

    I’ve been a fan for a long while now... I remember reviving you on the bridge in a 50v50. It was an honor

  • Alexarder Hernandez

    Juegas bien

  • dũng nguyễn trí


  • ThE LieuteN AnT
    ThE LieuteN AnT Month ago

    Usas 12 is my favourite weapon, as its the only one I've ever got more than 10 kills with. And the saiga, along with the famas more recently looked much plainer.

  • Garrett Willis
    Garrett Willis Month ago

    Bro ur actually kinds bad ngl. I've killed you ssso many times in games it ain't even funny.

  • Joseph Beatty
    Joseph Beatty Month ago

    Crab rave xD 🦀

  • Elroy Tube
    Elroy Tube Month ago

    I saw ihasyou

  • Meow Cat
    Meow Cat Month ago

    I played with you I am ‘meow’

  • Apple Reviews
    Apple Reviews Month ago

    Anyone from 2020?

  • hacker of medibang
    hacker of medibang 2 months ago

    Old School
    I remember that i got 5 kills whit it, it was a miracle for me because i was always 1-2 kills per game and couldn't win nothing........
    Now, the best combo for me is, Double Sv-98.... (now i'm tryhard and a 7-16 kills! )

  • [HHD] Hammerhead Squad
    [HHD] Hammerhead Squad 2 months ago

    pls play with me
    love your vids

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago

    old school Surviv

  • Kevin Mora
    Kevin Mora 2 months ago


  • Jboom Gaming
    Jboom Gaming 2 months ago

    How do you do the spinning killl that’s coollll dude

  • mustafa abdulalim
    mustafa abdulalim 2 months ago +1

    My idea for the next 50v50 is the colonel: does not require to reload guns (basically infinite shooting)

    Hope you like me idea

    • Vontrisha Washington
      Vontrisha Washington 2 months ago

      Or he could give people a ammo boost that boost damage for a while

  • Wyatt Jones
    Wyatt Jones 2 months ago

    wut i thought is t was gone forever

  • Бахтияр Есенов

    Ц паскуда они тебе пулемет шапку дали а ты взял и кинул их

  • Elena  González
    Elena González 2 months ago

    Hola hasyou como se coloca los signos de encuentro de regalo? Help

  • kaulker24 Juan
    kaulker24 Juan 2 months ago


  • hubert nowak
    hubert nowak 2 months ago


  • [GG] Gamer_Good
    [GG] Gamer_Good 2 months ago +1


  • Joel Anderson Baca Sanchez


  • ryan wang
    ryan wang 2 months ago

    Until you run out of spray ammo

  • SneakyAtomic
    SneakyAtomic 2 months ago

    What do you use yo edit your vids

  • Felix Pet
    Felix Pet 2 months ago

    Also they should keep 50v50 permanently XD

  • Felix Pet
    Felix Pet 2 months ago

    They should recycle every 1 week

  • Jose Da Nuby
    Jose Da Nuby 2 months ago

    Old school surviv.

  • Piero Güeli
    Piero Güeli 2 months ago

    The best combo is the Usas-12/PKP

  • Jinxer3001
    Jinxer3001 2 months ago

    Dear iHASYOU,
    Just wanted to let you know that I have probably killed most of your fakes such as iHASyou or IHASYOU. Unless... I knocked you down one time in the forest before dying to your teammate 🤔. Tbh I don't know anymore.
    -Sincerely, Jinxer3001 aka 9TalesVulpix, 9Tales, 9TalesSoest, Jinxer3000, or Cywren Caster.
    P.S there is possibly no way that I have killed you multiple times in solo lol. I'm only on mobile for god's sake!

    • Jinxer3001
      Jinxer3001 2 months ago

      I also liked that into, it is very intimidating to see a Forest King with one of the most powerful guns in the game.

  • Tapia’s Music
    Tapia’s Music 2 months ago

    Old school surviv I remember when the vector wasn’t even a thing

  • SadFiere Boom
    SadFiere Boom 2 months ago

    What server do you play on?

  • Fabricio nahuel
    Fabricio nahuel 2 months ago


  • CSX Tropicanadude
    CSX Tropicanadude 2 months ago

    Old school survival

  • Ben Faehndrich
    Ben Faehndrich 2 months ago

    oldschool surviv i started playing when the treasure chest, bank, and poliece station was new!

  • Маргарита Попова

    А я с тобой играла.

  • Olga Ojito
    Olga Ojito 2 months ago


  • Jacobo Juarez
    Jacobo Juarez 2 months ago

    Bruh I keep killing you me and my homie always find u lol, u pretty good thou, although last time I went against u I kinda clapped u in a 1v1

    • Panda98624 `
      Panda98624 ` 2 months ago

      If you call Ihasyou good there is a chance that your a bot lmao

  • tat voe
    tat voe 2 months ago

    ive killed this man like 20 times surv_patriot by the way

  • Cameron Windham
    Cameron Windham 2 months ago

    Trash at duo

  • Afsana Rahman
    Afsana Rahman 2 months ago +1

    Old school surviv!

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 months ago

    Old school surviv

  • ghiuVenum
    ghiuVenum 2 months ago

    OLDSCHOOLSURVIV!!! good times!

  • TheRandom 1
    TheRandom 1 2 months ago +1

    Oldschool surviv! I remember playing this thing when it came out in October 2017!

  • Carolina Prieto
    Carolina Prieto 2 months ago

    i played wiht hem

  • Oksana Kaftanatiy
    Oksana Kaftanatiy 2 months ago


  • Isaac Graham
    Isaac Graham 2 months ago

    can you join me team? @iHASYOU

  • jason chen the pusheen
    jason chen the pusheen 2 months ago

    i think i killed him but there was a capital i instead of lowercase

  • adilalp öz
    adilalp öz 2 months ago +1

    my surviv io nick name boom=wwwwf

  • Agustin Strunz
    Agustin Strunz 2 months ago

    Do you know... i won a round but standing on the bunker and with all the storm FILLED THE MAP!!! LOW HP!!!!!! (well i almost am super pro than you xd)

  • Loot
    Loot 2 months ago

    Nice vid Bob ;)

  • Jonmichael Sagala
    Jonmichael Sagala 2 months ago

    My name is Stick together and Surviver

  • Jonmichael Sagala
    Jonmichael Sagala 2 months ago

    Old School

  • juice
    juice 2 months ago

    huh. iHASYOU has actually improved on his gameplay. Lol. I applaud.

    • Panda98624 `
      Panda98624 ` 2 months ago

      @juice he's still bad for me atleast

    • juice
      juice 2 months ago

      @Panda98624 ` He did lmao. I don't remember the last time I've watched one of his videos. But his gameplay was hella bad. I see this video now and see that his aiming has improved.

    • Panda98624 `
      Panda98624 ` 2 months ago

      @juice he did not improve lmao

    • juice
      juice 2 months ago

      @Panda98624 ` ?

    • Panda98624 `
      Panda98624 ` 2 months ago


  • diego tocto peña
    diego tocto peña 2 months ago

    bro duo ? VS squand

  • El amo Prroo
    El amo Prroo 2 months ago

    Soy yo el IHASYOU FAKE :V

  • [EU] AWM-S
    [EU] AWM-S 2 months ago


  • luis fernando
    luis fernando 2 months ago

    gud usas 12