Alita vs Grewishka Fight Scene - ALITA: Battle Angel (2019)

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • Official Alita: Battle Angel "Androids Fight in the Valley" Movie Clip & Trailer 2019 | Subscribe ➤ | Rosa Salazar Movie Trailer | Release: 09 Jul 2019 on Digital HD & Blu-Ray on 23 Jul | More
    When Alita (Rosa Salazar) awakens with no memory of who she is in a future world she does not recognize, she is taken in by Ido (Christoph Waltz), a compassionate doctor who realizes that somewhere in this abandoned cyborg shell is the heart and soul of a young woman with an extraordinary past. As Alita learns to navigate her new life and the treacherous streets of Iron City, Ido tries to shield her from her mysterious history while her street-smart new friend Hugo (Keean Johnson) offers instead to help trigger her memories. But it is only when the deadly and corrupt forces that run the city come after Alita that she discovers a clue to her past - she has unique fighting abilities that those in power will stop at nothing to control. If she can stay out of their grasp, she could be the key to saving her friends, her family and the world she's grown to love.
    Alita: Battle Angel (2019) is the new action movie starring Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz and Ed Skrein.
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Comments • 355

  • Guruprasad Chandrashekar

    Earth will look like after devastation is awesome and scary

  • Alip Faidhi
    Alip Faidhi 23 hours ago

    kenapa ada iklan celaka bila play video dlm youtube... babi frst ply pn dh ada anjing betina we we we...

    ZACHARY HARTLEBEN 6 days ago

    It's really weird when someone loses an arm and then says "Nice shot!"

  • edstudios
    edstudios 9 days ago

    This movie is epic. But this RUclip video's motion smoothing is driving me crazy. Go watch the 4K HDR version if you can, it will blow - you - away!

  • El Pandawer.
    El Pandawer. 11 days ago

    I love this movie

  • Karl Tanner
    Karl Tanner 12 days ago +3

    NOVA: I understand you wanted to strip Grewishka for parts.
    VECTOR: That's right sir.
    NOVA: May I ask why?
    VECTOR: He killed Alita's dog
    NOVA: oh...

  • tech man
    tech man 12 days ago

    The best of 2019

  • Trevor C
    Trevor C 15 days ago +3

    People asking why her eyes are so big it's for a way better field of view and situational awareness.

    • Meeborg GP
      Meeborg GP 5 days ago

      Don't you know all Martian have big eyes. ^^

  • GT-FTW
    GT-FTW 16 days ago

    Taught this would have been a lame mediocre movie when I saw the trailer wow I was wrong

  • Chirho Knight
    Chirho Knight 19 days ago

    I hate how Hollywood pushes feminists characters, but Alita restores hope, for me to consider liking female characters again has the main protagonists, she cared for Hugo’s dreams and would have done anything to make them come true, including giving him her heart, shows that being a feminine woman is not a bad thing, but a unique thing, no more women acting like men, please.

  • Rene Zander
    Rene Zander 21 day ago

    Richtig geil der Film schon bestellt aber noch nicht da DVD kommt erst

  • Mr_No_One
    Mr_No_One 25 days ago +3

    she protec
    she attac
    she got the doctor's back

  • Bombdasher
    Bombdasher 29 days ago +5

    Best photorealistic character, unique storyline, best fight sequences, semi-deep romance that adds to the drama. What more do you want from a movie. This is defenitely not your casual Friday night movie, it's a masterpiece

  • Rod Seller
    Rod Seller Month ago

    I got to say this how come I felt the ghost of Christina Grimmie inside Galley/Alita?

  • Rod Seller
    Rod Seller Month ago

    Ito reminds me of an old man version of Billy from Power Rangers.

  • Xander Eduardo garcia litardo

    Es increíble esta película deberían aser la segunda parte

  • James silent D Djelal

    Watched it 2 nights ago and already seen it 3 and half times.....I stop half way through the 4th to comment

  • Jana Šplháková
    Jana Šplháková Month ago

    I really want alita:battle angel 2❤️❤️❤️

  • BorkMyLife ;3;
    BorkMyLife ;3; Month ago

    AHHHH i REALLY WANNA WATCH THIS, i would rent it on yt, but thats $6 and i would only have like 24 hours to finish it, and i wouldnt be able to keep it after the 24 hours, even tho we have 30 days to actually START watching it, Instead of like letting us have it for the rest of the time ;3;

  • hurricane watcher
    hurricane watcher Month ago +1

    This movie is so underrated.

  • koukimonzta
    koukimonzta Month ago

    I think there will be a part 2 to battle Ed Norton

  • koukimonzta
    koukimonzta Month ago +1

    Captain Marvel is crying

  • Dan Vercruysse
    Dan Vercruysse Month ago +3

    This is my favorite movie of 2019 so far. I know it will be one of or my favorite in 2020 if it releases then also. If people need a true female hero this is it and how its truely done.

  • 김수광
    김수광 Month ago

    I'm wondering Zapan & Nyssiana and Romo's former job when they were human

  • Glywnnis Wells
    Glywnnis Wells Month ago +1

    This film is the new way forward,not fukin hollywood degenracy.

  • عاشق الشيفورلية

    have a question
    can we see the second part of Alita : Battle Angel After Disney's purchase of Fox

    • عاشق الشيفورلية
      عاشق الشيفورلية Month ago

      @John Oakman Thank you for your comment I hope the second part Alita
      I already joined the battle Angel

    • John Oakman
      John Oakman Month ago +2

      Alita Battle Angel is owned by James Cameron, not Disney!
      And I confirm that, it's a fact, ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO JAMES CAMERON.

      So yea, there will be a sequel, but remember that it will take a lot of time because Cameron has a lot of projects like all the Avatars.
      But don't lose hope for our Battle Angel :P

  • Night King
    Night King Month ago

    Owned by a little girl. I know the feeling...

    • Flop Flip
      Flop Flip Month ago

      A 300-year-old ultimate battle machine

    • Fabien
      Fabien Month ago

      a 300yo little girl though lol

  • Rahul Shinde
    Rahul Shinde Month ago

    There has to be a future world layout, how else is it supposed to work?

  • Luis Pacheco
    Luis Pacheco Month ago +18

    In my opinion the movie was better than watching avengers .

    • A I
      A I 14 days ago +1

      Right? I mean The Avengers was great, but not memorable as Alita

    • Joshi R.
      Joshi R. Month ago

      da hast du recht

  • My Dumass -
    My Dumass - Month ago

    I think that big eye thing was so unnecessary.

  • ashtonjackfanny
    ashtonjackfanny Month ago

    ps5 exclusive graphics

  • Gabe Stein
    Gabe Stein Month ago +1

    That moment you realize she's fighting Rorschach

  • TenshihanQuinn
    TenshihanQuinn Month ago

    I know she's an android an d all that - but those eyes being so huge is ridiculous to me, ...she looks like a child.

    • Flop Flip
      Flop Flip Month ago +1

      You won't say this if you had watched the movie

    • Gale Arge
      Gale Arge Month ago

      Stupid fuck you no sabes nada de la obra por eso no lo entiendes

  • Escape
    Escape Month ago

    the cgi faces look fake but the physics are amazing

    • Matthew Huszarik
      Matthew Huszarik Month ago

      Escape Yes they wanted them to be as realistic as possible that is why they gave Alita eyes the size of saucers.

    • Escape
      Escape Month ago

      @Matthew Huszarik yes but they obviously wanted the expressions to look as real as possible as well as the skin on alita's face. Which they couldn't do as well as they did the physics and the impacts of the movie. Honestly this isn't something that needed any explaining

    • Matthew Huszarik
      Matthew Huszarik Month ago

      Escape They are supposed to look fake they are cyborgs.

  • MDdred
    MDdred Month ago

    Cool fight scenes, but the movie isn’t that great.

  • Waldo Gutierrez Garces

    Maldito James Cameron. me tendrá esperando 10 años una secuela.

  • omar triplett
    omar triplett Month ago +1

    I loved this movie it was perfect.

  • Potato King
    Potato King Month ago +19

    Most underrated movie of all time

  • Schizo Tazer
    Schizo Tazer Month ago

    Dud scene. She punches out the punk cyborg, and we don't get to experience a single punch; it's just Alita flailing her arms accompanied by the sounds of punches. SNORE. The CGI is lightweight; Matrix fighting without much impact. And a special thumbs down to KinoCheck for inserting advertisements during the most crucial moments. All in all, a suck-ass experience.

  • Dua Baloch
    Dua Baloch Month ago

    Hugo 😥

  • Martine Shamzin
    Martine Shamzin Month ago

    I'm sorry, but this movie is more insulting then Captain marvel. Complete with the "Im with her" bullshit from Hilary Clinton's campaign. Is anyone NOT tired of the one millionth fighting skinny girl film? Would it be too much to ask to have like one action film with an actual male lead? I just have not much use for watching little girls, even when I was one they bored me.

  • Dar Ibrahim Jen
    Dar Ibrahim Jen Month ago +1

    Whenever I see her...I fall in love again and again....

  • Daily Grind
    Daily Grind Month ago +1

    Haven't seen this movie yet but it looks like thier going by the book. If so the sequel is going to be EPIC! They focus on Den and the Barjack clan. Book 3: she goes to floating city. Book 4 was good, she enters a fighting tourney in space, Book 5 goes all weird and focuses on a side character thats a vampire 🤔?? Book 6 focused on her Mars origin.

    • Helen Line
      Helen Line Month ago +1

      I hope they cut out the weird stuff honestly.

  • Joseph Saetveit
    Joseph Saetveit Month ago +2

    Fantastic story and James Cameron NEVER puts out crap!

  • Grabacadaver
    Grabacadaver Month ago

    the most beauty in any form a reminder of Eugenia Cooney

  • dy031101
    dy031101 Month ago +7

    This movie is one of the better, if not the best, Western live-action adaptations of an anime/manga IP.

  • Kailer Canlas
    Kailer Canlas Month ago

    6:48 - 6:51 when u know u need aim assist

    • Kailer Canlas
      Kailer Canlas Month ago

      @micheal oaks same here😂

    • micheal oaks
      micheal oaks Month ago

      @Kailer Canlas Nah. I was attempting to be funny lol

    • Kailer Canlas
      Kailer Canlas Month ago +1

      @micheal oaks oh...i didnt think it was a joke lol. I just thought you were just tryna be a smartass😂

    • micheal oaks
      micheal oaks Month ago

      @Kailer Canlas Talk about *Whoosh* lol. I was making a joke too loser. God dang. Stop being so damn sensitive getting offended for absolutely nothing.

    • Kailer Canlas
      Kailer Canlas Month ago

      @micheal oaks and until you learn how to take a joke i would suggest not replying to any comment

  • Jabar Issa9
    Jabar Issa9 Month ago

    افلام للترويج للماسونية وعبدة الشيطان الرجيم احذرو منها وأكثر من يروج لها دول االخليج وشعوبهم البائسة مع الاسف

  • Rafael A
    Rafael A Month ago

    The first time I saw the trailer, more than a year before the movie premiered, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. More than 15 years after Cameron bought the rights to Battle Angel Alita... this insignificant graphic novel... it was finally coming to the big screen. Such joy. And the song, Lullaby for a Soldier, captured the melancholy of the story so perfectly. I was moved. Those that know the manga know what I'm saying. This is not a typical Hollywood hero arc with humorous moments and happy endings. This is much more, Alita is much more, complex. The film only gave a glimpse. There will be moments of pain and devastating loss but all in service to the journey and growth of Alita. And what growth my brothers and sisters. Now if only the sequels get made.

  • nan elavu
    nan elavu Month ago +6

    In future many boys will have robo girl friend....

  • son nguyen
    son nguyen Month ago

    My baeee

  • Zulkiflie Ahmad
    Zulkiflie Ahmad Month ago


  • Gautam Kumar Singh
    Gautam Kumar Singh Month ago +1

    she looks like an animated character.

  • Zoya Spencer
    Zoya Spencer Month ago +4

    Buy the DVD out now! We need a sequel!

    • irvplotnik89
      irvplotnik89 Month ago

      Unfortunately it doesn't come out until tomorrow

  • willd1mind mind
    willd1mind mind 2 months ago

    So much wrong with this. If Ido is a "bounty" hunter, then he his hunting the female because she had a bounty. How could she be "tricking" him if he already knows she is a criminal? She should have been by herself shown lurking in the alleys and Ido following when Alita shows up thinking she is an "innocent" female. Having those other folks jump out was silly. They know he is a bounty hunter so they also know he knows the female with knives for hands isn't an innocent woman. And why is Grewishka there? He doesn't do anything and isn't shown committing any crimes in the whole movie. The one female by herself would have been fine to show Ido is a bounty hunter and Alita has some combat skills (and more like the manga).

  • David Barroso
    David Barroso 2 months ago

    fight starts at 4:25

    KUSILE 2 months ago +8

    Holy crap I need to watch this movie on a bigger TV

    • Maton View
      Maton View Month ago

      try 3D! The roller ball scene is just mind (and eye) blowing

  • Đức Hùng Vũ
    Đức Hùng Vũ 2 months ago

    Ihre Augen sind so süß 🥰

  • เปอร์ แอร์รถ เย็น

    I watched this movie last night.
    It very INTERESTING. I love it .
    I hope to continue to be part 2 soon.

  • Niall White
    Niall White 2 months ago

    Hugo dies