Insane Bowl of Tortellini (Upcoming Live Stream)

  • Published on Oct 14, 2016
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    Just a ton of Tortillini...
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Comments • 6 080

  • SmackinDabs
    SmackinDabs 4 hours ago

    That guys laugh is actually annoying asf😂

  • 김가가
    김가가 6 hours ago

    What is this

  • Andreiuxery XD
    Andreiuxery XD 17 hours ago

    Matt: *goes to bathroom to wash his hands
    Morgan: gets some tortillini from the bowl

  • Hafiz Zolazzmi
    Hafiz Zolazzmi 2 days ago

    Your cameraman laugh same like sheep.

  • Abdifatah Mahad
    Abdifatah Mahad 3 days ago

    Hunguriyadii kidhashay was

  • Sherilyn Racho
    Sherilyn Racho 4 days ago


  • Spencer Rees
    Spencer Rees 4 days ago

    I bet Geoff Esper could have eaten twice that amount, the guys a beast. Check out his channel

  • Julie Swahn
    Julie Swahn 5 days ago

    u dont heat the sauce?

  • melina PUCHEU
    melina PUCHEU 8 days ago

    Not tortellini it's raviolis

  • Be4Ho_oHJIauH
    Be4Ho_oHJIauH 9 days ago +1

    Да как?Блять я после второй маловатой тарелки чуть не рву

  • Lê Tài
    Lê Tài 10 days ago

    Huehuehuehuehue :)))

  • Pie Protest
    Pie Protest 10 days ago

    That looks like an Italian person's brain in a bowl.

  • ranjit Maharjan
    ranjit Maharjan 12 days ago

    I don't like camera man laughing sound plz mute am happy wid ur show...

  • Bayan921 WOT
    Bayan921 WOT 14 days ago

    То чувство когда каждый день столько пельменее ешь))

  • Joshua Carter
    Joshua Carter 17 days ago

    Matt Stonie is going to have all kinds of health problems when he gets older... This is not going to age very well...

  • Virgilio Conti
    Virgilio Conti 18 days ago

    Tortellini not Tortillini!!!!!!

  • Anika islam Dina
    Anika islam Dina 18 days ago +1

    The only person who means it when he says I can eat a ton of it

  • King Valya 2.0
    King Valya 2.0 20 days ago

    Thomas Hungry is better...
    But Matt you deserve claps👏👏👏

  • bella ciao
    bella ciao 21 day ago +10

    come ti permetti a chiamarli tortellini e soprattutto a mangiarli con il “pomodoro”? fatti un po’ di cultura scemo americano

    • Friûl
      Friûl 12 days ago

      Ma porca puttana eva, c'è veramente il bisogno di insultarlo? Sono americani, è ovvio che non sanno un cazzo.

  • 刘炫意草莓香水
    刘炫意草莓香水 23 days ago +1

    My grandma from mom side laugh like that, all the time

  • Alessandro Pollini
    Alessandro Pollini 23 days ago

    il sugo freddo direttamenta dal vasetto sopra i tortellini.........non si puo vedere

  • Alessandro Pollini
    Alessandro Pollini 23 days ago

    sono troppo cotti e conditi molto male

  • Cailey Murphy
    Cailey Murphy 24 days ago

    He's skinny yet can eat so much at once it's like a 🐍 snake

  • Маргарита Трухова

    Приветик, ты классный так держать :)

  • -YuRi san-
    -YuRi san- 25 days ago


    • 刘炫意草莓香水
      刘炫意草莓香水 23 days ago +1

      日本人, 那不是饺子, 是墨西哥食品吧? (说实话我也不知道是什么😂) 但作为一个从小吃中国饭到大的人,见过红绿歪斜行包的饺子,那玩意绝不是饺子

  • Amran Hassan
    Amran Hassan 25 days ago

    8:00 I was waiting for him to do that😂😋

  • Amran Hassan
    Amran Hassan 25 days ago

    Who else thinks the last part of the bowl of pasta looked so dry in the beginning of the video🤔

  • Erytro
    Erytro 25 days ago

    This one guy who eats a lot and doesn’t get fat

  • meme lel
    meme lel 26 days ago +1

    I love those foods

  • MaGaEa
    MaGaEa 26 days ago

    Пельмешки! :3

  • Supreme fox
    Supreme fox 26 days ago

    When's the live ?

  • Lorenzo Giannini
    Lorenzo Giannini 27 days ago

    Ah... errore di scrittura... niente...

  • Lorenzo Giannini
    Lorenzo Giannini 27 days ago +1


  • Kaisha Page
    Kaisha Page 28 days ago

    Italians left the chat.

    SSB KOHEZY 29 days ago

    How are you that patient to eat so much food

  • Chilli Pepper
    Chilli Pepper 29 days ago

    Taastyyyyy aaaff

  • melissa kwo
    melissa kwo Month ago

    Just eat straight from pot

  • j. j.
    j. j. Month ago

    The cold source is an insult for Italian people

  • Alex Cocchi
    Alex Cocchi Month ago

    Dio cane non bolle L acqua

  • Fmatteo99 JJ
    Fmatteo99 JJ Month ago

    And it will eat with capon broth not with cheese and tomato salsa

  • Fmatteo99 JJ
    Fmatteo99 JJ Month ago

    That’s not tortellini I’m Italian and only at the Sunday i and my family will eat it bastard

    MÈNTÁL BÓYS Month ago

    U will try to Tamil Nadu parotta food challenge

  • bprw12
    bprw12 Month ago +3

    This man just put cold sauce on his pasta

  • Sarn Saechao
    Sarn Saechao Month ago

    2:53 I'm already full looking at that but on a serious note I just learned how to make tortellini pasta.

  • Kristie Jones
    Kristie Jones Month ago

    His stomach is starting to become human

    EPIC EBIKES Month ago

    legend has it he put 5 buffets out of business in his time. and hes going for 10

  • Daniel Dorn
    Daniel Dorn Month ago

    Why not make a show called Matt vs. Food?

  • Shadow PlayZ
    Shadow PlayZ Month ago

    Who clicked thinking these were dumplings

  • Dreaming About Gacha

    my family can’t even eat that much

  • Andreea Andreea
    Andreea Andreea Month ago +1


  • Tony Sahni
    Tony Sahni Month ago +1

    Is it a normal thing for Americans to eat pasta with cold sauce on top?

  • herschel krustofsky
    herschel krustofsky Month ago +2

    Tortellini, no tortillini😀

  • Orange Orange
    Orange Orange Month ago

    Boi Im so hungry

  • Andy B
    Andy B Month ago

    Do you only eat one meal a day?

  • Hazel Kim
    Hazel Kim Month ago

    These guys sucks in food preparation.

  • virus killerism
    virus killerism Month ago

    Jesus christ he's not a human for sure

  • LuckyTheStrangeBoy
    LuckyTheStrangeBoy 2 months ago

    Italiani ???

  • Gail Elsligar
    Gail Elsligar 2 months ago

    I almost can't watch because of Morgan's laugh, he sounds like an old man. It gets on your nerves. Well done Matt, you killed it.

  • jellyfish bat0leg
    jellyfish bat0leg 2 months ago

    Matt looked like a kid in the candy store " this pasta is very good "