Which Countries Have The Best Education?

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In terms of quality education, the US has fallen far behind many countries. So what countries offer the best education?

Learn More:
Global school rankings: Interactive map shows standards of education across the world
"One in five British students leave school without acquiring basic skills, according to a new report commissioned by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)."
*The OECD refers to city-states, nations, and independent territories as 'countries' within its report

Asia tops biggest global school rankings
"The biggest ever global school rankings have been published, with Asian countries in the top five places and African countries at the bottom."

Education post-2015
"Next week, UNESCO will convene the world's educational leaders in Incheon to set the agenda for educational development over the next 15 years."

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Автор narsplace ( назад)
thought in Japanese it is easy to read with out knowing how to read at the same time.

Автор Isaiah Tay ( назад)
Err I'm Singaporean and school is really textbook oriented

Автор Jason Nge ( назад)
tbh it all depends on the teacher. good teacher motivates students to do well

Автор Bogdan Eugen Timiș ( назад)
Romania is first. Romania is the Best.

Автор Kemon 2 channel ( назад)
Our freedom and dreams have been exterminated from us

Автор Kemon 2 channel ( назад)
Hi, I am from Hong Kong. I am still a student, and I have to say!!! We may have the best education system, doesn't mean that we Like learning!!!!!!

Автор Awesome God of Minecraft ( назад)
What about TSA

Автор Awesome God of Minecraft ( назад)

Автор PirateKingRuffy ( назад)
u know why asia is so high? Discipline. Americans and Europeans have none.

Автор Jadie Liu ( назад)
Hongkong is NOT a country! You fool!!

Автор Adam Haris ( назад)
At my school Malaysia everyone get at least B

Автор Caitlin Yeap ( назад)
...lol im having PSLE this year...quite stress sia (im a singaporean BTW)

Автор John Baxter ( назад)
Are we basically going to ignore the fact that theres an angry birds stella on the smartboard at 1:42?

Автор Cricket Johnston ( назад)
94 % and more than half a million other chinese people

Автор Mohamed Amiin ( назад)

Автор D. R. Das ( назад)
Well all these countries are blessed with genetic high IQ populations. North East Asian and Euro populations. There you go that is the final answer. Capice.

Автор epic djyoshi ( назад)
Yes they have good education but in East Asia suicide rates among students is high due to the immense pressure exerted on them by the system

Автор Jamil Ahmed ( назад)
the advertisement for the channel in the last part of the video was intense😂😂😂

Автор extreme ( назад)
if any of us Northern Europeans gave a fuck about school and studied as much as East Asians we would outperform them all by an insane margin (I went to the university prep school "Gymnasium" in Germany which would rank among the highest in the world) and about 80% of guys don't even do their homework, look at those scores, Asians do nothing but study and still can't actually set themselves apart form us, honestly it's pretty pathetic how bad their system truly is

Автор Scharfe Limo ( назад)
These schools in the east can cause
depression which can lead to suicide

Автор Notumengi ( назад)
the great True Korea™ has the best adyoocashion.

Автор sumonto sil ( назад)
Islamic Education system is the best...Islam will capture all the nation....

Автор Fay Holm ( назад)
الحمدلله مجابوش سيره مصر 😂😂😂😂

Автор Tristan Lau ( назад)
As an Asian myself, I think the true best education is the one that motivates students to learn and discover by themselves, not the one that chokes students to death with so-called "knowledge".

Автор Alexandria School of Science ( назад)
PISA does not test creative and critical thinking. It is more a reflection of how good you do exam paper. I am not sure if PISA is a good test of how educated a person is. Your economy cannot grow if you do not have creative, innovative and critical thinkers.

Автор Clarify & co. ( назад)
I am a teenager growing up in Singapore. I can enjoy my life thoroughly, while still being better educated than most of the developed world. I don't see what the down side is here.

Автор MegaSportsluver ( назад)
As a Singaporean student, I must say that aspects such as critical thinking and nurturing creativity can be improved.
One of the A Level subjects, General Paper, which is taught in junior college/high school is supposed to impart critical thinking skills and personal voice. Yet teachers in my school turned the subject into a formula - memorising facts to put into the essay, memorising comprehension question types instead of provoking students' opinions...
Project Work, another junior college subject, is also supposed to get students to think out of the box... but when ideas are lambasted by teachers, too much emphasis is being placed on the structure of proposals...

As for stress levels and whatnot, I would urge students to ask themselves why they are taking the subjects they are taking. Is it because it is the easiest to score that A1/A in the exam? If you don't like it, why take it? I took Literature in secondary school even though I suck at it (writing essays), but still enjoyed it nevertheless. If it's because it's compulsory, try to understand the concepts instead of hard memorising them. If you can't understand them by yourself, ask your teacher. And enjoy learning. Don't think that the exam is the end in itself, because it isn't. You know, there may be ten-year series (a compilation of exam papers for the past ten years) for the O Levels and A levels, but there isn't one for your biggest exam - life. Cheers!

-A Year 1 student in a Singapore university

Автор Oleh Podoba ( назад)
Soviet Union. There was no country with better education, then it was at USSR. Bye

Автор Jen Train ( назад)
you want to be the best? then you must be prepared to pay the price. in the end is it worth it?

Автор Stephen Jannink ( назад)
I always read the comment section to see what the experts have to say....

Автор Jay Cartwright ( назад)
Who else would like a blowy from the women talking

Автор Marcus Drotskie ( назад)
Guessing Finland

Автор OfficialFistMeDaddy ( назад)
Fucking bullshit, Finland is #1

Автор Debra Faram ( назад)
Before I watch, the USA doesn't belong on the list, those people are fucking morons

Автор Little_Aaroneus ( назад)
well the problem with education in most western countries like UK and USA is that they put way too much stress on you especially the smarter ones. I have 6 days a week tues to sat is 8 - 4 and on mon its 8 - 6. we then get three 30 mins preps on each day except sat along with sometimes having chapel on sunday for about an hour. and what makes it worse is that i live 30 mins away from it.

Автор iDartmoors ( назад)
Well yeah it's only based on test scores. If you measure the mental happiness I'm pretty sure the Asian countries wouldn't boom

Автор joshua correia ( назад)
Fucking south africa

Автор DaVärtiks PRKL ( назад)
Finland is not in top 3 anymore Cus were not 10h in School

Автор waltz 22 ( назад)
Who cares about best education? What matter is you... like, me. I live in Singapore but I'm not smart

Автор Usham Pralhada ( назад)
Asian will always beat US or Europe

Автор Happy Elf ( назад)
you dont need sex education

Read more

Автор Haby 2611 ( назад)
Okay but these countries have super high suicide rates sooooo.

Автор Emvisha ( назад)
I live in Finland. In my opinion, the education system here is pretty good to be honest.

Автор Spot Light ( назад)
0:59 Singapore is not in east asia

Автор StarlingofAzerath ( назад)
Yea. Other countries do better cause children have support from parents and are pushed to do their best. Granted some are pushed too hard but in America not many parents care if their kid succeeds or not. School is just a free babysitter for them. I've seen my senior class dwindle to 1/4 its size than freshman year cause students drop out or fail to graduate with a basic 2.0 gpa. If parents started caring more, then that could make a huge difference and will help any future change we make in our education system.

Автор Da Cheez Cat ( назад)
I'm an American 6th grader and I wanna be in Singapore so I can get smarter

Cuz in Murica we learn how to eat rocks and breef air

Автор Susan Khoo ( назад)
the only reason to why i came to this video is bc i know singapore will be part of the top, but now i realised they are just painting us in the best light they can. the education system here is honestly really hectic - 3 major exams (psle at 12, o levels at 16, a levels at 18) and also the high competive rates, its really hard to even try and borderline pass now. we dont even have enough time to study since theres other things like ccas and leadership reponsibilities. honestly i swear one of these days ill just completely break down and cry my heart out while wishing i studied in finland tbh

Автор manish chandra ( назад)
hey! nerd writer you are here too.

Автор Claudia Marigonda ( назад)
Well, we in Italy still teach Ancient Greek and Latin at highschool, you are all pretty lucky

Автор YAMRAM ( назад)
Lol where is Australia at

Автор Vishal Chauhan R ( назад)
what about my India..

Автор juliahamster1 ( назад)
Singapore may have the best education system, but it is because of the immense stress and pressure put on students by teachers and parents about academics.

Автор Zetty Marie Diola ( назад)
Where's Philippines?

Автор Melody Tsang ( назад)
As a Hong Kong student, it is great to be well educated, but meanwhile it is so sad to feel unworthy of love from our parents and the society if we can't get into a university. The 12-year free and compulsory education is what we are blessed with but the amount of tests, exams and homework are overwhelming.

Автор Yo Mate ( назад)
Lol, stupid peru.

Автор Kessler Yaw ( назад)
yay im from singapore

Автор Kessler Yaw ( назад)
yay im from singapore

Автор SilentFear ( назад)
Lmao Ghana Is Stupid AF


Автор Colin Tan ( назад)
lol americans are so retarded xDD

Автор Swarmy Dreams ( назад)
I'm in 11 th grade, I read at a 7th grade level, it's just because I don't like reading so I don't read much.

Now I'm still in 11th grade, hehe, but now my reading level is on track and now I read as a Junior.

if you read anywhere above a 6th grade level give yourself a pat on the back, that is higher than the national United States average of 4-5 th grade...
you know the ones who talk like "Darn tootn" "Heyr, how ye feel bout dem levels?"

Автор VidReviews 009 ( назад)
Canada is number 10! :D

Автор Ninian Diocletian ( назад)
it appears it's unions are causing the stupidity in the US

Автор Sandra Salóme ( назад)
It's not that black and white. According to this, my country ranks 7th after Finland. The amount of money our teachers get is ridiculous. We're always under stress because seeing that Estonia ranks high, the country puts more pressure on us to rank even higher. All of that made my mental health go horrible. I stopped going to school for months at a time because I had breakdowns, where I'd just lose self control and usually try to hurt myself to get rid of the mental pain. That was 9th grade. I chose to go to a vocational school over gymnasium, even though I was one of the best students and vocational schools are considered for dumber people. I knew I couldn't live through the stress of gymnasium. Now I'm leaving vocational school. I need to take care of myself first, do what I love - travel - and one day finish what I started. If my country and the educational system wouldn't put all that stress on us, I'd be graduating.

Автор Martha Kultys ( назад)
The japanese english teachers are not good, my exchange partner couldn't talk and she had 8 years english and i'd 4. I talked with her and she nodded...

Автор Nick Ryan ( назад)
wheres malaysia I heard it is the worst

Автор 伊藤博文 ( назад)
Western countries don't hold world's dominance anymore. It's east Asian men who hold dominance and leadership throughout the world. East Asian men = hidden and true alpha males.

Автор Vincent Nigro ( назад)
The US may be 29th on the list but 17/25 best universities in the world in 2016 are in the United States, and then another 5 are based in the U.K. Honestly, I don't think the USA is that shit because of it's fairly low youth education rankings based on a few tests. By the way I'm not American.

Here's the link for the list

Автор Raji Sljivo ( назад)
Yeah I live in the u.s I don't even try in class I knew all of it but I study genetics and microbiology and I am only in 4 grade and I am above grade level the u.s edu is not the best. No offense u.s

Автор Neiger Faget ( назад)
The top 5 are in Asia!, I knew it Asians Are geniuses!

Автор Nathanael H ( назад)
Trust me, as someone from Hong Kong, you don't want to live in any of these top 5 locations with such education systems.

Автор ChthonicRemains ( назад)

Автор iTransit Growtopia ( назад)
2:27 it written "with" instead of "without"

Автор Tasya Junior J.R ( назад)
I think Japan and Finland. They system is balances , between intelligence and socialization is balanced.

Автор kang lei ( назад)
Where is China with a high-quality education.

Автор Firequackers, The Typical VP Maniac ( назад)
Why do Asians take all of the top 5? You guys just cherry pick information and stereotype us as smarter and you don't understand that we are studying day and night at least 200-280 days of the year depending on grade level. They have a lot of academic - related youth suicides, Google the shit up.

Автор walao eh ( назад)
i live and study in singapore and i think im one of those rare kids here who dosent study THAT much, but yeah i love my teachers and they teach well~

Автор Raka Aditya S. ( назад)
0:55 Wtf, you put those pictures in class room? 😂😂 *On the top right corner

Автор Gierige Hollander ( назад)
Whoohoo Netherlands number 9!🇳🇱

Автор Sophie Shaw ( назад)
yay Estonia is 7th

Автор Nicholas Maximillian ( назад)
PISA 2015 Score for Mathematics


the top 7 countries are all East Asian

USA ranks 40th

Автор nszbf 6_6 ( назад)
Im from singapore :D

Автор Jisoo Chikin ( назад)
I'm an asian and when we migrated to US i was so surprised about their education system. During Math class, everyone was using calculator and so I also used it. But I kinda felt uncomfortable and I just solved on my paper. I ended up the only one who got the perfect score. Lol

Автор Korean Pop Tube ( назад)
I don't agree with South Korea being in no. 3
It is really stressful and strict there.

Автор Hangslew Dusngeg ( назад)
only squinty asians who are clever not the normal eyes ones

Автор Mike Dropper ( назад)
Japan, duh.

Автор rebelleen ( назад)
most of the kids at my school were messing around while answering PISA since it does not affect our grades. i'm gonna go ahead and guess the rest of the kids in my country also messed around hm

Автор Amazing Tannytwentyone ( назад)
I am from Hong Kong and I can tell u all that the education system here is like a shit. Lots of stress and pressure from teachers, families etc. Nearly everyone need to have tutorial class after school for two hours or above. It is tough and harsh.

Автор play forward ( назад)
its surprising to see people grading education .when and in what scale is it graded , look at the amount of ground breaking inventions did not arrive from books but imaginative ideas.wake up education is jst a walking stick .its not worth grading it .The most educated are the ones who dont cope in life

Автор play forward ( назад)
its surprising to see people grading education .when and in what scale is it graded , look at the amount of ground breaking inventions did not arrive from books but imaginative ideas.wake up education is jst a walking stick .its not worth grading it .The most educated are the least inhuman.

Автор unicorn girl ( назад)
Im a singaporean student and I admit that the education system gives us tons of stress on a daily basis. However apart from all the "main" subjects we take in school there has been an increasing emphasis on other subjects that are highly relevant as we integrate into the society (financial literacy, sexual education, active citizenry education, etc.) Seeing how the education system is beginning to evolve and move outside of the rigid education frame I got to admit that the education system here, although stressful, has equipped us with knowledge that can further enhance our life skills, social skills and problem solving skills as we grow - and these are pretty important to help us adapt to changes happening in our society n the world

Автор Elizabeth Wang ( назад)
Y is Singapore good? I just moved from Singapore and I'm in us now And struggling 😭

Автор Monica Apre ( назад)
education in my country sucks! but holy shit I can't believe that is 69th rank? the average score here is a 75 but it is actually hard to get that score, I'm not even a straight A's student but seeing those straight A's kids make me feel bad about them like what if they are stressed about this? well... here is how we do, we should take all the classes and learn them all but what if a kid wants to be an actor? do they even need to take a physics class? to us.. NO, some of us don't agree about this education system in our country.. what we will be worried about is what if the average score could be a 80? bc wtf

Автор Sir ( назад)
2:23 Jesus Christ we're not that fucking dumb

Автор Iskandar Shah ( назад)
Dude ..Singapore..we're in Southeast Asia..SouthEAST... that's far....

Автор Sh 7201 ( назад)
As much as i hate the education system, we Singaporeans have to live by it. Students in the 70s to late 90s have a significant different level of education difficulty than compared to the 21st century. I mean, students today aren't doing as well as back then, because many information/syllabus are vastly different and frankly more easier. I really don't like it when people not from Singapore comment on how good the education system is. Yes, everything has its pros and cons. The Singapore education system has more cons than pros. Here is why
1. Students generally learn more and develop better academic wise than many other students with around the world at roughly the same age or even much older. Heck, Americans at late high school years are using Singapore textbooks/assement books that are at 12-13 years, or even much younger. Due to this heavy burst of education, many students like myself, once experience a verge of committing suicide, doing acts of illegal stuff which are under aged just to get rid of stress, depression and lack of rest. Generally, outsiders don't see in the eyes of students experiencing the roughness of the Singapore education. They see it as a whole. I mean seriously, I am sixteen, taking "o" levels, but I am seeing students experiencing stress levels even greater than those in crunch time big exam years. Like for example, I remebered in primary school, when I was 9, we all had to sit for a GEP test (gifted edu program). It was at the level of psle or secondary 1-2 standard. Damn, how fucking rough is that?
2. MAJORITY, of what students learnt today are barely applicable in life situations, like seriously, so much stress is imbued into minds of young kids. And guess what, they go in life learning something that isn't beneficial for them.
3. Grades don't mean shit in life, we all know that. But the Singapore education system don't view it that way, at least in my opinion. When we were young, studying, crunching on is the mentality imbued in us, to do well in life you need to get good scores. When we grow older, how smart or dumb you are, we tend to know that grades eventually does not mean anything all the time. I have seen several stories of people in schools like ITE (not a good education school after "o"s), heavy smoker, committed several crimes, rebellious but still made it to MIT. Yes, this proves that hard work can bring you success, but how many students can really achieve that? It's not a constant result of this miraculous feat happening more often than not. This proves one thing, education system in Singapore is so damn difficult, and does not give the drive to push forward. Because ultimately, when they were young, the stress already built up into them. So it fucking gay to say that Singapore has the best education system. It shouldn't be top 5, but never the best.
Finland in my opinion has the best education system. In a documentary, Finland kids start school at 8-9 roughly same time as kids in Singapore. Have a decent to tough education system, but imbues playing and having fun MAJORITY OF THE TIME. Kids after school get to go skiing, play football, hockey etc and still come in world number 2 for math, losing to South Korea, a country that has similar education like Singapore, but less worse.
Also I want to point out how demanding and pushing the education in Singapore has. Even if u get a degree, u can't Excallty get a job in Singapore. Many resort to migrating and of course, to better in life than their fellow compatriots. This is also partially the reason why Singapore are terrible at sports. Singapore don't do very well because education comes first than your sport. Hence lesser training compared to other countries, thus they lose out. Seriously, compare for say football with Singapore and Finland. Naturally, Singapore lose, because Finland has players that are playing in europe, while players in Singapore stuck in playing in Malaysia or home, not even central Asian clubs.
I want to point out that those parents that imbued their kids to love for sport are geniuses. Because even without a degree, playing in the S- league in Singapore can earn you more salary than an average degree joe. When you take up football in Singapore, starting salary in the s-league is about 5-6k, depending on club. Normally, u would take another job that is part time as well, mounting to a total of roughly 8-9k a month, more than an average degree joe.
Singapore maybe top of the table when it comes to one of the best education system. True that.
But they also come in first in heavy stress, depression, sickness, hate, lack of rest etc. I think it times Singapore change its education system to benefit not just academically, but other factors as well

Автор Nino Radget ( назад)
The Netherlands on number 9? What a joke. Have you seen how much homework they´re getting and the high expectations and pressure the education system has on them? fuck. kids are commiting suicide because of school. this is ridiculous!!! and where tf is Sweden? Sweden (and other scandinavian countries) have such good education systems and kids start at the age of 7, unlike The Netherlands where you start when you're 4. Unbelievable!

Автор Twenty One Crybaby Mixers ( назад)
Yass The Netherlands 😂💪

Автор AMERIGAMERS 101 ( назад)
1:41 on the board there is a character from angry birds

Автор Nishant Thapa ( назад)
I always thought UK, u know gcse and a levels but I guess that is the very definition of "test oriented education"

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