Yogi Adityanath to be next CM of Uttar Pradesh : Sources

Yogi Adityanath to be next CM of Uttar Pradesh : Sources. Watch the full segment for more details.

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Автор Meena Shehri ( назад)
Hello there we need your help
Can u please contact us on 07493985651
We r having difficult situations here something very strange going on
There r some people who are making Indirect problems
It seems to me these people have made all most other people joke about us we having a lot of trouble
Please help

Автор sabir sk ( назад)
Zee news is a most bartard news channel in the Indian media always doing false propaganda against Muslims... Spreading hate speech against Muslims

Автор sabir sk ( назад)
Bastard Yogi is a extremist Hindu who talks hate speech es against Muslims ....bastard zee news

Автор Sourabh Shrivastava ( назад)
UP future in next five year ->
1) No Development
2) Hate speeched against Muslims and killings of Muslims -> No action from police
3) More rise of Muslim terrorism in UP
3) No Jobs -> people will keep migrating in other states
4) UP people will be second rated citizen in other part of states, be it Maharastra, Punjab or Karnataka
5) After 5 year again BJP will make sure one riot happens
6) BJP will say Vote them if you want to be feel secured against Muslims, though they only started d riot
7) No development in UP, still Stupid fool UP people will vote them again
8) again BJP in power, by that Time Politician of BJP have become crorepati
9) People of UP still living in poverty, living as second rated citizen in other states.

All the best

Автор ᗯᗩᔕIᗰ ᑌᗪᗪIᑎ ( назад)
yogi sucked my long dick thats y

Автор dragon booster bow ( назад)
janta cm mang rahe hai Sri yogi yogi

Автор dragon booster bow ( назад)
yogi jindabad

Автор Tarun Kumar ( назад)
Rajnath Singh Ko banana tha c.m

Автор narendra nayak ( назад)
sahab kisiko bhi banado sab rajniti hai...

Автор amy nash ( назад)
real dabang neta. he is the one that can stop gund raj and muslim atrocities in up

Автор ANAS SSS ( назад)

Автор jr Rozario ( назад)
That's great news how about WB.Madrass.

Автор Sanjam Mann ( назад)
Finally some brave person to stand up for the great glory of bharatvarsha
and against cow slaughter
Islam as most muslims should see for themselves is not a religion of peace

Автор Salman Khan ( назад)
armey logo orr kuch maut karo sub jatiyo ko kuday m daal deya

Автор Devendra Rajput ( назад)
yogi yogi

Автор nitin satghare ( назад)

Автор ray singh ( назад)
bhut hi galat decision hai yogi ko cm bnanae ka ....

Автор Sourabh Shrivastava ( назад)
Hahahah, They fooled UP. UP voted them for development but they selected a radical Hindu , whose thinking starts and stops on Muslims. Up will never become a good state in this way. Earlier it was divided by caste, now its religion. Whole country will suffer becz of this.

Автор Himanshu Patidar ( назад)

Автор shankar shejale ( назад)
nupur sharma mam good..

Автор Biram Singh ( назад)
har har modi

Автор Naveen naik ( назад)
jai yogi adityanath ji..

Автор you tuber ( назад)
OMG😵😵 inka mu hamesha k liye band kiya? what's a politics yar..... GREAT MODIJI💪💪💪

Автор gujju ( назад)
Why is she keep intrupting others.

Автор charudutt gadge ( назад)
tripathi ji bjp k CM banane k culture ko nai jante..kayka experience hai pata nai..unko yeh nai samzhta ki bjp ki har state me CM chuna jata h, naki pehle se decided hota h

Автор Sunder Choudhary ( назад)
not a right decision of BJP, Raj Nath Singh is right person for UP CM.

Автор Shailesh Ranjan ( назад)
Abe madharchod modi sale iitian sinha ko chorkar yogi lo chuna chutiya

Автор Gulfam Kuraishi ( назад)
raj naath shingh ko cm bnao

Автор heera lal ( назад)
Acha din for up. Nice person for up. Not like maya and mulayam. No more gunda raj.

Автор my workout ( назад)
suckulrist ko modi ne bhigoke juta Mara he... hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор sunny saurabh ( назад)

Автор Nitish Kumar ( назад)

Автор Yaxit Pokar ( назад)
Great News.....Great Man👍👍👍👍👍👍

Автор Ravi Kumar Kokkiripati ( назад)
terrible man

Автор Gupta Bartan ( назад)

Автор Pratik Narkar ( назад)
its wrong decision ...feeling bad here.....

up next only one Yogi ji

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