Why Russia is Shrinking Fast

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
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  • nightwishnemo
    nightwishnemo 15 minutes ago

    Reallifelore is always full of shit and anti-Russia, don't be stupid.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 9 hours ago

    The motherland is ill because of GERMAN REICH so yea ;(

  • Christopher O'Shaughnessy

    They couldn't really compete with America before, they can't compete with the great Republic now, and they surely will not be able to compete with her in the future. Good.

  • Nusratullah Shaikh
    Nusratullah Shaikh 23 hours ago

    Various 🇷🇺 soviet persecutions called pogroms had also contributed to the population decline

  • H Λ Я Я I S
    H Λ Я Я I S 23 hours ago +2

    U just got clickbaited.

  • Thomas Conrow
    Thomas Conrow Day ago

    What was that background music? I heard somewhere that Russian history can be summed up in five words. "And then things got worse."

  • rob hansen
    rob hansen Day ago

    PART 1 OG 2
    In the USSR, the myth of the Great Patriotic War was and still is the central to the identity of the Soviet and todays Russians citizen.
    The practical reasons were obvious: after the end of the war, there was no positive event of equal significance that could play a unifying role. Starting from 1965, the Soviet state cultivated the image of the powerful victorious Soviet nation united in battling the evil invaders in lavish celebrations. Today, it is once again being used as a nation-formative myth, and one that justifies modern Russian military expansion.
    The Kremlin is convincing the Russian population that by invading Ukraine it is not committing aggression against a neighboring country, but merely continuing the battle against fascists who endanger both Russia and the world.
    To do that, it perpetuates historical falsifications of the Soviet era. A new book published by the Institute of National Memory aims to bust Soviet-era myths about World War II.

    The RuSSian Soviet propaganda Myth about ww2 …Russia like to promote the myth of the Great Patriotic War started 1941 started on 22th June 1941, after the German invasion in the Soviet Union . All the combat actions that took place before 1941 according to this fantastic Kremlin lei, was a separate happening that has nothing to do with the ww2 or the Soviet entry in World War 2 -

    The Red Army first opened fire on 17th September 1939, when entered the Eastern Poland. Soviet forces captured all Polish territory that was marked as the Soviet sphere of interest in Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.
    It was a use of force and therefore the Soviet Union entered World War II as a German ally since they held a friendly joint parade at Brestlitovsk.
    Soviet invasion was the finishing blow to Poland and helped Germans to win the invasion more quickly. Even if the Winter war in Finland could be taken as the separate war, it also was a part of a Soviet campaign to acquire all territories in the Soviet sphere of interest and at this time the Soviet Union was the German ally and British were considering to send an armed support for Finland.
    Also the occupation of the Baltic states and Bessarabia of Rumania was a military action. So again the Great Patriotic war myth was created to hide the unholy alliance with Germany and the actions done before 22. June 1941.
    The Napoleon invasion of Russia in 1812 is also called Patriotic War, but it was also a part of Napoleonic war same as the Eastern campaign in 1941 was the part of World War II that the Soviet Union already begun in 1939.

    THE MYTH of the Soviet Union won the war thanks to the courage of the Soviet people and the wisdom of the Soviet command. The allied help was not that important

    In the first weeks of the German invasion, the Germans captured large areas and went to far distances. It was partly blamed on Red Army attack stance not defensive, but also the lack of morale, loyalty and courage was to blame. In fact in the first phases of the war Red Army took a chaotic panicked retreat all the way to Smolensk and Leningrad.
    The airplanes, tanks and guns were just abandoned to Germans. Divisions located many hundred miles from the front retreated. It was only the Stalins order of “no step back” and shooting the men from behind that stopped the complete collapse of the Red Army. Reason?
    There was a lack of discipline in the Soviet ranks, lack of professionalism and no big support to Stalin. Especially in Western Ukraine, where after the Stalinist repressions and the Great Famine was a heavy sense of Ukrainian nationalism. Same goes for Baltic states were Red Army had no support from the local populace.
    Only when Eastern Front stopped near Moscow, and Soviets gathered enough forces with draconian efforts, Red Army was ready to fight again. Plus the Germans failed to fill out the hopes of the Ukrainians and Baltic people and did many atrocities that moved Russians against the Germans. So it was a fear that helped the Soviets to fight not bravery. And the incompetence of the Soviet command that emphasized on brutal majority not tactics cost thousands of life’s.
    The only German advantage over Soviets were their discipline and professionalism of their commanders. However both of the leaders of the Germany and Soviet Union were more or less bloody military amateurs.
    UK and US send 50, 1 billion dollar military support to the Allied countries $31.4 billion went to Britain, $11.3 billion to the Soviet Union, $3.2 billion to France, $1.6 billion to China, and smaller sums to other Allies. The Soviet Union sent 2,2 billion dollars in return.
    Allied fleets lost a large amount of ships and sailors on their way to Soviet ports as they were hunted by German submarines. Even if the Soviets counted that only 4% of the allied Land lease was part of their economical surplus, 57% of the plane fuel came from allies, Soviets received more automobiles than they could build. A large part of railway track came from allies. Also the large amount of materials for military industry. True that Soviets almost did not use any of the allied supplied tank or airplane.

    But their weapons were built with allied resources. In military field the allied war in West did help Soviets to defeat the Germans. On 1943, when the Germans attacked Kursk, the allied landing in Sicily caused Hitler to cancel the attack on the eastern front. If the D-Day would fail or never occurred Germans would have enough resources to fight against Soviets all the way to 1946.
    THE MYTH of the Red Army veterans are heroes and all the accusations of atrocities are false or the victims deserved it. The local population in the liberated countries who did not greet the liberators are-nazi-supporters-and scoundrels

    At 12th Januar 1945 General Ivan Chernjachovsky commander of the third Belorussian front gave the following order: “Two thousand miles we have walked past to see the destruction of all that was dear to us. Now we are standing at the lands from where the aggressors attacked on us.
    We will not stop until we will clear it.
    There will be no mercy for no one as there was no mercy for us. You cannot demand to the Soviet Soldier that he will be merciful to the enemy. He is burning in flames of revenge and hate. The land of Fascists must become a wasteland as ours is now. Fascists must die just as our soldiers died!”. And the Soviet soldiers did their best to fulfill this order.
    Only the Fascists they killed and raped were not soldiers and members of the-naziparty-but women and children. Eastern Prussia, Silesia, Poland and even Serbia became a subject of rape, killings and looting. Even if there was a German crimes against Soviet population, it was on a smaller scale, plus the German soldiers and SS members were prohibited to rape because of the racial laws.
    The Holocaust in Soviet Union is a different story and it’s doubtful that Soviet Soldiers rape and killed to avenge the Jews. Antisemitism was no lesser in Soviet ranks than in German.
    Many of today’s last generation of the surviving veterans had little or no combat experience. The real heroes died on first lines of the battlefield in Soviet mass attacks. Their medal count does not manifest their bravery since the awarding of low rank medals, orders and badges are the part of the Soviet War cult.
    And the Soviet officers and generals who did nothing to stop the soviet soldiers from doing bad deeds are not worthy to be called heroes. We cannot call Poles, who knew what happened in 1939,
    Latvians who knew what happened in 1940 and others who resisted Soviet “liberation” fascists since the freedom that the Soviets brought was no better. Soviet Union had no plans for freedom of the Eastern Europe so it’s no wonder that today the Soviet liberation is not much appreciated.
    This is only a short list of the Soviet myths. Its requires books to break them apart. Many of them have been broken by Russians themselves. But Putin’s Russia continues its revisionist policy from Yeltsin democracy to Stalinism. So the Great Patriotic war is not only the myth its a religion a belief system on its own and its god is Stalin that still rules Russia.


  • rob hansen
    rob hansen Day ago

    Russia did not lose 25 mill it was the soviet union and mostly people from Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia and the other nations that was forced into the EVIL RUSSIAN SCUMMY USSR that was getting killed by the nazis NOT ethnic Russians !!!!!
    The ethnic Russians for the most part was in the NKVD shooting other soviets in the back to force them forward also most of the officer was ethnic Russian and ethnic Russians was in positions of administration NOT ONTHE FRONTLINE !!!!
    So no Russia did not FUCKING loose 25 mill of its people now did they ... !!!
    And for this Russian scum to claim and to take the honor, from the dead of other nations IS TYPICAL RUSSIAN AND DESPICABLE SCUM LIKE RUSSIAN ALWAYS DO !!!!

    Also let us not forget the fact the it was the Stalin and RuSSia that made it possible for Hitler to build up his nazi army by giving him iron-ore and other need goods from 1939-1941 the soviet union was the strongest and most important partner of nazi Germany ..It was only after June 1941 when Hitler turned on his good buddy Stalin and attacked the USSR that Stalin came running to the west for help and the west said yes ok we will let you fight with us they did this well knowing that Stalin helped Hitler build his army and also because the west was thinking in terms like my enemy's enemy is my friend policy and tactic
    Russians living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I really think that the Russians aren’t the ones to lecture ANYONE about fascism, or anything else for that matter, especially since RuSSians was the ones that signed the pact with the-devil [nazigermany] and started World War II… and even today RuSSia are still glorifying Stalin... Hitlers good buddy in 1937-1941 Hitler and Stalin started ww2 together when they invaded Poland together.
    The RuZZians were the cowards who shot their own troops in the backs.
    YES they did shoot their own troops in the backs But they did NOT shoot ethnic Russians in the backs as most of that scum was officers and in logistics and the NKVD doing the shooting...
    The ethnic Russian scum was the ones that was shooting other Soviets in the back.....
    As Stalin did not trust Ukrainians (remember he had only 8 years before killed 10 mill of them in a genocide holodomor ) So what did Stalin do he made a purge and killed all officers of non ethnic Russians decent in the Army and replaced them with ethnic Russians and made all others that was not ethnic Russians in low level positions in other worlds as cannon fodder for the german artillery and targets for german bullets... the was the Ukrainians, Belorussians , Uzbeks , Moldovan’s ect ect ect .. this is who was fighting and dieing this is who was fighting the-nazi-not ethnic Russians they was in the safe jobs like NKVD ect ect ect ... back in the reserve army and as administrators ect ect..
    Why do you think they always say Russians died and not soviets died ?????
    They do this to cover up this facts I have stated above and for Russia to take the honor from the people who really did the fighting..Russians and Russia have no shame !!

  • Jason Crabtree
    Jason Crabtree Day ago +1

    As an Englishman married to a Hungarian and know their culture well, I can say this:
    Communism, with it's Materialist Atheist ideology has had such psychological and spiritual damage. Unless someone truly takes the time to how it completely transformed their culture, it is hard to grasp.
    I would just try to say this; they are completely demoralised and cynical to any talk of "family", "progress", "liberty" and "morality". Marxist ideology completely destroyed all ties to family, religion and culture in favour of the State.
    It literally brain washed 3 generations on how religion and God are superstitions, that motherhood, marriage and the family are just means for the revolution. And the moral end of the revolution? Material pleasure and comfort.
    So any talk of anything above increasing your pay, material pleasure and comfort is alien to them. And because of this, they are mostly empty as all they have to live for is...

  • L8bro
    L8bro Day ago +2

    Not to worry, in 300 years Siberia will be the breadbasket of the world.

  • Jay Winter
    Jay Winter Day ago +4

    Are we going to talk about how Stalin easily killed 6-9 million people in the Soviet union on top of the 22 million lost in the war...No, well alright then.

  • TryingHardNotToScream
    TryingHardNotToScream 2 days ago +1

    Russia...theoreticly..should be a place where citizens are masters of home building tech,and alternate power sources....but, it's always looking so desperate in the country towns..........citizens still cloying Western Stuff...... they should come up with a way to attract people from other country's to live there.........

  • Tony Beard
    Tony Beard 2 days ago

    When This fucking hoe Ass Video mention the world's largest countries they forgot to put Africa up there

  • Ktoto Zachemto
    Ktoto Zachemto 2 days ago +4

    Russia's biggest problem is not population decrease or geography, but insane corruption and politicians who have been slowly killing the country for almost 2 decades.

  • Kacey Thompson
    Kacey Thompson 2 days ago

    1778000 viewer :)

  • Артём Сибилёв

    субтитры на русский пожалуйста, ни черта не понятно что говорит

  • Mckenzie Welsh
    Mckenzie Welsh 4 days ago

    I got a visit Russia ad

  • James Mastroianni
    James Mastroianni 5 days ago

    Not to mention the hybrid of first/third world culture and the fact tons of women are selling themselves to the states as mail order brides and you have yourself a massive population issue

  • Awowe Hussain
    Awowe Hussain 5 days ago

    Kkkkkkkkkk Americans you take people from other countries to populate your country

  • Heart of Iron RGF
    Heart of Iron RGF 5 days ago +1

    Large population decline tends to happen when your country is governed and invaded by dictators for an entire century.

  • kalu 6
    kalu 6 5 days ago +4

    The thumbnail clearly says that russia is shrinking fast in land but at the start of the video you said that russia is shrinking in population

  • robotic boy37
    robotic boy37 6 days ago

    The Nazis destroyed Eastern Europe.

  • JuanjoDead
    JuanjoDead 6 days ago

    The real reason for the shrinking of Russia is not the aftershocks of the Great Patriotic War. Russia grew under the Soviet Union in the post-war era. However, when it collapsed, the pro-natalist policies and social safety which Gorbachev started dismantling caused that many Russians who had free access to quality education and fully paid for healthcare now had to pay exorbitant amounts to get treated or to get their children in a good school. That added to the post-Soviet collapse of the economy in the Soviet republics caused unemployment, poverty, crime and violence, mortality, inequality to skyrocket. Hardly a situation where anyone would want to raise a big family. That is the main reason of Russia’s shrinking population.

  • john m
    john m 6 days ago

    Russia's economy is in a better state than anywhere in Europe. Why on earth do they need population so badly? Their country is going through a boom. This seems like one of these poorly thought out veiled leftist videos advocating for globalism as though Russia could somehow benefit from the same disastrous mass migration that is destroying Europe.

    • Sherlock Holmes
      Sherlock Holmes 4 days ago

      You must be an idiot, illegal immigration is the problem not legal immigration

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 7 days ago +2

    0:41 "Canada is larger than China"
    *Shows China having the largest land*

    • Fairy C Rat
      Fairy C Rat 4 days ago

      Yeah, I think that figure for Canada only includes land area, however Canada is in fact bigger than China if you include inland bodies of water (Canada has way more lakes).

  • Simon Pedersen
    Simon Pedersen 7 days ago

    Thank god, make games greate again

  • a b
    a b 7 days ago

    Not true , population shrink because the fall of USSR , weak economy , sanctions , too much work for no money , expensive food , electricity , families can t afford apartment e.t.c

  • Mateusz Zając
    Mateusz Zając 8 days ago

    Poland is not an Eastern European country

    • Іван Колесніков
      Іван Колесніков 7 days ago

      By the way the concept of Central Europe is an invention of the Bolsheviks.P. S. Russia in greater part lie in Asia.

    • Somebody
      Somebody 7 days ago +1

      @Mateusz Zając Oops
      Sorry I tought you where talking about Russia

    • Mateusz Zając
      Mateusz Zając 7 days ago

      @Somebody exaclty, russia is an eastern country. Poland is not

    • Somebody
      Somebody 7 days ago

      @Mateusz Zając It is still in the East of Poland. So Russia is an Eastern country.

    • Mateusz Zając
      Mateusz Zając 7 days ago

      @Somebody literal central point of Europa is in Poland

  • Sami Gami
    Sami Gami 8 days ago

    Why russian population is shrinking because Putler spends all ruplas to nukes and weapons and dont care about russian poor people .fuck putin

  • Wellplay SD
    Wellplay SD 8 days ago

    Here in Canada there's only 33 million of us but we're the 2nd biggest country in the world only behind Russia

  • SixString Sound
    SixString Sound 8 days ago

    All of Europe is fed by Russian oil, yet they try to sanction Russia. What a bunch of children. America's gonna get nukes one day if it continues to mess with Russia.

  • 9%beer
    9%beer 8 days ago

    Yes its sad that shitty countries with stupid people like pakistan, bangladesh and other muslim countries have much more people..

  • Неизвестный Неизвестнович


  • Stolya Production
    Stolya Production 8 days ago

    You forget crimea in the map

    • AV.
      AV. 8 days ago

      он не русский)

  • UnKnownPlayzYT
    UnKnownPlayzYT 8 days ago


    • Sherlock Holmes
      Sherlock Holmes 4 days ago

      Lol butthurt russia fanboy, just accept the fact you idiot

  • bluejay7232
    bluejay7232 9 days ago +1

    Another video showing Russia in a bad light. Western propaganda can't get enough of Russia, can they? 🤔

    • bluejay7232
      bluejay7232 6 days ago

      @AV. I'm not sure what you mean here. But going back to my main point. I love Russia regardless of the hate it gets from the west. And guess what? Even my colleagues from the UK and the US, those who have experienced Russia for themselves have come to love it. Yes, it's not a perfect country. It has its own problems, but what country in the world doesn't? Cheers to Mother Russia! 🇷🇺

    • bluejay7232
      bluejay7232 7 days ago

      @AV. I work here as an English teacher. I speak English 95% of the time. However, I can speak basic Russian and use it when I'm in a shop. I can read Cyrillic but may not understand what a word means.

    • bluejay7232
      bluejay7232 7 days ago

      @AV. I'm sorry but I can't read Russian. I only know some phrases.

    • bluejay7232
      bluejay7232 8 days ago

      @AV. you mean "the best"? I'm not saying it is the best in the world, but what I wanna say is Russia is truly beautiful despite the black propaganda that the west is trying to inject. Plus, Russian people are SUPER nice to foreigners. How do I know? Because I've been living here for 10 years and never have I experienced anything bad or negative. That's why all I'm gonna say is Long live Mother Russia! 🇷🇺

    • roams
      roams 9 days ago

      how can this video be considered propaganda? russia's shrinking population is harsh reality.

  • Meldridge Reed Jr
    Meldridge Reed Jr 9 days ago

    You should read "The Accidental Superpower","The Absent Superpower" and "After the Superpower" by Peter Zeihan.

  • H. Anthony Ribadeneira

    Fuck Russia

  • James Monahan
    James Monahan 9 days ago

    Russia is a hard place to live. No. Russia is a hard place to stay alive.
    They should fix that. Maybe, have one guy run it, and make everybody stay where they are born. Or, run it like one big company, and execute all the employees. Or, maybe some kind of big change in agriculture. what could go wrong? Maybe they could solve the crime problem by just letting criminals run the country, and only executing the honest people.
    "And then, things got worse". They could write that on their flag.

  • jai ramchandani
    jai ramchandani 9 days ago

    India Pakistan Bangladesh China and Indonesia should United and attack on Russia and capture it. Russia has so much empty land. It will solve the population and land problem of these countries.

  • bluejay7232
    bluejay7232 9 days ago +3

    It's funny you compare Russia with countries that have bigger populations but can't feed their people. Russia, on the other hand, despite its economic sanctions, can feed her people and protect them militarily. Not to mention, has a bigger economy than those countries with big populations. Russia remains and will continue to be a superpower despite black propaganda from the west. It exerts military and political might in addition to dominating sports and doing relatively well economically despite US-led sanctions. So much for fear-mongering! Long live, Mother Russia! 😘🇷🇺

  • Thomas Ma
    Thomas Ma 9 days ago

    Now, I know how Rocky ran untouched & shaken off the Soviet guards that chased after him and still managed to screamed out loud on top of a mountain. He went off to the less populated zone. 😂

  • A HistoryMan
    A HistoryMan 9 days ago +1

    1:42 Why you pictured entire French Empire? French mainland had only 39 million people at the time.

  • Thomas Affolter
    Thomas Affolter 9 days ago

    Vodka. Bad for you.

  • Nunyo Bisnus
    Nunyo Bisnus 9 days ago

    Understanding Russia isn’t hard
    Russia= Adidas

  • Corban Thenoob
    Corban Thenoob 10 days ago

    Fun fact if you only count the land area in all countries China is bigger than the USA and Canada

  • •MellouxUztúñiga•
    •MellouxUztúñiga• 10 days ago +3

    Russia, the country of nothing.

  • Мэтью Уорс
    Мэтью Уорс 10 days ago

    There’s so many stupid western people in the comments saying jokes stupid people

  • Sabjective
    Sabjective 10 days ago

    3:08 Ouch you repeated a myth

  • songrada1
    songrada1 10 days ago +1

    When russians occupied us, my grandfather was sent to war to fight for russian occupants and luckily he managed to survive! The other granddad severely injured his own leg trying to avoid recruiting by occupants and he also succeded! That is how he raise 6 children. What a lucky family. Gretting from independent Lithuania.

    • songrada1
      songrada1 Day ago

      @Іван Колесніков Strange? None of lithuanians wanted to attack as it wasn't lithuanian war, ww II was orcestrated by Stalin and Hitler. Lithuanians only defended.

    • songrada1
      songrada1 6 days ago

      @elevenfifteen1115 no it is not legal, as well as anexation and occupation of Crimean peninsula. Offcourse, you have never though about why rest of the world put sanctions on Russia? It is only legal there. You were severely brainwashed. Vilnius was founded and built by lithuanian grand duke according to his sleeping dream and you can not give anything who always belonged to you. You are the barbar agresors and a headache for the rest of the world. Because of you a lot of funds have to be spent on warfare instead of wellfare. When will you return Kenigsberg (the fourth baltic state) to their true owners?

    • elevenfifteen1115
      elevenfifteen1115 7 days ago

      ​@songrada1 man your countries rightfully belong to Russia(Latvia, Estonia - Nystadt Peace 1721)Lithuania - 2nd Partition of Poland, it was a legitimate procedure with your civilized EU buddies Austria and Prussia, so what "occupation" your talking about my friend? Do you realize that if there were not those bloody occupants u would propably never got your capital Vilnius? LOL

    • songrada1
      songrada1 7 days ago

      @elevenfifteen1115 how many years did Germany France and Italy were occupied by uncivilised barbars from east?

  • RL Fitness
    RL Fitness 10 days ago

    The Russian people have suffered so greatly. Seriously this is not amusing or funny in any way. World War II absolutely devastated them and then they suffered greatly at the hands of their own government. They are an incredibly resilient and loving people. 🇺🇸 🇷🇺 👊🏻👌🏻

  • Mark
    Mark 10 days ago +2

    You're missing a major demographic trend in this video, Russian TFR. It's the highest in Europe(besides France due to its huge Muslim population) and is trending higher in the past decade. Russia's population is shrinking because the Soviet 60's-90's children had low birthrates while today's Russians have more than any other true European country. The shrink is temporary.

  • Doodle Joint
    Doodle Joint 10 days ago

    This channel really likes Russia....

  • Dick iller
    Dick iller 10 days ago

    and they say America won the Second World War

  • SarcasticLampr4y
    SarcasticLampr4y 10 days ago

    Can't wait for Russia to collapse

  • charjl
    charjl 10 days ago

    Unfortunately, Russian tactics too often involved throwing wave after wave of men at the enemy

    • SixString Sound
      SixString Sound 8 days ago

      Yeah when your enemy signs a peace agreement and so you don't develop your military, while your enemy develops state of the art military tech and then invades in one day. You're gonna need all the men you can get.

  • TheIntJuggler
    TheIntJuggler 11 days ago

    Americans: Most of us made it back!

  • Jane Eggleston
    Jane Eggleston 11 days ago

    I think land would be more interesting.

  • science time
    science time 11 days ago

    why does he so many goddam videos on russia?

  • Nathan Jarboe
    Nathan Jarboe 11 days ago

    Why didn’t the same shit happen in Germany?

  • Nathan Jarboe
    Nathan Jarboe 11 days ago +1

    Because of Global warning ⚠️ oooooooohhhhhhh🥶👻👽👽👽

  • Akash Nagra
    Akash Nagra 11 days ago


  • P Pugalia
    P Pugalia 11 days ago

    I am optimistic, Russia will improve soon...

  • Assemblée Nationale
    Assemblée Nationale 11 days ago

    Because toxic communist kids are invading social media

  • Jhonson Chenzen
    Jhonson Chenzen 11 days ago

    I just need ryssian gorgeous women

  • Jhonson Chenzen
    Jhonson Chenzen 11 days ago

    I will help increase population. I will donate more of my sperms....

  • Martin Robin
    Martin Robin 11 days ago

    Why did u target specificaly Russia, this video could to all western world! Most european country will have a shrinking population without mass immigratoon. The fertility of russian poeople is better than most western country. Give me a break with rusian demographic collapse. The only major demographic problem of russia is mainly his afican lifespan. The country perform so poor for a modern country. Also, most lands in russia isn't inhabitable, but natives, no one will settle here.

  • ryszard sokolow
    ryszard sokolow 11 days ago

    O my God, I am so thankful you are so worry about situation in Russia. You must love Holy Russia very much. Thanks for that.

  • Utkarsh Ganesh
    Utkarsh Ganesh 11 days ago +1

    Russians are faced with the same problem that Japanese are facing. Despite a strong industrial and technological base, Russians are suffering from lack of development, isolation and corruption in government administration. I like President Putin's style - but clearly the officers much below him are not able to deliver on the vision that he has for Russia.
    The same is the case with Russia's little sister - Ukraine. Culturally they both are like twins. It is almost sad to see them both fight when they both have given so much as USSR to the global industry. My home country has immense goodwill and love for both of them, thanks to their industrial support when not one else came forth to help us post independence.
    Time for slavic people to realise that they are one and the same and to set aside tiny differences and become one.

    • Toshiba1177
      Toshiba1177 9 days ago

      It's called an Orligarchy, and yes, it's a very corrupt system.